Heading Out

Caspian coughed and still with a surprised look on his face said uncomfortably, "I just was going to get my sword."

He went to his bed and got his sword which was underneath it. He gave them a look that said, he couldn't believe what they just did. Then he walked out, and Frederick said to Lucy, "I'm sorry if you didn't want to kiss me."

Lucy shook her head. "I've been waiting for a long time."

Frederick smiled back at her. "I have too." They paused for a moment looking at one another, and Frederick broke the silence saying, "Well I should go. I'll see you later." And he left the tent. Lucy laid down on her bed and touched her lips which were still tingling. She laughed to herself and then thought, "What is Peter going to think?"

When Caspian got to lunch, he saw Peter talking to a fawn. Peter out of the corner of his eyes saw Caspian and waved to him Caspian turned around and started to walk away from Peter.

Peter said to the fawn, "I'll keep it into consideration…if you will excuse me." Peter ran up to Caspian and said, "It seems as if you're avoiding me Caspian."

Caspian put his hand on the back of his neck and rubbed it. "…why..why would you think that Peter?"

Peter became serious and concerned. "What? What is it? What's wrong? Is it Susan?"

Caspian shook his head. "Edmund got back alright, and Demeterius accepted the proposal. Susan and Markell are fine."

Peter laughed in relief. "Good I thought something was wrong."

Caspian mumbled under his breath, "There's nothing wrong…something just happened with your sister."

Peter raised an eyebrow. "Did you say something?"

Caspian shook his head and pointed behind Peter. "Oh look it's Lucy. Why don't you ask her how her day's been so far?" Caspian then fast walked away from Peter.

Peter walked up to Lucy. "Do you know what's up with Caspian?...He seems varied."

Lucy nodded and tried to walk away from Peter. Peter stopped her by grabbing her arm. "Lu? What's going on?"

Lucy sighed and turned towards Peter "I.." She looked down and Peter became concerned. "Lucy tell me."

Lucy looked up at him. "Frederick kissed me, and I kissed him back."

While Susan was laying on her side for a few minutes, she heard someone come into the tent. The guard said, "Lunch for the both of you will be with King Demeterius and Princess Autumn."

Susan sat up. "Can you tell them another time?"

The guard sighed angrily. "The King said he wouldn't take no for an answer."

Susan rolled her eyes. "I didn't say no I said another time."

Markell chuckled. "You're such a smart ass."

Susan glared at him then turned her head back to the guard. "Did he say anything about that answer?"

The guard stammered, " he didn't."

Susan snickered. "Well then I guess you can go back to your King without me and him." She gestured towards Markell.

The guard yelled, "Get out of this tent now!" He pulled out his sword, and Susan and Markell's smiles vanished. They got up and walked out of the tent. Susan stood behind Markell and walked behind him.

Markell whispered to her without looking at her, "It's okay I won't let him touch you….don't be scared."

Susan whispered back in a non-believable tone, "Scared?...Why would I be scared?"

Markell rolled his eyes. Susan then said with a sad whisper, "Besides, you can't make a promise like that. No matter what, he will get his way here." Markell looked back at her sympathetically.

The guard led them far back into the camp. Susan was looking at everything rapidly; she ran into one of the biggest guards ever. He glared at her angrily and growled. Markell grabbed her arm and pulled her away from him.

She let out a sigh of relief and made sure she was behind Markell for the rest of the way. They got to a table and saw Autumn looking angry and Demeterius smiling. Susan clung onto Markell's arm and stayed behind him.

Then she thought to herself, "I can't hide in fear forever….but right now I am." Markell looked behind him to see Susan's face. Her face was pale, and she looked ill.

Demeterius said, "Ahh welcome. Now the whole family's here."

Susan and Markell were still frozen in their position. Demeterius gestured his hands forward. "Come. Sit. Sit."

Markell moved forward then Susan did. They sat next to each other across from Demeterius and Autumn. Susan sat across form Demeterius, and Markell sat across from Autumn. Demeterius said, "Do you two know that I'm going to be fighting the mighty King Caspian?"

Susan and Markell both shook their heads in unison pretending they didn't know a thing. Demeterius continued, "Well I will…and be prepared to see him fall."

Susan's muscles tensed and her jaw clenched. She was about ready to clobber this man. Markell put a hand around her arm noticing her position. She became less tense, and her posture became slouchy again. Demeterius noticed Susan and asked, "Is anything the matter?"

Susan shook her head and looked at her knees. Demeterius asked angrily, "Are you going to speak at all?"

Susan shook her head again still looking down. Demeterius smiled. "Oh so you want to do other things than talk?"

She felt his foot on top of her own, and her head snapped up. "No see I'm talking." Demeterius took his foot off of her and started to eat his lunch.

It was quiet for a long time, and Demeterius grew frustrated again. "Well someone say something!"

Markell spoke up, and his voice sounded strained, "Where..." Demeterius looked over at Markell, who cleared his throat. "Where is the battle taking place?"
Demeterius looked at Susan who was looking at her knees again. He said, "Where the Queen fought her first time in Narnia."

Susan sighed and mumbled, "Get your Narnian history right, I actually didn't fight."

Demeterius raised an eyebrow. "Did you say something my Queen?"

Susan looked up from her knees and glared at him. "I am not your Queen, and I will never be your Queen."

Demeterius put up a hand to slap her across the face. In the same time Markell stood up. Demeterius restrained himself. "I think you're becoming a little loony my dear."

Susan stood up. "The only one here acting loony is you….I'm not hungry. I want to go back to the tent."

Demeterius walked to Susan and stood inches from her face and growled, "With and attitude like that, I think you should."

Susan smiled angry. "Gladly."

She turned around to walk away but Demeterius grabbed her hip and pulled her into a kiss. Susan pulled away, but she couldn't get out of his grip, and he said, "I could never stay mad at a beautiful face like that."

Markell walked over and pulled Susan out of his grip and put her behind him. Markell yelled, "That is enough! Don't you dare touch her again."

Demeterius punched Markell in the jaw which made a popping noise, and Markell fell to the ground. Demeterius bent his face down. "You know your place boy, and I would suggest you stay there."

Susan bent down next to Markell and touched is jaw to see it red and puffy. He flinched at the touch. She grabbed his elbow and pulled him back to his feet. Demeterius said to a guard, "Send them back to their tent."

The guard nodded, and Susan and Markell followed the guard. Markell kept touching where he was punched trying to get used to the pain. Susan nudged him. "Stop touching it you're making it worse."

Markell rolled his eyes. "I think I would know if I would be making it worse." When they got back into the tent, Susan smiled crookedly. "Thank you for standing up for me."

Markell chuckled, "You see how well that worked out."

Susan giggled. "Just like a Pevensie…you crack a joke even in the worst of times."

Then Susan's face became concerned; she saw a purple spot start to form on his jaw. She said wholeheartedly, "But seriously thank you."

Markell smiled a little. "Well I promised your brother to keep you safe."

Susan nodded. "Well can I tell you something? You need to know."

Markell nodded his head unsure of what he was going to hear. Susan said looking down. "Demeterius used to hit me like that and do painful things when we were alone….." She trailed off thinking back, and it sent shivers up and down her spine.

Markell walked over to her to be closer. "Is that whatever it is on your stomach which you showed Autumn?" Susan nodded and sighed feeling painful memories flooding back.

Markell asked "I don't mean to pry, but may I see?"

Susan sighed "Okay." She lifted up her shirt the tiniest bit for him just to see the scar.

He gasped looking at the thick line across her stomach. He touched it, and Susan immediately put her shirt down. Markell's face became frustrated. "Why would he do such a thing?"

Susan sat down and shrugged her shoulders. "I dunno. I heard whenever he started fighting with his wife he became insane…that's when eventually he killed his wife."

Markell sat down next to her, touching her shoulder with his. She laid her head on his shoulder and sighed. "Well I know for sure you are nothing like your father…if something doesn't go your way, you don't go completely mad."

Peter yelled at the top of his lungs, "What?" He turned the brightest shade of red. "You're only fourteen Lucy!" Lucy didn't know what to do, she'd only seen Peter go off like this with Susan.

She thought about Susan and how she handled it. She put a hand on his shoulder. "Peter…Peter I am old enough to understand. I'm somewhat older than I look. I did have those years growing up during the golden age."

Peter rolled his eyes in frustration. "But you're fourteen now….I don't want you kissing him again."

Lucy groaned, "But Peter…."

Peter cut her off, "Nope I will not stand for it."

Lucy stormed off and mumbled, "Susan makes it look so much easier." Then she thought about Susan and what could be happening to her right now. She froze in her place and thought of all the pain Susan must be going through right now.

Caspian was fighting Kale and no one could tell who was winning. Eventually, Caspian made the sword come out of Kale's hand, and he held out his sword up to Kale's neck. Caspian smiled at his victory. Kale chuckled. "My first loss…this is different."

Caspian smiled in a cocky way. "Well maybe you shouldn't challenge me." He took his sword away from Kale's neck and helped him up.

Kale watched as Caspian put his sword back in his belt and when he was done he asked, "Do you miss her?"

Caspian pulled his eyebrows together and sighed in sadness. "Yes I do, but I know everything will be okay. I have to be optimistic….because if I lose hope, who would have any?"

Kale nodded in grief and with his head down. "I understand." Kale walked away and went to his tent.

Lucy felt someone put their hands on her shoulders. She turned around and noticed Frederick with a cute smile upon his face. Lucy still had the same bleak expression upon her face.

Frederick stood in front of her and had a questionable look on his face. "Lucy what's wrong?"

Lucy was having flashbacks of Demeterius kissing Susan and she shivered. Lucy tried to shake the memories away. "I'm worried for Susan."

Frederick dropped his hands and sighed like he felt bad. "Luce I know that you miss your sister and all but…."

Lucy became angry with him. "It's not that I just miss her…it's that Demeterius could be doing horrible awful things to her right now."

Frederick nodded unsure. "What do you mean? I know that he seriously hurt her, but I'm getting the feeling that's not it."

Lucy felt a lump in her throat. "He almost did something with her that she's never done before."

Frederick's eyes popped wide in shock. "What?"

Lucy nodded. "It's horrible."

Frederick looked down in disgust. "Is that what he was doing before?"

Lucy nodded with soft eyes and tears glistening behind them. Frederick hugged her and Lucy hugged him back. He squeezed her a little tighter than let go. He smiled. "I have to go to training….Trumpkin's leading it."

Lucy nodded and bit her lip holding back tears. She ran into Edmund who was eavesdropping. He smiled at her. "Does Lucy have a boyfriend?"

Lucy blushed. " I don't…well at least I don't think so."

Edmund poked at her side. "I'm telling Peter."

She sighed. "Go ahead I already kind of did,"

Edmund tilted his head. "And what did he say?"

Lucy said, "Let's just say he didn't take me kissing Frederick easily….Susan makes it look easy."

Edmund chuckled. "Of course she does she's….wait did you just say kiss?"

Lucy blushed. "Oops that didn't mean to slip out."

Edmund had his mouth wide open. "You're younger than me and you had your first kiss before me?...I guess this is how Pete feels with Su." Lucy laughed.

Markell chuckled to himself while Susan was sitting criss cross in front of him. She asked, "What?"

He shook his head. "I just had a thought…if you were married to Demeterius. You would somewhat be my mother…I'm older than you."

Susan scrunched up her nose. "Eww…that's weird."

Markell laughed. "I know that's really weird."

Susan looked at Markell closely and said, "You know I used to think you had the same nose as Demeterius, but his is abnormally large."

Markell laughed and then groaned in pain. He touched his jaw. "You've got to stop making me laugh."

Susan's face became concerned, and she touched his jaw which was now a dark purple. He flinched and closed his eyes at her touch. She put pressure around the purple ring. She asked, "Does it hurt when I put pressure here?"

He opened his eyes. "Not really it's actually kind of numb."

Susan nodded in concern. They were quite close from each other's faces. He looked at her eyes, which were a sparkling light blue from her laughing before.

Markell smiled at her, and she noticed, "What? Why are you smiling?"

He looked down. "I've never had someone be this nice to me before."

Susan smiled. "Well I am the gentle Queen…aren't I?"

Markell chuckled. "I guess so." They heard someone come through their tent, and Susan turned around to see who it was.

Caspian was one of the most stressed human beings in Narnia at the moment. He got a letter in an arrow again from Archenland. It said that the war would be in two days. Caspian was sitting on a chair and rubbing his forehead thinking.

He just kept telling himself, "If I do this, Susan will be okay, and I will be with her again." He kept wishing Susan would walk into his tent and calm him down by telling him comforting words. She would also make him laugh in some way. She would also tell him to snap out of it and be brave because he could do it.

He knew that wouldn't happen, so he just imagined it. He heard someone come in, and he rubbed his face and turned to face them. Peter came in and said, "I was just checking if everything would be ready to go soon."

Caspian nodded not looking at Peter. Peter nodded. "I also came in to check on you." He walked closer to Caspian.

Caspian pinched the bridge of his nose and said calmly, "I would rather be left alone."

Peter became frustrated. "Fine be that way Caspian…I know if Susan were here you wouldn't want to be alone then."

Caspian sighed heavily. "I'm sorry Peter…I'm just very stressed. I just want to think to myself." Peter nodded looking at the exit of the tent and left. Caspian just kept sitting on the chair and started thinking of the war again.

Susan turned around, and it was Demeterius with a smile of relief on his face. Susan's face became grim and sour. Markell didn't look any different than her own.

Demeterius sighed. "Isn't this a sight for sore eyes." The both of them just kept their posture. He cleared his throat. "I'm so excited…The war and duel between the Telemarine King and me is in two days."

Susan felt her muscles become tense; she thought of Caspian. She missed him; she wanted to reassure him that everything would be fine. She snapped out of thought when Demeterius spoke.

He said, "Well I hope the both of you would join me for dinner tonight….and I will not have another incident like at lunch." He walked out, and Markell sighed making his posture become more relaxed. Susan on the other hand was still in the same position.

Markell nudged her. "Are you okay?"

Susan shook her head out of it and relaxed. "Yes I'm fine."

She stood up and started pacing back and forth trying to make her breathing even again. Markell said following her with his eyes, "Calm down if that man tries anything…"

Susan kept pacing as she said, "It's not dinner I'm worried about….it's the fight with Caspian."

Susan was thinking about how stupid she was for making Caspian fight for her. She felt like if Caspian got hurt in any way, it would be her fault. She kept mumbling to herself "Stupid…stupid…stupid."

Markell shook his head. "You're not stupid. You know that King Caspian is one of the best swordfighters in all of Narnia."

Susan stopped pacing to look at him. "But is Demeterius the best fighter in Archenland?" Markell looked down not sure what to say.

Susan groaned and started pacing again. Markell asked in an uncomfortable way, "You love him don't you?"

She stopped pacing and sat down. "Yes I do…with all my heart." She smiled to herself at what she said.

He smiled. "Well then I believe the feeling is mutual for him. If a man is fighting for love, he is more likely to win than a man fighting for greed."

Susan shook her head and pursed her lips. She knew he was right. A guard came in and said in a gruff sounding voice, "It's time to go." Both of them stood up and followed the guard to where they ate lunch.

Every single soldier in the army, in Caspian's mind, was pestering with so many questions; his head felt like it was going to burst. Some asked Peter and Edmund but most of them asked Caspian.

Most of the questions were about where they were to be during the war. Some were about their armor and what they should wear. Caspian was annoyed at first by how many questions were being asked. He then became happy that his soldiers were actually preparing and becoming concerned.

When Caspian left his tent, he noticed men running around in chaos. They were shouting at one another. They were tearing down tents some were cursing out loud. He wished that Lucy wasn't around to hear. He saw things being thrown about and horses coming and going.

Caspian was quite annoyed and became more stressed from what he saw going about. He put his fingers to his mouth and whistled loudly. All of the soldiers stopped what they were doing to look at their king.

He yelled in a stern voice, "Fantastic…Now that I have your attention would everyone please come to where sword training is so we can get things sorted out?" No one would question their king, so they did as told. The ones who didn't hear his announcement just followed the crowd.

Caspian stood in front of his soldiers and said with a loud clear voice almost yelling, "I want to make this mess turn into not as much as a mess. I know we're all somewhat scared and stressed for our move closer towards the battlefield. I just want everyone to listen to me." He breathed a deep breath to collect his thoughts and continued, "I want all archers taking down the tents. I want every fawn and Telemarine that is not an archer get supplies ready to move. I would also like for everyone else help wherever they can."

Everyone nodded almost in unison and started to disperse. Caspian yelled one last time, "Oh!" Everyone turned towards his attention again. "Please. No foul language. Think of Queen Lucy." Some of the men chuckled and some just groaned like it was hard to do.

Lucy was helping her brothers load a horse with food and rations for the men. She caught a few glances at Frederick who was helping a fawn and a minotaur take down a tent. She turned a little pink when she saw him notice her staring, and he smiled at her.

Edmund noticed her staring and chuckled. "Might wanna watch out for Lu, Pete. There may be another boy in the picture to steal another sister from you." Peter noticed Lucy as well for she didn't listen to Edmund.

Peter snapped his fingers near her face. "Lu stop staring and help."

She turned even more pink. "Sure…of course."

Susan was utterly annoyed with Demeterius bickering on and on about himself. Not once did he ask anyone a question about themselves not even Autumn.

Finally he asked, "Well Queen Susan.." She looked at him "I'm glad you will be fighting with us against Narnia. From what I've heard you're pretty good with a bow and arrow."

She felt as if she were tortured from the words coming from his mouth. He was basically telling her she was to fight against her family and Caspian. She said with a stern voice, "If you win the battle against King Caspian."

He chuckled to himself. "Where is this "if" coming from my dear? Do you doubt my winning?"

She smirked at him. "If you're fighting the High King of Narnia I'm one hundred percent sure you'll lose."

Demeterius's face lost his smile from Susan's first words. His face became angry and frustrated; it looked rather scary to Susan. He yelled, "How dare you say that about your King!"

She looked around and most of the guards looked startled by his raise in voice. Markell grabbed Susan's wrist and had a look on his face that said, "Stop."

She just continued to be on Demeterius's bad side. "What do you mean? It was a compliment to my King….King Caspian."

Demeterius almost screamed with fury. His anger bubbled inside his chest like a raging fire. He pushed the whole table over which made Susan and Markell fall with the table on their ankles. The dishes and food was everywhere, and the whine also spilled.

Soon Markell and Susan got up and Autumn and Demeterius were standing. Autumn was moved away from her father because he had a strange look in his eye. It was scary to Autumn. Markell put himself in front of Susan while Demeterius walked forward towards them. He said in a low angry voice, "Markell move out of my way."

Markell stood his ground. "No." Demeterius pushed him out of his way. Susan stood with her arms crossed.

He walked up to her inches away from her face. He said with all anger in his tone, "How dare you say that. You are mine; he gave you to me."

She rolled her eyes. "Well I actually had the plan to get my sister out of here."

His jaw clenched. "Well obviously it was a stupid idea my Queen. You should leave the planning to the men."

She was furious. "Why do you have to put women down all the time? I actually get a say in things in Narnia."

He glared at her still inches from her face. "Well this isn't Narnia anymore sweetheart. I don't know how that Telemarine King is running things, but it's wrong."

Susan was on the breaking point; she slapped Demeterius across the face. It was red when he looked back at her. She almost yelled, "Don't you dare talk about King Caspian like that. He's ten times a better king than you!"

Susan saw the rage in Demeterius's eyes the same time he broke her leg. She thought in her head, "What have I done? No. He was talking about Narnia and the person I love, who is also the king, in horrible ways. I am a Queen. I should defend them."

Demeterius lunged at her knocking her to the ground. He was on top of her, and he punched her in the cheek. She yelped in pain and then strong hands pulled Demeterius off of her. Markell threw Demeterius and stood in front of him in the way of Susan.

Demeterius gave him a curious look. "What are you doing boy? Can't you learn something from your sister? She's standing out of the way."

Markell took a glance at Autumn, who was just standing with her mouth in shock. Markell glared at her and turned his glare to Demeterius. Markell said with a stern voice, "I want you to stop hurting my queen."

Demeterius chuckled. "I'm not hurting her….I'm teaching her things she should know."

Markell rolled his eyes. "Because smacking her is teaching what exactly?"

Demeterius growled. "Know your place boy."

Susan got up off the ground. "I think this dinner is over I would like to be taken back to my tent now." Markell turned to look at Susan with her hand on her cheek lightly. When she took it down he saw it red.

Demeterius said, "Not without a kiss goodnight."

She rolled her eyes. "You're really going to kiss me after all that?"

He chuckled. "You're just too beautiful."

She growled, "You always say that…just let me sleep."

Demeterius's smile faded. "Take Queen Susan and Markell to their tent." He snapped his fingers and of course a guard came running. The guard bowed and said in respect, "Yes your majesty."

The guard grabbed Susan's wrist and with the other hand grabbed Markell's wrist and pulled them away. When they got to the tent the guard released them. Both Susan and Markell stormed into their tent with rage.

Susan said between her clenched teeth, "I can't wait until Caspian shows him a lesson with his sword."

Markell put his hands on Susan's shoulders. "Where did that come from gentle queen?"

Susan sighed as if defeated and turned to look at him. "I have no respect for that man. Talking about Caspian like that. Talking about women like that. Talking about Narnia like that….I just can't take it!"

She pushed Markell's hands off of her shoulders and walked to the other corner of the tent. She curled herself into a ball and started rocking back and forth.

When everything was ready to be moved, Caspian felt excited, nervous, and stressed. He got his trusty horse and led the soldiers with Peter and Edmund at either side of him. Lucy and Frederick were on two horses behind them.

Edmund was holding on to Susan's bow and felt privileged to do so. Her arrows were on his back as well. He remembered what Susan said the day he saw her at camp. She said everything was fine and that she loved him and their family and Caspian. He saw something in her eyes that said everything wasn't fine though. It was like she wished he would stay longer. He regretted leaving.

Peter noticed Edmund staring off somewhere like he was thinking hard. Peter asked with a cautious look on his face, "Ed?" Edmund broke out of his gaze to look at Peter. "What's wrong?"

Edmund shrugged his shoulders. "I guess I'm a little shaken about this war and everything."

Peter chuckled. "Shaken about war? Okay who are you and what have you done with my brother?"

Edmund rolled his eyes. "I guess I feel bad for just seeing Susan at that camp, and I could've helped her….but..but I didn't."

Peter's smile turned into a grim look. "Ed…Susan will be with us soon. I have a feeling if you did do something though…all hell would break lose."

Edmund nodded his head slightly. "Hey Caspian?" Caspian listened to the whole conversation but didn't intervene. He turned his head towards Edmund. "When are we going to be there? It's almost sundown."

Caspian squinted his eyes into the horizon. "I guess your right about sundown….but we're almost there."

When they got there, it was sunset and Caspian smiled to himself. He knew that Susan would be talking about how beautiful the sky would be. But of course Caspian thought to himself that Susan would make the sunset even more beautiful.

Lucy was unpacking a horse and noticed how close but how far away the battle would be from where she was unpacking. She could feel it was going to be a bloody battle. She felt thankful for her cordial.

She heard Frederick talking to some minotaur, and she smiled to herself. She saw Peter notice her smile, and he shook his head. Lucy sighed to herself in anger.

When the tents were all set up, the men didn't even bother setting up a fire. They knew everyone needed their rest for the battle to come tomorrow.

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