At the end of the training for Susan, Peter, Edmund, and Caspian, it was sunset. Caspian, Edmund, and Peter were all dripping with sweat. Susan's hair was all frizzy and there was some dirt on her dress.

Caspian and Kale were both walking and talking about the training that day. Caspian smiled as he stretched. "What a day? I mean fighting off a few Archenlandians was also some good training for me."

Kale chuckled. "I guess so your highness….You know I am quite worried for the war." Caspian's smile faded and turned serious. "What do you have to be worried about?"

Kale shrugged his shoulders. "Queen Susan one of the best archers was almost kidnapped today."

Caspian put a hand on Kale's shoulder. "Without any help."

Kale smiled a little. "Are you saying we help each other during battle?"

Caspian nodded his head. "Everyone needs a little bit of help. No matter how strong or smart or stubborn you may be. We all need help sometimes."

Lucy and Frederick were being dragged by Demeterius and a few other guards; they needed a lot of help. Frederick had two guards dragging him and Lucy only one. Frederick kept struggling against the guards every chance he got.

Lucy walked and looked down at the ground in a sad way. She had no fight in her. Demeterius kidnapped her and Frederick what was he going to do? She had so many things running through her head. It was giving her a headache. She felt a tear fall down her face but wiped it quickly with her shoulder, her hands were tied.

Frederick saw the tear fall from Lucy's eye. He was mad that these monsters made this perfect thing cry. He knew that he had feelings for Lucy, and he didn't know she felt the same way. Frederick kept trying to get to Lucy but there was no use. They got to the camp, and Lucy wondered if her family was searching for her right now.

Before dinner, Susan got dressed for bed, she didn't want to eat. She laid on her bed and felt uncomfortable, her stomach was in butterflies. She got out of bed and remembered she didn't see a special someone since lunch.

She ran out of the tent and saw Caspian talking to Kale. Susan ran up to him with all worry on her face. "Caspian?" She yelled before she got to him. He turned away from Kale and saw Susan in her pajamas. Kale felt uncomfortable seeing his Queen in sleep wear.

Caspian raised an eyebrow and noticed her facial features. His face became very serious. "What is it Susan? What's wrong?"

Susan breathed in deeply. "Have you seen Lucy?"

Caspian pursed his lips. "No not since lunch…Why?"

Susan shook her head. "Lucy just doesn't disappear for a long period of time. Especially if she left just to talk to Frederick."

Caspian nodded his head as he walked with Susan to find her brothers. Neither Peter nor Edmund had seen Lucy either. Susan was worried out of her mind. Peter and Edmund felt the same way.

Peter was furious; he was conflicted in a different way than Susan. He was worried that maybe Frederick took sides with Archenland and kidnapped Lucy. He heard about Frederick and her being together. When he heard that Frederick was missing all of his nightmares were coming true; first his little sister Susan now his even younger sister Lucy.

It was around twilight when the search party came back from the woods not finding anything. There was a campfire going for the soldiers, but everyone was tired and were in their tents; everyone but Susan, Peter, Edmund, and Caspian.

They were all sitting around it conflicted about Lucy and Frederick. Susan had a blanket from her bed and had it wrapped around her. She was trying to hold back tears to be strong but a few left her eyes. Every time a tear fell, she whipped it away quickly so no one could see.

Peter was pacing angrily back and forth in front of the fire. Edmund was sitting on the opposite side of the fire from Susan. He would catch her wiping her tears away every time. Caspian was sitting right next to Susan and let her lean against him.

Susan kept thinking to herself, "Lucy is smart nothing horrible will happen. She's fine she's my sister, and I would do anything to help her." And Susan shot up making the blanket fall off her. Caspian fell back a little, and Peter stopped pacing. Susan had an idea.

When Lucy and Frederick got to the Archenland camp, it was around sunset becoming twilight soon. Demeterius stopped and said to them, "Here's your bed for the night….little Queen."

There was one wooden pole sticking out of the ground. The pole was surrounded by a wire fence. The guards tied her hands to the pole. Lucy looked at Demeterius. "What do you want with us?"

Demeterius smiled "I don't want you obviously, I want your sister and my son. If you want to know what I'm going to with you, I'm going to use the two of you as bait."

Frederick grunted as he was trying to get out of the guards grasp. "You monster…what do you mean bait?"

Demeterius chuckled shaking his head in pity for the boy. "You shouldn't call me names, or I shall have you killed like that…" He snapped his fingers and Frederick's muscles were tense.

Lucy jumped a little. "Stop it, Frederick."

Demeterius chuckled darkly looking at Lucy. "You can't tell him what to do, you're a female….Women don't tell men what to do." Lucy gasped and Frederick tried to hold back a yell.

Demeterius said looking back at Frederick satisfied with himself, "Take this…monster away to its pole."

Frederick's eyes went into shock. "No..Lucy…I won't leave you….No!" The guards pulled him away, and Lucy was motionless and speechless.

Demeterius turned to look at Lucy. "Don't worry little princess, you will be with your family soon and then you will all die." Lucy felt angry inside and sad.

Demeterius walked away, and Lucy saw where Frederick was. He was tied around a different pole with the same wired fence was around him. Lucy thought, "Please help."

When Susan stood up and everyone around the fire looked at her in awe, she said, "I have an idea to help save Lucy and Frederick." Everyone nodded and Susan continued, "We can kidnap them back tonight. We just need a little bit of help and I know who can."

Peter pulled his eyebrows together. "Who?"

Susan smiled a little. "Kale, Markell, and Trumpkin of course."

Caspian shook his head. "Markell?"

Susan shot a look at him. "He's changed and he's one of my best archers same as Trumpkin."

Caspian sighed and rolled his eyes. "Fine if you trust him." Susan smiled and patted his back "Thank you."

Peter walked up to Susan. "Why on earth are we saving Frederick as well? He probably kidnapped Lucy in the first place. I don't like this one bit."

Susan looked Peter in the eyes. "Peter, I know you don't trust him, but I know for a fact that someone from Archenland kidnapped them both. I also know that Frederick is not his son. You just have to trust me."

Peter sighed looking anywhere but at Susan. "Fine."

Edmund then asked, "How do we find the camp? Who knows how long it will take us to find it?"

Susan smirked. "It looks like you don't know me that well. I found it, and I know where it is."

Peter chuckled. "Well it's a good thing you have curiosity."

Susan nodded. "I guess so…we need to"

Peter nodded as Caspian and Edmund got up and they all started walking to their tent. When they got to the tent Susan stopped, "I need to get dressed…could the three of you split up and get the other three?" They nodded, and Caspian's cheeks flushed a little pink.

When Susan walked into the tent Edmund said, "Rock, paper, scissors for Kale? Whoever wins gets him?"

Peter smiled. "Your loss."

Caspian shook his head in confusion. "What is this Rock…paper… scissors?"

Edmund laughed. "You my friend have no life."

Edmund ended up winning and ran to go get Kale. Peter said, "I call Trumpkin….bye." and Peter took off. Caspian rolled his eyes and mumbled to himself, "Of course I get stuck with Markell."

Caspian got to Markell's tent and peeked his head into the tent. There were about two men, one Minotaur, and two fawns. Caspian whispered, "Markell? Is this the right tent? Are you in here?"

Markell picked his head up from his bed. "Yes your majesty?" he whispered in a tired voice.

Caspian went to his bed and said, "We need you now..and when I mean now I mean get dressed and get your weapons."

Markell nodded and got out of bed. His chest was bare and his brown hair ruffled. Caspian rolled his eyes and whispered in annoyance, "Meet me at my tent."

When Markell went to the tent, he had his bow and arrows strapped to his back. He also had a sword on his belt. He noticed all of the Kings and Queen were there. He thought, "Wait? Where's Queen Lucy?" He also noticed Kale his "frienemy" and Trumpkin as well. He also noticed everyone looked about ready to kill something.

Markell walked up to everyone who were in a circle. Everyone kind of glared at him except for Susan who gave him a smile. Her smile was genuine, but he could tell she was eager and upset.

Markell asked when he got to the circle, "What's going on? Did I get out of bed for a raid on Archenland or something?"

Susan looked at Caspian. "You didn't tell him?"

Caspian looked back at Susan. "I didn't think I needed to." Susan gave him a look that said then tell him now.

Caspian sighed and said looking away from Susan and at Markell. "Queen Lucy and Frederick are missing. We're going to go rescue them…at the camp..the one you visited."

Markell nodded. "Well it is a long way, and the sun is almost gone. We better get going."

Everyone smiled at him. Then they all started walking Markell was confused. "Wait! We're walking in the wrong direction…."

Susan cut him off, "We're riding horses hotshot…it will be faster."

Markell laughed. "Are we seriously going back to that nickname?"

Susan shrugged her shoulders looking amused. "I guess so." Susan said, "We only have five horses…we're going to have to share."

Markell said, "I'll be willing to share with you, Queen Susan."

Caspian glared at him. "That won't be necessary. Susan will you ride with me?"

Susan looked back and forth between Caspian and Markell. She didn't like hoe how Caspian didn't like Markell. Markell made a mistake and learned from it. He should be forgiven. Susan nodded at Caspian. "Of course…." She cleared her throat and said, "Edmund and Trumpkin can share, and the rest of you can have your own….until we get back." She trailed off at the last words.

Caspian gave her a confused look. "You say that as if we're not coming back."

Susan shook her head. "Let's just go…I want my sister back and safe."

Caspian got on his horse and Susan got on the back. She clung on to him like she knew it was her last time being with him. He turned his head and kissed the top of her head. Everyone else were on their horses.

Caspian looked at them. "Markell you lead. You know where it is." Markell nodded, and they all rode off. Susan thought, "We're coming Lucy don't lose hope."

Lucy would watch Frederick from where he was tied. He would try and get out so much, Demeterius had a guard stand next to him and whip his back every time he tried to move. She watched them take his shirt off and whip it the first time.

There were three big lines of blood along his back. Lucy would close her eyes each time. She would yell, "Frederick please stop moving….I'm fine it's okay!"

She wished her family would come and do something. But she also didn't want them to come because if Demeterius caught them, she wouldn't know what would happen to them.

When the Narnians got close to the camp, they got off the horses. They noticed Lucy sitting against a pole and a few guards standing around the fence. They also noticed on the other side of the camp Frederick was leaning against the pole in pain with his shirt off.

Peter whispered, "We need to split up into groups."

Everyone nodded. Susan whispered, "Peter, Edmund, and I will get Lucy. Kale, Markell, Trumpkin, and Caspian get Frederick."

Caspian shook his head. "No. I won't leave you Susan."

He looked down and Susan lifted his face up with her hand. She did it, so he could look her in the eyes. She gave him a reassuring smile. "Caspian..I have my brothers, and I can take care of myself."

Caspian sighed. "Yes..but."

With Susan's other hand she put her finger to his lips. She said, "They need a leader and you're the King of Narnia…lead them."

Caspian smiled, and she put her finger down. He said, " safe."

Susan laughed a little. "Aren't I always?" Caspian smiled in agreement and as if he wasn't sure.

Peter and Edmund were standing near a pathway closest to Lucy, and Susan turned to go. Caspian grabbed her waist and pulled her into a kiss. It was a very passionate kiss and when they released they touched their foreheads. Susan smiled when Caspian said, "I love you."

While they were still touching foreheads Susan looked up into his eyes. "I love you too…be safe."

Caspian mimicked her "Aren't I always?"

Susan smiled even more, and it faded. "Just seriously be careful…Okay?" Caspian pulled away from her and nodded and walked towards his group the other way.

Susan, Peter, and Edmund hid behind a tent and saw a guard walking toward the tent. Susan nodded at Peter, and Susan and Edmund went on the other side to hide. When the guard walked by Peter, Peter put a hand over his mouth and sliced his throat with a small sword. The guard fell to the ground, and Peter waved his hand for Susan and Edmund.

They both ran over to Peter and crouched next to him. Edmund whispered, "Hopefully this doesn't turn out like our previous raid with Caspian against Miraz." Peter and Susan both glared at him. Edmund put both of his hands up in defense.

Susan whispered, "What do we do Peter?"

Peter sighed. "We're going to have to kill all of the guards surrounding Lucy…quietly and carefully."

Edmund looked at Peter confused. "And how on Earth do we do that? Someone's going to see us and alert Demeterius."

Caspian was leading Markell, Kale, and Trumpkin down another path. They hid behind a tent near Frederick. Caspian whispered, "Trumpkin you're small and quiet….do you think you could sneak in there and cut Frederick's ropes and sneak out?"

Trumpkin whispered, "Easier said than done your majesty."

Caspian sighed feeling bad for putting his friend in this situation. "I know but if there's any trouble we'll be here." Trumpkin nodded and left from behind the tent.

He got into the gate without any guards noticing. Frederick saw him, and his eyes grew big. Trumpkin put a finger to his lips, and Frederick didn't say a word. Trumpkin started to cut one of the ropes as quietly as he could. Sweat started to fall down his face.

One of the guards said, "Do you hear that?" There was a high pitched scream. The one he was asking shook his head. Then the same guard said, "Look over there…" He pointed in the direction Lucy was. The guards with their backs facing Frederick ran to where the noise was coming from.

The ones that saw Trumpkin fell to the ground dead from Markell's arrows. When all of the guards left the group started cutting all of Frederick's ropes at once. When Frederick was free they gave him some arrows and a bow. They all started running in Lucy's direction.

Peter killed one guard around Lucy's fence, and he fell dead. The guard next to him fell from Susan's arrows. Edmund was also killing them one by one around the opposite side of Peter. They killed every guard and they ran to Lucy.

They started untying her and when they were done they gave Lucy a group hug. Lucy smiled behind her tears and said, "I knew you would come."

Edmund said sarcastically while in the embrace, "Because we would let anyone hurt you."

Susan smiled. "I love all of you." They were all pulled away by men with ropes at their necks except for Susan. Lucy screamed loudly.

Caspian, Kale, Markell, Trumpkin, and Frederick ran over to them. Caspian ran next to Susan who was staring at her family. The guards were holding her family back by ropes at their necks. She heard a very familiar chuckle, and she drew her bow.

Demeterius came out of the dark, and he said with his hands in the air, "Okay shoot me, but your family dies." Susan looked at her family struggling at the ropes. She heard a real choking noise come from Edmund. She sighed and put her bow down.

Demeterius smiled. "Very smart….and so very very pretty." Susan shuddered at his words.

Caspian stepped in front of Susan protectively, and asked with a disgusted face, "What do you want?"

Demeterius said, "Well I want my Queen and my son, or else I kill these Kings and Queen."

Peter yelled, "No Susan we'll get out of this…don't go with him." The guard holding the rope pulled back on it harder, and Peter let out a choking noise.

Susan walked in front of Caspian and started walking towards Demeterius. Caspian grabbed her arm, and said in a strained voice, "No Susan I can't lose you…please."

Susan said looking at Caspian in grief, "Caspian I had a back-up plan. Tell him yes."

Caspian saw the look in her eyes; they were terrified and truthful. Caspian put a strand of her hair behind her ear lightly. It comforted Susan. Caspian turned to look at Demeterius. "Yes I will go with the trade."

Peter, Edmund, and Lucy yelled, "No! Caspian!"

Then Caspian said, "Just give me a moment with Queen Susan."

Demeterius rolled his eyes. "One minute."

The guards released the Pevensies and they ran to Susan. Susan hugged every single one of them. She hugged Caspian last, and she kissed him with all the love she could. When she pulled away she whispered in his ear, "Take care of my family. Also look on my bed….there's something there for you."

Two guards started dragging Susan away from Caspian. The Pevensies were ready for Frederick to be drug along with Susan but were surprised to see Markell being pulled away.

Demeterius said, "I'll give you Narnians two minutes to get off of my camp…..we'll be seeing you soon for war."

Caspian looked at Susan one last time and saw a flash of hope then fear cross her face. He hated seeing fear on her face. Edmund started pulling at Caspian's arm, and the Narnians ran out of the campground.

When they got back to the camp, it was almost morning. Lucy was bawling, and Peter was holding her. Lucy kept saying, "It's my fault. I shouldn't have gone into those woods…I'm sorry."

Peter said under his breath, "It's no one's fault Lucy…Caspian let her go."

Lucy pulled away from Peter with tears staining her eyes, "Peter Pevensie don't you dare say that….it's no one's fault." Peter was shocked Lucy said that.

Peter smiled a little. "See like you said, it's no one's fault."

Lucy went back into Peter's hold and started to cry again. "I miss her."

Peter kept shushing her, "Sh…shh it's okay…I know..I miss her too."

Caspian remembered on the way back to camp what Susan said to him. He went right to her bed and saw an old piece of paper. It was some kind of war proclamation.

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