New Boy

Susan looked at Caspian then Peter, Edmund, and Lucy. Lucy looked as if she was going to faint. Peter looked like he was going to kill something. Edmund looked down at the ground ashamed. Susan grew very pale and felt a bit faint. She would not let this man kill or even hurt her family.

Susan said faintly, "I…I won't let him."

Caspian said as if he had already tried, "There's no use. He will kill us. I wish I could do something about this."

Susan said louder, "NO! I won't let him kill any of you. You are my family."

Peter said angrily, "That doesn't matter Susan. If you try to confront Demeterius about this, he will kill all of us sooner."

Susan asked between her teeth, "Did you know about this too Peter?"

Peter looked everywhere except in Susan's direction. He felt his face turn a bright red. Susan looked at him and said, "Peter look at me."

Peter looked at his sister and said guiltily, "Yes…both me and Ed knew what was going on."

Susan was mad that her brothers kept a secret this big from her. She looked at Edmund and said, "Ed…you never lie to me. Ever. You tell me everything."

Edmund said looking at the ground, "I know. I just didn't want you to worry."

Susan went to a side of the cell where no one could touch her. She curled into a ball and said, "So all of you think it wouldn't have been worse one day to wake up and someone tell me all of you were dead, and I had to marry that King?"

Susan put her head on her knees and started to silently cry to herself. The whole room was silent. It was until they heard footsteps coming their way. Susan looked up and saw that Caspian was staring at her and the rest of her family was staring at the door.

Caspian looked at Susan with careful eyes. He wanted to comfort her so badly, but he couldn't move. Susan saw the look in his eyes and went over to him. Susan sat down next him. She wrapped her arms around him and leaned against him. He rested his chin on her head.

Susan was always so comfortable with Caspian up against her. But after Demeterius, she felt like pulling away after touching him. She still loved the way Caspian made her feel protected though. She was upset by the way she was feeling. She loved Caspian. She shouldn't be afraid to hug him. But she remembered the way Caspian made her feel and started to enjoy the embrace; she never wanted it to end. Caspian loved the smell of Susan, and she smelled mostly of roses that day.

The footsteps came closer, and Caspian made Susan get behind him. A guard came and had a young man with him. They threw the boy in their cell, and the guard said, "I hope you like your roommates boy."

The boy looked up and stiffened as he asked, "You're the Kings and Queens of old?...And King Caspian? What is everyone doing here?"

Lucy looked at the boy and noticed he was around her age. She said with a little chuckle, "It's sort of a long story."

The boy said, "All of Narnia has been searching for all of you. Narnia has suspected Calormen has taken all of you. I think Narnia is declaring war against them soon."

Caspian said angrily, "I wish I was there to tell them to not declare war. Now everything is going to be horrible for the Narnians."

Susan then sat beside Caspian leaning against him. Susan asked the boy, "What is your name?"

The boy said, "My name is Frederick. Your name is Queen Susan the Gentle, right?" Susan nodded her head gently and asked, "Do you know all of our names?"

Frederick said while pointing to Peter, "Well you're easy. You're King Peter the Magnificent. You went against the White Witch in battle." He pointed at Edmund and continued, "You're King Edmund the Just. You went against your family and ended up almost becoming stone."

Edmund looked at the ground and kicked at the dirt. "That really makes me look like a bad guy."

Frederick pointed at Lucy and said, "You're Queen Lucy the Valiant. You were the first human to step into Narnia."

Lucy blushed. She didn't know why. She was just glad someone other than her family knew her, "You know a lot about Narnia's history. Where are you from?"

Frederick said, "I'm from Archenland. I was put into this cell for not bowing to King Demeterius while he was riding his horse through the streets."

Edmund asked, "How long are you here for?"

Frederick sighed and said, "Only a week. Then I am to be executed." He glanced at Susan and noticed how beat up she was. Her gash on her cheek was worse from Demeterius slapping it multiple times. She had the dress on her arm that was red in the line the way it was cut. She had some bruises on her arms. She also had a big bruise on her other cheek.

Frederick looked at Susan for a little longer than he wanted to and noticed Susan looked uncomfortable. He asked, "Queen Susan? Are you alright?"

Susan started to say, "I'm fin.."

Caspian cut her off saying loudly, "No! She is not alright. She is worse than alright. In fact she has to marry someone who she doesn't love and abuses her. Also her family won't ever be here to support her."

Frederick's eyes were wide and asked, "Are you marrying King Demeterius? Archenland has been saying he was marrying someone in a week."

No one said anything. All of the boys were too angry to say anything. Susan was so upset. She thought if she said anything, she would break down in tears. Lucy was still processing through her mind that she might be dying in a week. Lucy still had hope that her family would get out of this somehow.

Lucy looked at Frederick and said, "Yes. She is supposed to marry him, but I won't let that happen."

Edmund said with a lump in his throat, "None of us would let this happen, Lu, but there's nothing we can do."

Susan barely ever saw Peter, Edmund, or Caspian cry. Since they've been there she saw Caspian cry for the first time. She felt horrible hearing the lump in Edmund's throat like he was going to cry.

Susan said, "All we can do now Ed is spend the most time together as possible. Never take a living moment for granted ever again."

Lucy looked at Susan confused and asked, "Does anyone have any hope anymore? Is it just me?"

Peter said shaking his head, "Lucy…Of course we all hope we are going to get out of this. But how will we get out of here is the real question."

Susan rested her head against Caspian's shoulder. She noticed Peter staring at her, and she asked, "Peter you know I love you right?"

Peter said with a small smile, "Of course, and I love you too."

Susan said, "Well I just wanted you to know. Because since I love you. I won't do anything stupid with Caspian."

Caspian stiffened at Susan's side, Edmund chuckled where he was, and Peter turned a bright red. Peter asked, "Why would you say something like that?"

Susan said, "Because you were staring at us like something was going to happen."

Lucy was somewhat interested in Frederick. She wanted to know more about him. Like why he didn't bow before his King? She wanted to learn about him mostly because he was to be executed in a week and wanted to know him before he died.

Lucy went over to him after Susan's talk with Peter and asked, "So how are you?"

Frederick said looking at Lucy, "I'm okay…Is your family always like this?"

Lucy chuckled and said, "Our family is interesting. Normally we joke around to keep us entertained. I guess we even joke around at the worst of times."

Frederick said with a shy smile, "At least you all are keeping each other happy in a horrible time like this." He paused for a moment and said, "How are you coping with all of this?"

Lucy sighed and started to play with her hands. "Well we've all been here for about a couple of weeks now. It feels like years. I haven't really gotten the idea of losing my family, because I guess I don't think it would ever happen really. I mean Peter has always protected us, and Susan was always there for me. Ed was always protective of me too. It's just hard to think the ones you love might not be there anymore." Lucy looked down and felt a lump in her throat and felt a tear slide down her face.

Frederick said touching her hands, "Queen Lucy, don't worry. I'm sure your family will get out of here somehow. You destroyed a witch to get your brother back."

Lucy smiled and said, "I guess so. And I'm just Lucy."

Peter saw Lucy's tear and said, "Lucy come here." Lucy went over to where Peter was chained up. Peter wiped the tear from Lucy's face and asked, "What's the matter Lu?"

Lucy hugged Peter and said, "Everything." Peter was shocked by Lucy's answer. Lucy was always so positive. He felt tears go into his shirt and knew Lucy lost hope.

While Susan was resting her head against Caspian's shoulder, she felt her eyelids get heavier. Caspian whispered, "Are you comfortable, my Queen?"

Susan said tiredly, "It isn't the softest bed in the world."

Caspian said looking at her face, "I'm sorry Susan."

Susan took her head off of his shoulder and looked into his eyes and said, "Stop apologizing. I know you want everything to be the best for me, but this is life, nothing is perfect. Just enjoy your time with me now, because it might be the last time you'll have with me."

Caspian said looking at her tired blue eyes, "I guess you're right, Susan. I just think I'm the reason for everything all the time. I'm the King."

Susan looked at him sympathetically and grabbed his hands. "Stop blaming yourself. Sometimes it might be you fault, but right now it's not."

Caspian kissed Susan's forehead and Susan flinched. Caspian said "I'm sorry are you hurt?"

Susan said, "No it's okay I'm just not used to a kiss that really means love."

Caspian clenched his jaw and said, "It's all that Kings fault. He's not just hurt you physically but also emotionally."

Susan looked into Caspian's eyes and said, "I'll get over it. I need to spend time with you."

Caspian smiled, and Susan leaned in to kiss him. His lips were warm and dry and were compassionate nothing like Demetrius's. To Caspian, Susan's lips were soothing to him. They calmed his rage. During the kiss, Caspian felt as if he was in heaven. Susan's lips felt upset and he stopped.

Susan gave him a confused look and asked, "Why did you stop?"

Caspian asked, "Didn't you feel uncomfortable?"

Susan shook her head smiling. "No. It actually pulled me away from reality."

Caspian raised one of his eyebrows and said, "At the end you felt tense like something was bothering you."

Susan said, "Well, we were getting a little intense and it reminded me of Demeterius. But I didn't want you to stop." Susan mumbled to herself, "Why do I have to be this way?"

Caspian put his hand to her face, and it made the chain rattle. She felt tears come down her face and Caspian said, "Please stop crying. I won't do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable."

Susan said trying to pull herself together, "I know..It's..It's just Demeterius is going to marry me, and he doesn't love me like you do. You don't love me for my outward beauty. That's all he cares about, and who knows what he'll do to me after the wedding."

She felt Caspian cringe at her last words and said, "Have hope like Lucy said. Keep thinking he will never marry you."

Susan nodded her head and put it into Caspian's chest. He wrapped his chained arms around her, and she put her hands on her face while she cried into Caspian's chest. Caspian hearing Susan's sobs made him want to cry as well. Even though he told Susan to have hope, he barely had any left.

Susan fell asleep after she cried. Caspian felt her sobs turn into heavy breathing. He didn't let go of her. He never wanted to let go of Susan ever again.

Frederick felt so out of place in this cell. He felt as if everyone knew each other so well. He felt as if anyone was upset they could go talk to anyone in there with them except for him. He just sat in the corner where no one was and watched everything. He watched Susan and Caspian's kiss and talk. He watched Lucy and Peter talk, and Lucy fall asleep on Peter. He noticed Edmund doing the same just watching like him.

Edmund isn't much of a talker he's more of a listener. He's kind of awkward when he has to keep a conversation going. He noticed the only people awake were himself and all of the boys. He noticed Peter staring at Caspian holding Susan. He noticed Caspian looking down at Susan. He also noticed Fredrick looking in different directions like himself.

Edmund asked Frederick, "So how did you really get here Frederick? Tell us the whole story of why." Peter looked over to where Fredrick was and so did Caspian.

Fredrick sighed and said, "Well what I said was somewhat true. But first I was working, I was selling vegetables my mother and father grow. The King came into town to see the tailor for a fancy new suit for his wedding I guess. He ran into a woman on the way there. She was a rather young woman around Susan's age. She was rather beautiful to him, and he didn't like it. He went to the girl and said that she was as pretty as Queen Susan. She blushed and said thank you and bowed to him. He then said it wasn't a complement and said no woman is to be prettier than my wife. He told a guard he wanted her executed. I went up to the King and said that he had no right to execute this young woman. He told me to bow and I said not to a King that rules like this. He let the young woman go and threw me into the carriage they put their prisoners."

Caspian was so angry. He asked quietly because of the sleeping Susan in his arms, "Is he killing the women he thinks are prettier than Susan?" Caspian wondered how the King even thought someone was prettier than Susan. He looked down at her in his arms. In Caspian's eyes, no one was prettier than Susan.

Frederick answered him saying, "I have no idea. I sure hope not."

Peter then said, "Maybe he put you in a cell to make room for the women."

Caspian asked, "How could he think someone is prettier than Susan? It shows you how much he loves her."

Edmund rolled his eyes and said, "He supposedly loves Susan because she is so beautiful."

Peter said, "In my power, I will not let Susan marry that monster, while I am still alive. He will never get away with this."

Caspian felt Susan move in his arms and wonder how he found himself a beautiful girl like this. He wondered how lucky he was to have her. How lucky he was that she actually loved him back. But how unlucky he was that he might have to actually let her go. He agreed with Peter no matter what he would never let Susan marry a monster; not while he was still alive.

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