Susan had millions of questions running through her head. All that came out were noises of disbelief. Markell had a sad look on his face. "Please don't tell anyone….For how mean I've been to you, the Kings may send me to him."

Susan nodded and asked in disbelief, "How? What? Who?"

Markell smiled a little. "I guess I'll tell you the whole story….just don't interrupt me." Susan nodded and sat on the ground and he sat next to her.

Markell took a deep breath and started, "You know when princess Autumn was born? Well, around the same time so was I. Demeterius was having an affair with another woman, my mother, other than his wife. Demeterius told his wife that he was going to take me in so I could be the heir. I mean I am a boy and all. The Queen got upset with him but as you know I guess..he killed her. I was left with my mother, and Demeterius never visited me or my mother. When my mother died, I came to Narnia for freedom. She died from a disease, and I came here around the time I was seventeen. That's about it I guess."

Susan nodded and tried to take it in. "Why does Demeterius want you now?"

Markell shrugged his shoulders. "I don't really know…I guess another reason to come at war with Narnia."

Susan patted his back and gave him a reassuring smile. "I promise, I won't tell anyone."

Markell gave her a face of relief. "Thank you so much your majesty."

Susan shook her head. "Just Susan….I'm sure we're just on first name terms now."

Markell got up and stretched. "Well I'm sure everyone is looking for you by now Susan…it looks as if it is around 10:00 in the morning."

Susan's eyes became wide "It's that late?" Markell nodded and they headed back to camp.

Peter didn't believe a word Frederick said. He was angry that Frederick was lying. Edmund didn't know what to believe anymore. He knew that Frederick was one of the only people he knew from Archenland. Caspian felt the same way as Edmund, he just wanted to get this war over with.

Lucy was throwing her daggers, and Peter came over to her. Lucy was throwing her daggers angrily and at full force. Peter tapped her shoulder. "Lucy?" he asked cautiously.

Lucy turned around at Peter, and she became less tense. She looked at Peter and went back to throwing daggers. Peter grabbed her daggers off the ground and threw them away from her. Lucy glared at him and said, "Hey! Peter those are for me to practice."

Peter rolled his eyes. "Frederick said he isn't Demeterius's son."

Lucy's face softened. "What?"

Peter looked at her reaction. He couldn't quite read it. "Either he's a really good liar, or he's telling the truth."

Lucy gasped. "What do you think Peter?"

Peter shook his head. "I really don't find him to be credible at all Lu."

Lucy shook her head. "Frederick doesn't lie. He's never lied to me before."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Well he might be lying today. It would make sense if he did lie."

Lucy stomped away from Peter and headed for her tent. She realized she hadn't seen her sister at all this morning.

It was about 11:00 and no one knew where Queen Susan was. Caspian was worried but had a feeling she was fine. That was until someone said Markell was missing as well. Caspian started to get even more worried. Markell was the one who disrespected her.

Edmund wasn't as worried because he would know if his sister would be in trouble. He had those feelings like mothers did for their children. He watched as his friend Caspian paced in anger and with a worried look on his face.

Edmund stopped him and said, "Susan is alright you need to calm down." Caspian stopped and gave Edmund a confused look "I think I'm having dajavu,"

Caspian sat down and sighed. "I know you're right Edmund….I should just.."

Edmund cut him off saying, "Wait something's not right….Caspian grab your sword and come with me." Caspian and Edmund grabbed their swords and went into the woods without anyone knowing.

Susan's feet were killing her and to top it off she was tired. Markell was behind her looking about ready to pass out himself. Susan turned to look at him. "Let's rest for a little." Markell plopped down making leaves rattle in the process.

Susan rolled her eyes as she sat down herself. She looked at her clothes and noticed they were still her pajamas. She always wore her brothers sleep pants and shirts. She hated her nightgown dresses. They were too itchy and uncomfortable for her to wear. She laughed internally because of how silly she looked.

Markell noticed the little grin on her face. "How do you find sleep deprivation funny?" Susan's smile grew after her said that. Markell rubbed his tired eyes. "I wonder where your King is now trying to look for you."

Susan stood up and said, "He shouldn't be that worried because he knows me."

Markell stood up as well. "But he will hear that I'm missing as well…wouldn't that worry him because of my behavior yesterday?"

Susan bit her lip and thought to herself. "He's right," She looked at him and noticed he had the same auburn hair as Demeterius but light brown eyes. He must have gotten them from his mother, she thought to herself.

Markell noticed her staring. "Well? Don't you know the King better than I do?"

Susan shook her head out of her daze. "Yeah…sorry…I guess he would be worried."

He nodded his head and asked, "So do you love King Caspian?" Susan didn't answer, she didn't want to share her personal life with Markell. Markell laughed a little "So the Queen is speechless? Is he that good?" He paused for a moment. "Is he that bad?"

Susan heard something. "Shhh…be quiet Markell," He stopped laughing and ran up to stand next to Susan.

There were about twenty soldiers on horses that Susan could see which weren't from Narnia. She noticed they were all looking at the camp. One of the soldiers said, "Look? see at that training." He pointed in the direction of a part of camp. "They're practicing that defense the King will be pleased when we tell him."

Susan gasped and whispered, "They're trying to know what we're learning so they have the upper-hand."

Markell shook his head. "How are we going to get back to camp?"

Susan whispered, "Follow my lead," They started going past the soldiers as quietly as they could. Until Markell stepped on a twig, and it snapped. Susan froze and so did Markell.

A soldier said, "I think I heard something….over there." He pointed to the direction in which Susan and Markell were crouching now. Susan pulled out her bow and stuck an arrow in it ready to draw. Markell did the same, and Susan nodded.

She thought to herself, "There's no turning back they heard us and there is no night to hide us." The guard came over, and Susan released her arrow. It went right into the soldier's stomach.

Susan whispered, "Run." To Markell and he leapt out of the bushes and started to run. The soldier let out a yell of pain, and Susan stood up. A few soldiers came at her. She knocked one off his horse with her arrow.

Two men ran behind her on her blind side and grabbed her bow and threw it on the ground. She was out numbered. One of them held a small knife to her neck. He asked in a raspy voice, "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

Susan struggled against their grasp and yelled, "Markell…!"

The guard tightened his grasp "Tell me who are you? There is no one here to save you."

Susan struggled again and said, "My name is Queen…Lucy the Valiant."

One of the guards said, "She's too old to be Queen Lucy."

Suddenly the guard who said that fell to the ground. It was Markell who killed him. One of the soldiers gasped. "Markell…King Demeterius's son."

The majority of the guards came after him. Markell took about two down until three of the guards tackled him to the ground. Markell grunted when he fell to the ground. Susan said still being held back, "You didn't have to come back."

Markell said, "I will do anything to save, Queen Susan." When he was saying the last words, Susan shook her head.

The guard holding the knife to Susan's neck laughed. "So we have Queen Susan Demeterius's wife and Markell his son?...We'll be rewarded for weeks maybe even months."

Susan struggled against his grasp again and the guard said, "What do you say princess? Ready to go see your King?"

Susan remembered the day that Caspian and her were yelled "No!" She lifted her leg up and kicked the guard in the groin. He fell to the ground in pain. Susan ran to where her bow was, and a soldier pulled her back by her hair. She fell backwards. The next thing she knew, she saw a soldier fall to the ground in front of her. When the soldier fell to the ground, she saw a figure standing behind him; Edmund.

Susan had a huge grin upon her face even though her head was throbbing from the soldier pulling her hair. Edmund had a pair of sympathetic eyes but soon became angry when another soldier came at him. Edmund was one of the best swordsmen in Narnia. Whoever crossed blades with him normally lost.

Susan got up and felt a soldier put a hand over her mouth and started pulling her away. That was until someone got the soldier with the blade of a sword. When Susan turned around, she noticed it was Caspian. He tossed Susan her bow, and they both nodded at each other. Susan took one soldier after another with Caspian on her side.

Markell was released and started firing arrows himself. When all but one soldier was dead, the Narnians stopped. The only soldier who was alive was the one Susan shot in the stomach.

Caspian pulled the soldier up with one hand who groaned in pain. Caspian's muscles were tight as he said, "Tell King Demeterius we will not give him his son nor Queen Susan….we would rather have war." The soldier nodded his head as Caspian dropped him.

Caspian ran up to Susan and hugged her. Susan took in his musky scent and loved it. She felt safe in his strong arms. Caspian chuckled, "I sleep for one night, and you already go and get yourself into trouble."

Susan smiled a little and playfully hit his chest. Susan asked, "So how did you find us?"

Caspian shrugged his shoulders. "Edmund said something wasn't right, so we starting running through the forest. We heard a yell of pain not too far away, so we followed it."

Susan stood on her tiptoes and gave a quick peck on Caspian's lips. Caspian smiled down at her. He felt excited that she kissed him. "What was that for?"

Susan shrugged her shoulders. "I guess it's because I love you." Caspian pulled Susan in for a more passionate kiss.

To Susan the kiss felt like Caspian was putting all his love in it. They pulled away to hear a gagging noise that came from Edmund. Susan pulled away and blushed, and Edmund said, "You know there are other people here."

Susan stepped away from Caspian and looked at Edmund. "Aww is my little brother jealous? Does he want some love and affection too?" she said with a baby voice. Edmund backed up. "No! No."

Susan chased after Edmund. "Come on Ed…just one hug?" They both ran down to camp leaving Markell and Caspian behind.

Caspian gave Markell a hard look and said, "Thank you for coming with Queen Susan."

Markell shrugged his shoulders. "She was going by herself and I just wanted.."

Caspian cut him off by saying, "Wait she wanted to go by herself?" Caspian shook his head. "And do what exactly?"

Markell said, "She wanted to know where that arrow came from. She wanted to see if Archenland had an advantage point. We also saw their camp….They outnumber us by a lot."

Caspian's eyes became wide. "I wonder why she didn't tell anyone…why did she bring you?"

Markell smiled a little thinking back to earlier that morning. "I caught her sneaking off….she didn't really want me to come but I insisted."

Caspian smiled and said, "Thank you, Markell," Markell nodded and they walked back down to camp.

Edmund was yelling, "No…no…I don't want love and affection."

Susan was laughing and chasing him. "Come on Ed! I'm faster than you."

When they got to camp, they noticed soldiers look at them and chuckle. Susan tackled Edmund to the ground. "See? You can't outrun me Ed."

Edmund rolled his eyes. Susan gave him a big hug and Edmund whispered in a serious voice, "Are you okay Su?"

Susan pulled away and nodded. Edmund smiled at little and blushed noticing that some of the soldiers were watching. Edmund stood up and put out his hand to help Susan up. She smiled. "Thank you." She grabbed it and stood up herself.

Peter came down and noticed the two of them. He asked, "Are the two of you all right?" They both nodded, and Peter smiled. He noticed a red mark on Susan's neck and pointed. "Where did you get that?"

Susan touched the mark on her neck. "Nothing I…the string on a bow snapped and hit my neck…I'm fine."

Peter pulled his eyebrows together as if he didn't believe her "Okay?...Are you still in your pajamas?"

Susan turned red and noticed that most of the soldiers probably noticed. Susan stuttered, "Um..I..uh..I have to go…change." She ran to her tent to get changed.

When she got to the tent, she noticed Lucy lying in their bed looking at the ceiling. Susan noticed and walked over to the bed. "Lu is everything alright?" she asked unsure.

Lucy sighed. "We told Frederick we knew his know…about the son thing?"

Susan's muscles tensed. She wouldn't have thought her family would just tell Frederick. Susan wished she were there to stop them. She knew the truth, and she promised she wouldn't tell.

Susan nodded her head, and Lucy continued, "Well he said he isn't….I don't know if I should believe him. Peter doesn't and hates him for it. Caspian and Edmund don't really know."

Susan sat on the bed and placed a hand on Lucy's shoulder. "Lucy I think you should believe him. Why would he just lie to your face like that? I mean I'm pretty sure if anyone he'd tell you. You know him better than me, Peter, or anyone else…."

Lucy cut her off, "Just like how you know Caspian?"

Susan nodded her head. "Just like that. I'm pretty sure Caspian would tell me something like that because…he..he..loves me."

Lucy sat up and pulled her eyebrows together. "So you think Frederick loves me?"

Susan shook her head putting her hands up in defense. "No I don't think he loves you..just yet. But the both of you are on your way to getting to that point. If you love each other, you have to trust each other no matter what."

Lucy smiled down at her hands. "Thanks Susan. I knew he wasn't lying." She sighed "Now I have to go to training and then apologize."

Susan smiled. "Alright I have to get dressed..oh and be tough. You are a Pevensie after all."

Lucy got up to leave the tent. "Wait where have you been all morning…Don't you have training soon…And why are you still in your?..."

Susan cut her off, "It's a long story I'll tell you later, just go."

Lucy smiled and left the tent. Susan sighed and fell on the bed. She said to herself, "Keeping this secret is going to be harder than I thought."

Lucy went to her training and impressed everyone. One of the minotaurs said, "Wow.. hopefully you'll be joining us in the war Queen Lucy." Lucy blushed and nodded. She wished she could fight with her siblings.

Dagger training was over when lunch began. Lucy went to lunch and noticed Susan, Caspian, Peter, and Edmund sitting at a table all by themselves. Susan noticed Lucy and waved her over. Lucy smiled and walked over.

Caspian smiled at Susan in the corner of his eye. He loved her caring personality towards her sister and brothers. He was sitting next to her and put an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Her head was up against his shoulder. She smiled up at him and kissed the bottom of his jaw.

His smile grew more across his face and Peter turned a little red. Edmund made fake gagging noises, and Lucy sat next to Peter and Edmund. Susan stuck her tongue out at both her brothers and Lucy laughed.

Susan looked at Lucy with a sincere look on her face with Caspian's arm still strong around the back of her waist. "So Luce how was your training today?"

Lucy smiled at her sister. "It went great…the leader of the group was so impressed he asked if I was going to be in the war."

Peter choked a little on whatever he was eating and coughed loudly. Susan looked at him with anger and concern. She asked, "Is there a problem with the food Peter?"

Peter shook his head. "No! There's a problem with my sister…she will not go to war with us."

Lucy folded her arms and scowled. "I know Peter it's just nice to be acknowledged for once."

Peter's face softened. "Well good, Lu. I'm glad you won't fight me about this."

Lucy unfolded her arms and nodded. She then searched through the crowd from her seat for Frederick. She needed to apologize to him.

She finally found him and looked him in the eyes. He looked right back at her, and she waved him over. He put his head down and went to a different table. Lucy looked back at her food.

Susan saw the whole thing and said "Lu go see him and assert yourself. Tell him you need to talk."

Caspian rolled his eyes. "Because that always works.."

Susan looked at him "It works on you sometimes."

Caspian's mouth dropped. "When has it worked on me?"

Susan opened her mouth to talk and then closed it and thought to herself. Caspian said playfully, "See?...Lucy if you want a male's advice tell him you need to talk to him privately. It makes him feel worthy."

Edmund rolled his eyes. "You two fight like an old married couple." Caspian laughed and so did Susan.

Lucy smiled. "I think I'll go for Caspian's advice."

Caspian turned and touched his nose to Susan's and chuckled " advice won."

Susan stuck her tongue at him and he kissed the tip of her nose. Edmund mumbled, "Danger we're in the lover zone. If you watch them for too long you might want to punch something." Edmund punched Peter and Peter said, "Oww,"

Lucy got up from the table and Peter popped up realizing what was happening. "Boy? Wait what?"

Lucy shook her head. "Nothing Peter it's nothing….I was actually going to practice." Peter sat back down and said, "Okay?...Don't go kissing someone."

Lucy rolled her eyes. "I promise. I have a feeling there will be no kissing involved."

She went to Frederick's table and tapped on his shoulder. He turned to look at her and looked back at his food. She smiled. "Enjoying your food's company better than mine?" Some men at the table laughed.

Frederick turned to face her, and Lucy said with all seriousness, "I need to talk to you privately."

Frederick got up and followed Lucy into the woods that lead up to the hill. They walked a little ways, and Lucy sat on a fallen tree. Frederick sat next to her, and Lucy looked at him. "I'm sorry for thinking you were lying about being Demeterius's son….I know you wouldn't lie to me….I just want to apologize."

Frederick smiled and looked up at the sky happily. "At least someone believes me."

Lucy shrugged her shoulders. "My sister believes you." Frederick smiled a little more and Lucy said fidgeting with her fingers, "She's pretty."

Frederick pulled his eyebrows together. "What do you mean?"

Lucy sighed. "Susan…she's pretty..don't you think?"

Frederick shrugged his shoulders looking at Lucy's sad face. "I guess…but I think you're prettier."

Lucy's emotion's brightened as she looked back at him. "You think I'm pretty?"

Frederick smiled as he pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear."Of course I do."

Lucy blushed a little and heard a familiar voice; it was Demeterius. She stood up and so did Frederick. Frederick stood in front of her as three soldiers came from behind Demeterius.

The three guards came at Lucy and Frederick and binded their hands. Demeterius said to himself, "Soon you will be mine Queen Susan and then so will Narnia."

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