Change in Plans

When Susan walked away, she was scared. She had butterflies in her stomach not the good kind, but the bad kind. The guards were lightly touching the back of Susan to lead her to where she was going. Susan even felt uncomfortable at the slightest touch of these men. Susan felt as if she was being led to her death bed. Already five minutes from her family, she missed them. She missed Peter's over-protectiveness, Lucy's comfort, Edmund's stupid crooked smile, and Caspian's stubbornness. She smiled at how well she knew her family and jumped back into reality, when a guard pushed her harder to turn down a hallway. She stopped smiling and became horrified again when she turned.

The guards lead her into a huge garden, and the sun was out as well. She felt the sun soak into her pale body. She felt the warmth of the sun; Susan was only away from the sun for a few more hours than usual and missed it. She thought to herself "You don't know a good thing till it's gone."

Susan flinched when she felt a touch on her hip one of the reasons because she bruised it. But also it was King Demeterius who touched her hip. He whispered in her ear and said, "It's okay it's just me."

Susan pulled his hand of her and said, "It's not okay because it is you."

Demeterius smiled and said, "I just wanted a picnic on the gardens because of how much you loved them in Cair Paravel. Now sit." When he said that he pushed Susan onto the ground rather forcefully.

Susan fell to the ground feeling pain she felt another bruise forming on her back. Demeterius said, "Good you're finally listening to me for once."

Susan said, "When have I never listened to you?"

Demeterius sighed and said, "Well my love, remember when I gave you the advice to give Autumn and Caspian some space? Well obviously, you didn't and kissed Caspian on the beach. How could you betray Autumn like that?"

Susan was astonished he knew that she said, "First of all, I am not your love. Second of al,l what me and Caspian do is none of your business; and thirdly, How did you find out about all of this?"

Demeterius said with almost a hint of anger, "First of all, it's none of your business how I found out and second of all, you will be my love or will hurt you."

Demeterius slapped Susan across the face causing her to fall to the ground and said, "How dare you say you are not my love."

Susan felt tears prick the back of her eyes and held them back by biting her tongue; she did not want to seem as if she was weak. Demeterius pulled on Susan's hair to hold it up so she could look him in the eyes.

He said grimly, "Say you love me, you stupid woman."

Susan looked down, and she felt her hair being pulled tighter and looked into his eyes and said, "I do not love you..I love Caspian."

Demeterius slapped her again and said, "You lie, and I do not find it amusing."

Susan was breathing heavily and a lump and bruise were forming on her cheek. She put her hand to it and flinched at the pain going throughout her body.

Demeterius said evilly, "Tell me you love me, or I kill Queen Lucy."

Susan had tears in her eyes now and said, "You wouldn't kill her not Lucy."

Demeterius said, "Oh but I will." He snapped his fingers and called a guard over and said, "I have an execution for you to do for me."

Susan screamed, "NO! I love you. I really do love you."

Demeterius said, "I don't find it convincing enough. Seal this love you have with a kiss."

Susan said shaking her head, "Please don't make me do this."

Demeterius said "Oh the execution is for.." and Susan cut of his words with a kiss. She pulled away as soon as she could from the kiss. Demeterius smiled at her and said, "Now that's more like it my dear. It wasn't so bad now was it?"

In Susan's head, she was thinking this was the most horrible thing she ever did. Rabadash never had her kiss him, it was always him. She never thought of her kissing another man she never loved herself.

Susan lied to him answering his question, "No, it wasn't all that bad."

Demeterius pulled Susan in for a more passionate kiss, and Susan was trying to pull away but he was too strong. Susan slapped him across the face and noticed a rage on his face. It was scarier than Peter has ever looked to her. It was scarier than Susan could have imagined. She screamed loudly before he picked Susan up and through her across the garden.

One of the guards touched Demetrius's shoulder and said, "Stop. Remember what happened to your wife."

Susan was on the ground crying in pain. Demeterius moved towards her and pulled Susan into a hug. He said, "Not even a scratch can mess up your beautiful face."

Susan was feeling threatened and was restraining from the hug. Demeterius said, "You know what my love? I will have this picnic when you're feeling more up to it."

He pulled away from the hug and told one of his guards to lead Susan back to her cell. On the way back Susan was crying the entire way.

The guard said on the way back, "The King has some temper Queen Susan. I wouldn't play games with him. If any woman doesn't do as he says or tells him what to do, he loses it. Sometimes even with us men, that's we lose our jobs or even worse death."

Susan asked with tears still falling down her cheeks, "What did you mean back there remember what happened with your wife?"

The guard sighed and said, "The King and Queen were the happiest couple you ever did see. When they had Autumn things went downhill. One day the Queen was yelling at him for teaching Autumn to learn how to handle a sword, Autumn was only five at the time. He lost his temper and strangled the Queen to death."

Susan gasped and said, "That's awful."

When Susan left the cell Caspian fell to the ground and started to become frustrated and upset. Peter went over him and asked, "What's wrong Caspian?"

Caspian looked up at Peter and said "Everything's wrong, you thanked me for keeping your family safe last night. Right now it doesn't look like Susan is being very safe. I also promised her that I would never let that man ever touch her ever again."

Peter said, "It's not your fault. I should have been there for her. I mean I'm here now, and I'm her older brother. I should be there for her right now."

Lucy hugged Peter and Caspian at the same time and they both hugged her back. Lucy said, "Stop worrying about Susan and if I know her better than anyone she's tough. Tougher than you would think Susan is."

Edmund yelled from the other cell and said, "She told me she was going to be fine. But it's neither of you guys faults. If anything it's mine, I should have held on to her dress longer."

Edmund felt the twist in his stomach. Edmund said, "Peter I feel it. Susan is in trouble."

Edmund screamed at the guard, "Please help our sister she's in trouble..Please."

The guard said, "I can't help you. If I leave my post I may lose my life."

Peter yelled at Edmund "It's okay Edmund. I'm sure Susan is alright." But Peter knew better than anyone, that Susan and Edmund had this connection and are more alike than any of his siblings. Peter was just saying that to reassure himself.

Edmund said, "Peter, Lucy, Caspian something is really wrong with Susan. I can feel it." At that exact moment they heard a scream but not just any scream, it was Susan.

Lucy started crying, and Peter pulled Lucy into a hug and said, "It will be okay Lucy everything will be fine."

Caspian fell to his knees when he heard Susan scream. He felt as if he failed her. He knew Susan was hurting somewhere, and no matter what he couldn't stop it.

Edmund had feeling the worst feeling in the world. His stomach was in knots, and he was pulling on his chains so hard. Edmund only ever felt this kind of pain for Susan once before. The last time he felt it was when Rabadash was hurting her.

Peter also felt as if he was failing as a big brother. He felt as if he should have been able to do something to prevent this from happening. Susan was being hurt by some old man and being his overprotective self couldn't protect Susan. But right now he was protecting Lucy.

They were all quiet for a while until they heard footsteps approaching. All of their hearts did a flip because of the sound of footsteps. They saw Susan and their hearts dropped.

Susan saw her family and all of them looked at her with scared eyes. She felt home by just looking at families faces again. She didn't want them all to feel sad for her. Before she walked into her cell she asked the kind guard, "What is your name?"

The guard was astonished she would ask such a question and said, "Phillip, my name is Phillip."

Susan said, "Thank you for stopping the King…and before you go can you please unchain my brother?"

Phillip shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess I could, just don't tell the King."

Susan smiled and whispered, "It will be our little secret."

Phillip unchained Edmund from the wall and walked out of the cell leaving Edmund and Susan in it. Edmund looked at Susan with worried eyes and hugged Susan. Susan flinched because of the bruises on Susan's spine from Demeterius throwing her.

Edmund felt her flinch and pulled away. Susan asked, "Why did you stop? I love your hugs especially after what I've been through."

Edmund said, "Where did he hurt you Susan?"

Susan forced a smile and said, "I'm fine Ed…see?"

Edmund knew when Susan was lying and said more seriously, "Where did he hurt you Susan..other than your face." Edmund brushed his fingers along the bruised bump on Susan's cheek, and she flinched at his touch.

Susan mumbled, "All over my back and my hip."

Edmund didn't care he would be intruding Susan by pulling down her ball gown to check for the marks. Edmund told Caspian to look away, and Caspian did. Edmund pulled down her dress to look at her back and gasped at what he saw. There were black and blue spots in one area in the middle of Susan's spine.

Peter asked, "What is it, Edmund? What do you see?"

Edmund said, "She has bruises all over the spine of her back."

Peter looked down at the ground. Susan said while pulling her dress back up, "Okay Ed you can stop worrying about me. It's not that bad."

Lucy said, "Susan of course it's bad. You were being hurt against your will."

Susan said, "Stop worrying about me it makes me feel weak. Can't all of you worry about someone else?"

Peter said, "But Susan, you're the only one who we have to worry about right now. We don't want to lose you. We love you."

When Edmund started to become hopeless, she said, "I'm sorry I just don't like it when all of you worry about me. But I guess I need to understand you all love me, and if any of you were going through what I am I would be worried too."

Edmund hugged Susan being aware of her bruises and kissed her forehead. Susan looked down at Edmund's hands when they stopped hugging and said, "Edmund your hands, they're all bloody and red."

Edmund said looking down at them, "Yea it's probably from the chains. Thanks by the way, for making the guard unchain me."

Susan looked at Edmund sympathetically and said, "You're welcome, Ed."

Susan went over to the wall and asked, "Caspian are you alright?"

Caspian came over to where Susan was and said quietly so their discussion was private, "I am not okay Susan. I have to marry someone I don't love. If I don't marry her, you all will die sooner than after the wedding. Which we all die after the wedding."

Caspian started to look at the ground in grief and sorrow. Susan put her hand through the crack and took his hand. Caspian kept saying, "I'm sorry." Susan kept hushing him and put her hand on the side of his face. He held her hand with his own hand. Susan said comforting words like, "It's okay. We'll be fine."

Caspian said, "I love you, Susan, and I don't know how I can express it enough."

Susan smiled and said, "You don't need to express it. I know you love me."

Peter cleared his throat and said, "I'm glad to know you both love each other. I'm glad you two cleared that up for me."

Susan blushed, and Caspian said still looking at Susan, "Well Peter I love you too."

They all laughed and a guard yelled, "No laughing you're being too loud."

Peter reached through another hole and Susan with her free hand held Peter's. Peter smiled and said, "I'm glad you're taking this well Susan."

Lucy also put her hand in the hole Peter did to hold both Peter and Susan's hand. Edmund also came over and joined in the hand holding. This one moment the family felt peaceful and tranquil. Autumn walked in seeing the family like this and said, "Aww how cute all of you are saying your goodbyes early."

Caspian said, "We're not saying goodbye Autumn. For we are not going anywhere. This is only the beginning of our family."

Susan smiled at what Caspian had said. Autumn whispered something in a guard's ear and she said, "I'm going to have a chat with Caspian in private today."

Susan said, "No! Don't take him away." She didn't want another person to go through what she did. She thought of what they might do to Caspian.

Autumn said, "Too late sweetheart I already am."

Susan took a hold of Caspian's hand before he walked away. Caspian said, "I'll be fine." He had a reassuring smile that made Susan let go of his hand. The guard tied Caspian's hands together behind his back.

The Pevensies let go of their hands when Caspian left. Caspian walked down the hallway with Autumn next to him.

Autumn asked Caspian, "Can I trust you for us to walk privately…you know without the guard?"

Caspian nodded his head and Autumn said, You can leave me and Caspian alone." The guard said "Yes you majesty." And he left.

Autumn looked at Caspian and said, "You really love Susan don't you?"

Caspian said "Yes, but why is it any of your concern? You're going to kill her, me, and her family."

Autumn said "Yes I am, but the only reason I am going to do it is because I need to take over Narnia."

Caspian said with sarcasm in his voice, "Wow way to make me like you more. Plus another reason to hate myself for falling in love with you."

Autumn said, "Yes, I never loved you the way you loved me. There is always a place in my heart for you, but my father said he would kill me if I didn't take over Narnia."

Caspian stopped walking and said with bewilderment in his eyes, "What?"

Autumn shook her head back and forth. "I never wanted to hurt anyone, especially someone as kind and strong as you. I was ordered to marry you and kill you by my father. The Pevensies being here made it worse, because now I have to kill them too. But Caspian, I'm only telling you this because I'm scared. My father is going crazy. He killed the guards that took Susan to him in the gardens, because they touched her. He's scaring me, he really wants Susan for himself. He might just kill you and Susan's family, so he can rule Narnia with her."

Caspian was in shock as he said, "But you've been so mean since we've got here. Why are you being nice now?"

Autumn had a grim look on her face. "I have to be mean to you or my father will kill me. I act evil in front of you in the cells, because the guards watch me and will tell my father if I have shown any of you kindness. He has no mercy."

Caspian said, "But if you father kills all of us except for Susan. Couldn't she just tell people who killed her family?"

Autumn sighed deeply, "My father said to me if that happens, he would start killing innocent people in the kingdom."

Caspian asked, "Why are you telling me this now?"

Autumn closed her eyes sadly. "My father came up with this plan today after his picnic with Susan. He doesn't want me to take over Narnia anymore. He wants to take over Narnia himself."

Caspian asked trying to recollect his thoughts, "So we'll all die except for Susan?"

Autumn nodded her head. "Yes, that is my father's plan."

Caspian asked, "How long do me and my family have?"

Autumn said looking up at Caspian, "About a week. Don't tell anyone about this plan, or my father will kill you and your family sooner. I might even get the end of his sword."

Caspian nodded his head and they got to the door to where the jail cells were. Autumn said with complete sympathy and sowrrow, "I'm so sorry."

Caspian said nothing he just glared at Autumn, and they walked into the room. Autumn decided to be nicer and said, "Ok my prisoners it seems that my father is being nice, and you can all share a cell." She opened the cell Peter, Lucy, Caspian were in and put Edmund and Susan in it.

Susan went to Lucy first and hugged her little sister. She went to Peter and hugged him Peter kissed Susan's cheek and started tearing up. Susan went to Caspian last and hugged him. She felt wobbly, and the only thing holding her up was Caspian's strong arms.

Susan looked Caspian in the eyes and she noticed something wrong. Susan asked, "What's wron…" Caspian cut her off by touching his lips to hers. The kiss was very passionate it made Peter turn red.

When the two pulled away Susan asked, "As I was saying, before I was rudely interrupted. What's wrong Caspian?"

Caspian smiled and said, "Nothing I'm just glad all of us are together again." Before Susan could look at his face again he pulled her in for another bone-crushing hug. Caspian knew something was wrong. Something was terribly wrong. His family was going to die, and Susan was going to live a horrible life. He couldn't do anything about it.

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