And The Advdenture Continues

The Chip And The Relationship

After we met at the park, he took me to Metropolis Bistro. Before went in to the restaurant, he and I switched into our secret to our secret identities and put on our glasses.

We had a nice dinner and decided to walk back to the planet because he had to turn in a story. When we arrived at the planet Jimmy was there. He was waiting with some pictures for Clark to look at for the story he had to turn in.

He decided on the pictures and he took it to Perry White and turned it in and we left. We went for a walk. Because of who we were, we were not afraid of having a crime committed against us.

We were in a nice conversation when Kal got that look on his face. This look was the look of him using his hearing in listening for crimes. Apparently, he was hearing an ongoing crime.

I said, “If you need to go, I understand.”

“Diana, would you like to come help me with this?”

“Sure, Kal, if you do not mind.”

So we went to where he said where the crime was taking place. As it turned out it was just Metallo an he was doing his usual destroying the city. The problem is when he does this, it recently came to light that when he escaped, someone else was using Metallo as a pawn to cover up the other major crimes that were being committed.

It took Kal and I a while to defeat Metallo but we did. When we went to ask him some questions, his brain did the something that we had seen before. It “shorted out.”

We thought that Grodd had something to do with is so we went to see Solovar. When we arrived in Gorilla City, we found Grodd was where we left him the last time. He was in prison and under heavy guard.

I looked at Kal and said, “If he is not behind this, then it could be someone who is using his technology.”

Apparently, Grodd heard me and said, “I highly doubt it, Princess because my tech is too complicated for someone who is not myself of Lex Luthor to understand.”

Kal said to him, “Look Grodd, it you aren’t doing this then how come when we caught Metallo, his brain “shorted out” like all of the villains who used to be in your secret society used to when we started to question them?”

“Well, it is not me but if some one is using my technology without my permission, I would like to know about it..'

Kal said, “I think that the first way we can start to figure this out is for me to bring Metallo here so you can determine if it is your technology that caused this.”

So Kal flew off to metropolis to go and get Metallo.

When Kal returned, he brought Metallo, straightaway to Grodd. As he dug into Metallo’s head he found a chip. It was a chip that should not be there. If it were Grodd, he would not need to use a chip except in his helmet. He would just implant a strong suggestion into the head of the person.

He took it to a microscope to look at it. He called us over and to look at what he found. The first thing was a label. It said, “Undertaker Electronics.” Kal wrote it noted it so he could research it. Grodd started to point out the how the chip was set up. He said that it was not up to his standards but if he could not get the means from Gorilla City, this would do.

He said, “It is obvious that whoever did this had not thought of putting it in a helmet or they don’t have a strong enough mind to work with minds of other people.”

After he did this, he was taken back to his cell.

We thanked Solovar and we left back to the Watchtower for Kal to go and do his research. I decided to do the same thing, but because I had to do my watch, I would be at the bat-computer.

After several hours of butting my head against the wall, I decided to go upstairs and grab something to eat and check on the kids.

After I finished eating, I got a call from the Watchtower.

“Watchtower to Diana.”

“Yes Kal, Go ahead.”

“Diana, please transport up, I have found something.”

“On my way, Kal.”

I had the Mr. Terrific transport me into the meeting room. When I arrived, I saw that Kal was waiting and he ha a rather sizable file in front on him. He also had a big scowl on his face. It did not match Bruce’s but it was close.

He said, “I found out that the company belongs to one of Mercy’s brothers, Matthew Graves. He is a person who graduated form The Gotham Institute of Technology. He graduated at the top of his class. He majored in computer sciences with a minor in electronics. The most important thing is this particular company, Undertaker Electronics, is a subsidiary of LexCorp.”

“Well Kal, how do you want to go about this?’

“Diana, we need to pay attention to whether there are more incidents of people with chips in their heads.”

It was then that I received a message from Barbara.

I put my hand to my ear and said, “Yes, Barbara, what do you have.”

“Diana, you had better come down and bring Superman with you.”

Kal and I transported down and went to the big computer where Barbara.

She said, “As Dick and I went around doing our patrols, we were finding some assorted thugs that were acting like they were hypnotized. A couple of them committed suicide and as the medical examiner of police looked at them, they were finding these chips.”

She handed me the chip. I gave it to Kal and he looked at it with his telescopic vision and found there was the telltale label on the chip.

Even though we were collecting the evidence, we were still at a loss for what was going on and who was doing it. This is one of those times in which Kal and I wished Bruce was here. Sure, Dick, Barbara, and Tim were nowhere as good as Bruce was at thinking outside of the box and putting the pieces together.

Then it happened. We were talking and Wally popped onto the screen.

He said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have something. As I was doing my patrol, I was following up on Captain Boomerang’s latest escape. I had found his latest hideout when I stumbled on to a box of those chips. What confuses me is Captain Boomerang is not smart enough to use the chips like you are saying they are being used. He can use them in his boomerangs but he does not have the technical and medical know how to be able to do brain surgery and install the chips into the brains of the people being used.”

After we finished with Wally, Dinah called in.

Dinah said, “Clark, we have found something big. We found a box of what amounts to remote controls. When we cranked one open, we found that there were the same chips like the ones the other leaguers are finding. I will bring one with me to the Watchtower.”

“Dinah I am going to send Clark to get it and bring it back here.”

Kal was teleported to the Watchtower and minutes later he was back with the controller.

As soon as he arrived, Barbara took it from him and aimed it at one of the chips. When she pressed one of the buttons, the3 chip she had aimed it at lit up.

Kal and I looked at each other and we knew we had to go back to Gorilla City because Grodd , even though he was a bad one, he is the foremost expert in the areas of the manipulating a persons brain

As Grodd examined the controller, he was really impressed with the design. He said that he had not thought of doing things it this way.

Kal and I did not like hearing him say thing like this because we knew that he was thinking about doing just that when he would next escape. Solovar, Kal, and I knew, that even with all of the precautions the Gorilla City security forces had taken, it was only a matter of time before Grodd would escape.

He continued to examine the remote and said that the way the chips were configured was strange. It was like it was alien in nature.

I looked at Kal and said, “Could it be that either Brainiac or Darkseid have returned?

He said, “I do not know.”

After Grodd had finished, he was taken back to his cell.

We knew that the Gorilla City technology was far beyond even the technology that was put together by Wayne Tech for the Watchtower.

Kal and I decided that we would need Grodds help again and had Solovar send some guards to go and get him.

When they had returned, Grodd wanted to know why he was back. We told him our plan of making a device that could reverse the “destruction” inside of the brains of the people that had the chips, that matched the remote control, inside their heads.

It took us three hours and many tests of chips, the had been brought back by Kal, from the Watchtower, along with many animals before we had a working prototype. It would take a few more days to do all of the quality control tests but we wanted to be sure that it worked the way we thought it should work.

After we left Gorilla City, we backtrack to Gotham and went to look for Dick. We did not know that he was in China following a lead on a case.

If we could not go to Wayne Tech, we would go to the next best place.

We called up to the Watchtower and found that Dinah was on monitor duty.

I asked, “Dinah, Where is Oliver.”

She said, “He is back in Star City.”

Kal and I headed off towards Star City.

When we arrived in Star City, we went straight to the Queen Compound.

We found him in the den taking care of little DeAnna.

He handed her off to one of the nannies that he has hired to take care of her.

He asked, “Clark, how can I help you?”

We explained what was happening and what we need to be done.

We wanted to have our version of the device mass produced so that a majority of the Leaguers could have it and get the information from the person has had his or her brain fried.

After Queen Industries had produced the device which was designed by Grodd, Kal, and I, we handed them out to the majority of the league.

All of the heroes went about their business and started to fine more and more people with the chips in their heads. We were starting to see otherwise law abiding citizens with the chips in their heads. Most of these people were the ones who were either kidnapped victims and hostages.

After we found the chip and controllers, we had not been getting any real breaks in the case. Sure, there were the normal people with the chips in their heads but the vast majority of which were not giving us the information we wanted.

Then came a night of infamy. Of all people, it was Selina that received the big piece of information that we needed.

I was doing my time in the big chair when I received her message.

Selina said, “Catwoman to the Batcave .”

“Batcave here, Selina, what do you have.”

“Diana, I was on patrol when I ran up on what I thought was your typical, run-of-the-mill, bank robbery.”

“Go on Selina.’

“Diana, after I wrapped it up, the police were questioning some of the crooks. There was a female one that refused to talk. I told the chief that I would try to get the information. I took her up to the roof. I know that I do not have the same style of Bruce, Dick, Tim, and Barbara. I can not intimidate the bad guys. After several minutes, she told me that all of this problem with the finding of chips in the heads of various criminals.”

“What did she say, Salina”

“She said that it was the person who had taken over the mantle of the Black Mask.”

“Thanks Selina.”

At that point, I heard the tell tale sounds of Dick, Tim, and Barbara come in from patrol.

I told them that I had news but I wanted Kal to be here for it.

I radioed the Watchtower and asked where he was. They said he was at the Planet and the would pass the message on to him.

I called up to Alfred and let him know that Kal would be joining us for dinner.

We went upstairs to start the preparations for dinner. It was Tim’s turn int the chair and he went back down after he got himself a sandwich.

Dick and Barbara, then started to tell me of the night on patrol. For them, it was your typical night. Robberies, rapes, and other assorted crimes.

We had talked for about an hour when Kal arrived. Ten minutes later, Alfred and one of my amazon sister cooked and called us in for dinner.

After Kal arrived and we ate we held a meeting and Selina spoke up.

She told us that the found a person had taken over Intergang this person is calling himself Black Mask..

Dick asked, “I thought that he was dead.”

Selina said, “Dick, apparently, this “Black Mask” happens to be a of oriental descent.”

Dick said, “He must have a lot of power in the far east because in our investigations in those countries we were hearing rumors of a Black Mask there as well. I would wager to say that he might be the same person who is now in charge of Intergang.”

Kal ad I made a decision, that after we finished the meeting we would go back to Metropolis to do some research. We wanted to try and figure out at which point where the new Black Mask took over Intergang.

So, it took us a while but we got back to Metropolis to do the research. It took us all of five hours we found that Intergang had been in disarray because Frank Sixty had disappeared and was later found being dead. It was assumed that it was one of his underlings that wanted to be the boss. Well, as it turns out, six months after Sixty’s was proven to have been perpetrated bu this new Black Mask.

Black Mask, then, had this “New” Intergang start hitting Luthor Corp subsidiaries. In one of the many warehouses on the many properties owned by Luthor were these chips and controllers. Apparently, they were supposed to be use for the giant kryptonite-fueled robots. Intergang, also has a scientific person on staff that knows a little something about psychology.

After we did the research, we called into the cave and Watchtower. We let them know about the research we did on Intergang.

We told Dick and Barbara to be on watch for Intergang in Gotham. We did the same thing with all the rest of the heroes in their home series. Dick gave the Bludhaven police a call and told them to be on the lookout for Intergang.

We also said to have all of the technology and computer companies watched because there might, very well, be others that have been hit.

I told Dick to go and look at some of the Wayne Tech subsidiaries to see if they were hit. I had Oliver do the same with Queen Industries, as well.

After Oliver and Dick had checked their companies, they intimated that their companies have not been hit.

It seemed that Black Mask II had, as is said in man’s world, ran aground. What this meant is it seem that he had gone into hiding.

It was frustratin because we wanted it to be over but we had to wait for him to make his next move. We are a group of action.

Kal and I decided to take some time off to spend with our respective children. Before I stepped onto the teleporter pad, he came to me and asked me to come to the farm again. He said that I could bring the twins with me. I always enjoy my time visiting with Martha.

I asked Kal, if it was possible for me to invite my mother. I felt our relationship was deepening and I wanted my mother to meet his mother.

I went to the island to tell my mother about my relationship with Kal and to ask her to accompany me to the Kent farm to meet Martha and visit with her grandchildren.

She had to let the senate know about the plan and how long she would be gone. She, also, would leave Philippus on the throne.

A few hours later, mother and I were in Smallville and on the Kent farm.

It was interesting to see the interaction between Martha my mother.

Martha said, “Well, Your majesty, your daughter is a nice, well bread person. I would love to have her as a daughter-in-law.”

“Thank you Martha, your son is a person that I really respect and have brought forward a proposal, in the Themysciran senate to allow men on the island.”

Over the next few hours, we all had a fine time and another great meal prepared by Martha and the amazon cook that had been living with me and the children at the Manor.

We left little Sam and Ella with Mrs. Kent and because mother wanted to visit with her grandchildren, I allowed her to take them back with her to Themyscira.

Kal and I went back to the Watchtower and I went on to do my monitor duty and he was asked by Wally to go and help with a riot in Central City.

After I did finished my monitor duty, I received a call from Queen Audrey.

She told me that there had been a robbery of some nuclear missiles from their stockpiles.

We left Selina, Tim, and Helena to watch Gotham so we could go to Kasnia to help Audrey find out what happened to the nuclear warheads that have been stolen from their stockpiles.

When we arrived, we were quickly shown into the throne room to see Audrey. She looked terrible. She had bags under her eyes which meant she was not sleeping. She also looked like she had lost some weight.

When we first saw her, she was playing with her son, Salvatore. It seem that she had finally found love and she married a prince of a neighboring country. Her husbands father was having troubles in his fathers country and he was not there for us to meet. I saw a couple of pictures of he and Audrey at their wedding. He appears to be tall, he has black eyes and red hair. His name is Michael.

Michael and his father were dealing with a political uprising by dissidents.

So, I went up to the throne and announced Dick, Barbara, and I.

She turned away from her son and rushed over to me and had a huge hug of relief.

She said, “Hello Diana, how have you been doing and how is that Dark, brooding figure you seem to fancy the last time I saw you.”

“Well, Your majesty, he has currently passed on and it is because he was helping me and my people on the Island. He gave his life in a successful rescue of my mother.”

Over the next few hours, she and her advisers were giving us a briefing on who took the warheads and where they thought these people were.

The problem came with her military but they were stretched because they were trying to defend the borders.

After the briefing, we retired for the afternoon and went to the dining room to eat dinner. After which, we retired for the night to get a good nights sleep.

After rising in the morning Barbara, Dick and I ate a nice breakfast, we started on our journey. Before we left, we received the tactical information that we would need to do the job we would trying to do.

The area in which were to be sent was one of the gods forsaken places in Kasnia. It would be a tough place for us to reach. Where we were supposed to go was to was at the top of one of the tallest mountains in the country.

We could not just land in the little mountain town we had to repel down from the Javelin. Which we did and we landed outside of the village.

We set up camp outside of the town and we had J’onn teleport our supplies down to us. It took a good three hours for us to set up camp because we knew what we would have to do is to slog through the numbers of thugs and want-to-be soldiers-of-fortune. The big boss was able to gain enough money to hire the two aforementioned groups.

After we set up our base camp, we started to plan how we would go about defeating this person who had done what he or she had done.

I said, “I think what we should do is that Barbara and myself should provide the distraction for Dick. Dick will go into the inner workings of the camp/village to get to the person who is causing this particular problem.”

We all agreed to this plan and went off to our tents to get a good nights sleep.

The next morning, we woke up, ate our breakfast, and set out towards the place where we had to go to get the nuclear warheads back.

When we arrived, we found that there had been a large wall built to stop any type of ground forces from taking the camp. I overflew the area and saw there were many anti aircraft guns around the camp to any aircraft that would try to to bomb the camp.

When I would return to our camp and told Dick and Barbara about the anti-aircraft guns. Dick reached into one of the pouches on his utility belt and handed me what, I assumed, was explosives. He wanted me to go in and to place the explosives on the guns and set the timers.

I asked, “What if the explosives are found and disarmed or taken off of the guns?”

He said, “If anyone tries to dis arm them, they will explode, and the adherent that I currently use has no known solvent for its removal.”

So, I took the explosives and went off to plant them on the guns.

We waited for a few hours until we heard the exploding anti-aircraft guns. At this point, we knew it was time for us to commence our attack on the encampment.

We made our separation and Dick headed off towards the interior of the camp. Barbara and I started our part of the fight when I decided that I would take care of the military and she would take care of the thugs.

It took us a good three hours to subdue the both sides of the persons forces that was holding the nuclear warheads.

We called in the Kasnian special forces and left them to keep watch on the thugs and the para military.

Barbara and I went off to find Dick and to see if he has found the criminal and who this person is.

As we went into the interior of the camp, we saw what we assumed was this persons personal guards. As I looked at these people I saw they were all tied up. I summoned a platoon of the Kasnian special forces to take these people into custody.

We arrive at a building with a large hole in the side. We looked down and saw remnants of the same types of explosives which I had used on the anti-aircraft guns.

We went in through the hole and as we went in deeper, we ran into Dick coming out with the man.

Until the got close, I saw a person I did not know. Barbara nudged me and said,

“Diana, That is Black Mask.”

We walked out with the plan of handing him over to Audrey. He, with good cause, did not want to be handed over and tried in Kasnia because he knew he would possibly be put to death. People don’t always get what they want.

We stay around to witness the trial and conviction. We were surprised that he got off easy because the put him in military prison for a year. It was also decide that he would be turned over to the League to bring back to the United States for trial.

Because he was to serve the year in the Kasnian military prison, it allowed the law enforcers in the United States to put their ducks in a row.

After the year had gone by, Black Mask had been brought back to the United States. The majorities of the cities where Intergang had committed their crimes. It seemed that things were going extremely well because the “street” criminals were giving up their captains, the captains were giving up the under bosses, the under bosses were giving up the bosses and law enforcers were getting the information that would put Black Mask into prison for a long time.

This Black Mask, or Chin Liu Ling was to be tried in Gotham City.

All of the major newspapers were there. Clark Kent would be representing the Daily Planet and. Summer Gleason would be representing the Gotham Live, and Linda Park-West of KFMB Television Evening News in Central City.

A few days ago, Audrey came for her annual speech at the United Nations and made a stop in Gotham to here the opening arguments.

It took a half of a day for the prosecution to make its case. It took so long because the attorneys general of the other cities had to make their cases as well.

It was agreed upon by all cities and municipalities that Gotham would be the venue for Mr. Ling’s trial.

Everyone knew what card Mr. Ling would play. He would talk about his family history. This, I am afraid, will not work. His family is not poor, they have made their monies in many ways. There are some legitimate businesses but most of their monies came illegitimate businesses. They have dealt drugs, counterfeit money, murder for hire and other nefarious businesses.

After lunch, we came back to the courtroom to reconvene the trial.

There were many of the “street” criminals that testified against the under bosses.

They were recounting their crimes and telling us how they were ordered to do the crimes.

Those testimonies lasted until nine o’clock that night. Audrey wanted to stay, but, sadly for her, she had to get back to her nation because her husband had not returned. I asked her if there was a shot that her husbands father would allow the League to go in and help. Her husband had a feeling that someone from the League would ask the question. She told me that her father-in-law want to try his best to settle the problem himself. She let him know that if and when he would ask for the help, her husband would tell her to get in touch with the League.

After the trial and Audrey leaving, Clark and I went to the Commissary to have a late snack.

As we were eating Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld appeared to us.

Persephone said, “Diana, Princess of Themyscira and Clark Kent or Kal-El of Krypton, I have been sent by Hades to retrieve you for their a couple of people who wish to speak with you.”

Kal and I walked over to Persephone and as soon as we got near enough to the goddess we all disappeared. When we reappeared, it as at the threshold of the underworld. We ventured a little into the underworld. It was not as far as Shayera and I went to when we had to put Hades back on his throne.

Then, when we arrived at what I assumed was a predestined point, we stopped.

I asked, Goddess, who is it that wants to meet with use.”

Persephone pointed. We looked where she was pointing. We saw two figures walking toward us.

As the figures got clearer we saw it was Bruce and Lois.

Bruce said, “Well, Princess, I see you have moved on.”

I said, “Should I not have?”

He said, “Diana, I did not mean it that way. What I meant was you are immortal. I did not expect for you to mourn me in perpetuity. Also, I expected you to move one. I could not hope for you to mover on with a better person. I know that Alfred’s time is growing short and he will pass away soon. I could not have hoped for a better person to raise children, than Clark Kent.”

It was then that Lois spoke up.

She said, “Clark, there were many times that you had got there to save my life and have done this. It was ironic that when we were investigating the case at LuthorCorp and that crate with the kryptonite in it, exploded in my face, it was ironic that you were right there outside of the tractor trailer and could have rescued me. Do not blame yourself, Clark. I have recently learned that the fates meant it to be that I was in that truck at that particular time, and doing what I was doing. Diana is your other great love.”

Bruce said, “Diana, you saved me from going over the edge. If it were not for you, I would have become the bitter old recluse of a man that I met when John and I went into the future to defeat the time bandit. I have learned a great deal about our children. Bali will, someday, become Batman and protect Gotham for several hundred years. His sister is truly special. She will become the leader of two great nations. She will learn a great deal from your mother and later become the President of the United States. Even though Donna and yourself are the next in line for the throne of Themyscira, it is little Sarah who will become its next queen.”

Lois said, “Diana, you are fated to have ten children with Clark. One will be named Lois and one will be named after Bruce. As far as the other eight, Clark will name them after some of the other people in his life. Those children will leave the earth and fan out across the galaxy, and bring yours and Clark’s ideals with the. Have happy life together.”

Both she and Bruce disappeared and Persephone brought Kal and I back to the Commissary.

After Persephone returned us to the Watchtower, Kal and I decided that we needed to talk about what we ha received from Bruce and Lois.

He started by saying, “After what we have heard, I think we might think about taking this relationship to the next level.”

I looked at him and asked, “What do you mean, Kal?”

He did not answer, he just left the room. When he returned, I asked, “Kal, where did you go?”

He said, “I went to my quarters because I had to pick something up.”

I questioned, “What did you have to go and get?”

He had changed into his civilian clothes since he was currently going off duty for his off time while I, on the other hand, will be going on monitor duty.

He reached into his pocket and retrieved a small box, went down on one knee, and asked, “Diana, we have known each other for a while now and pretty well know each other; will you marry me?”

I smiled at him, that smile belied the interior emotions were feeling I was feeling. I looked into his eyes and said, “I think that I will marry you.”

After this we at out lat meal and he left to go off of the clock and I headed off to the monitor room to go on monitor duty.

As I walked into the room I saw that Courtney Whitmre or as we know her Stargirl was on duty. I walked over to her and said, “I have some very big news.”

She asked, “What is it Diana?”

I said, “Kal has asked me to marry him.”

She squealed. She ran over to me and gave me a hug. Then she left the room.

After my uneventful night on monitor duty, I beamed down to the cave and found Helena was on the big computer doing research on a case her and Vic was working.

At this point, Barbara had come in from her patrol of the city and Selina was with her. Dick, on the other hand, was in Bludhaven helping Tim on a case.

Before Barbara could take Helena’s place at the bat-computer, I called them over to give them the good news.

After they approached me I said, “Ladies, I have a big surprise.”

It was then that I took my hand from behind my back and showed my them the ring. They had the same reaction that Courtney did.

Kal and I had been dating for at least three months and, apparently, our relationship was not a secret., at least in the super hero community.

After I told them, I knew the several things were coming. The first thing was I was going to have to go home and tell my mother, sister, and sisters. Secondly, there is a tradition in man’s world in which the friends of the bride take her out, on the night before her wedding, fo the bachelorette party.

After she finished her research, Helena went off to call Dinah. Dinah was helping Oliver on a case in Star City.

We would have to wait until after until after the Black Mask trial to tell our respective families our very special news.

Of course, we would have testify in the Black Mask trial. This would happen within the next couple of days and then we would be in the court room until the trial ends. Kal and I have no fear of something nefarious would happen to us. It is Superman and Wonder Woman and who ever it would be would be idiots for trying. We felt that it would not take long for law enforcement to catch them.

Several months later, after both the prosecution and Defense rested it was now time for the jury to deliberate.

The judge felt that the there would be a great shot that the jury could be gotten to so he asked Kal and I if it would be possible for the League to sequester the jury on the Watchtower.

We looked at each other and made a decision on the run and Kal told the judge, “I do not see why not. Do you really think that it would be that likely that the jury could corrupted?”

The judge said, “I think there could be an eighty percent chance it could happen if the jury stays on the planet.”

I put my hand to my ear and said, “Mr. Terrific are you there?”

He said, “Yes, Diana, how can I be of help to you?”

I said, “The judge fears that there could be an eighty percent shot that the jury could be corrupted and he would like for us to help by sequestering the jury on the Watchtower. Kal and I said yes. Please prepare some guest quarters for nine people.”

Doing this would a much easier thing for there were fewer heroes because more of them were living on earth.

The judge wanted one of his aides to go with us as well because he wants to know when to call the court into session.

It did not take the jury long to come back with a decision.

We all teleported directly into the judges chambers. He was working on some bench warrants and other court related with being a judge.

He looked up and said, “ I assume that the jury has come back with a decisions.”

We nodded.

He called the District Attorney and the defense attorney to let the know he would call the court in session and Kal walked out to change into his Clark Kent persona to cover the decision.

The judge called the court to order and asked the bailiff to get the paper with the decision written on it.

The judge said, “Mrs. Foreperson, is this your decision?”

The foreperson said, “Yes, your Honor, it is our decision.”

The judge said, “Pleas give us your decision.”

The bailiff said, “As to count one, how do you rule?”

She said, “Guilty.”

We went through all five-hundred counts and on each count was guilty.

Since this was a special case, the judge wanted to give Mr. Ling his sentence.

The sentence was guilty and he would be put in jail for life without parole.

Or, at least, we think he will be there for life.

After the sentencing, I called over to the embassy to let them know that a guest and myself would be going to the island to meet with mother and the senate.

Several days after calling the embassy, I found Kal and myself were standing in the senate chambers.

Euboea, who had been elected to the senate because there were several of our sisters that were fatalities. She had become the defacto leader of the Themysciran senate.

Euboea asked, “Princess, I understand you have an announcement that is important to the future of the leadership of the Amazons.?

I said, “Yes.”

She asked, “What is the announcement?”

I said, “Between the end of the man’s world trial of the Black Mask II and his sentencing, Lady Persephone appeared to Kal and I.”

Mother asked, “What did she want or show you?”

I continued, “She took Kal and I into the underworld where we would meet with our dead significant others.”

Euboea asked, “I know of Bruce Wayne, but who is his lover.”

I said, “Kal’s, wife was a woman who would make mother proud. She was woman who did what it took to report a story, to get the facts that would allow her to intimate to the general public. She was a spunky woman what the fates hate deemed to keep her getting into situations that put her in serious trouble. He name was Lois Lane.”

One of the other senators asked me, “What do you mean by “Serious” trouble?”

I said, “Well, there were times when she would be on airplanes which were taken by terrorists. There was also periods where if she was investigating a story and getting to close to the truth, the person who was investigating her would try to kill her. All of this would come to naught, except on the last story she was investigating.”

I saw my mother cock and eyebrow as I continued.

Kal stepped up if for anything else, to give me a break and let me get some water for I had been talking for at least an hour.

He said, “Diana, Lois, and I were investigating one of the most evil men in the world, Lex Luthor. We had went to one of his warehouses to see what he was bringing in to use in his latest scheme to try to kill me. When we arrived, we found there were people unloading a very large truck. We were able to get around the back of the truck and into the it to see what they were unloading. It was crates of all sizes. Diana and I left to go and defeat the security and the thugs...”

Mother asked, “Thugs?”

He said, “They are the underlings that do the big bosses dirty work for him or her.” “ After we finished we went back towards the truck and as we were, we heard an explosion. The explosion was from a trap on one of the crates. When we got there we found that there was shrapnel all over the place and a piece had fatally wounded Lois. She died.”

I, then, took over, “After several months, we began to date. When were not out on a date, it seemed the fates were conspiring to get us together because we ended up going on several missions together.”

I went on to describe a few of the missions including the Black Mask II case.

This brought me up to the night where Persephone appeared to Kal and I.

I said, “Persephone appeared to Kal and I and took us on a trip of the underworld which, by the way, did not impress me because I have been there before.”

I told them how we met Bruce and Lois and how they gave us their permission to continue our relationship. I also dropped the bombshell that neither Donna nor myself would be the next Queen of the Amazons, it would be Sarah. Then I told them that Sarah’s becoming queen would not happen until after she first became the President of the United States first. They asked about Balin and I told them he would someday be Batman.

I said, “Kal, has asked me to marry him, and I have accepted.”

After we left Themyscira, we went back to the Watchtower we felt that we should have to tell the rest of the super hero community. It so happened that a majority of the heroes wee on the station. We split and went into each one of the two cafeterias to tell the heroes that were on duty.

I went into the cafeteria and said, “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT?”

My colleagues who were in the cafeteria look up from their meals and conversations. I continued, “MY FRIENDS, SUPERMAN AND I ARE GOING TO GET MARRIED.”

Everyone applauded

I left the cafeteria and found Kal waiting for me.

Everyone congratulated us .

After this, we went off to see Kal’s mother in Smallville. She does not know of the important goings on which will affect her.

Before we went back to Smallville, I wanted to stop and get my children because I felt that I have been away from my kids long enough.

We picked up the children along with a couple of the amazons that have been serving as nursemaids for my children.

Kal, the nursemaids, an I landed in Smallville and disembarked from the Javelin along with the nursemaids.

We walked up to the door and Kal opened it. He called, “MOTHER ARE YOU HERE?”

We heard her say, “CLARK, I AM IN THE BARN.”

I handed the children to the nursemaids and followed Kal into the barn. When we arrived there, we found Martha playing with little Samuel and Ellen in the hay and they were enjoying herself.

We walked into the barn and she did not bother to get up for Kal walked over to her and gave her a kiss and picked up little Samuel and levitated up and spun around.

When he landed, I could see that Samuel was smiling and laughing. Apparently, it was the one of many things that Sam enjoys doing with his father.

Martha picked up Ellen, walked over to us, and asked, “Clark what is it you want to tell me.”

We walked into to farmhouse and Kal handed Samuel and Ellen to Kit and Klarissa to go and put them to bed.

Martha made us some coffee and we started to tell her of the story of how Persephone came to us and told us how we were destined to be together. We also told her how Bruce and Lois had given us their blessings to us. The thing we did not tell her was the amount of children Kal and I would have.

We walked into the kitchen and found Martha had made us some coffee.

Martha wanted to know why I had came with Kal to see her.

We had to tell her about what had happened with Persephone, Lois, and Bruce.

We told her that Bruce and Lois had given Kal and I permission to start to date each other. We, also, told her that we would be giving her some more grandchildren,

Klarissa and Kit came back into the room from putting the children to bed and Martha had fixed us something to eat.

As we were eating, Kal and I introduced Martha to Kit and Klarissa and told her of their jobs in helping me to take care of my children and allowing me to be able to go on league missons.

We continued to talk. Our talk went well into the night and after this, I retired to Kal’s old room and he retired to the barn. This barn is the one he has turned into a monitor room. It had a computer with a monitor and also a lab for which he could do research on chemicals which he could and would recover in any type of investigation.

The next morning, we got up and figured out that Martha had been up fixing breakfast.

After I ate, I left to go and get my mother. I wanted her to meet Martha and get o know Kal’s children because I wanted her to get to know them because they would become her step-grandchildren.

I left and went to the embassy to make the trip to Themyscira to get mother to bring her back to Kal’s farm.

When I arrived home I went directly to the palace to retrieve mother and go on back to Kal’s farm.

After I retrieved my mother and explained what was going to happen when we would return to Smallville.

We went through the portal to the embassy and had J’onn transport us to the farm.

When we arrived there, Klarissa and Kit were sitting out on the swing with my children and they bowed to my mother as we passed them by to go and meet with Martha.

We walked in and Kal bowed to mother and I made the introduction to Martha. She was holding Ellen and Kal was holding Samuel. I took little Ellen from Martha and put her in my mothers arms and she had the same reaction that she has had whenever either Balin or Sarah are put into her arms.

She looked down at Ellen and smiled at her.

Martha said, “Well, your majesty, it is nice to meet the woman who gave “life” to the incredible person whom has stolen the heart of my son.”

Mother said. “Thank you and you may call me Hippolyta. You do not have to be so formal with me. We are both mothers of incredible children.”

Martha said, “Well Hippolyta, what can you tell me about your daughter as she was growing up?”

I gave mother a look. This was the look a child gives its parents when they do not want the parents to tell stories about when the child was growing up.

There were many stories which she told about how I was a rambunctious and some of the trouble that I tended to get into. There were several times that I had gotten into the armory and broke some of the weapons. This included some of the spears and swords. The reason why this happened is because I did not know my own strength. Martha did not understand that the majority of the weapons in the armory were not magically enhanced and, at the time, I did not know my own strength.

There are other times in which the things that I did had nothing to do with weapons, it had to do with just being a child. There were times when I disobeyed her and got punished. I would just be a child.

Mother then asked Martha about some of the misadventures of young Clark Kent.

It was not Kal’s turn to be embarrassed by his parent.

There were more than a handful of stories about him and his developing powers. She took mother outside and show her the barn and where he had sneezed and blew the door off of it when he first found that he had super breath.

There were many other stories about Kal that were told and were just as embarrassing to him as the stories that were told by my mother about me.

After the telling the stories, it was decided that Kal and I would take her to the Fortress to introduce mother to Kal’s birth parents.

After a few hours of sleep, Kal, mother, and I all bundled up and headed north. When we arrived and the fortress, mother understood why we had her bundle up. It is because the fortress is at the north pole.

When we arrived there, Kal went for the crystals and retrieved the ones that have the information which pertains to his birth parents.

Martha said, “Well, your majesty, it is nice to meet the woman who gave “life” to the incredible person whom has stolen the heart of my son.”

Mother said. “Thank you and you may call me Hippolyta. You do not have to be so formal with me. We are both mothers of incredible children.”

Martha said, “Well Hippolyta, what can you tell me about your daughter as she was growing up?”

I gave mother a look. This was the look a child gives its parents when they do not want the parents to tell stories about when the child was growing up.

There were many stories which she told about how I was a rambunctious and some of the trouble that I tended to get into. There were several times that I had gotten into the armory and broke some of the weapons. This included some of the spears and swords. The reason why this happened is because I did not know my own strength. Martha did not understand that the majority of the weapons in the armory were not magically enhanced and, at the time, I did not know my own strength.

There are other times in which the things that I did had nothing to do with weapons, it had to do with just being a child. There were times when I disobeyed her and got punished. I would just be a child.

Mother then asked Martha about some of the misadventures of young Clark Kent.

It was not Kal’s turn to be embarrassed by his parent.

There were more than a handful of stories about him and his developing powers. She took mother outside and show her the barn and where he had sneezed and blew the door off of it when he first found that he had super breath.

There were many other stories about Kal that were told and were just as embarrassing to him as the stories that were told by my mother about me.

After the telling the stories, it was decided that Kal and I would take her to the Fortress to introduce mother to Kal’s birth parents.

After a few hours of sleep, Kal, mother, and I all bundled up and headed north. When we arrived and the fortress, mother understood why we had her bundle up. It is because the fortress is at the north pole.

When we arrived there, Kal went for the crystals and retrieved the ones that have the information which pertains to his birth parents.

Kal walked over to the computer and inserted the crystals into the computer. He stood on the platform which was lit by the lights and we heard a voice that I had a very good feeling was his father.

Kal said, “Father, I have some news. Things have changed in terms of my personal life.”

I heard the computer say, “My son, what is it that you mean? Where is the human Lois Lane?”

Kal said, “There was an incident that occurred which cost her, her life. My enemy, Lex Luthor had gotten his hands on pieces of Krypton which we have taken to calling Kryptonite. These rocks can weaken and even kill Kara, my children, and myself. What had happened was Ms. Lane, Diana and I had found a truck with crates in it. These crates contained materials that could be put together to form a robot that would fight me. The power source for these robots are, of course, the Kryptonite. Diana and I had sent her into the truck to open the crates while Diana and I would take out the people protecting and unloading the crates. As we were finishing, we heard an explosion from inside the truck.”

Jor-El said, “I am assuming that the explosion was something blowing up and killing Ms. Lane.”

Kal nodded.

Kal continued and said, “A few weeks earlier, one of my best friends was seriously hurt and he was taken to a place where he could heal. As he was doing his healing, my other best friends mother had been kidnaped. The first best friend was Batman. You have met him. The other one is Diana.”

He pointed to me.

Kal went on, “Batman had to help Diana but in doing so, he gave his life in retrieving Diana’s mother. Batman and Diana had recently agreed to get married but it did not come to pass because of him giving his life.”

Jor-El asked, “What does this have to do with your mother and I?”

Kal said, “One day while Diana and I were working a case, one of her gods came to us and took us for a visit to what the call Tartarus. This is a place is a place for the spirits of the dead. When we arrived there, we found Bruce, who is Batman, and Lois Lane was waiting.”

Jor-El asked, “What did they say?”

Kal said, “What they said was that Diana and I were always meant to be together.”

At this point there was a big light that bathed the entire fortress. It was a light the belonged to Rao

He was appearing to basically confirm what Bruce and Lois had told Kal and I.

We told Jor-El and his wife, who had just appeared that Kal and I were to have a very big family.

When they asked just how big, we said were to have ten children. I also told him that I was an immortal and the theory that John Henry and Nat have that says that as long as there is a yellow sun Kal would have extreme longevity.

After another few minutes of Kal talking to his parents, he had my mother step on the platform for her to be able to talk with Jor-El.

Jor-El said, “So, you are the mother of this lovely young woman.?”

Mother said, “Yes, I am.”

Jor-El asked, “You are the queen of a band of immortal women?”

Mother answered, “Yes that is true as well.”

He asked, “What are your beliefs?”

She said, “We would like live in a world at peace and lead the world to trying to get to the point.”

Jor-El said, “I once told my son that humanity had a nobility about it but it needed the leadership to get there. He was to be part of the vanguard in getting to the point where children can play out on the streets without fear of getting in the middle of a crime.”

Mother said, “We, the Amazons, have had our problems with trying to intimate our theories of how the world should be ran.”

Jor-El said, “Well, maybe Your daughter, my son, and their possible progeny could go a long way to getting to the point where the earth can be at piece. After working on the earth’s piece, then there could a chance of these theories to the entire galaxy.”

They went on to talk of many other things.

After Jor-El finished, Kal’s mother, Lara, appeared and talked with my mother on some motherly things.

They talked for another hour or so and they were laughing. I did not like the way they were laughing because I felt like it was at my expense. I felt like she was telling some of the embarrassing stories about my youth.

After they had finished, we all headed back to the Kent farm and I talked mother in sleeping the next couple of days. I wanted her to spend some time with her grandchildren and get to know Kal’s children as well.

The next day we got up, Kal and I had to go to the Watchtower for a meeting with the leadership of the League.

After the meeting, which was an update on some of the ongoing league missions, we went back to the farm.

We we returned, we found that Balin and Sarah were sleeping. Mother was holding Ella. She had a picture in front of her and had a look on her face.

I asked her, “Mother, What is on your mind?”

She said, “This child looks like her mother.”

Kal walked up and took Ella and he said, “Yes, I know and before you say it, it is hard to look at little Ella and not see Lois.”

Mother asked, “Am I not correct in saying that Ella and Samuel will someday exhibit the powers that she will inherit from Superman?”

Kal nodded.

She said, “I, hereby, offer them the training their stepmother had, little Balin and Sarah will have, and the children of your union will have.”

Kal looked at her as said, “I thank you for the offer and accept it because I did not have any training in controlling my powers as I was growing up.”

He started to tell us of his time growing up in Smallville and how it scared him as his powers were emerging. It scared him because he did not understand what was going on with his own body.

So we all agreed that, not only, we are going to have the children go to the fortress to learn of Kal’s side of the family and they would come to Thymyscira to get the Amazon training they would receive from Philippus and the rest of the Amazons training.

He took Ella and put her in the nursery, along with Balin, Samuel, and Sarah were.

About an hour later, I would be taking mother back home. Until then, she and Martha were having a long and in depth talk.

Before this, Martha had turned on the evening news. Come to find out, there was a blowout at a oil well, in international waters, off of the coast of Florida.

I stepped out on the porch and activated the league communicator I had with me.

I walked back into the room to find that Kal had returned from the Nursery.

I told them that Kal and I were being sent in to look over the accident. I was also told that Aquaman was already on his way there.

When we arrived, We saw Mera on the deck of oil platform. We landed, went up to her, and asked her, “Mera Where is your husband?”

She answered, “He is under water trying to figure a way to clean this up, and how, exactly it happened in the first place.”

At that point, he appeared and said that he has shut off the leak.

We all agreed that we had to clean up the mess that was made by the blowout.

Kal said, “I think that I may have something at my fortress that can help in the cleanup of this oil spill.”

He and Mera flew off toward the fortress because he said that he needed someone to help him carry this devise back to the oil blowout.

A few hours later Clark and Mera returned with the two part machine. It was a very large machine and Mera, for her part, had a couple of whales and a giant squid to help her carry her piece of the device to this oil platform.

We sent Mera and Aquaman underneath the slick to activate their part of the machine.

Kal also sent me to get some oil tankers.

I flew to the coastal affiliate of Queen Industries and asked them to send some of their tankers to the spill.

The machine was essentially a very large vacuum cleaner. It would suck up the oil and hold it in a basin. The oil would be transferred to the tankers so to take the oil to the refineries.

It took Mera and Kal the next ten hours to clean up the spill.

After they finished, we went about investigating just how the blowout happened. Aquaman had brought up pieces of the pipe that had been blown. As we took the closer look, we found that there some sort of explosive devise on it.

We saw Aquaman’s mood darken. We wondered why. Mera said, “This device is of Atlantean origins. The problem is we have not built something like this it the last several hundred years.”

Kal asked, “Could it have been stolen?”

Aquaman said, “Not unless the can breathe under water and found a way through the royal guards and the military.”

I said, “Black Manta is still in jail.”

Kal asked, “Could there be a chance, slim as it may be, that Orm survived to explosion at the north pole.

He said, “There is a slim shot that he survived.”

Kal, Aquaman, and I headed to the north pole to check on the device that Orm tried to use to flood the earth. When we arrived, we found that the device had not been fixed.

Aquaman asked Kal to use his telescopic vision to see if there was body down in the pit in which he fell into.

Kal spent forty-five minutes looking down into the pit to see the body and he could not see one. After that time period, it was decided that there was no body down there and, most likely, was still alive.

We would have to do a hard target searches for Orm.

It was then that I received a call from Fire, who was on monitor duty.

Fire said, “Watchtower, to Diana. You are be requested to make an appearance in Kasnia.”

I said, “Acknowledged, Fire. Wonder Woman out.”

I, turned to Kal and Aquaman and told them that we were being requested to make an appearance before the throne of Kasnia.

So, we got into the Javelin and went to Kasnia.

When we arrived in Kasnian airspace, we were met by several jets from the Kasnian air force met us and it escorted us into the airport. When we landed there was a car there waiting for us. The car took us to the new palace and we were escorted into the throne room where Audrey was on her throne and there was a handsome, redheaded man who was sitting by Audrey.

As it turns out, this man was King Mikael. He said there was a man that was fomenting unrest in his country. He looked at Aquaman and said, “You remind me of the man who is leading the unrest in my country.”

Aquaman said, “That is my brother Orm.”

It appears that Orm thinks that if he can not be the king of Atlantis then he will be the king of King Mikael’s country.”

So it was decided that King Mikael would take us back into his country so we would be able to stop Orm.

Kal Flew back to the Javelin to retrieve it.

Forty-five minutes later, he returned with the Javelin an we entered and embarked for Sympa.

When we entered into the airspace of Sympa, King Mikeal radioed for landing instructions. After a few minutes, we received permission to land in the courtyard of the Kings palace.

We went into the palace where King Mikeal saw his top generals. His main adviser, Stephone came to him and told him the military had Orm and his followers have been sequestered in the northeast corner of the Sympa.

Kal, Aquaman, and I asked for the top of the line of the special forces for us to take into the area to retrieve Orm. We knew this was not going to be an easy and, more than likely, some of the soldiers would not be returning.

We sent the soldiers away to finish their preparations to go in an take that part of their country back.

The King had some rooms prepared for the three of us. He had said that he had three prepared but we told him Kal and I would not be needing separate rooms.

They showed to us our rooms at which time Kal and I prepared for bed. He and I had been sleeping together for the last several days. I was the one who went to Kal with the idea which surprised him but it also delighted him.

The next day, we woke up early to find a nice sized breakfast awaiting us. After we ate, we three Leaguers and the platoon of specialists left to go to the northeast corner of the country to put a stop to Orm’s lust for power and his want for revenge on Aquaman. We knew revenge was a big part of what Orm wants to do because of the way in which Aquaman had defeated him.

When we arrived, we found we had a welcoming committee. It was a rather small one so it was decided that we would split the special forces to take these people out.

We left one quarter of the troops there to take on the security.

We kept on our current course and found a rather simple camp where Orm had set up his forces. We could see the scurrying forces in an effort to set up the defenses.

We landed, disembarked, and began to fight our way back to Orm.

After we unloaded the personnel and equipment we h brought with us and deployed the assets in a way that we thought would be most beneficial to the victory on the operation.

We split the remaining forces, the ones who we were not fighting on the periphery, in three ways. Kal would lead the frontal attack, I would come from the left flank and Aquaman would come from behind.

We went about the operation and went our separate ways to do our job.

Within the hour we had converged on the what was found to be the headquarters in which Orm was located, Aquaman asked us to keep Orm’s forces off of him so he could try to defeat and capture his reprobate brother.

It took us another hour to defeat and capture the rest of Orm’s forces. After we finished, we went into the compound and found that Aquaman was still fighting with Orm. When one of the Sympanian soldier came up and and asked us why we were not helping Aquaman we told him that we would not help him because it would be an affront to his pride and he would not look kindly by him.

Another forty-five minutes the battle of the two brothers was over and Aquaman had won.

We headed back to the palace of King Mikeal and took the people affiliated with Orm with us. We left them with him because we knew what was going to happen. Those who were helping him were to be put to death for treason. I think that my mother would react the same way and so would Audrey and Shayera.

We went back to Atlantis so Aquaman could put Orm on trial for treason against Atlantean crown. We told him that the rest of the world would like to put him on trial as well but we knew it was more than likely that we would be bringing back a dead body so we decided to let it go. We would stay there for the trial.

The next day, the trial of Orm began and the evidence that was brought against him and the trial went the way I thought it would. Orm was found guilty and put to death.

Kal’s decision to have the Watchtower to record the goings on in Atlantis so we could take it to the United Nations and show them that Orm was actually dead.

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