And The Advdenture Continues

Sarah, A Rescue, And Faust

It was twenty-two years later, when the prediction that Bruce and Lois made during our meeting in the underworld came true. Sarah was running for President of the United States.

After she served four years as the head of Gotham City animal control, she was twenty-one years old. During her time in office, the numbers of stray animals declined. Also, the numbers of animals with diseases that are transmitted by those animals were also down. Her Aunt Selina was helping her out as well.

She then went on to run for the Gotham City School Board. She took this office at the age of twenty-two when she took this office. With this, she also served one term. In her four years on the board where she help lead the public schools of Gotham into some of the best schools in the world. In doing this, this has forced the private and religious schools to improve as well. This means that the entire network of schools have dramatically improved.

She, then, ran for and won a spot on the Gotham City, City Council. She was inaugurated ate the age of twenty-seven. There were some important initiatives that she helped improve the life in Gotham.

It was obvious that she was a popular politicians in Gotham.

Four years later, she became the mayor of Gotham and started her term at thirty-one. She continued her work that she started on the council.

After her four your years as mayor, she decided to run for a spot of out the county council. She was Thirty-two. Gotham County became one of the places where people wanted to be. Even the places like Crime Alley and The Narrows were tolerable to live in, in the city.

When she wanted to run for the U.S. House of Representatives, four years later, the political experts, at least the ones in Gotham, speculated that she would win in a walk. It was a time when the country was in serious financial trouble. The previous presidents and congresses had spent the country into oblivion. This means that the country was in a position of defaulting onbeing able to pay the national debts.

She ran as an independent, with the backing of a group called the TEA Party. This was a movement that believed that taxes are too high and the money that was being collected was not being spent correctly and being flat out wasted.

She was in her office a the age of thirty-seven years old.

Sarah had been in political office for twenty-one years. She was coming to the end of her term in the United States House of Representatives.

A few weeks back, she had let me know that she was going to run for president. This was before we found out that she would be running against a distant cousin of Lex Luthor. This cousin was named Lester.

This man did have a criminal record but it was for lesser crimes. The only tie that he has with Clark is that he is Conner’s main enemy and Conner had put him into jail for those crimes.

The problem is that he was, much like Lex when Lex had helped us defeat the Justice Lords, able to get a full pardon. Then later, he was able to get his record expunged which allows him to run for political office.

He was currently running for the office of President of the United States. Lex had aspired to this but was not able to achieve it. Lex was only able to get to be the mayor of Star City.

This was a time in the nation where the previous presidents had spent the country into oblivion. The nation was in serious financial trouble. Sure, there were places in the nation where the financial situation was not so dire. Metropolis, Star City, and thanks to the work which Sarah has done when she was ascending the political latter, Gotham was one of those cities as well.

A Luthor could not be allowed to sit in the Oval Office. This was the time which Bruce and Lois told Clark and I of. It was time for Sarah to run for President.

The public was strongly on Sarah’s side and Les, as he likes to be called, knew it.

It was at one of Sarah’s campaign stops that it happened. There was an attempt on her life.

Thank the gods she had a suit that was similar to the one that Xandy wears. But it was more streamlined to fit under her clothes. It was able to form a force field.

The attempt was a failure due to the force field.

We found that there was an assassin that was on one of the roofs. We captured him and he told us that Lester had set it all up.

This effectively ended his run for the office.

A few months later, the election happened and it was what the outside world calls a landside.

Lester won none of the states.

Six months later, there was trial. Lester’s charges were conspiracy to commit assassination and election fraud. The assassin was on trial for conspiracy murder, and accepting payment for murder.

Both trials went on for another six months.

Both the assassin and Luthor were found guilty and were put in prison for twenty-five years to life.

Then we found out that Luthor was to be put on trial for tax evasion. The IRS, it appears, has the evidence to put him in prison for this as well but we would have to wait for the trial to see if it was going to happen.

Luthor’s tax evasion trial took place a few months after he had started his sentence. The trial went very quickly and Lester Luthor was found guilty. He was not to serve this sentence concurrently.

He, on his original sentence, would have the ability to have a shot at parole but what this means is this, he would be paroled from one prison to another albeit to what the people in man’s world calls a “Club Fed” prison. I had to explain to mother that the reason for this was that it was federal crime and that it was law. Mother said that it did not make since. I told her that there were a lot of man’s world laws did not make since and this happens every day.

After this had happened, there was a time in which things were relatively calm.

Sure, there were natural disasters and there was an asteroid that came hurtling through space. It was time for Sam to try to stop something by himself. Ella was off with Clark on Rann was helping Adam Strange with some missions that were to be kept secret, at least until Clark and Ella came back.

It was up to Sam to stop the asteroid from hitting the earth.

He would have to try to adjust the trajectory of the big space rock.

The nature of his powers would be able to do it without a breathing apparatus.

He would have to try to push it into another trajectory.

So, he flew into space and went to intercept the asteroid. This rock was headed in from the east an Zealot would have to intercept it from the same direction. He landed, softly, on the east side of the rock and started to push.

He moved it six degrees off of its current trajectory which took the threat away.

At this point, it was getting to be my time on monitor duty. I ran into him while he was writing the report on it. He was carrying himself totally different then he was then before he left.

The way he was carrying himself was his confidence had grown immensely.

As it turns out, as he was returning, he was due to go on monitor duty.

I went back to the farm where I found that most of the kids were all asleep. Ella was in Gotham. She and Hugo were dating.

I decide to go and visit with Balin. When I arrived there, I found that Dick was on the computer, Barbara and the baby were sleeping, and Balin and Tim were on patrol so I would have to wait for him go come home.

I went to get a snack in the kitchen where I found that Barbara had woken up and was having a snack.

We sat down and were eating when a group of Secret Service agents appeared. Barbara an I knew what this meant. It means that Sarah was going to pay us a visit. Five minutes later, Sarah had came through the kitchen door.

Along with her was Amanda Waller. Sarah had decided to make her a trusted advisor.

I had a bad feeling about this. Obviously, she was here to see Dick about a mission of secrecy.

Thirty minutes later, Dick came to get a snack. Apparently, he was going out to Arkaham there was a riot.

The problem that Sarah had was that someone had gotten his or her hands on the means and formula to produce vast amounts of the Joker’s gas.

We knew what kind of damage that this gas could do and listened to the briefing that Waller was giving. Apparently the person who had it had released it in several countries including Kasnia. I knew that they were still having their own problems with their border. Her husband was having the same problem in Symba. His police forces had recently found several people with the Joker’s twisted smile.

At this point, Tim, Balin, Hugo and Ella arrived.

After explaining what was happening, it was decided that Barbara, Helena, Sumner, Selina, and Tim would take care of Gotham. There would be several teams sent in. Ella, and I would head over to Kasnia and Symba. Dick, Balin and Hugo would go to Russia, and Waller would send several teams of Ultimen around the world. What Waller wanted was to have some of the league to lead the groups of Ultimen.

I transported to the Watchtower to see who was on duty. I found that Dinah was there along with Hawk and Dove, Fire, Kyle Raynor, and Donna. Of course J’onn was there but he would not come with us because he and his daughter would be coordinating everything.

Donna and Kyle Raynor, whom she recently began dating, would take a group of Ultimen to Canada. Hawk and Dove would take a group to Germany. We talked to Solovar and he agreed to send several of the security force of Gorilla City to lead a group in Africa. Recently, the leaders of Gorilla City decided that it was time for them to join the world community. They recently the United Nations. Finally, Fire would take a group to Brazil.

When we arrived in Kasnia, I put a contingent of Ultimen in the control of one of Audrey’s generals. They knew where the most of the incidents of the appearances of the people with the twisted Joker smile on their faces.

The rest of us would head into Symba. There was feeling that the manufacturing facility which was making the gas was located in Symba.

On the way there, I received a call from Gotham. It was Selina. She said that this was apparent Intergang operation.

We knew that Intergang, which was originally a gang in the United States, had recently went world wide and were giving the Yakuza and the other far eastern gangs a run for their money. The problem is that they needed some sort of drug to make money with. The other gangs in this part of the world had drugs like poppy seeds.

What I fear is that Intergang was trying to refine the Joker’s gas into something which would not kill, at least not as quickly as it kills, but to be used multiple times. They want it to kill slowly and make the people addicts thereby making money.

I knew for a fact that Bruce would not stand for this and if he were still alive he would be the one to organize the operation. I feel that I should make this a great priority.

King Mikael’s police and army had found where the production facilities which were where they were producing the gas and the place where they were refining the gas.

This was going to be tricky because we could not attack them head on for fear that they would blow up the water towers, which did not contain water. These towers contained the gas. There was a definite fear that Intergang would blow up the towers.

I had a plan. If it would come to this, what I was suggesting was that Wind Dragon would use his wind to funnel the gas into ice bottles formed by the Downpour clones.

few hours later, my group found ourselves outside of the factory that produced the chemicals for the Joker’s gas.

I send Ella and her group to the other factory which was where they had the chemists which were working on perfecting the formula.

We had to wait until we heard from Ella before we put our attack on the production facility.

Thanks to Ray Palmer, we had the ability to shrink and grow, not that Long Shadow can by himself. What we wanted to be able to do was to be able to sneak in to the compound without them being able to pin down who was attacking. Sure, if they had sophisticated cameras that could zoom in on us anyway. I felt that the smaller we are, the less we weigh, the less likely we would be to set off their security system.

I knew, at the small size, it would take some time to get to where we wanted to get.

I would send the clones after the six towers. Myself and the Symbian platoon would hit the buildings where they would be producing the liquids that would eventually be turned into the gas.

A couple of hours later, we received a confirmation message from Ella that she and her group had taken the other facility and had the chemists in custody. She said that the lead chemist, who was known simply as Egghead, said that he had already sent out the signal that he was in trouble and to release the gas. She told us that it would take them another hour to release the concoction.

It was obvious that we had to go and go quickly.

I decided that since the signal had already been sent, it made little difference how small we would be because the alarms on the property were going off.

The Ultimen went after the towers. What would happen was the Long Shadow clones would grow and then rip the tops off the towers, the Wind Dragon clones would form a tornado which would remove the liquids, and the liquids would be place in the ice bottles.

We put the plans into action and took these people down.

After the mission was finished, we took the chemicals to the Cadmus facility in Russia where Waller has promised that it will be disposed of it accordingly.

The problem would come with the supply that was already out on the streets and it would take time to find it.

Over the next few months was what we spent in trying to chase down the, fo lack of a better term, Joker drug.

We had to wait for the incidents of the people that are the users of the drug to show up. We knew that we had destroyed the improved version of the drug. The improved version would have been the one that would have mad the users of the drug more functional. What I mean to say is that it would have giving Intergang International constant users and those would be the people on which the would make their money.

Three months later there was a break on the case. There was a bust made in Jump City. Deanna was investigating other drug related cases when she, got lucky, and ran across a serious of warehouses that were being leased by Luthor Corp. She and Balin, who are dating, were on the scene. The entered into the first warehouse. They found many things that LuthorCorp should not have. The most important things that were found were, papers that were copies of the ones that had the formulas for the Joker drug.

On some other papers there was a name on it. It was Powers Technology. It was signed by whomever was running LuthorCorp , Warren Powers, and Ronald Daggett. Daggett took over his fathers company and built it up to where it had been before the Renuyu controversy. When I spoke on who was running LuthorCorp, what I mean to say is Mercy has passed on , through questionable means but the investigation yielded nothing. The league tried, Cadmus tried, and the government tried but all tried to, and failed to, find out what really had happened. You can’t win them all.

Balin, and I flew to Washington and requested a meeting with Amanda Waller. In this meeting, we made the suggestion that the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to run an operation on both Powers and Daggett.

She asked us why and we showed her copies of the papers that were found in the LuthorCorp. She inquired as to how we got the papers. I said that we took digital photos of the pictures and convert them into hard copies. I knew the law and knew that they could not use the copies in court so I made the suggestion that a court order be issued so as to be able to raid that facility. She made the call, and within the hour she had the court order and a contingent from the A.T.F.. It was then that Balin took them outside, and on my order, asked for a site to site transmission from where were to the facility.

A few hours later, I went I followed Balin and the contingent from the A.T.F. but before that I had to meet with Sarah to give her my report.

After I met with Sarah, I went back to the Watchtower and wrote up my report to put into the League files.

I had not seen all of the papers that had been copied, therefore I did not know about the minor LuthorCorp facility which was located in Smallville. Everyone, including the League thought this facility was in mothballs. Obviously, everyone was wrong about this. Sarah thought it would be the correct thing for Clark to be the one to shut down the Smalville facility. To this, Clark asked Sam, Ella, and myself to help him out.

Dick, Selina, and Barbara would take care of the facilities in Gotham and DeAnna, Oliver, and Dinah would take the facilities In Star City.

When we arrived at this particular facility we found that there was a small army of what looked to be clayface clones. This told me that they thought this drug could make them a lot money.

I did not know if the other teams knew what to expect, so I radioed the other teams which were making the other raids. When I radioed the cave Alfred, who did not do much time at the Bat-Computer, was there. When I told him that there were clayfaces were guarding this facility. He sais that he would let Nightwing, Batwoman, and Catwoman know what to expect. He said that he would sent a chemical with one of the amazons. This chemical is something that Bruce had developed before he died. It would, when it came in contact with Clayface, it dissolve the creature.

As it turns out, the amazon which was sent was my mother. She was visiting Balin. With her, she brought waht looked to be water gun. In these guns was the chemical which we needed.

She had five water guns with her. It was obvious that she intended to help us and I knew that there was no talking her out of helping us. Clark knew her history and felt comfortable in letting her help us.

It took us a few hours to wade, and I do mean wade, through the Clayfaces.

After this, we went in and took the facility and found that it really set up for the production of the drug. I radioed Washington to ask for Waller. What I wanted to know that if we could destroy the facility. We wanted to know if they had enough evidence.

She said that she did.

After I disconnected from Waller, I took mother a few miles away. I told Clark that the facility could be destroyed.

He and the two young heroes lit their eyes and burned the place down.

Ronald Daggett when the operation went down, but he got caught anyway. He would be going to jail for, only, ten years because he turned on Powers. The problem comes with the fact that Powers was able to find a corrupt judge and some unethical jurors. Even thought we were able to ferret out the corrupt jurors but we were too late to get the judge.

When we found out about the judge, it was too late because she was able to give he a twenty year sentence with eligibility for parole after five years. He should have been given a sentence of twenty-five years to life without a chance of the parole. There were consequences to be had, the judge was disbarred and served a ten year sentence.

We knew that it would be just a matter of time until Ronald Daggett would make a mistake and we would catch him which means he would be serving a long sentence. All we had to do was wait.

After the trial of the judge, Balin and I returned to Gotham.

Oliver, Dinah, and I did not know that Deanna and Balin had been dating at least a year.

It happens that Barbara was at the clock tower, Selina and Sumner were somewhere in the east end watching over a build where there was an apparent meeting between a mob boss, some of his under bosses, and their captains.

Robin was in Brazil helping Fire with a case and Dick was on the Watchtower doing his monitor duty.

I was lounging on one of the couches in the cave playing with Barbara’s daughter, Kory. When I asked her why she name her daughter after Starfire because she and Dick had once dated. Barbara said that she did not hold any jealousy over that and she respected Starfire.

As I was playing with little Kory, the teleporter which Bruce had in the cave fired up. When the people who were transporting themselves to the cave, we found that it was Deanna, Oliver, and Dinah.

Dinah came over, sat down, and started to play with Kory. Oliver went over to the computer to see what Balin was working on.

Balin was just logging his report into the Bat Computer.

After he had finished, one of the nannies Came down and took little Kory to put her to bed.

After this, Deanna came and gave me a hug.

I sat back down by Dinah.

After he had finished logging the information into the computer and sending a copy to the Watchtower.

He walked over to the couch, which was a large enough couch to hold Oliver, Dinah, Deanna, and myself, and got down on one knee.

I looked over at Dinah and she was crying, and I could feel my eyes misting. Dinah and myself knew what this meant. It meant that Balin was about to ask Deanna to marry him.

He had also brought a computer over to a small table, set it up, made a connection with the White House. Apparently, he had already made a call to his sister, Sarh and had her aides make some room on his schedule.

When Sarah appeared on the screen, he said, “Deanna We have known each other since we were children and have been dating for the last year and a half. I guess I have loved you since I was fifteen and I was a coward. Look, I may have amazon blood coursing throught my body but I am still a man and men, in general, have troubles in admitting their feelings for the women they love. It took years for dad to admit to himself that he loved mom, stop pushing her away, and let their relationship gro to the point where he had asked her to marry her but fate had did not favor this relationship. In moms second relationship, it did not take to long but this does not surprise because my stepfather is a special man. On the other end of the spectrum there were your parents. The way that I understand it, it was love at first sight with uncle Oliver but aunt Dinah was not having any of it because he was throwing out all of the bad pick-up lines. To make this short, I would like to ask you, Deanna Queen, to marry me.”

He reached into his pocket and took out the same box that Bruce used when he asked me to marry me. He opened the box and it was the same ring, which was Bruce’s mother’s.

By this time Deanna’s tear ducts were loosed and she was crying.

He placed the ring on her finger and she answered in the affirmative.

After this, Sara congratulated Balin and Deanna and cut the transmission.

A few hours later we were back on the farm and Clark, Sam, and Ella, who had been on the Watchtower doing monitor duty, were home. The others were out. The quads were at their respective embassies. Martha was in Smallville interning at the Smallville Post. Jon had yet to come in from the fields. Bruce was visiting Sarah, he had just missed the proposal. James was in Kasnia taking pictures. Perry was in Israel and Jordan was deep, somewhere in the fortress.

The next several months were fill with other adventures and wedding plans. Balin did not want the wedding to take place in Gotham. He did not trust Gotham to say calm. He had a feeling that the wedding would be interrupted by the odd riot at Arkham or a break out at Black Gate.

It was decided that it would take place in Smallville. They chose the church which Martha and Jonathan Kent took Clark to as he was growing up. What neither Balin nor Deanna knew was, my child, Bruce, had just been ordained as a preacher at this particular church.

When they found out, they asked the head pastor at this church if Bruce could be able to do the wedding.

Deanna wants Ella to be her maid of honor and Balin wants to have Sumner as his best man. The problem with Ella being the maid of honor was she was going to be sent by the Gotham Gazette to cover the wedding. It was decided that Winifred Nelson would replace Ella as the maid of honor.

There marriage counseling sessions to make sure Balin and Deanna were going to get married. Also, the lead pastor wanted to make sure the couple wanted to get married.

Over the next several weeks, there was the getting of dresses and tuxes. They would lack for nothing because of the Wayne and Queen names.

The next several weeks went smoothly and the preparations contiued.

There were times when the marriage counseling meetings had to be postponed because of the nature of missions which the Titans had to go on, but other than this, it went smoothly.

There were a couple of times when Clark the rest of our children, nor I were in Smallville and there so happened to be a bank robbery, hostage situation, bomb threat, or other various crimes or attacks which happened in Smallville at or around the time in which Balin and Deanna were to have their sessions with the head pastor.

It was getting close to the date in which the kids had set for their marriage.

was June the fifteenth, the day of the wedding. Balin and Deanna were sequestered on different parts of the mega farm. They were preparing themselves for their big day. About an hour later, Balin showed up at the main farm and was waiting for Deanna ti finish preparations.

A few minutes after Balin arrived, Clark came in from doing monitor duty.

Balin asked Clark, “Clark, whey you got married, were nervous on the either one of the days?”

Clark said, “It was mores so, when I married Lois the Diana.”

Balin asked, “Why?”

Clark said, “It was the fact that I really did not know what to expect. It was Lois’s family that flummoxed me. Her dad was a general and he scared me. Her sister was constantly hitting on me. I really did not enjoy my time on her visits with Lucy. I know that Lois knew what Lucy was doing and she used it to have some fun with me, at my expense. Diana could attest to how much of a character and just how intimidating Lois could be. Do not get me wrong, I did love her but she was a handful.”

Balin asked, “What about mom?’

Clark said, “As you are aware, I was not your mothers fist love.”

Balin nodded.

Clark continued, “It was a little different because of the time it took for me to mourn Lois. With Diana it was all about your grandmother. For years, Hippolyta knew your dad and I but it took her awhile to get to know me. It took several visits to the farm and many visits to Themyscira until she trusted me. After this, it was short period of time until she finally gave her blessing to marry this beautiful woman.”

This made me blush.

At this point, the limousine arrived to take us to the church.

We arrived at the church and the kids were hustled into the pastor’s chamber where Oliver and

Dinah was waiting for us/

Bruce and the lead pastor were waiting in there to prepare us.

After about an hour of this, it was time for the wedding to take place Clark, Dinah, Oliver, and I went in and took our places.

The wedding started and all seemed to be going well.

Balin and Deanna had written their own vows and they were special.

Bruce said, “Ladies and gentlemen, Balin and Deanna have written their own vows and will recite them now.”

Balin turned to Deanna and said, “Deanna, we have know each other since, well, almost the time we were conceived. I know that I can not say that I loved you since that particular times but what I can do is say that I have, probably, loved you since the age of twelve. My love for you is as boundless as space and as endless as my mothers life barring her getting a major, life threatening injury. I love you that much.”

Deanna said. “I do not know if I knew as soon as you did that I loved you but I knew it from when I was sixteen. Apparently Aphrodite and Cupid had been working hard so that they could get us together. I know that I am mixing mythologies, which because of Diana, I am assuming that like the Greeks, the Roman gods were actually real and most of them were the same gods except they went by different names. I love you now, I will love you tomorrow, and until the day I die.”

Bruce said, “Do you, Balin, take Deanna, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for better of for worse, until death do you both part.”

What was odd about that is that there were only a few people that knew of Balin’s genetics. Those genetics would allo him to outlive Deanna. He is not immortal like me nor is he near immortal like Clark, but instead would live far beyond the average for average male human. I know this because Hera appeared to me and told me that he and Sarah would live somewhere between three-hundred and four-hundred years. She also said that, any children would be the same way.

Balin said, “I do.”

Bruce turned to Deanna and said, “Deanna, do you take this man, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, until death do you part?”

Deanna said, “I do.”

Bruce turned them to the audience and said, “By the powers vested in me, by the state of Kansas, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

They kissed.

And then Bruce said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I now present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Balin Wayne.

Everyone applauded and Balin and Deanna left to head back to the farm. This was were the reception would be taking place.

Three months later after Balin and Deanna found that she was pregnant. She went to see a doctor in Star City to confirm her pregnancy. It was confirmed.

Six months later, she had a lovely little girl. She named the baby Danica Wayne. She was a lovely blonde hair, blue eyed child.

They wanted to have a child as soon as possible.

I made the suggestion that we could use the Kryptonian technology of the birthing matrix.

We took a great amount of Balin’s and Deanna’s DNA.

It was decided that we would wait at least two years before activating the matrix. We were going to do this because the decision to let Danica grow up.

Dick had decided that, since he had recently turned fifty, he would hand the cowl down to Tim. Sure, he would do monitoring from both the cave and Watchtower. He and Barbara had, had several more children. There was Kory , Raven Grayson. James Grayson, and Carol Grayson. They wanted to spend more time with their family and they were actually getting to old to do this.

Two years after Danica came, Balin and Deanna thought that is was time to have another.

The dipped into their genetic materials, took some, and did the science several weeks later, their baby was growing in the device. Two years after this, little Brennan Wayne emerged.

They did the same thing six months later. Two years after little Brennan came, another little girl appeared. They named her Bonnie.

Danica was eight, Brennan was six, and Bonnie was four when little Aaron came along.

To say that my mother was over the moon, was an understatement.

This was around the time when Sarah’s second term as the President of the United States was about to end.

When Aaron turned one, mother decided that she wanted to step down to spend some time with her great grandchildren

She would appoint a consul. There was no doubt in my mind of whom she would appoint. It would be Philippus.

I knew that Sarah would soon be queen but it would bring in serious questions if Sarah were to become queen at this point. It would bring in too many questions as to her lineage We could not afford it at this point in time. So, I suggested that Sarah would go and live on Themyscira for several years and then be appointed to the senate.

My little sun and star, let me tell you about your nieces and nephews.

When your brother, and aunt had their children.

You do know that their parents were and are both meta humans. This means that they were born wit their powers because one or both of their parents have specific powers.

Balin inherited my powers and Deanna inherited her mother’s, Dinah’s powers.

Not all of their kids, inherited all of their parents powers. They all got the invulnerability. Danica and Aaron got the strength and speed. They all got and extended life span. Bonnie was born blind but she was born with the canary cry which he body adapted to be like an actual bat. This allows her to use the canary cry like sonar and radar.

Their uncle Dick trained them in how to fight.

Danica and the rest of the kids took to the training.

Danica became the next Black Canary. Brennan became the Red Hood. One day, Bonnie was in the cave learning about her grandfather. We knew that she could not see the color on the bat suits but when she was taken to the uniforms, she gravitated to the Batwoman uniform. This was the uniform that was once used by the three women to go after the Penquin, Carlton Duquesne, and Rupert Thorn because of what the three men did to the each of women.

Bonnie said that she liked the feel of the suit.

When we asked her if she knew that it was silver, she said that she understood but felt that her powers would allow her to see and feel where others were.

Aaron would become Robin.

Now I have to tell you this, at the time at which each child was taken to the cave, they were nowhere near being ready of going on patrol.

Dick and Tim were fifteen and fourteen years old, respectively, when they first went on their first patrols. Barbara was a little older, she was sixteen.

They would continue their training for the next several years. This training would include time doing monitor duty on the bat computer but that would not start until they were at least ten years of age.

Several years ago, the Joker ran against someone he should not have. This person was the new Black Mask. The Joker’s mistake cost him his life. This had happened several years after Bruce’s death.

A couple of years ago, there was started a new gang that had nothing to do with Intergang. This gang was local to Gotham. It was named after the Joker. The gangsters named it the “Jokerz.” They ride around on motorcycles. The all have different powers. The are Bonk, Dee-Dee, Chucko, Ghoul, and Woof. The one named Bonk carries a hammer in his right arm which he uses to inflict serious damage to people and objects. The female named Dee-Dee, are the identical twin granddaughters of Harley Quinn. They use an acrobatic fighting style similar to Harley’s. They appear to carry an energy whip which electrocutes a person when it hits them. They appear to be able to multiply themselves when they are hit. The one Chucko appears to a bit overweight but appearances are deceiving. He was using a bazooka as a weapon. Next cam one called Ghoul. He throws Halloween pumpkins which explode thereby throwing things like nails, glass, and other things which can bee used as weapons. He also has a spinning arm that he can extend and retract. Finally, there is Woof. He looks to have had some genetic splicing which has turned him into a hyena. He has powerful jaws, jaws which appear to be able to allow him to bite through steel, he also has razor sharp claws which can cut a person in half.

It was the day after Danica’s fifteenth birthday. Danica wanted to go shopping and she wanted me to go with her.

We were coming out of one of the more expensive stores in New Gotham, when the Jokerz showed themselves.

She wanted to lead them away from the bystanders. What she did was knock Woof of his bike and took it. She wanted me to follow her from the air.

She lead them down the interstate and out of town. She did this by crossing the interstate. By the time she finished crossing the interstate, she ended up on the road that lead to the Manor.

They caught up with her just outside of the gates to the manor. I was looking down on her and I saw that Wayne smirk. I knew what that was from the year of working with Bruce and watching Sarah while she the President. When I saw her do this, I knew that some hard hitting law was going to put forth and it was going to be something no one would expect.

When the chase stopped, she got off the bike and the fight began..

She put her hand to her ear. I heard her tell me to fly extra high. I knew what she was about to do. She was going to let loose with a Canary Cry.

I knew one thing, it would definitely take out Woof. The concussive force which threw Dee-Dee against the a giant rock which knocked her out.

After this she and I finished the rest of them off and I called Dick who was the Chief of Police and Tim who was the Sheriff of Gotham County.

We did not get Dick because he was monitoring yet another riot at new Arkham.

We did get Barbara, who was now the assistant police commissioner, and she sent some of the top officers and detectives to get the two.

Tim was on the scene and it was agreed that he would take them to Gotham County lock up, at least until Commissioner Grayson could take a look at it.

A few weeks later, after the trial date was set, I was visiting with Tim. As we were talking, we saw Harley Quinn pass us by. She was dragging Dee-Dee , the twins, out by their ears. She had retired and reformed years ago. She had gotten tired of Joker using and abusing her. I could tell by her body language and attitude, she was very disappointed with her grand daughters.

We would have to have Balin, who had recently taken the cowl up and became Batman. We would have to have someone watch Harley’s so that we would be able to keep an eye on the Dennis Twins.

We would have to have people watch them to keep eyes on them.

It was decided that the city police and county sheriff would split the days and the Bat clan would take the nights.

Tonight’s representative would be Aaron who had recently taken up the Robin costume.

The first several days went by with much incidents from the sisters.

The fifth day into the watch, Red Hood was watching them.

It was on this day that it happened.

The twins thought they were being sneaky, and they were if it was just Harley and or the police watching them. What they did not know was that they were being followed by the bat clan. They did not understand that this particular family were very well trained in the art of stealth.

They had, apparently went to one of the this version of the Jokerz hideouts.

Fifteen minutes later, the rest of the gang arrived few minutes later and they started to plan something.

From what Red Hood said that they were going to hit something in Metropolis.

We did not get Dick because he was monitoring yet another riot at new Arkham.

We did get Barbara, who was now the assistant police commissioner, and she sent some of the top officers and detectives to get the two.

Tim was on the scene and it was agreed that he would take them to Gotham County lock up, at least until Commissioner Grayson could take a look at it.

A few weeks later, after the trial date was set, I was visiting with Tim. As we were talking, we saw Harley Quinn pass us by. She was dragging Dee-Dee , the twins, out by their ears. She had retired and reformed years ago. She had gotten tired of Joker using and abusing her. I could tell by her body language and attitude, she was very disappointed with her grand daughters.

We would have to have Balin, who had recently taken the cowl up and became Batman. We would have to have someone watch Harley’s so that we would be able to keep an eye on the Dennis Twins.

We would have to have people watch them to keep eyes on them.

It was decided that the city police and county sheriff would split the days and the Bat clan would take the nights.

Tonight’s representative would be Aaron who had recently taken up the Robin costume.

The first several days went by with much incidents from the sisters.

The fifth day into the watch, Red Hood was watching them.

It was on this day that it happened.

The twins thought they were being sneaky, and they were if it was just Harley and or the police watching them. What they did not know was that they were being followed by the bat clan. They did not understand that this particular family were very well trained in the art of stealth.

They had, apparently went to one of the this version of the Jokerz hideouts.

Fifteen minutes later, the rest of the gang arrived few minutes later and they started to plan something.

From what Red Hood said that they were going to hit something in Metropolis.

called the Watchtower and asked where Clark was. Stargirl said that Clark was in the South Pacific dealing with an earthquake. I, then phoned the farm and found that Ella was there.

I told her what was happening. She said that she would meet us in Metropolis. I wanted to know where Zealot was. She said that the Titans had been requested to go Tamaran. To help with a natural disaster that had happened. I asked Ella was not with them. She said that the was covering a press conference in Smallville. It was an announcement for the upcoming Smallvillle election for a the Senatorial seat of Smallville. I did not ask why the Gazette sent her because I assumed the it was because she is from Smallville and was familiar with the person who was running for the office.

Madame Magnificent said that she would meet Batman, Black Canary, Red Hood, my sister, Troia, and I there in Metropolis.

When we arrived we had a meeting to inform Ella what the plan would be in how we would go after the Jokerz.

It appears that the gang would try to hit several banks at the same time.

They would separate into teams of two and each team would hit one bank apiece.

They would hit the Metropolis branch of the Gotham National Bank, Metropolis Savings and Loan, and the Metropolis branch of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Black Canary and I would take the Federal Reserve Bank. Madame Magnificent and Troia would go to the Savings and Loan. Batman and Red Hood would go to Gotham National Bank

I was hoping that we would be at the bank in which the Dennis Twins were, but we were having to deal with Woof and Bonk. Not to say that these two were not going to be tough but it was the fact that I felt that it would be a quick fight because it had happened before when we fought the Dennis twins.

It took us a couple of hours to put the dog and his friend down but we did.

After the fight, the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit showed up and took them into custody.

We thought that Harley would show up and take Delia and Diedre but she did not. Apparently, she was finally tired of coming to their aide.

We made our reports to the police and then to the Watchtower. I gave a copy on mine to Batman to have him to log it in at the cave and I took a copy to the farm log it into the computer there, as well.

The next day, we went back to Gotham. I, in particular, wanted to go an visit Harley and ask her why she did not come to bail out the Dennis twins.

We found out that she had finally decided that he has had enough. Whatever money she has, hadgon to defense lawyers. They were putting her into the poor house and she was tired of it.

After we left from Harley’s, we went back to the manor to have a meal and then to go back to the farm.

After we had finished, we went back to the cave to have Barbara to transport us back to Smallville.

It was then that Booster Gold came over the bat-computer.

He said, “Diana, there is trouble in Themyscira. We have sent Sam and Ella, they would like it if you and Batman would go, as well.”

Batman and I got on the pad and were transported directly to the embassy.

When we arrived there, they quickly hustled us into the room where the portal to Themyscira was.

When we arrived there, we found that the home fires were burning. Clio was the Amazon that meet us. We were hustled to the Palace where I expected to see Philippus, she was not there. Euboea was the one that was in charge. Her right hand was Sarah.

She looked up to see me and my children.

She said, “Philippus has disappeared and we think that Hades has something to do with it.”

I said, “I will need to go and get some more help.”

I went back to the embassy and radioed the watchtower to see if Rex was somewhere to be found. Deanna was there.

When he had turned eighteen, Shayera decided to send him to earth to get the necessary experience he would need to possibly succeed her as the King of Thanagar. They have a constitutional monarchy, but it has a twist. Shayera made it a point to have it written into their constitution that each king or queen would have to be elected by the people. They would not be able to just inherit the crown. Sure, they would be elected for life, but the next one would have to be elected.

I wanted to have him in on this because he carries an axe that is made of N’th metal ax. It is his version of his mother’s mace. It disrupts magic

I, also, had Balin go back and change into his Hoplyte armor because I felt like we she have as many magical weapons as possible.

Xandy, Saoirse, Rex, Balin, and I headed off toward Themyscira to find what was happening.

As I said before, Philippus was not there. She had been kidnapped. It was eerily the situation which happened with my mother.

It appears that I would have to take a task force into the underworld to see if Philippus was there.

Before I left, I radioed the league to see if we could get some help. I asked if they could send Barda, Marina, and Shebang. I would, also, leave Sam and Ella behind.

My little task force headed toward Doom’s Doorway where we could go in and I could go and find either the demon three or Hades.

We could not find the demon three so we had to go to Hades’s throne room.

When we arrived, we found that we would have to fight our way into the throne room.

After doing this, we found that Hades was having his own problems. We helped him with his problem and I asked who did all of this. He said that it was a combination of Ares and Felix Faust.

Apparently, Ares had stolen the spirt of Faust and given him a body and, with Faust’s magical help to Escape the underworld.

We would have to go back to our world because that was where they were. They were going around the world trying to get a number of powerful magical objects.

They were also working with Mordred and Morgaine Le Fey.

We would have to catch on to the trail to find where they were. Research would have to do to locate any magical artifacts that would benefit these people.

When we returned to Themyscira, we found that there was a representative of the Bana.

The representative was Hatshepsut. She said that there was another rogue Bana who was working with Ares.

The others' name was Sacmis.

When we arrived back from the underworld, I made a call to the Watchtower to ask where the Magic Man was. J’onn said that he was doing some magical research with Jason Blood. I asked where they were and J’onn said that they were currently located at Jason’s flat on the east end of London.

Then he said that Brandon’s mother would soon be coming to do monitor duty. I said that Zatanna would do just fine.

I turned to Hatshepsut if they have anything of Sacmis’s in which was we could use to track her. Hatshepsut said that we could retrieve something form Sacmis’s quarters. We would have to make a trip to Bana-Mighdall to get this piece of apparel.

It took us a little bit more then an hour to get to Bana-Mighdall. When we arrived, we were ushered into Sacmis’s quarters. I made sure that I had a pair of gloves and one of Bruce’s plastic evidence bags. I wanted to have whatever we chose to be as pure as possible. I chose a brush which I am told she had used on a day-in-day-out basis.

I put the brush in the bag and turned to leave. It was then that one of their queen’s aides stopped us.

They took us to see the queen and she told us that she would like to have a representative on our team. She wishes to have someone bring Sacmis back to stand trial. Hatshepsut volunteered. I had no problem with her so I agreed to it.

So we wet back to Themyscira to pick up the rest of the team.

We all headed back to the Watchtower where Zatanna was waiting for us. I gave her the back with the brush in it. She waived her hands and said some words. Her eyes glowed, as did the brush. I asked her if she could find Sacmis.

She said that she could track the rogue Bana.

We went to the hanger bay and entered into a Javelin. Then we blasted off.

When we landed, we were in New Orleans.

This is a place know for voodoo, vampires, and haunted houses.

We wen down some long and winding streets until we came to a plantation house.

Zatanna said that Sacmis was somewhere inside but she was also being protected by some strong magic.

We went into the plantation and we were not surprised to see all types of magical creatures were protecting Sacmis.

As we were fighting I was getting on site intelligence from Hatshepsut. I wanted to know all about Sacmis I wanted to know about her strategies. What I knew about the Bana, was that they, like the Themyscirans, they trained against each other. The reason for this is that, much like our tribe, their’s is like our tribe, it is small. Therefore, they trained against each other.

I know that Hatshepsut had, at some point, had trained against Sacmis.

It took us six hours to fight through all of the traps in all of the rooms in the plantation. When we did we found that Sacmis was sitting in a chair with its back to us. There was one last form of defense, it was magical force field.

It would take us another hour and a half to break through the force field. When we did we found that Sacmis had been murdered. It was obvious that she was of no more use to Ares and Faust.

At this point, Hades appeared and said, “Diana, I am bringing the spirit of this woman back to Hatshepsut for her to stand trial.”

When I asked him why, all he would say it that he would soon be seeing Sacmis’s spirit.

I took this to mean that the Queen of the Bana would end up executing Sacmis.

After he had left, Hatshepsut said that she would take Sacmis back but she said that wanted to see the mission through to the end.

The rest of us went on to the next place where we thought where Ares and Faust was, it was Chicago.

We would use one of Wayne Tech’s many penthouses as a base of operation. It should not have surprised me that Bruce had bought the hotel which was once the home of Al Capone. This place had secret entrances and exits. He had outfitted it with crime labs, medical facilities, and other things which he would need to be Batman.

Zatanna had requested that Jason Blood and her son Brandon join the group.

We would separate into two groups to search for Ares and Faust.

It would be Zatanna, Hatshepsut, Sam and Jason Blood. The other was Madam Magnificent, Batman, Brandon, and myself.

The mission would restart the very next day.

When we raided the plantation, we found there was a computer there. This was Ares’s first mistake. Apparently, Faust had talked Ares into using this certain computer. Balin would get on it and try to hack it to find out where, exactly, was on it.

It took Batman only five minutes to do the job which had set forward to do. Criminals are stupid and just because Faust and Ares are stealing magical artifacts which, when combined, can, and will destroy the world.

Their final stop will be in China. We will have to have J’onn along with us for he knows who to talk to and how to speak with them because he has been living with his wife in the country.

I called Zatanna and her group and told them to meet us in China.

When we arrived, Zatanna and her group were waiting for us.

J’onn took us to the house of the current leader of the country. We told her the situation and we he agreed to have the police would look at the museums in the country. We would be at the bigger museums where there were possible ancient magical weapons were on display.

We went to the China Museum of History. This was a huge place and we had to separate into groups of two.

The first group would be Zatanna and Hatshepsut. The second group of Zealot and Jason Blood. The next was Madam Magnificent and Batman, Finally, there would be Brandon Zatara., and myself.

As Brandon and I were searching, we received a message from Zealot and Jason. Ares and Faust were in their section of the museum.

There had to be a snap decision had to made. Etrigan tried to cast a spell to try to keep Ares and Faust in place, it did not work. He made the decision to jump into their portal. He knew that by doing this, he would be able to track him by the transponder in his communicator.

We radioed the Watchtower to make sure they were tracking the transponder.

One of my other daughters, Martha, who was on monitor duty said that they were on it.

Martha said that they had materialize in Berlin Germany.

We went outside the museum and found that J'onn had remote controlled the Javelin.

It was waiting for us to pile into it and get to Germany as soon as possible.

When we arrived in Berlin, I asked Martha as to the exact location of Etrigan and his com link.

She said that the Etrigan was located somewhere in the center of the city.

We started our search, while Martha guided us from the Watchtower.

As we got closer, she would say things like “You’re warm.”

When we arrived at the location, she said that we should be able to find Etrigan.

I decided to send Xandy into the room because her armor would allow her to sneak in because she could turn invisible.

I told her go in but to leave her com link on so we could hear what was going on in the building.

She went in.

For a long time, we heard nothing. Then came the first sound. This sound was tp say that they had the bracelet. And there it was.

What this means it that we had to go in and try to take the bracelet.

Xandy told me that she was going to try to get Etrigan out because it appears that he was hurt and hurt badly. I let her know this was risky but I understood that she had to do this because the way she was talking, Etrigan was in need of some serious medical attention. The last thing I heard from her com link was her request for emergency transportation.

After Martha had let us know that Xandy and Etrigan were safely away, it was time to commence the attack.

We attacked.

I knew what to expect from Ares. He would, in some way, try to use the dead to try to help him and Faust to get away.

We would have to split up. I decided to take Saoirse and Rex with us because they could fly and had their magical weapons.

I would take on Ares and the others would try to take down Faust.

By dusk we had finished the battle and Hades had taken both Ares and Faust back to the underworld. Zeus had decreed that Ares would spend ten-thousand years in the underworld and Hades received his favorite plaything, Faust, back.

It was also agreed that I would find a place to put the bracelet away.

I would allow Doctor Fate to create a pocket dimension for the bracelet.

I would pay attention to how she did this but I wanted a way for me to be able to pay special attention to it because it was my responsibility.

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