The Truth

They all looked at each other in unison. Peter was furious and he knew exactly who "the son" was; Frederick. Frederick was keeping secrets from him, his family, and Caspian. Peter looked at Susan and Caspian who both had the same expression as him. He looked at Edmund who was also looking furious. He then looked at Lucy who had a look of frustration and sadness.

Peter started to storm off when he felt a light hand pull on his arm. He turned to notice Susan was pulling him back. He couldn't tell what emotion was on her face at the moment. He knew what she was trying to tell him. He knew that it was a long day, and he shouldn't start anything.

When Susan looked at Peter, his eyes were full of determination and frustration. When he saw her face, his own face softened. Peter sighed and Susan released her grasp. Edmund walked away in anger, and Lucy followed him.

Caspian walked off in anger as well as Edmund. Susan jogged up to stand in front of Caspian. Caspian stopped in his tracks and folded his arms over his chest. His jaw was clenched, and Susan watched as his muscles tensed.

Caspian grumbled, "Susan please move…I need to have a chat with someone." Susan stood her ground, and Caspian walked to the other side of Susan, but Susan moved in front of him again.

Susan had a sympathetic look and said in a calm strained way, "Caspian I'm as angry as you are. He kept secrets from us….but he had a bad day. It's late…why can't we discuss this in the morning?"

Caspian's facial features softened. Susan touched his soft side. She calmed him down with her gentle features. Caspian shook his head. "Susan.. I would rather talk to him now."

She put her hands on his shoulders and said this time more strained, "I'm serious. Let's just find someplace for you, me, and my siblings to sleep tonight. Frederick had a rough day at my training." She looked into his deep brown eyes in a convincing way. "Please?"

Caspian sighed again and said, "It's really hard to disagree with you….Okay let's wait until tomorrow morning."

The corner of Susan's lips moved up a little. Caspian asked ,"Why do you really want to wait tomorrow?"

Susan dropped her gaze from Caspian's eyes and said, "I'm worried for Lucy."

Lucy followed Edmund and said, "Ed please wait." Edmund droned out Lucy and had his mind set on Frederick.

Lucy yelled, "Edmund Pevensie you listen to me right now!" Edmund turned around with a surprised look on his face. Lucy said with a lump in her throat, "Please don't do anything to Frederick…I mean if your father was going to kill someone's family….wouldn't you tell them different?"

Edmund sighed he thought to himself. "Well she's got me there."

Lucy asked, "So you agree with me?"

Edmund sighed again. "I guess Lu."

Lucy felt tears behind her eyes and ran to her brother. She flung her arms around him and felt tears come out of her eyes. Edmund was shocked. At first he didn't know what to do. He then wrapped his arms around his sister.

Lucy sobbed into her brothers shirt and said in between sobs, "I'm…. s..sorry… Ed …I. .I… don't..know what's..wrong."

Edmund squeezed his sister tighter "It's okay Lu. Everything's okay," Even though there was going to be a war.

Peter, Susan, and Caspian all were getting sleeping arrangements for the monarchs. It was hard, almost every tent was full. They found one extra tent, so they decided everyone would sleep in it.

Lucy and Edmund came back to camp Lucy's eyes were still red. None of the monarchs told anyone about the letter. Most of the soldiers whispered about Queen Lucy and about her crying and none of them knew why. Peter and Caspian both didn't know why.

Susan ran up to Lucy and hugged her. Lucy felt the lump come back when she hugged her sister back. Susan whispered in Lucy's ear so no one else could hear, "I know why Lu..It will all be okay." Susan squeezed her a little more and Lucy smiled a little into Susan's shoulder.

When Susan came back, Peter whispered in her ear, "Do I want to know?" Susan shook her head and Peter nodded.

When they were finished setting up the tent, it was nighttime. Susan slept next to Lucy, and Susan's eyes were wide open. She thought to herself "How did the arrow's come from the enemy…Are they that close? Do they have an advantage point?" She heard snoring come from all different directions. Peter, Edmund, and Caspian were all sound asleep.

Susan got up from her bed and slid over Lucy. Lucy moved a little in her sleep but didn't wake up. She couldn't help but look at Caspian's peaceful face. She wanted to stare at it a while longer, but she had her mind set on something greater. Susan tiptoed from the tent and grabbed her bow and arrows. She noticed the fires were all put out and she heard snoring come from other tents.

She chuckled to herself she said under her breath, "Men," She wanted to know where the arrows came from, and she wanted to do it herself. She noticed some guards walking around, and she dodged them. She hid behind some tents and things like that.

She found the arrow that was holding the letter it was still in the same place. She looked up and noticed a hill that if you shot an arrow from there, it could hit that spot. She noticed the hill would probably take a few hours in a light run.

She started to take off until she heard a voice behind her say, "You know it's quite strange to see you in your night wear running towards a hill with your bow and some arrows." She turned around and noticed Markell behind her.

She sighed and cursed under her breath. She asked, "Well what are you doing up so late?"

He chuckled. "I could ask you the same question, your majesty."

She rolled her eyes. "Well I asked you first."

Markell turned serious and said in a tired voice, "I guess I just can't really sleep, your majesty."

Susan smiled a little. "Well I guess I'll just have the same answer since you don't want to tell me the truth…I won't tell you the truth about me."

Markell rolled his eyes and said, "Fine….I'm just kind of scared for war…Please whatever you do don't tell anyone."

Susan's face turned sympathetic. She didn't like people worrying about things. Especially, things that are somewhat her fault. "Markell what's there to worry about?...You're one of my best archers."

He smiled a little. "Thanks, Queen Susan." He gave her a look that said now tell me.

She sighed and gave up. "I really want an answer to my questions, and I want to find out how Archenland shot those arrows on our camp."

Markell nodded and said, "Well I'm coming with you, your majesty."

She shook her head. "I would really like to do this on my own."

He rolled his eyes and started to walk towards her. "If Archenland finds you..who knows what might happen?…I'm coming with you."

He looked at her determined and Susan sighed. " can come along…just hurry."

Markell got a bow and some arrows, he also grabbed a sword and stuck it in his belt. He ran up to Susan and nodded. They both started towards the hill in a light jog.

Markell started to slow down about an hour of jogging and Susan whispered, "What's wrong?"

He was breathing heavily, and he said in between breaths, "I'm…just..I…just need…..a..little..break."

Susan stopped and said, "Okay jut a quick break."

Markell stopped and noticed how far away from the camp they were. It also must have been early morning about 4:00 in the morning. He felt like he was actually a part of something considering Queen Susan decided not to take anyone.

Susan looked at him and asked, "Are you ready now?"

He nodded and Susan started running faster than before. For Markell it was hard to keep up. Susan whispered about another hour of running, "Stop."

They both stopped, and Susan hid behind a rock and noticed a man on a horse. There was another one sitting on a rock. They were talking to one another, and Susan and Markell caught them in the middle of a conversation.

The one on the rock said, "Don't worry my wife and son will come."

Susan gasped at who was sitting on the rock. She covered her mouth in disgust and felt as if she was going to cry. She also felt as if she was going to run him through with one of her own arrows. She pulled her string back, and Markell touched it lightly.

She looked at him, and he shook his head. She thought, "He is right. We don't want to start a war earlier than it was supposed to be."

The guard on the horse said, "I think I heard something in those bushes over there." He pointed to where they were hiding.

Susan felt a wave of panic go over her. She moved back pulling on Markell's elbow, and he moved back with her. They did it as quietly as they could. They both crouched behind another bush close by. They were lucky it was darker or else the guard may have seen them.

The guard looked behind the rock they were behind before and shrugged his shoulders. Both Susan and Markell had hands over their mouths, so he couldn't hear their breathing. Especially Susan's uneven heavy breathing. She felt lucky. A few tears fell down her face. She wiped them away as fast as she could.

They moved back to their spot to hear the conversation better. Demeterius angrily said, "Well was there anything?"

The guard sighed, "No your highness."

Demeterius rolled his eyes. "See? I knew it was nothing."

Susan rolled her eyes and thought in her head "Idiot." The guard said, "Your highness…I don't think they're coming….maybe we should go back and work with the army."

Demeterius said loudly, "Well with a stubborn Telemarine boy ruling that country I wouldn't be surprised. He's using my wife and my son. If he is going to fight a war over them…well I guess he is a stupid Telemarine."

Susan stiffened her stance she thought "Was he really saying those things about Caspian?" She was tense, and her jaw clenched. Markell pulled her shoulder back. She was in a pouncing position.

Demeterius sighed. "We might as well head back to camp….by the time we get there the sun will have risen."

The guard nodded. "Yes your majesty." The guard rode his horse back.

Demeterius stood up and walked in the direction which Markell and Susan were hiding. He looked out and sighed. He walked away in the direction of Archenland's camp.

When Demeterius was out of sight, Susan stood up and said, "Come on Markell we have to follow them."

He sighed. He did not understand her at all. "Why?"

Susan rolled her eyes. "We have to know where their camp is."

They followed Demeterius, who was walking, and stayed out of the areas he could see them. Susan followed Demeterius in swift movements behind trees. Markell followed her lead and tried to stay quiet.

The sun was finally up, and it was a blistering hot humid day. They finally got to the camp, and Susan felt her breath get caught in her throat by the sight. Markell gasped as well. The tents were stretched out far and wide along terrain. Obviously the Archenland army outnumbered Narnia by a lot.

Markell tugged at Susan's night shirt and said, "Okay we saw where the camp is…we should be heading back." Susan nodded and they headed back.

In Narnia, when the sun rose, Lucy was the first one up in her tent. She noticed Susan was gone and just suspected she got up earlier and got breakfast or something. She noticed everyone was snoring and wondered how she slept. She got dressed in the tent because the boys were asleep.

She got to the breakfast line and asked the chef, "Have you seen Susan this morning?"

The chef shook his head "I'm sorry your highness. I haven't seen Queen Susan…I'll tell you if I do see her ever."

Lucy smiled at him. "Thank you." She took her food and walked away.

She sat down and started eating her oatmeal. Someone sat next to her; it was Frederick. He smiled at her and said, "Good morning Lucy."

Lucy looked down into her oatmeal bowl and didn't say anything. Frederick nudged her and asked, "Is everything alright?" She started to scowl at her oatmeal bowl and still said nothing. Frederick smiled at her, "So are you going to do that training like you promised me?"

Lucy nodded her head still staring at her oatmeal like something was going to happen to it. Frederick nudged her again and asked, "Enjoying your oatmeal's company better than mine?"

Lucy looked at him cautiously. "Are you keeping something from me? Like a secret or something? If there's anything you know you can tell me."

Frederick smiled and said, "I don't think there's anything."

Lucy got up from the table. "I think I'm going to the targets to practice a little."

Frederick looked up at her. "Maybe I could come and work on my archery. We can practice together."

Lucy shook her head and started to walk away. "I think I would like to do it on my own today."

Caspian, Peter, and Edmund woke up and got dressed around the same time. When they got out of the tent they noticed Frederick eating breakfast all by himself. Peter stormed up to Frederick, sat down next to him, and said, "We know your secret Frederick."

Frederick had a confused look on his face and asked, "What secret? What is up with the secrets...Lucy said something about that."

Caspian sighed and sat down on his other side and said, "We know you're King Demeterius's son."

Frederick pulled his eyebrows together. "What? I am not his son."

Edmund stood behind Frederick with his arms crossed angrily. Edmund rolled his eyes. "Don't play dumb with us Frederick."

Frederick felt surrounded and accused of something that isn't true. Frederick shook his head. "I'm not playing dumb. I told you my father was in the market. If my father was King Demeterius, I'm pretty sure I would tell you."

All three Kings looked at each other in confusion. Caspian stared at Frederick with deep content. "Are you sure you're not lying to us?"

Frederick looked back at Caspian about the same way. "I am not his son."

All three King's thought at the same time and shared same looks "Who's the son?"

Susan and Markell were on their way back, and Markell asked, "What did he mean by son and wife?"

Susan sighed. "Well Demeterius wanted to force me into marriage so I guess he's calling me his wife."

Markell asked rather hesitantly, "What son?"

Susan sighed shaking her head in the process. "Well we think the son is Frederick. I don't understand why he wouldn't have told us though."

Markell pursed his lips and looked down. It was as if he knew something. "You're wrong you know."

Susan looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

Markell stopped completely. "Frederick isn't King Demeterius's son…I know who he is."

Susan's eyes widened. "Who is it Markell? can trust me."

Markell sighed giving up and looked Susan in the eyes. "I'm King Demeterius's son."

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