Caspian woke up to see a whole new different surrounding. There was no window and he could see he was in a different cell. He got up to walk but he couldn't move; his hands and feet were chained to the cell wall. He noticed a motionless Peter and Edmund chained up to the cell wall as well. Lucy was not chained up as the rest and was sitting next to Edmund, who was passed out.

Lucy had tears down her face and you could tell she was crying for a while. She had red lines coming from her eyes onto her cheeks. She whipped her head around to see Caspian awake. She smiled, and her smile dropped remembering her reality.

She sat next to Caspian and said, "Peter and Ed haven't woken up yet. They're breathing though so that's good."

Caspian nodded his head and looked at his shoes. He looked like he was somewhere else by how he staring at his shoes. Lucy put a finger under his chin and pulled his face up to look at her and said, "We're going to be okay Caspian…..right?"

Caspian said, "I really don't know Lucy." And he put his head on his knees.

Lucy knew that her family had lost all hope. But Lucy didn't lose any hope; she felt like her family could do it. She knew they would be alright and get out of there alive. She was just worried about Susan somewhere in the castle with Demeterius. But Lucy knew Susan, and Susan was strong and will pull through.

Caspian was thinking the same thing; Susan was up there in the castle with some monster. It was all his fault. He thought that Susan was getting hurt and there was absolutely nothing he could do. The only thing keeping him sane was Lucy sitting next to him.

Lucy looked and saw hurt in his eyes, and she said, "Now let me see where they hit the back of your head."

Lucy dug through Caspian's thick black hair and saw a bruise and dried blood. Some of the blood was dried in his hair. When Lucy touched near the bruise Caspian winced in pain.

Lucy pulled away and said, "Sorry."

Caspian shook his head and said, "It's fine. Susan has all of those bruises on her back. I wonder how she feels."

Lucy sighed angrily, "Stop….Stop making yourself feel bad. Susan is strong, and she can deal with it. I'm worried about her too, but she is strong."

Caspian looked down at the ground. "I know she's strong but.."

Lucy cut him off by saying, "Don't make yourself feel worse."

They heard a shriek and they both cringed. Lucy said, "Ok now I'm really worried." Lucy hugged Caspian's waist and dug her face into his chest. He felt tears seep into his shirt as he was hushing Lucy.

Caspian felt some of his own tears when they heard another scream. They both knew it was Susan. They both noticed Edmund wake up, and his head fall back down when he did.

Edmund said "Blimey my stomach and my head. I'm really dizzy." Edmund was not awoken by the screams but by his stomach. His stomach was really queasy, and when he did wake up, his head hurt. He knew it was from Susan. He remembered Susan being taken away by Demeterius. He got up to walk just like Caspian did but he could move.

Edmund asked Lucy, "What happened? Where are we? Where's Susan?"

Lucy sighed and said, "Well three guards carried you, Peter, and Caspian. Another tied my hands behind my back and walked me. A guard picked up Susan, and she was screaming all of our names. She was so upset. They put us all in here, chained all of you guys up, untied my hands, and threw me in."

Caspian said shaking his head, "I don't know what to do. Susan is being hurt and there's nothing I can do." Caspian felt tears come out of his eyes but stopped them right away. Lucy came over and whipped away the tears that fell.

The three of them heard footsteps and hoped it was Susan. It was Susan, and they were shocked to what they saw.

Susan was being carried to the gardens where the roses were and there was a picnic cloth on the ground with a basket. She was set down, and she got up to run but noticed the gardens surrounded by guards. Susan felt tears boil in the back of her eyes. She wanted her family. She wanted to at least know they were okay.

She heard a voice behind her and it said, "Are you finally ready for our picnic?" Susan shivered at the sound of his voice. She nodded her head slowly and he smiled and said "Good."

Susan sat on the cloth set on the ground and loved the feel of the grass; it was soft. It was so much better than the stone floor. She closed her eyes and smelled the roses and jumped back into reality. This beautiful place was where Susan would have horrible memories.

Demeterius said, "It's a beautiful day, just like you."

Susan rolled her eyes and mumbled, "Like I haven't heard that one before."

Demeterius asked looking at her, "What was that, Queen Susan? What did you say?"

Susan looked at him and said, "I said yes it is a beautiful day."

Demeterius said somewhat angrily, "That's what I thought you said; because if you are being sarcastic with me, you will regret the day."

Susan nodded her head slowly and said, "What's in that picnic basket…. I'm starving."

Demeterius said with a smile, "You'll find out, but first a kiss from a beautiful lady."

Susan leaned in a kissed him. She pulled away very quickly, and he opened the basket. There were fruits, bread, cheeses, and deli meats. Susan was excited to see food again. She was starving and thirsty. She drank a glass of wine and stuck apples and bread in her dress for her family when Demeterius wasn't looking.

He asked, "What do you say about ruling Narnia and Archenland with me? Maybe someday even Calormen."

Susan said looking at the food placed before her, "No. I wouldn't want to rule with you."

The King got up in Susan's face with fire in his eyes. "What? You would rather waste your time with the Telemarine prince and those other ones?" He put his hand around her neck put didn't squeeze.

Susan said correcting him, "I would waste my time with the Telemarine King of Narnia. And those other people I recall, they are the Kings and Queen of old and are my family."

Demeterius threw her head to the ground, and Susan started breathing heavily. He pulled Susan up and kissed her. Susan was pushing up against his chest, which made him hold her closer. Susan started punching his chest, and he laughed at the attempt. He pulled away, and Susan ran into one of the guards.

She looked into his eyes and pleaded, "Please help me. Are you just going to watch him hurt me?"

Demeterius chuckled darkly and asked, "Are you trying to run away? I don't like games Queen Susan."

Susan looked at the guard with frightened eyes and begged, "Please." She had tears in her eyes when Demeterius grabbed her arm and pulled her back to where they were.

Demeterius said looking into her eyes, "You know I don't like games."

Susan said, "I wasn't playing any games. I swear. I just want to go back home."

Demeterius chuckled and said, "To me that's a game. It's called hide and seek. You run and hide from me in your home, and I have to come find you and take you back. People that play games with me are punished." He pulled out a small knife and looked at it.

Susan had tears coming down her eyes and said as calm as she could, "I wasn't playing any games. I just needed to stretch my legs."

Demeterius swung his arm to hit her. Susan screamed and his knife went across her arm and cut it. Susan fell on the ground and Demeterius said, "That is your punishment. Would you like to finish this picnic?"

Susan's arm was gushing blood. She ripped the bottom of her ball dress and tied it to her arm. She nodded her head and he smiled as he said, "Good and no more games."

Susan was in so much pain emotionally and physically. If any other man touched her, she would flinch. The rest of the picnic, Demeterius would talk, and Susan would nod or shake her head not saying a word. He would slap her to get her to talk and then kiss her to say sorry.

When Demeterius decided the picnic was over, he had two other guards take her to her new cell where her family was. She came in, and Edmund, Lucy, and Caspian stared at her with worried eyes.

Susan went to the corner of the cell where no one was. Caspian asked, "Susan? Are you ok?" Susan didn't answer she just sat and stared at the ground. She couldn't take this as a reality.

Edmund yelled, "Su! Look at us! Tell us what is wrong."

Susan looked at Edmund and said, "I'm sorry. I just can't take being here anymore. I am being treated so horribly, and I never thought after Rabadash…I…I just can't believe Narnia is like this."

Edmund felt horrible for his sister. No one should endure pain like this. "Susan we all feel the same, just let out your feelings or your life here will be even worse. Those emotions trapped inside you have to come out."

Susan knew what Edmund said was true and started crying. She went over to Edmund, and Edmund comforted her. She wrapped her arms around his waist and cried onto his shoulder. She cried for about a half hour.

Susan looked up after she was done and said, "I feel a lot better."

Edmund said wiping a few tears away, "See? I knew what was wrong. You just have to let it all out."

Caspian asked looking at her with worry, "What did he do to you Susan?"

Susan said sniffling, "You know about the same as last time but…Oh I brought all of you food." Susan reached into her dress and pulled out five apples and eight slices of bread.

Lucy said to try and joke, "How much Susan can fit in her dress is a mystery."

Caspian looked at her. He studied her. "I don't believe you Susan….Why is your arm wrapped and your dress ripped at the bottom?"

Susan said handing him an apple, "Just eat Caspian that's all you need."

Lucy went over to Susan and untied the wrap of her dress. When Lucy unwrapped it she gasped. Caspian's eyes went from sympathetic to rage in a few seconds, and Edmund turned pale.

Susan saw their faces and said, "Stop gawking at it..I know it's horrible."

Caspian said with anger, "That's worse than horrible, Susan. That's appalling."

Susan grasped the piece of her dress out of Lucy's hands and tied it over her wound again. She groaned in pain when she tied it.

Susan asked looking at her older brother, "Why isn't Peter awake?"

Lucy said shrugging her shoulders, "We dunno we think the guards hit him harder than the other two."

Susan went over to where Peter was and picked up his head. She saw a gash on the top and dried blood covering it. She sighed and said, "This is all my fault."

Caspian asked, "How is it your fault? If anything it's my fault."

Edmund said, "Shut it you two, it's none of our faults. It's Autumn and King Demetrius's fault for us being here."

About an hour later, Susan put Peter's head on her lap and played with his hair. Lucy laid her head on Edmund's shoulder and drifted off into sleep. Caspian was wide awake leaning up against the wall in rage.

Susan looked over at Caspian. She noticed how guilty he looked. She knew everything he was thinking about himself was false. Susan said softly, "You know you did help us escape."

Caspian said, "Yes, no thanks to me I opened the door with thirty guards behind it."

Susan added a joke, "And what's behind door number one?" She laughed and heard Edmund laugh. Caspian didn't laugh not getting the joke. Susan said with a small grin, "It's an England thing."

Susan said shaking her head, "No, but really, you helped stop a guard from getting to me. You helped us escape. Anyway, if you didn't open that door I'm sure someone else would have opened it."

Caspian said looking at her with a sad smile, "You know, Susan. You really know how to make me feel better. Autumn always thought kissing was the only way to make me feel better."

Susan said, "Well I'm glad I make you feel that way." She looked down at her unconscious brother on her lap and said, "I'm really worried about Peter….Shouldn't he be up by now?"

Caspian said trying to make her feel better, "I think so, but don't worry. Peter is strong, and he'll probably be awake by tomorrow or tonight."

Susan said looking down at Peter, "I hope so."

About a few hours later, a guard came by and dropped of some water and bread. Susan didn't eat anything and shared her share with her family. Susan threw her glass of water on Peter's face to see if it worked. A few seconds later, Susan saw Peter's eyes flutter open.

Peter got up really fast and asked, "How long have I been asleep? Susan are you okay? Where are we? Why does my head hurt so bad?"

After that his head fell back on Susan's lap, and Susan chuckled saying, "Oh we've missed you our over-protective brother."

Peter said looking around crazily,"Can you just answer my questions please?"

Susan said, "Well you've been asleep for almost a day. I am okay, but I have a scratch on my arm. We are in a new cell and don't even try getting up because you're chained to the wall. And your head hurts because someone hit you on the head very hard to knock you out."

Caspian growled and said, "It's more than a scratch Susan. That could leave a scar."

Peter said trying to sit up, "Susan let me see it."

Susan said, "You know Peter there is some bread and water for you wouldn't yo…"

Peter cut her off and said, "Susan show me now."

Susan sighed giving up. "Fine." She unwrapped her dress and showed Peter. Peter gasped and had full on rage in his eyes.

Susan said, "Okay eat now." She gestured to the food before him.

Peter said shaking his head, "Not after seeing that. I'm going to kill that King."

Susan said, "Okay, but before you do that eat."

Peter said, "Fine." He got his bead and water and started eating. Susan tied her arm with another piece of dress because the old one was dirty and had old blood on it.

Susan asked, "So when is the wedding for you, Caspian?"

Peter chocked on his water and started coughing. Caspian said looking anywhere but Susan, "Soon."

Susan looked at Caspian while crossing her arms, "Why do you say soon like you're lying to me?"

Caspian shrugged his shoulders and said, "I dunno maybe you're hearing things."

Lucy chimed in, "You know Caspian, she wasn't the only one who heard it that way. What are you hiding from us?"

Caspian sighed and said, "I can't tell you, or he'll kill us."

Susan asked, "How would he know if we knew?"

Caspian caved in. He knew everyone would know about it sooner or later. "The wedding for me and Autumn is off. You and King Demeterius are getting married in a week, and he's going to kill us all except for you Susan."

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