The Fight

Susan woke up in the far right hand corner of the tent. She smelled the dew on the grass and heard lots of snoring. She must've woken up early to have most of the camp asleep. She saw Markell laying on the other side of the tent curled up in a ball breathing heavily and shivering.

It was a chilly morning, but she could feel it was going to be a hot day. She got up and peeked outside the tent and noticed a few guards walking about and the dew from the grass evaporating causing a fog.

She heard footsteps coming towards the tent and laid down, closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. She heard the person open the flaps of the tent and walk towards Markell. She heard Markell breathe on last deep breath and ask hoarsely, "What do you want?"

She heard that voice from anywhere answer, "Well I just wanted you to help me pick out my garments to destroy Caspian. My beloved is asleep, so you were the second person I thought of."

Markell rolled his eyes. "Why wake me up and not her?" Demeterius went towards Susan and stroked her cheek. Susan did everything in her power to stay put.

He sighed. "Because she is a beautiful sleeper."

Markell sat up. "Please get away from her."

Demeterius rolled his eyes. ""Do you think I'd look best in my green or blue?" Markell didn't answer he just glared. Demeterius sighed. "Fine I'll go ask your sister."

Demeterius walked out of the tent with his jaw clenched, and his hands balled up into fists. Markell sighed of relief. "You can stop faking now."

Susan opened her eyes and blinked rapidly. "How did you know?" Markell smirked "When he touched you I saw your face pinch up and your muscles clench. It really wasn't that difficult to figure out."

Susan snorted. "Well great job Sherlock."

Markell raised an eyebrow. "Sherlock?...I don't understand."

She chuckled. "It's a London thing."

His eyebrow went higher. "London?" Susan smiled. "It's where I come from."

Markell nodded still confused and uncertain. Susan's smile faded. "Maybe I'll tell you when I'm less stressed."

Markell gave her a reassuring smile. "Everything will be fine, Susan."

Caspian slept but barely. He had weird feelings in his stomach. He woke Edmund up by accident who told him, "It's only butterflies."

Caspian didn't understand. What were butterflies doing in his stomach? He was thinking, "What if I lost, and Susan is in the hands of that monster? No! I will win for my country and my love."

By dawn, all of the Narnian army was awake and getting ready. There were mixed emotions. Some were excited and could feel the adrenaline pumping; and some were stressed and thinking today could be their last breath.

Peter, Lucy, and Edmund were helping one another get ready in their tent. Peter was tying the ties in the back of Lucy's dress because Susan would normally do it. Peter was having difficulty with his big fingers but figured it out.

Lucy had tears in the back of her eyes. She knew that there was a possibility she wouldn't see her brothers, Caspian, or Susan ever again. Then she thought she could possibly never see Frederick ever again either.

Peter turned Lucy around when he was done and gave her a sad smile. His eyebrows knitted together. "Lucy what's wrong?"

She hated how Peter always knew when something was wrong. She shook her head knowing if she spoke her voice might have cracked and tears could run down her face. Lucy started to walk away, and Peter grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

One tear feel from her eye, and she lost it. "Oh Peter!" She pulled him into a big hug and cried. He wrapped his arms around her as well and kept hushing her and rubbed his hand through her hair.

Lucy wailed, "Please be careful Peter and watch out for Ed and Susan. I love all of you. You might not make it, and my mind hasn't fully understood that until now."

Peter nodded. "It will all be okay Lu." Edmund walked into the tent and stopped at what he saw. "If I came at a wrong time I could leave."

Lucy broke out of Peter's hug and pulled Edmund into a hug. Edmund at first didn't know what to do, then wrapped his arms around his baby sister. She said, "Be careful Ed."

Edmund half smiled. "Of course I will. Aren't always?" Lucy pulled out of the hug and wiped the tears from her eyes and walked out of the tent.

Peter smiled and put a hand on Edmund's shoulder. "I remember when she was in diapers and now she's worried about us."

Edmund smiled. "We have to do this for our sisters."

Peter nodded in approval. "For our sisters."

Lucy was headed for the healing tent to grab her cordial but ran into none other than Frederick. He saw her red eyes and followed her "Want to talk about it?"

Lucy stopped her movement and turned to face him. "Want to talk about what?"

Frederick shook his head in concern. "You're not fooling anyone Lucy. You were crying."

Lucy tried to laugh it off but not getting any emotion from Frederick she caved, "I'm just scared. What if one of my family members die or someone I care about?"

Frederick pursed his lips. "I thought you were the one who had hope?"

Lucy made a small smile. "I should have some hope."

Frederick put his thumb under her chin to look into her eyes. "Never worry Lucy, always have hope. I'll see you after this whole thing for supper."

She smiled as she felt his warm thumb under her chin. He smiled and walked away but before he could, Lucy gave him a big hug. He hugged her back as forcefully, and once they broke the hug they smiled at one another.

Susan and Markell were fed without breakfast neither of them cared. Susan was too stressed and wished she would be able to give her family her traditional hug before war. Markell was worried for his true King.

Susan and Markell both were to be dressed into dirty ragged clothes. Susan was wearing a white plain dress which in older times would be considered underwear. It would be the kind women would wear underneath nice dresses. It was dirty and torn at the bottom.

She felt disgusting and exposed at the same time. Markell had to be dressed in dirty light pants and a dirty light brown shirt. When they were both dressed, Demeterius came into the tent and smiled maniacally.

He asked, "Do you like your change of clothes? I especially love yours Queen Susan." Susan shuddered at the thought of what was playing in his head.

Markell rolled his eyes. "What's with the clothes Demeterius?"

Demeterius growled glaring at Markell. "That's King Demeterius or father."

When Markell didn't move or say anything, Demeterius said, "Well since you asked, King Caspian will see we haven't treated the both of you nicely. Since apparently he is infatuated with Queen Susan, he will be angry and at his most vulnerable."

Susan pushed eyebrows together. "I still don't understand? Why make him mad?"

Demeterius moved closer to Susan. "Because he will be worried as well. Worried if he doesn't win; the both of you and his country will live in misery. His mind will be occupied while he should be focused on battle."

Susan stood up angrily. "King Caspian is a great warrior he's smarter than that he will win."

Demeterius chuckled. "You would love to think that wouldn't you Queen Susan? But I know seeing a beautiful woman like you being exposed like you are right now…. I would be distracted too."

Susan took a step back turning red because she was very exposed. She was standing in front of the man who did awful things to her. King Demeterius touched his hand to her face. "Don't worry my love I will win and nothing will keep us apart."

Susan pursed her lips. "You would love to think that wouldn't you King Demeterius?"

He smacked her across the face making her fall to the ground. "Know your place! You're a woman."

Markell ran to Susan's side, and she waved him away. "I'm fine." Demeterius stomped out of the tent.

Markell rolled his eyes. "You being smart will bite you in the butt someday."

Susan touched the cheek he hit. "Is there a mark? Please say there's no mark."

Markell bit his bottom lip. "If I said there was no mark I would be lying."

Susan exhaled a worried breath. "Demeterius is right Caspian is always worried about me. He'll probably be worried about me during the entire fight. This mark on my face doesn't help now. I might actually be the reason for Caspian's fall."

Caspian and his infantry were riding to the battle sight. Peter, Edmund, and Caspian led the army. Peter felt adrenaline course through is veins. He also felt scared for his siblings and Caspian. But he knew he couldn't let his fears get the best of him.

Caspian was still having the butterflies in his stomach and still didn't understand the idiom. He had his sword on his side and without conscience had his hand on the handle. He looked at both Peter and Edmund, who were both fixated on the road in front of them.

Peter was thinking about Lucy, and how she was to stay at the healing tent by herself. She would probably have to see horrible injuries. He thought about all the hurt and pain she must go through looking at all the injured soldiers. He shook his head and focused on the path in front of him.

To Edmund the memories flooded back to him with the White Witch. The battle they had, the laurels from soldiers, and the pain many soldiers went through. He shuddered at the memory when the witch stabbed him. He then remembered when his family rescued him. When he woke up from an almost death experience and seeing his family he knew; he knew that they were a family, and they would do anything for each other.

When they got close enough to the battle field, Caspian, Peter, and Edmund made their horses come to a halt. Caspian yelled, "This is a day that will go down in History! If you fall today; you fall for your country! Your children, wives, and or family will always speak highly after you! This is the day Archenland will be intimidated by the words war and Narnia together!"

All of the men cheered for their King had made them feel better. Most of them were worried, but now they knew what they were fighting for. They were fighting for Narnia's freedom and their King. The Telemarine King no one believed in. They all believed in him that day.

Demeterius and two guards came into Susan and Markell's tent. Demeterius said in a serious manner, "Time to go." Susan's stomach did flips, not of joy, but of nervousness. She had butterflies and wanted them to go away.

Markell noticed the sudden change in her facial expression and mouthed, "It will be okay." Susan took note of his gesture but knew it was a lie. On a day like thins nothing would be okay.

Demeterius had the guards bind Susan and Markell's hands with rope. After that the guards gagged them with cloth. Before they gagged Susan, Demeterius pressed his lips to her own. When he pulled away, he whispered, "We will be together again."

Before Susan could retort, the guard gagged her. She felt as if she were going to throw up from the revolting cloth. She found it ironic that she somewhat gagged in the gag. She looked at Markell one last time, whose face was of worry.

She felt a tear stream down her face but couldn't wipe it away. She felt embarrassed for showing her emotions. The only people she cried in front of, not intentionally, were her family and Caspian now to add to her list, Markell.

When they started walking, they followed Demeterius on horseback and a few other horses. Two of the guards in front of them had rope in their hands. One guard pulling on Susan's hands, the other pulling on Markell's hands.

Susan fell once but couldn't get up. She laid in pain for a little before a soldier behind her picked her up. She turned to face him with the most thankful look in her eyes as she possibly could because she couldn't talk.

The Narnian side was all set up for battle and ready to go. The archers were set up where they were during the first battle. The men on the ground had swords, shields, and spears. There were some other weapons that weren't as common as well, as you could imagine.

The soldiers stood strong on their two or four legs. Peter looked at Caspian and then Edmund as the opposing side approached. Most men spat in disgust as they came. Caspian, Peter, and Edmund rode forward.

Demeterius and his guards rode forward with them along with Autumn. Susan and Markell could not be seen yet because of the horses in front of them. They couldn't see anything as well.

Demeterius and his guards and Peter, Edmund, and Caspian all rode to the middle of the battlefield. Demeterius got off of his horse when he close enough and so did the three Kings of Narnia.

Demeterius looked grim with vile and hatred. "Well this is it King Caspian. You have no idea how long I've waited for this."

Caspian shook his head. "I want to see them first."

Susan's heart stopped beating at the familiar voice. She tried to say behind her gag, "Caspian! I'm here everything's fine. I love you." But all that came out was the hum of her voice.

Demeterius laughed manically. "Is this what you want?" He walked behind the horses and pulled Susan by the hair. She flinched in pain as he threw her to the ground at Caspian, Peter, and Edmund's feet.

Peter bent down to pick Susan up but Demeterius yelled in protest "Oh you naughty King. She's not your property until your King Caspian defeats me."

Demeterius picked Susan up by her hair so her face could be in full view of her brothers and Caspian. She looked at their faces mixed with rage and grief. She tried to say something anything but nothing came out.

Demeterius chuckled and said only that the Kings and Susan could hear, "Besides I've had my fun with her. And she liked it." She saw all three Kings stiffen and looked like they were about to punch something.

He smiled at their reaction. "Isn't that right sweetheart?" He forced her to shake her head up and down. She closed her eyes, she didn't want to see her brothers and Caspian's reaction. When she opened them, Caspian asked, "Where's Markell? I said I want to see them. Them as in plural."

Demeterius nodded. "Bring my son out." They dragged Markell out who was ashamed of himself to be the son of Demeterius.

Caspian saw this in his eyes and felt bad. Caspian sighed. "Well let's do this."

Demeterius chuckled. "Finally."

Susan's eyes were wide with shock she tried to scream on the top her lungs "Caspian! He didn't do anything to me! I love you!" But all that was heard was verbiage.

Caspian and Demeterius were in the middle of the battlefield with their foes on the opposite end. Caspian stated, "Either death or surrender. When that happens….the war continues."

Demeterius nodded with a half-smile. "I always remember the rules, and I'm a man of my word."

Caspian nodded. They backed up from one another,r and Demeterius let out a battle cry. It had begun.

Caspian jolted back as Demeterius went forward with his sword in front of him. He grunted for he had missed. Caspian went for Demeterius's back when it was turned and was blocked by Demeterius's sword.

Demeterius went for the slicing of Caspian's head off but Caspian ducked back. The sword went straight over his head. Demeterius said to make Caspian's mind wonder somewhere else, "You know that every time I made love with your gentle Queen…she wasn't that gentle."

Caspian was distracted from his words, and Demeterius made a small cut on Caspian's arm. Caspian let out a groan, and Susan gasped. Caspian went for Demeterius's leg and was blocked.

About twenty minutes later, the fight was still going on. Both men had sweat about everywhere. It turned out to be a beautiful hot day. Caspian was getting dangerously tired, he getting just the slightest bit tired could potentially cause an imminent death.

Demeterius was able to get Caspian's sword to fly out of his hand. When it did, Caspian ran away from Demeterius's charge. Caspian found a rock laying in the grass and picked it up. When Demeterius ran at him again, Caspian threw the rock at him as hard as he could, and it hit him in the face.

Demeterius fell to the ground dazed, and Caspian found his sword and stabbed it into Demeterius's chest. Well where his chest should have been until he rolled over. Caspian growled, he didn't want to fight him anymore.

Caspian let Demeterius charge at him this time but kicked him in the gut making him fly backward. Caspian ran forward and put his feet on Demeterius's wrists and held his sword to his neck.

Caspian smiled victoriously. "Do you surrender, Demeterius? I will kill you right here right now if you don't."

Caspian pushed harder on the blade. "Last chance."

Demeterius yelled, "I surrender!" The Narnian side cheered for their King. Susan laughed from behind her gag and tried to cheer in happiness.

Caspian got off of Demeterius and started to walk towards Edmund and Peter. Demeterius got up and ran to Susan. He put his sword to her neck. Caspian turned around and noticed in shock and horror.

Demeterius smiled. "Ahh. Weren't expecting this were you Caspian? You see you won, so now she's your possession. I can kill your things. It might be heartbreaking for you. But that's the fun part….watching King Caspian…the great King Caspian X fall from the death of a Queen."

Susan looked at Caspian who was in horror and shock, but she remembered something. She kneed Demeterius in the groin and ran towards Caspian. Markell ran forward as well while the Archenland King was in pain.

Caspian pulled Susan's gag out of her mouth and cut the rope on her hands. She breathed heavily like she couldn't believe it was Caspian; her Caspian. She touched his face and smiled. He smiled into her touch as well.

Susan almost squeezed the life out of Caspian then. When they pulled away, they looked into each other's eyes, blue clashing with brown. Susan ran to her two brothers and hugged them as well. She made the two fall down from her embrace.

They laughed and Caspian noticed as they were reuniting Demeterius picked up a small sword from his guards. He threw it at Susan aiming it at Susan.

Caspian yelled, "No! Susan!" But just in time Markell jumped in front of her. Susan turned around to see the horror that just happened in front of her. Demeterius and his guards started to ride back to their army.

Susan ran to Markell removing his gag and cutting his rope. The wound was in his stomach and deeply put in his abdomen. Susan touched his face. "Markell…."

Markell stopped her sentence by putting his hand to her lips. "Susan my job was to protect you from him, and I think I earn a gold star or something for that."

Susan laughed with tears streaming down her face, and he did too and groaned in pain. Susan said swallowing back tears, "I think you do to hotshot."

He smiled. "You want to know a secret Susan?" She didn't know how to answer, so she bent down with her ear on his lips.

He whispered, "I think I love you Susan Pevensie, Gentle Queen of Narnia."

Susan pulled her head away. "Markell I want you to know that….I've never felt so honored in my life."

He chuckled. "I know you love King Caspian, but a dying man's last wish…."

Susan felt more tears falling down. "Don't say that you're going to live."

He flinched in pain. "Be realistic, Susan….One last thing I want is to have my first kiss with the first woman I love."

Susan looked at Caspian, who wasn't standing too far away, he knew what was going on, and he nodded his head. She looked at Markell, who was hiding his pain, and she lowered her lips near his.

She whispered, "Only for you Markell the best soldier of Narnia." She kissed him slightly, and he kissed her back. There was love and passion from Markell and from Susan was pain and grief. When she pulled away, he smiled and then groaned in pain. A Narnian came to carry Markell to the healing tent.

Susan grabbed his hand when he was being picked up. She let go as the Narnian started to walk away. Markell said in pain, "Oh Susan?" Susan looked up in confusion. "Kill that bastard." She smiled in sadness and tears spilled down her face.

Caspian came up from behind her. "Do you love him?"

Susan shook her head. "Only as a very good friend. I feel terrible though."

Caspian nodded. "Did he do anything to you?" He looked at Susan's mark on her cheek.

Susan shook her head. "All he told you were lies. He only hit me, nothing more."

Caspian looked back over to Demeterius. He was shouting orders. "I know this is a bad time…but you need to be with the archers. The real war is starting soon."

Susan nodded, stood up straighter and wiped the tears from her eyes. "As I promised I will lead the archers."

Edmund gave Susan her bow and arrow,s and she said as hard as tried without her voice cracking, "Thank you Ed."

She ruffled his hair and walked past Peter. He put his hand on her shoulder, and she shook it off. "I'm okay Peter I really am." Peter knew she was lying but let it go.

Susan rode on the back of Caspian's horse as the monarchs of Narnia rode back to their army. Susan got off the horse and looked at Caspian one last time. She said, "Don't let any of this get to your head. You're a brave strong soldier, and I love you."

Caspian gave her a crooked smile and he leaned in to kiss her. It was their kiss goodbye. Susan then left him. She ran up to the top of the cliffs where the archers were standing ready for her orders.

She looked down at Trumpkin. "Whenever you give the word your majesty."

Susan nodded. "Did you see everything?"

Trumpkin nodded as he let out a sigh. Susan cleared her throat. "If you're not going to ask I'll be honest with you. I'm not doing okay."

Trumpkin said sarcastically, "Well that would be a first."

Susan smiled for a millisecond and it faded into seriousness. She saw the enemy advancing forward with Demeterius leading staring right at her. She screamed as loud as she could, "Fire!"

That's when it all began.

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