In Two Worlds

Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy were all living in London. Susan and Lucy shared a room in the crowed apartment, and Peter and Edmund shared a room. No matter what would go on in Susan's life, she felt a gaping hole in her heart.

The Pevensie siblings were always worried about her. She was becoming less herself. The first few months after the family left Narnia, Susan felt depressed and dejected. Susan would cry almost every night before she went to sleep and kept Lucy up. Susan felt like a burden toward her family; always crying; keeping Lucy awake.

After a while, Susan stopped her crying but became less involved. She sat at lunch by herself, and if Peter sat with her she wouldn't say a thing to him. She never knew what to say. Susan always ate supper without a word and ran to her room. Sometimes Susan wouldn't eat at all; Peter was very worried being the big brother he was.

Peter would force Susan to go out with his friends, who were mostly boys. The boys would flirt with Susan every chance they got whenever Peter wouldn't be looking. Peter would try to take Susan to parties. Susan would normally leave early and walk home by herself.

Peter couldn't believe it. He was losing his little baby sister. It was Peter's job to protect Susan. Peter would sometimes give up on Susan and get into fights with her.

He would yell at her things like "Stop crying over him! We are never going back! Do something with your life Susan; don't let it be a waste!"

Most nights Lucy would watch Susan fall asleep to make sure Susan would be okay. Lucy and Susan; the two best friends that would never be apart, were now being apart. Susan would never talk to Lucy, and if she did it would be one word answers.

Whenever Susan and Peter went to America, it was worse. Susan faked her depression hiding it behind smiles. Whenever Peter and Susan got back and they found out Lucy and Edmund were in Narnia and with Caspian, Susan's heart sank like a rock to the bottom of an ocean. She would never get to see him again, but Edmund and Lucy would.

Susan and Caspian were holding hands walking across a beach. They were both smiling at one another. Susan looked up and saw her beautiful siblings playing in the water. Susan couldn't help but join them. She ran and splashed in the icy cool water. Peter picked her up and threw her into the ocean a few times. She would look up and see Caspian laughing at her and her siblings. Suddenly, a huge storm came, and the waves on the ocean became strong and powerful. Caspian tried running toward them, but the waves were too strong.

Susan screamed "Caspian don't go! I love you." She started crying as the waves pulled her out to sea.

She heard "Susan…Susan!" this voice was very close. She felt the waves shaking her pushing her sideways.

She opened her eyes and jumped up she also felt sweat pouring down her face. She saw familiar frightened eyes looking down on her. She knew those sea foam green eyes from anywhere, Peter. She started sobbing and Peter held her in his arms.

Susan said between sobs "I'm.. sorry..Peter."

Peter looked at her confused and asked, "What are you sorry for Susan?"

Susan said, "I'm sorry..for..p..putting you through.. all of.. t..this Peter. I ruin..e..everything."

Peter squeezed her tighter and said, "Susan you haven't done anything wrong, you're my sister."

Susan started to slow down her sobs and said, "I'm sorry for all of our fights. I shouldn't be crying over someone who I will never see again."

Peter said "Susan I will always be by your side no matter how many fights we have, and it's not your fault you loved that boy."

Peter kissed the top of Susan's hair and rested his cheek on her head. They both laid down on Susan's bed. Peter held Susan while she was falling asleep. Susan's sobs turned into heavy breathing. Peter knew she was sleeping.

Peter was half asleep until he felt a poking at his side. Peter turned his head to see a half asleep Lucy standing there.

Lucy asked, "Can I sleep with you and Susan?" Peter nodded his head in agreement and Lucy snuggled onto Peter's chest. Peter was between Susan and Lucy. Peter was snuggled up to Susan while he kept an arm around Lucy.

Peter finally had a moment of clarity. Peter knew that Susan didn't just leave a part of herself with Narnia; Susan left her heart. Peter knew if he ever saw someone break Susan's heart again, they wouldn't be around to hurt another.

In Narnia, it has been four years since Caspian has seen Susan. The first year was painful for Caspian; Susan was his one true love. Caspian missed the gentle queen and her family. Every day he had to hide his pain for his subjects. He had to appear strong.

The council would bother Caspian like nothing ever happened. Caspian would go home every night thinking, I wish. He wished he would have stopped his family from walking into that portal. He wished he would have grabbed Susan's hand and didn't let go.

The second year wasn't as bad, Caspian was starting to rebuild Cair Paravel. Caspian was starting to feel his family with him as he was rebuilding. Edmund and Lucy joined him on his Dawn Treader adventure. It had lightened his spirits to see friends again. But when they had to leave Caspian felt as if his heart had been ripped out.

Caspian spent most of his days practicing sword fighting. It had made him built stronger than ever. He didn't have many problems with other countries. The third year, Caspian met a petite red headed girl named Autumn. She had the most dazzling green eyes he had ever seen. This girl pulled him out of his depression. Autumn had excellent swordsmanship, and Caspian found it attractive. They courted for a bit, and Caspian figured out she was princess of Archenland.

Caspian became engaged with her on this year. It was the fourth year anniversary that Caspian hadn't seen either Susan or Peter, and he was engaged. Caspian was content with himself. His life was better than ever. He was a King that was in love.

Trumpkin was concerned Caspian was getting married after having a broken heart. Trumpkin came up to Caspian and asked, "Why are you marrying this princess, Caspian?"

Caspian lightened up and said, "Because I am in love my good friend."

Trumpkin then asked, "What about Queen Susan do you still love her?"

Caspian's smile faded as he pictured the light blue eyes and dark hair. "I will always have a place in my heart for Queen Susan, but things have changed. I will never see her again."

Caspian was flabbergasted to use Susan's name again. Caspian went to the royal gardens of Cair Paravel (It was already built) and thought to himself. Susan the most beautiful girl on the inside and outside he has ever met. Autumn came into the gardens and saw her fiancée have a confused look on his face.

Autumn ran and leaped into Caspian's arms and kissed him. When she broke the kiss, she noticed the same look on Caspian's face. She looked at him and said, "What is bothering you love?"

Caspian broke out of his gaze to say, "I'm just thinking."

She laughed and said, "You better be thinking about wedding decorations." It was meant to be a joke but noticing Caspian not laughing ,she was confused as well.

"Caspian?" asked Autumn. She didn't know what else to do so she kissed him again. This time it was a very passionate kiss with her hands tangled in his hair and his hands moving up her back. She pulled away and said, "I'll see you at dinner and discuss those decorations."

This time Caspian smiled and said sarcastically "Can't wait." It was funny how when Caspian heard Susan's name he didn't feel a spark between him and Autumn's kiss. He didn't know what to do, but he loved Autumn and they were going to get married.

Autumn thought to herself whatever Caspian was thinking about was no problem to her. She was going to marry Caspian, even though she doesn't love him. She was going to rule Narnia and whenever Caspian and she got deeper into their marriage she would take over Narnia. Archenland would rule Narnia.

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