Lucy woke up that morning to Caspian yelling, "Lucy we found your cordial! Come give it to Susan!"

Lucy groaned into her pillow she didn't want to wake up. She just wanted to sleep. Then she let the words Caspian spoke soak into her mind. She realized the sooner she got up, the sooner Susan could walk. She got dressed and pulled her hair into a side braid. She looked in the mirror and thought about Frederick.

Lucy ran down the hallways and ran into Frederick. Frederick smiled and asked, "Where are you going in such a hurry?"

Lucy had huge excitement on her face and said, "Susan won't be in pain anymore." Lucy grabbed his hand and dragged him to the healing room where Lucy's cordial was sitting on the bed. She picked up the cordial and said "Exactly as I left it."

She heard footsteps, and it was Caspian carrying Susan in his arms. They both had big grins on their faces. Not far behind them, the Professor came in and so did Edmund and Peter.

The Professor lifted up Susan's shirt to expose her stomach. He removed the bandage to show off her stitched skin. It was red and looked painful. The Professor removed the stiches and her gash opened up to the size it was before. Susan was about to pull down her shirt but Lucy stopped her.

Susan gave Lucy a confused look and Lucy said, "I want to show Frederick how it works." Susan smiled and pulled her shirt back up. Lucy blushed and put a drop of the liquid on Susan's tongue. In a few seconds, the cut on Susan's stomach started to fade away. It left a scar which made Caspian angry.

Frederick's face was shocked, astonished, and amazed at the same time. Lucy laughed at his face and said, "What? You should be getting used to it soon."

Frederick said shaking his head in bewilderment, "Wow. I've never seen anything like this in my life." Lucy smiled at him and looked into his dark green eyes.

When Susan had the drop placed on her tongue, she felt the pain in her leg numb then completely go away. Her stomach felt the same way. Her leg was still tingling though. She got out of the bed and wobbled. She lost her balance and fell into Edmund.

Edmund caught Susan in his arms and asked "Whoa are you sure you don't want to sit back down?"

Susan shook her head and started to walk again. "No I want to go to the beach."

Edmund rolled his eyes and said, "Alright if you think you're fine."

Edmund, Lucy, and Frederick went to breakfast. Frederick asked, "So how does that stuff do that…heal people?"

Lucy smiled and said, "I don't know Father Christmas gave me my healing cordial and said one drop can cure any injury."

Frederick's mouth dropped and said, "Father Christmas? He's just a fairytale."

Edmund smiled and said gesturing to Lucy, "He gave us all of our weapons."

Frederick looked back at Lucy and asked, "Is Aslan real?"

Lucy gave him a surprised look and said, "Of course he's real. Why doesn't anyone believe in him anymore?"

Frederick said thinking about his life in Archenland. "We aren't allowed to believe in any Narnian fairytales or else we would be put into the dungeon."

Lucy shook her head and said, "Well you're in Narnia now, and you can think and believe in anything you want."

Frederick said, "Thanks Lucy you're a good friend." Lucy lost her smile and thought to herself "friend". She wanted to be more.

Susan got to the beach and was still in Peter's pajamas. She held Caspian's hand and her mind was thinking about how her pain just left. Susan stopped walking and Caspian looked at her not questioning but waiting for her to say something.

Susan asked, "Caspian can you teach me how to fight and use a sword?"

Caspian looked at her like he didn't see that coming he asked, "Why would you want to learn that Susan?"

Susan sighed and said fiddling with his thumb, "If Archenland declares war, I want to be strong not weak."

Caspian asked looking at his thumb, "How would I teach you?"

Susan shrugged her shoulders. "Make me fight some people in your army that you've trained."

Caspian said becoming upset, "No, I don't want to see you get hurt not again."

Susan looked him in the eye angrily and asked, "Do you think I can't do it Caspian?"

Caspian shook his head and said, "No. I think you can do it. I've seem you with a bow and arrow. I just don't want to watch you get hurt." Susan looked at Peter who was ankle deep in the ocean water picking up shells.

Susan said, "We start after lunch." and she stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek.

Caspian had a scared look on his face he didn't want to critique Susan on her fighting skills. Susan said not noticing his look, "Maybe I don't need the practice. I can still pin you to the ground."

Caspian rolled his eyes and asked, "Are you so sure Susan?"

Susan looked at the ocean and said, "Wow. The waves are so huge." She ran to the ocean water to get a better look. Caspian looked over to see where Peter was standing.

Susan noticed that Caspian wasn't watching her. Susan ran up toward him and pushed Caspian to the ground and said, "See I can pin you to the ground."

She was on top of Caspian. Her knees were above Caspian's knees in the sand. Her hands were on Caspian's shoulders, and she was smiling at Caspian looking into his big brown eyes. He was smiling back and said playfully, "Now I'll have sand in my hair for a week."

Susan laughed and said, "Aww am I getting Caspian's lovely locks messed up?"

Caspian laughed and Susan leaned into his ear and whispered, "How am I doing on the first lesson in fighting?"

Caspian pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Well you're doing a great job distracting your adversary."

Susan laughed and whispered in his ear, "Do I get bonus points for kissing my adversary?"

Caspian felt a shiver down his spine when Susan asked that. Caspian raised an eyebrow at her. "Maybe a few bonus points."

Susan leaned in and kissed him. She felt an urge to pull away but ignored it. Her hands went up from his shoulders and into his thick black hair. Caspian bit the bottom of Susan's lip which gained him access into her mouth. Caspian's arms went up Susan's back. Susan saw a flash of Demeterius in her head and pulled away immediately. Caspian looked guilty. "Sorry I didn't know I was taking it too far."

Susan shook her head and sat next him. "No it was me who took it too far Caspian." She paused for a second to get Demeterius out of her head and said, "Want to scare Peter in the water?"

Caspian stood up and reached his hand down for her to take. "Let's do it."

Susan and Caspian made no noise when they came up behind Peter who was still looking at shells. Susan jumped on Peter's back, and Peter fell into the ocean with Susan on his back. Peter glared at her and asked, "What was that for?"

Susan laughed and said, "You looked lonely out here all by yourself."

Peter nodded his head looking out into the ocean. "Yes I was quite getting lonely."

Susan was knee deep in the warm water. It felt really good on her tight legs. "So what are you looking for in this ocean?"

Peter shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know a conch shell."

Susan was ready to do something fun. Being locked in a cell knowing your death imminent makes someone love life more. It makes them enjoy the simple things. "Can I help you find one?"

Peter smiled at Susan and said, "Sure."

Susan went waist deep into the water and Caspian yelled at her, "Don't you think that's a little far?" Caspian is one of the people who see their death imminent and want to never see it again.

Susan yelled back, "I've gone further don't worry about me." The waves started to become rougher, and she laughed every time one of the waves made her fumble.

Caspian went to Peter's side and asked, "Don't you ever worry about her?" He gestured to Susan out in the water.

Peter watched his younger sister stumble around in the water. "Susan always makes it through no matter what. If anything, most of the time I'm least worried about Susan." He sighed to himself before continuing, "But Susan and you, I am worried about. If we have to leave soon, she would be heartbroken. She might become more depressed than ever." Peter and Caspian looked at Susan who was laughing and looked at both of them and smiled.

Caspian was still staring at Susan and said in a quiet voice, "I won't let any of you leave me again."

Peter looked at Caspian with concern. "You might not have a choice." Peter walked further into the water and stood next to Susan and asked "Are you having fun?"

Susan smiled brushing her wet hair back over her shoulder. "More fun than I've had in a long time."

Peter and Susan saw a big wave headed towards them and they both dove through it.

Caspian was worried, but he saw them both pop their heads up and they were laughing. He thought to himself maybe Peter was right, maybe he didn't get a choice.

He ran up to where Susan and Peter were and said, "I think I see a storm coming we should head back to the castle."

Susan and Peter both nodded their heads. Caspian gave Susan a piggy-back ride on the way back to the castle. Susan had her arms wrapped around his neck, and her head rested against the top of Caspian's head.

When they got to the gates of the castle, there was thunder, and it started to pour. Caspian set Susan down and they grabbed hands. They ran to the castle door, and they were drenched. A maid gave them towels, and it was cold inside the castle. Susan said to Caspian, "I'll meet you at the table for lunch." She kissed his cheek and ran to her room.

This would have been the first time she was in her room since the ball. She looked outside her window and there was the beach. The waves were a lot rougher than when she was out there before. They rain was pelting at her window, and she saw lightning and heard thunder.

She went to her bed and noticed it was unmade and three dresses were on the bed. The dress she was thinking about wearing and Lucy's and Autumn's. She threw them off of her bed. She went into her closet and pulled out a dress she would wear for practicing archery. She put her hair up into a bun and headed for the dining room.

She noticed she was the only one there. She saw a flash of lightning from the window, and she had a vision of Demeterius in her head. She heard the thunder rumble, and the dining room door opened. She jumped when it did. It was Edmund.

Susan looked at Edmund and said, "I'm surprised you didn't get here first Ed."

Edmund shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm sorry about not being there when you woke up."

Susan gave him a confused look and said, "Ed, you were helping those people on the beach. I'm glad you did that instead of seeing me."

Edmund walked over the cabinets and said, "There's some dried beef and apples."

Susan smiled and sighed, "I would love some of that." Her stomach grumbled right on cue and Edmund laughed.

He asked, "Is someone hungry?"

Susan smiled and held her stomach. "Extremely."

They both sat down and started eating. Eventually, Peter and Lucy walked into the dining room. Susan was surprised that Caspian wasn't down yet. Lucy looked at Susan; it was a look that said, we need to talk in private.

Susan got up from her seat, grabbed Lucy's hand, and drug her out of the room. They walked in the hallway outside of the dining room and closed the door. Susan looked at Lucy and asked, "What's wrong? What do you need to talk about?"

Lucy frowned and said, "Frederick called me a good friend, but I want to be more."

Susan rolled her eyes annoyed and said, "All boys play a stupid "hard to get" thing. Just let his feelings eventually grow for you."

Lucy looked at Susan and asked, "How do you know about this stuff?"

Susan laughed and said, "I've had a lot of experience with the male species we live with two for crying out loud."

Lucy laughed and said, "True. I remember Peter's friends always tried to be with you."

Susan rolled her eyes and said "Oh yes I remember them quite well." Susan and Lucy heard footsteps it was Caspian and Frederick walking down the hallway with each other. They were talking and Caspian saw Susan and smiled.

Susan ran to Caspian and jumped into his arms. Susan looked at his surprised face. "Dang it….I wanted to show Lucy I could pin you down."

Caspian chuckled and said, "I was prepared this time."

Lucy looked at Frederick and said, "There are dried beef and apples for lunch."

Frederick smiled back at her and said, "That sounds really good."

Caspian put Susan down and said, "I was recruiting some of my army to help you. It took a while for someone to say they would fight you."

Susan started to flex her muscles. "They're probably scared that they'll get beat by a girl." Caspian laughed and said, "Because you are so intimidating Gentle Queen."

They walked into the dining room, and Peter was staring at them. Caspian knew why but couldn't do what Peter said. Caspian and Susan sat next to each other.

After lunch, the storm was still going on. Caspian took Susan to a place where he trains his army. On the inside it looked like a huge barn with weapons and targets set up in places. Caspian gave Susan a dull sword, and he had his own.

Susan held it in her hand tightly and uncomfortably. Caspian looked at her and said, "Go ahead make a move at me."

Susan took her sword and sliced it across where Caspian's stomach was. Caspian blocked it with his sword. Susan gave him an angry look and then made her sword jab towards Caspian's stomach. Caspian blocked it again and this time made the sword fly out of Susan's hand. He was going to put the sword at Susan's heart, but Susan ducked.

She ran and picked up her sword. She then swiped it under Caspian's legs, and he jumped over it. They started hitting each other's swords together, and it made a discord. Caspian stopped taking it easy and made the sword fly out of Susan's hand again. Before she could run away to grab it, he grabbed her waist. He pulled her into him and put his sword up to her neck and said, "I win."

Susan smirked at him and said, "Not quite." She kicked him in the groin and he fell to his knees. Susan picked up her sword and put it to Caspian's neck, and she said in a mocking way, "I win."

Caspian smiled at her in pain and said, "Good job Susan. That really hurt."

Susan looked at him concerned. "What if someone actually does that to you?"

Caspian looked up at her, grateful for her concern. "I'll be protected, but that is a good move to buy you some time."

Susan put her hand out to help Caspian up. He took it, and she helped him up. He said, "Okay I was taking it a little easy on you."

Susan gave him a stubborn look and asked, "Oh really?"

Caspian said cautiously, "This time I will go full force on you."

Susan smiled and challenged, "I'm ready. Give me your best."

Caspian went at Susan's feet and Susan jumped over the swipe. Caspian sliced his sword near Susan's head, and she blocked it. He went for her stomach, and Susan had a vision of Demeterius in her head cutting open her stomach, and she screamed. Caspian stopped what he was doing immediately, and Susan started to cry. Caspian gave her a kind understanding look and asked, "Susan what's wrong? Are you okay?"

Susan looked at him and said shaking her head, "I need to get these memories and visions under control, or they're going to ruin my life."

She sat on the ground and curled herself in a ball and started crying. Caspian put an arm around her shoulders and said comforting words. Susan stopped crying, stood up, and said, "Okay I want to go again."

Caspian gave her a confused look and said, "Look maybe we should stop. We can do this tomorrow. I promise I will do this tomorrow; and tomorrow some of my army will be here to help you."

Susan gave up and said with her head down, "Okay tomorrow same time."

Caspian gave her a reassuring smile and said, "Okay." He pulled her into a hug. Susan hugged him back. She wondered how she wound up with the perfect guy.

Caspian and Susan went back to the castle. The rain stopped, but the sky still had dark clouds. Susan jumped in a puddle and got Caspian's pants wet. Susan laughed, and Caspian gave her a playful angry look.

They got back into the castle, and the Pevensies and Frederick were all standing the foyer of the castle like they were waiting for them. Susan asked, "What's wrong why is everyone just standing around?"

Edmund said, "Well we heard your screaming…is everything all right?"

Susan said, "Yes everything is fine Ed."

Caspian shook his head, rolled his eyes, and said, "You are not fine. I think you need to rest."

Susan looked at Caspian in and angry stubborn way and said looking at her family, "Don't listen to Caspian he just doesn't want me to get hurt."

Peter questioned Susan and asked, "What do you mean get hurt Susan?"

Susan blushed and said, "It's nothing just forget I said anything."

Peter looked angrily at Caspian and asked, "What does she mean by get hurt Caspian?"

Susan grabbed Caspian's elbow, tugged on it, and shook her head. Caspian sighed and said, "Susan wanted me to teach her how to fight and use a sword."

Peter turned bright red and asked Caspian, "And you let her do it?" Peter walked up closer to Caspian and got inches away from his face. Susan let go of Caspian's arm, and Peter's muscles tensed as he said, "You let her do that after all that just happened?"

Caspian said as calm as he possibly could, "I said no to her at first Peter, but she insisted that she do it so she wouldn't get hurt ever again."

Peter looked even angrier as he said pointing at his chest, "You fighting her brings back memories that hurts her Caspian."

Susan stood between the two. "Stop Peter. Caspian is trying to help me feel strong again. So stop getting angry over this."

Peter looked at Susan and asked, "Are the memories coming back?"

Susan looked at the ground and said "Well….yes."

Peter's anger went away, and he put his hands on Susan's shoulders and asked, "Then why are doing it? It's making your pain become worse emotionally."

Susan looked at Caspian, who was staring at her waiting for her answer even though he didn't ask the question. Susan looked back at Peter and said, "I…I..don't know why. I just want to feel strong and full again." Susan changed the subject. "So what were you all really standing around here for?"

Lucy sighed and said, "King Demeterius has arranged war against Narnia."

Caspian pulled his eyebrows together and asked confused, "What for? We didn't do anything wrong."

Edmund said, "It said we kidnapped two persons that belong to Archenland and the King."

Caspian looked at the pale Susan and back at Edmund. "Well obviously the one is Susan. But who else does he want?"

Everyone looked around, and they were confused. King Demeterius wanted Susan and someone else. They were going to war.

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