Frederick went back to Susan's training with a face of anger and determination. Susan noticed the look on his face and went towards him.

She had a look of confusion and asked, "What's wrong?"

Frederick sighed and mumbled angrily, "Nothing." He pulled an arrow out of the barrel holding them angrily.

Susan grabbed his arm and said, "Frederick tell me."

Frederick looked into her eyes and gave up. "That Markell thinks he runs this place. He thinks he's better than both me and you. I told him off though."

Susan laughed and questioned him, "He thinks he's better than me? I highly doubt that." Frederick smiled and said, "Well I told him you were way better than him."

Susan tousled Frederick's hair and said, "Thanks for standing up for me. Now shoot some arrows and blow Markell's mind."

Susan looked at Frederick's eyes and noticed how green they were. She flinched at the look of his eyes. His eyes were as green as Demeterius's. She had a flashback, and her lower lip trembled.

Trumpkin noticed her and asked, "Queen Susan are you all right? You look upset."

Susan nodded her head with an unsure look on her face as she said, "Yes I'm fine thanks for asking."

Trumpkin nodded his head and knew she was lying. Before Susan walked away, he grabbed her hand and said, "If those guys over there are giving you any trouble.." His head nodded in the direction in which Markell and his friends were standing and continued, "I will show them no mercy and say it was an accident."

Susan smiled and said, "Thank you but I can handle my own problems."

Trumpkin shook his head. "I saw what he did to you and Caspian at lunch, and it's not a way a person should treat their majesties."

She flushed pink and mumbled angrily, "Well I told Caspian not to kiss me publicly."

Trumpkin laughed and said, "I'm sure you did."

She walked away and went towards Markell. She asked nicely trying to keep her cool, "How's everyone doing?" No one answered. She looked at Markell. "How bout' you hot shot? Have you hit the middle of the target yet?"

Markell rolled his eyes and said, "Yes of course I did it just took me a couple of tries."

Susan had a fake smile. "Would you like to show me your stance and draw…so I could see it?"

Markell grabbed his bow and pulled back the bow-string. He stood there ready to shoot, and Susan had a crease in her forehead to see how she could critique him. "Relax your upper muscles. Also you need to pull back more you have the strength and the arrow will go further…or in this case penetrate the target more."

Markell sighed, and his upper muscles in his shoulder and back relaxed. He pulled back more as Susan said and breathed in heavily. Susan said quietly, "Okay release," He released and the arrow went deeper into the target as Susan said and it hit the center of the target.

Susan smiled and said in a serious way, "You can learn a lot from a woman, Markell. Just remember that." She emphasized the words "can" and "girl".

He rolled his eyes. "Queen Susan I'm sorry for being immature."

Susan gave him a cautious look crossed her arms and asked, "Is this a joke?"

He chuckled and said, "No..this is an honest apology. If we're going to fight in a war together I might as well get along with you. Also you're my Queen, and I should respect you."

Susan uncrossed her arms and softened her facial features and said, "I except your apology, and I agree. If we're fighting in a war together, we should get along with one another."

She smirked at him and walked away to another archer. She then wondered why Frederick's eyes triggered a memory. She thought then most people in Archenland probably have green eyes. Hopefully no one she fights has green eyes that trigger a memory. That might be a problem that could kill Susan in war.

Caspian was at his training again and decided to give Kale a break. There were some mistakes in the battles. Some men had bloody noses and black and blue areas on their bodies. Kale was standing next to Caspian talking while two soldiers fought. Caspian found Kale interesting and found them to be quick friends.

Peter and Edmund were both working with the other soldiers who lost their battles. Peter was hearing rumors that Caspian kissed Susan in front of the army. Peter and Edmund weren't at lunch because they wanted a good fight between the two of them. Peter was infuriated at Caspian for kissing his sister publicly.

Once there were no more fighters to fight the remaining soldier, Caspian put Kale back in to fight the last of the infantry. The one who fought Kale was a fawn named Luca. They both fought each other until Kale won and ended up giving Luca a black eye.

Caspian was very impressed that Kale won every battle. When the last battle was over, it was twilight. The sky was a deep purple that was ready to turn black for nighttime. The stars were beginning to appear in the sky. Caspian yelled, "Today's training is over. I would love to see everyone here tomorrow at the same time."

Some of the men groaned like they were annoyed or in pain. Some cheered happily, and some just didn't show any emotion. They all walked towards the tents they were staying in along the beach.

When everyone left, Peter marched up to Caspian angrily with a bright red face. Caspian gave Peter a questioning look and asked, "What's wrong Peter? You look a little upset."

Peter rolled his eyes and said "Don't play stupid, Caspian…I know what you did with Susan today at lunch."

Caspian's face turned emotionless and retorted, "Well yes I kissed your sister, it's not as if you've had a problem with it before."

Peter was still angry and suggested, "Please, just for the sake of men making kissy faces at you behind your back….don't kiss my sister again in front of the army."

Caspian laughed and asked, "They made kissy faces at me?" Peters face became more angry, and Caspian cleared his throat drooped his smile and said, "I will defiantly reprimand them tomorrow…and I will take your advice."

Peter's lips curled up into a small smile and Edmund said, "Aww but I liked the faces they made at Caspian. It was hilarious."

Peter turned and looked at Edmund and said, "Oh shut up Ed."

Lucy was sitting on a stick of wood that could hold her on the beach far away from the camp. She had her head in her hands because she was regretting. She wished she would have gone to the dagger throwing training. Instead of going, she walked along the beach because she felt intimidated. Most of the Narnians and Telemarines were big and have been doing it for a long time.

She heard footsteps in the sand and didn't look up. The person sat next to her and said, "You know everyone is looking for you, and you're pretty far away from camp. I know that something is the matter with you, you go somewhere far from everyone else. So what's wrong?"

Lucy knew that voice from anywhere, it was Frederick. She looked up at him and noticed he was looking at her with concerned eyes and face. She looked back down. "I don't really want my family to know I didn't go to training today. I was telling them wholeheartedly that I was going to go…I don't want to seem weak,"

Frederick put a comforting arm around Lucy's shoulder and asked, "Why didn't you want to go, Lu?"

Lucy was surprised. First of all he was comforting her; second of all he called her Lu. She looked up at him again and noticed his face remained unchanged. She thought to herself maybe he does care for me. She answered his question, "I don't know I guess I would feel intimidated."

Frederick tightened his grip around her and smiled. "The Valiant Queen intimidated?..The world must be coming to an end."

Lucy laughed and Frederick said seriously, "Lucy I'm sure that you intimidate those Narnians and Telemarines. You're technically older than them."

Lucy smiled and looked up at him and noticed his eyes. They were breathtakingly beautiful to her. She wanted to get lost in them. She said, "Wow your eyes are very green."

Frederick covered his eyes with his free hand and said, "Oh yeah…them,"

Lucy grabbed his hand and pulled it down. "No I like them." He smiled, and they both looked at each other for a while. Lucy cleared her throat and asked while blushing a little "What did you do today?"

Frederick smiled at the sight of her reddened cheeks and said, "I did some archery training with your sister, Susan." He paused.

Lucy nodded her head with eagerness for him to continue. "Well go on what happened today?"

Frederick's smile faded and was glaring at the ground. Lucy squeezed his hand that she was holding and said, "You don't have to tell me….but if you do you can trust me." She gave him a reassuring smile.

He sighed and said with a grim look on his face, "Well there's this Telemarine boy named Markell. He made fun of me and your sister."

Lucy was angry someone would disrespect her sister and Frederick. She looked at Frederick in a soothing way to tell him that she felt sympathy.

Frederick knew he could tell Lucy anything and said, "You can't tell anyone about this," Lucy nodded her head. Frederick then said slightly embarrassed, "Markell tripped me and threatened me. He also made up with your sister sort of right after that. I don't understand what he's doing."

Lucy had soft looking face and said calmly, "Well maybe you should tell my sister. I'm sure she would give him a warning about messing with you."

Frederick shook his head. "If anyone knows, he might do worse things to me. Also I don't want to seem weak…the next thing I need is to seem weak on the battlefield."

Lucy sighed and said, "I promise not to tell….but if it does get worse please tell Susan or one of my brothers or Caspian."

Frederick sighed. "I promise," Lucy pulled him in for a hug and smiled into the hug. They both squeezed each other tightly and pulled away.

Frederick smiled and said, "We should probably get you back. Susan was getting worried." He stood up and held out his hand for her take it. She grabbed and smiled up at him, and he smiled back down at her. They walked back to camp holding hands.

Susan was pacing back and forth. She didn't know where Lucy was at all. The Telemarine doing the training said Lucy didn't show up. Susan was worried. She thought to herself, why wouldn't Lucy go to the training? That's all she could talk about before.

Caspian didn't know if to find Susan's pacing funny or serious. He knew Lucy was fine, and he knew Susan was just stressed about the war and everything. He just leaned against a tree of where the forest connected with the beach and watched her pace. Peter, Edmund, and Frederick were all on the lookout for Lucy. He was supposed to stay with Susan and try to calm her down.

Caspian walked to Susan and said with a crooked smile, "I think Lucy is fine. You need to calm down." Susan took a deep breath and sat in the sand. He sat next to her and put a comforting arm around her. Susan grabbed his arm and pulled it off her.

Caspian was concerned and said, "Susan, darling, just take deep breaths I know you're stressed with everything that's going on. Lucy probably just wondered off somewhere."

Susan looked up into Caspian's deep brown eyes. "Lucy never wonders too far away unless: A..she's upset or B…something bad happened."

Caspian nodded his head and said, "I think it might be A. Maybe she was upset about training."

Susan put her head on his shoulder and sighed. "Maybe but she needs to discuss it with me. I'm her sister,"

Eventually, Susan saw Frederick and Lucy come into camp holding hands. She smiled at the sight and then became angry. She ran up to Lucy and forced a hug on her. Susan said with anger and relief, "Don't you ever wonder off again without telling anyone. You almost gave me a heart attack."

Lucy laughed at her sister's reaction and asked, "Can we talk…privately?" Susan nodded her head and looked down at Lucy's hand and smiled giddily.

Susan looked at Frederick and mouthed "Thank you," to him. He smiled back at her.

Lucy unlocked hands with Frederick and walked with Susan away from the camp. Susan looked back at Caspian and had a silent conversation with him saying, "Everything was fine," He nodded his head and went into his tent he was sharing with Peter and Edmund.

Susan and Lucy walked pretty far away from the camp and Lucy stopped. She sat down and Susan sat next to her. Susan asked, "What's up Lu?"

Lucy looked Susan in the eyes and said, "I think Frederick and I are starting to like each other."

Susan smiled and squealed a little. "Aww I'm so excited for my little sister falling in love."

Lucy blushed. "We are not in love. We just like being around each other."

Susan laughed and said sarcastically, "Yeah like Caspian and I just like each other's company."

Lucy rolled her eyes. "Whatever Su,"

Susan laughed again and asked, "So? What do you like about him?"

Lucy sighed thoughtfully and said, "I think I like his smile and green eyes physically." Susan's eyes almost popped out by the words green eyes. Lucy's face softened and asked, "What?"

Susan shook her head and put on a fake smile, but Lucy could see through. Susan just said, "Nothing…continue."

Lucy looked at Susan curiously, and then she thought back to Frederick. "He's nice to me, and he tries to comfort me when I'm down. He doesn't seem fake like that smile you put on your face a little bit ago."

Susan rolled her eyes and said, "Very funny Lucy."

Lucy laughed and continued, "He's funny and charming sometimes…I dunno I guess I just like him."

Susan then became serious as she asked, "Why weren't you at training today? It's all you've talking about for a while…you were so excited,"

Lucy shrugged her shoulders. "I guess today was an off day…I will go tomorrow no matter what."

Susan scrunched up her face and asked, "Pinkie promise?"

Lucy laughed. "Pinkie promise." They connected their pinkies together and laughed. Susan got up and pulled Lucy up. They walked back to camp together.

When they got back, they noticed the army was surrounded by two tents. Susan caught a glimpse of orange on the top of the tent. She also noticed whose two tents they were. It was The King's tent and the other was her and Lucy's tent. Susan looked at Lucy with a harried look on her face, and they both pushed their way through the crowd.

Both of the tents were on fire and a bunch of soldiers were putting them out. Susan and Lucy both grabbed a bucket and started helping. She saw Edmund, Peter, and Caspian all had black soot somewhere on their bodies. Caspian noticed Susan and had a face full of relief.

Eventually, the fires were both put out, and everyone that was helping were sweaty and dirty. Susan hugged Caspian and asked, "What happened?"

Caspian shrugged his shoulders. "No one knows all I know is I was in my tent, and two arrows with fire on them went through. Thank Aslan neither of them hit me. Next thing I knew the tent caught fire. I grabbed everything I could that was important and yelled fire. Then the same thing happened with your tent." Susan nodded trying to comprehend everything.

Susan hugged Caspian again. She just wanted to reassure herself that he was there and not hurt. "I'm glad you're alright." Caspian gave her a crooked smile. One of the army members yelled for the monarchs.

Caspian, Susan, Peter, Edmund, and Lucy ran to where the yelling was coming from. There was another arrow in the ground with a note sticking out of it. Peter took the note out of the arrow and read it out loud. He read it quiet enough for the infantry to not hear, but loud enough for his family and Caspian to hear.

It said: Dear Kings and Queens of Narnia,

It is your last chance to give me the two people you stole from me. I will not call war upon Narnia if you do so. I am wanting my future wife and son. If you do not give them to me by tomorrow, war will still come to Narnia.

King Demeterius

Peter looked up at his family and their eyes were in as much shock as his. They all thought the same thing. "Son?"

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