Since the Pevensies and Caspian were all in a cell together, they felt happier. Caspian wasn't feeling so happy though. He was feeling as if he was keeping a terrible secret from his family; for which he was.

For about an hour after they were all moved to the same cell, a guard came in and gave them each a piece of bread and water. They were all hungrier than they expected and ate everything.

After they all ate, they were all spread out in the cell completely silent. Lucy and Edmund were cuddled together in a corner asleep. Peter was up against a wall trying to fight sleep. Caspian and Susan were talking amongst themselves quietly. Susan was mostly talking to Caspian about what London is like and technology. Caspian wanted to make Susan feel happy considering what would happen soon enough.

Peter came over to where Susan and Caspian were chatting. Susan smiled up at him, and Peter had no sign of emotion on his face. He sat next to Susan and looked into her eyes. Susan was confused at what he was doing.

Peter asked, "What did that horrible King do to you Susan?"

Susan said lying and not looking at her brother or Caspian, "Not really anything Peter. You don't need to worry about it. I'm fine."

Peter sighed and said, "I hate it when you lie because you're quite bad at it. Please Susan, tell me…what did he do?"

Susan sighed and looked down at Caspian's feet and said, "Well first he touched me inappropriately. Then he pushed me to the ground." Susan paused for a second and said, "He hit me rather forcefully across the face, because he told me to say I love him." Susan felt tears swell up in her eyes, and she looked up at Peter.

Peter saw the hurt in her eyes and said, "You can stop there if you want."

Susan felt two arms from different directions go behind her back to comfort her. It was both Peter and Caspian. Peter glared at Caspian until it was only Peter's hand behind her back.

Susan shook her head and said, "No. I want you both to know what really happened." Susan breathed in deeply to pick up where she left off and said, "He pulled my hair, and I said I loved Caspian not him. He hit me in the same spot as before, and that's where this came from." Susan pointed to her mark on her face, and Caspian brushed it lightly causing Susan to flinch. Peter glared at him once more.

Susan said, "To continue, he said if I don't say I love him, he would kill Lucy." Susan could feel both Caspian and Peter stiffen at her side. Susan said, "Of course I said I loved him. Then he told me to kiss him, because he didn't find my love for him convincing enough."

Peter took Susan's hand and said, "Don't tell me you kissed him Susan?" Peter saw the look in Susan's eyes that said yes, and Peter got up and started pacing back and forth with rage.

Susan said "He said if I didn't he would kill Lucy. Then of course he kissed me passionately, and I slapped him across the face. I screamed and he threw me on the ground and kicked my spine."

Caspian pulled her closer to him, and Susan flinched. She felt that Caspian's touch was going to be like Demeterius's touch toward her. Susan looked at Caspian and said, "I'm sorry. I just got that feeling, and I'm scared."

Caspian nodded and said with grief, "I understand Susan. But you have to understand I will never be anything like that King..ever."

Susan said, "I know I don't know what's wrong with me." She put her head in her hands.

Peter said looking down at the two, "Nothing's wrong with you Susan. It's that King's fault you're acting this way." Peter was furious and there was nothing he could do about it.

It became dark outside, and the moon's light came into the cell. Susan went over to Lucy and wrapped her arms around her. Susan and Lucy fell asleep together, and Caspian was in a corner, while Peter and Edmund had their own corner.

Edmund said, "Caspian do you know something we don't? Because you've been acting very distant towards us today."

Caspian said, "No. I guess I'm just so upset about what happened to Susan. I was trying to hold in my anger."

Peter chuckled and said, "Well you're holding it in better than I have."

Edmund said, "I can always tell when you're lying Caspian. I know you're holding something back. What did Autumn tell you this afternoon?"

Caspian sighed and said, "If I tell you, you all die sooner than expected."

Edmund asked being analytical, "How will anyone know you'll tell us? Peter and I will keep it a secret."

Caspian said, "I guess I could tell you, but don't say anything to Lucy or Susan. Especially Susan."

Edmund and Peter nodded their heads in agreement, and Caspian said, "The King is going to kill all of us in about a week tops. He's going to marry Susan, and say Calormen killed all of us. He'll then start a war with them. He wants to rule Narnia all himself. Autumn said that it was his plan she marry me, but now he thinks this plan is better."

Edmund and Peter both had their mouths wide open and were thinking, "Wow. We only have a week to live."

Caspian said, "If anyone knows you know this, then we all die sooner than expected. Autumn also said her father is becoming a lot scarier than before."

Peter and Edmund looked at their beautiful sisters peacefully asleep. Edmund looked at Susan thought about how horrible it would be to figure out your family was dead, and you would be forced to marry a monster. Peter felt like the worst big brother in the world. He was supposed to watch over his family and they were all slipping away from him.

Caspian said with a furrowed brow, "I'm sorry. I didn't want to tell you. I just wanted all of you to be happy while we were here."

Peter said, "Well I guess better now, than when he actually killed us right?"

Caspian said, "I guess. I'm just so upset, because it's mainly my fault for letting those two into my life. Now they both ended up in your lives."

Edmund went over to Caspian and comforted him. Edmund was surprised when Caspian pulled him into a hug, and Caspian said, "I'm sorry."

Edmund patted his back and said, "Caspian you're crushing me."

Caspian pulled away and said, "Sorry."

Edmund smiled and said, "It's fine. I just wasn't expecting that."

Susan groaned and woke up and saw all of the bays awake and said, "What did I miss?"

Caspian said looking at her, "Not a lot. You should go back to sleep. Tomorrow might be a big day for you."

Susan said, "On this hard floor? I don't think it's possible to sleep on it for a few hours."

Peter said with open arms, "Well you do have a willing brother you can lean on."

Susan looked at her little sister. Lucy was lying on Susan's lap fast asleep. "That's okay. I think I'm already a bed for Lucy."

They all laughed, and Susan moaned in pain. All of the boys looked at her worriedly and she smiled and said, "I'm okay."

Edmund rolled his eyes and said, "Of course you're not okay. What's wrong?"

Susan said with a deep sigh, "It's just my bruises on my spine…they kind of hurt."

Peter asked, "Do they kind of hurt or are you just saying that because you don't want us to worry?"

Susan said, "The bruises do really hurt. But I can handle it. Don't worry about me"

Caspian studied Susan's ivory face. "Is that why you can't sleep any longer?"

Susan said, "Mostly the reason but the floor is pretty hard."

Peter said with a light yawn, "Well it will be daytime soon. I can see the sun rising in the window."

Susan could see better with the sun out and looked at Peter and said, "Well Peter I can see those bags underneath your eyes. Get some sleep."
Peter said "Not until I know for sure any of us are safe."

Susan asked "What do you mean? We all look pretty safe right now."

Peter looked at Caspian and frowned a little bit. Susan saw Peter do that and said asked cautiously, "What are you boys hiding from me?"

Caspian smiled at her and said, "Nothing. Well you know the wedding is coming up, and we're all pretty upset about that."

Susan looked at Caspian and said, "That's not true you are hiding something from me." She looked at Edmund and asked, "Ed are you sure you're not hiding anything from me?"

Edmund shook his head and questioned her, "Would I ever lie to you Susan?"

Susan said looking at the ground uneasily, "No. but I feel that bad feeling in my stomach again."

Edmund felt the feeling in his stomach as well but it was the feeling for Susan. There were footsteps, and boys went in front of Susan protectively. Edmund looked at Peter and whispered, "I have the feeling again."

Peter said, "Well this time we won't let them get to Susan. We won't let those people hurt her."

A guard came in and said, "The King would like to see Queen Susan again."

Caspian said, "You won't take her this time…not if I have anything to do with it."

The guard came in and Caspian, Peter, and Edmund stood in front of Susan. Susan woke Lucy up and told her to go into the corner. Lucy did as Susan said and went to the corner.

The guard yelled, "Move out of my way!" Peter punched the guard in the face and the guard fumbled back. Susan got out of the fight and went to the corner with Lucy and comforted her. The guard called for help and two other big men came in. One of them went towards the corner where Susan was and Caspian kicked him in the stomach, which made the guard fall to the ground. Edmund took on the other guard and punched him in the face which made the guard break his nose.

In the mist of the fighting, Susan noticed the jail door wide open. Susan took Lucy's hand and pulled her to the door. They made it out of the jail cell. Susan took the keys on the hanger outside of the cell and yelled, "Guys! I would hurry up this fight."

They all looked at Susan and smiled. Caspian kicked the guard he was fighting into the wall, Peter knocked out the guard he was fighting, and Edmund pushed his guard into the same wall as Caspian did his. All three of them ran out and closed the door. Susan locked the door before the two guards could run out. When she locked the door, she threw the keys as far away from the door as possible. They all looked at each other and laughed, they couldn't believe it they were out.

They all ran out of the cell not knowing where they were going. Susan said, "I saw a door I think was the way out earlier, follow me." Susan was still holding on to Lucy's hand when she was running. Lucy tripped on her dress and Susan stopped. Peter picked Lucy up into his arms and they started running again.

Susan saw the big doors and said, "There they are. I think those are the doors."

Caspian said, "Well we have no time to lose."

He opened the doors and it was outside; the sun. The sun blinded their eyes and when they got their eyesight back, they saw who was standing right in front of them; King Demeterius. Not only were they so close to freedom but they were caught.

The King smiled with his arms crossed and said, "Where do you think you all are going in such a rush? I was just getting ready for another picnic with Queen Susan. But I didn't know she would be this eager to find me."

Caspian pulled Susan behind him and asked, "Why would she be eager to see you? You hurt her emotionally and physically."

Demeterius said, "Well she did say she loved me and kissed me herself. Are you jealous King Caspian that this beautiful woman loves me more than you?"

Caspian scoffed. "Jealous? Why would I be jealous? The only reason she said she loved you is because you threatened to kill Lucy."

Demeterius said, "Well isn't that so? I think I shall talk to Susan about this on our picnic and the rest of you can go back to your cell." About thirty guards appeared behind King Demeterius when he said that.

Caspian said angrily, "Over my dead body you'll take Susan."

King Demeterius smiled evilly and said, "That can be arranged."

A guard came and hit Caspian with the back of his sword and knocked Caspian out. Susan screamed, "No! Caspian!"

The other guards came and knocked Peter and Edmund out as well. They didn't find Lucy a threat and just tied the back of her hands together. Lucy was crying, and Susan saw Lucy crying. She hated whenever Lucy cried, because Lucy didn't deserve to ever cry.

Another guard picked Susan up over his shoulder, and Susan was screaming the names of her family and kicking. Susan didn't want to go back with Demeterius, who knows what he would do this time? Susan was scared for her life and her family's.

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