The War

The archers took aim at the field below and men fell to their death. Susan watched as each of her arrows hit a soldier. She kept an eye on Caspian, Peter, and Edmund while she was firing. She wanted to know that they were safe. Since she was watching them she had no idea where Demeterius was.

Back in the healing tent Markell was brought to Lucy. Lucy was in shock of all the blood on his shirt where the blade pierced his skin. She tried to cover her gasp with a cough. Markell was dripping with sweat. "Is it that bad?... I haven't noticed."

Lucy scolded him, "This is no time for jokes. Tell me exactly what happened." Markell let out a groan of pain. Lucy flinched. "It's okay…now tell me."

He gave her a look of pain and anguish. "Demeterius stabbed me….and I'm afraid he's after your sister."

Caspian was taking one man after another from the Archenland side. Most of the men that tried to take on Caspian let out a war call; only to fall a few seconds of facing the King of Narnia.

He kept an eye on his fellow Kings who were fighting not too far away from him. He had Susan in the back of his mind. He knew if he worried about her too much it could kill him. Another man came at Caspian and was an actual challenge.

The man knocked Caspian on the ground and kicked his arm wound. Caspian groaned in pain as the soldier came at him with a sword over his head about to come down on Caspian. Before the soldier could make the sword come down, he was shot with an arrow.

Caspian knew that kind of arrow from anywhere, it was Susan's. He smiled a little and got back up as fast as he could. He needed to have better game, he was tired from his long fight from before though.

Peter was head-butted in the head and the soldier was wearing a helmet. It left a gash in Peter's head. The blood trickled down his face as he took out the soldier.

Edmund, who was fighting next to his brother, asked, "You alright mate?"

Peter chuckled. "Never better, battle scars are attractive nowadays."

Edmund chuckled. "It's all the rave to get the girls."

Peter took down another soldier. "Exactly."

Edmund was counting in the back of his head how many soldiers he took down. He always made sure that Peter was next to him alright. He knew he had to have faith in his brother, but if something happened to him, he would never forgive himself.

A little ways into the battle, Susan lost sight of her brothers, Caspian, and even worse Demeterius. She was taking man after man down. Luckily, the soldiers didn't make it up to where the archers were yet.

She looked into the hot horizon, for she saw something heading from the opposing side. There were catapults coming from the Archenland side and more soldiers. Narnia was defiantly outnumbered.

Lucy looked at Markell in confusion. "What do you mean Demeterius is after Susan?"

He groaned in pain. "Look… I know my Father. He doesn't want Caspian to live happily ever after. He's going after the one thing he loves."

Lucy put a hand over her mouth. "Okay you're turning as pale as snow. I'll give you some of my cordial."

Markell grabbed her elbow. "Queen Lucy…. I'm ready to die. Please save that stuff for people who will need it and of use to your Kingdom.

Lucy shook her head. "No Markell you saved my sister. You will live."

Markell tightened his grip. "Please." Suddenly, his grip started to weaken, and Lucy had a look of sadness in her eyes. He started to get weaker and felt death tugging on his eyelids.

The catapults were releasing huge numbers of boulders, but luckily not very fast. One boulder would take out many Narnians in one blow. Susan was getting aggravated, stressed, and tired.

The soldiers from the opposing were making their way up the hill towards Susan and the archers. She was firing arrow after arrow as fast as she could. Finally, Archenland made it up the hills.

Peter saw the soldiers on the hills and his mind suddenly fell on Susan. He looked directly at Caspian, who was looking the same direction. They both nodded at each other and started making their way up the hill.

Edmund looked up from his kill and noticed his brother and Caspian were out of sight. He started to worry but knew that they could handle a war. A guard came at him at full force, and Edmund blocked it.

This guard seemed different to Edmund, he was a challenge. The guard went for Edmund's head but Edmund ducked. Edmund went back at a swipe under the legs. The guard jumped over and then Edmund sliced him in the stomach. When the guard fell to the ground it knocked his helmet off.

Edmund looked at his opponent and noticed it was no man but a girl. It was Autumn.

Susan watched as the men came up and took out tons of archers. She felt a lump in her throat, she trained these soldiers. A man came at her a punched her across the face.

She fell to the ground. The soldier smiled and said, "Well isn't it the whore Queen. Well you are in your under garments."

Susan growled and pulled out a sword given to her. She stabbed at the guard in the heart, who fell to the ground dead and unmoving. She spit through her teeth to him, "I think you were mistaken. I am no whore. I am a warrior."

More and more soldiers came up the hill, and Susan yelled with rage. She took out one man without thought. Then she saw it a boulder about ten times her size heading her way.

She started running the opposite direction but tripped in the process. She tumbled down the hill as the boulder hit where she would have been. She hit her head off a rock which made her tumbling come to a stop.

She felt dizzy and the world around her was a blur. She felt the back of her head which was sticky and wet. When she put her hand in front of her face, there was crimson red. She brushed it on the side of her dress.

She got up to fend for herself because a man was coming at her. She pulled out her sword, but it was too late. Another man already killed the man coming towards her. When the Archenland soldier fell to the ground, Caspian was behind him.

Peter ran to Susan's side as Caspian defeated guards that came their way. Peter asked with worry and strain in his voice, "What happened?"

Susan breathed out. "Catapults, Pete. I fell and hit my head."

Peter touched the back of her head and felt woozy from the blood on his fingers. He shook his head. "Caspian and I will fight men off for you for about a few minutes. Let your head recover…when you're not dizzy anymore start fighting again."

Susan nodded, and Peter kissed her forehead. "Hang in there." He got up and started fighting at Caspian's side.

Edmund bent down as another boulder flew through the air heading towards the hill. "Autumn?" He asked.

She coughed up blood. "Tell Caspian that I did love him." Edmund nodded and Autumn took her last breaths.

Edmund got up and started fighting again; he had the same movements playing throughout his head Stab. Cut. Jab. Dodge. Duck. Slice.

Edmund saw Narnian after Narnian falling dead. He watched as some screamed in pain and agony. Some yelled to be put out of their misery. Edmund hated when wars were like this, when Narnia was greatly outnumbered.

He helped a Narnian in trouble, who was losing a battle from being tired. Edmund killed the soldier on the fawn. Edmund tried to look for Peter or Caspian but couldn't find them at all.

Susan got up not dizzy anymore but felt top heavy. She stood in between Peter and Caspian and fought alongside them. She had her bow out most of the time. She shot men, and if she couldn't get her arrows out fast enough, she would hit the Archenland soldiers with her bow.

When she knocked them over it would give her enough time to shoot them, or Peter or Caspian would kill them with their sword. This would make her angry because she didn't want them killing someone for her.

She turned and noticed the opposing side was weakening, but the Narnians were going down more drastically. She said with a crack in her voice from dehydration "If only it were a chiller day." Caspian heard her and let out a strained chuckle.

Susan then remembered. "Where's Edmund?"

Peter looked around and remembered he left Edmund all by himself without saying anything. "He's still on the battlefield." Peter half yelled half croaked.

Susan let out a worried strained sigh. "I'm going down to help him." Both men gave her a worried look, as she continued, "I want the two of you to stay up here and help the archers through whatever they need. You two right now are the best with a sword up here."

They both nodded as a guard came from behind the two of them and Susan shot straight in the heart before either of them turned around. Caspian said with worry and strain, "Be careful." Susan nodded her head and started running down to the battlefield.

Lucy was in the healing tent with many Narnians. There were so many men with horrible wounds that Lucy gave her healing cordial to. When they were recovered from the cordial, they picked up their weapons and started running back to battle.

Lucy felt tears prick the back of her eyes as most men were terribly injured. She worried about her family and how they were doing.

Frederick was shooting constantly and focused on what Susan would say during his training. He kept his feet shoulder-width apart. He breathed in and out to focus. Most times he would hit the soldiers straight on.

He was fighting near Trumpkin and tried to stay near Susan. Sometime when Frederick was fighting, Susan left his sight. He saw a boulder heading towards an area where some of the archers were.

He was worried about how many soldiers were taken out by one bolder. Some men were taken off the field and some came back from healing and fought. Frederick was worried about Lucy and all the terrible things she would have to see.

Caspian wanted to follow Susan no matter how great of a warrior she was. He didn't want to lose her again. The first time was his decision, this time he could protect her. Once Susan wasn't focused on him or Peter, he started to follow her.

When he started to go, Peter put a hand on his shoulder. He gave him a grave look. "Caspian, let her go on her own. She's right…the archers need our swordsmanship up here."

Caspian nodded his head still in the direction of where Susan ran. He knew Susan and Peter were right, they both fought more wars than him. He fought beside Peter with Susan in his mind.

Susan made it down on the battlefield and kept yelling, "Ed! Edmund!" She was fighting while yelling hopefully to get an answer. She wanted just a, "yes, or Susan," She got halfway through the battlefield.

She yelled, "Ed!" one last time and she heard, "Susan!" She followed where the sound came from and found Edmund. He was fighting off two soldiers at once. He was getting tired, and she could tell.

She pulled out her bow and shot an arrow at one of the soldiers. He fell to the ground as Edmund killed the other. He turned to look at Susan. He smiled a little. "Took you long enough."

Susan rolled her eyes. "A small thank you would suffice." A guard came from behind Susan, and she turned and shot him in the heart.

Edmund shook his head. "No one messes with the Queen of Narnia."

She chuckled a little. "You've got that right little brother." Susan and Edmund fought alongside each other.

About five minutes of Susan and Edmund fighting, he asked, "Do you know where Caspian and Peter are?"

Susan nodded her head as she took down another man with her arrow. Her voice cracked when she answered, "Up on the hill helping the archers." Edmund nodded even though Susan wasn't looking at him.

Susan looked at Edmund, and a guard came from behind him. Susan yelled, "Ed watch out!" She couldn't help him because a soldier came full force at her. Edmund turned around, and the soldier made a cut at his leg.

Edmund yelped in pain and stabbed him in the gut. Edmund looked down at his injury and noticed the cut was deeper than he thought. Susan ran to his leg after she killed the guard. "Edmund! Are you okay?"

Edmund nodded. "It's just a little scratch Susan. I would turn around and kill the soldier behind you…if I were you." Susan cocked her head around and shot an arrow at the soldier.

It hit him in the shoulder and he yelled in pain. He ran towards Susan, who was already standing. He came so hard at her; she fell to the ground. He had his sword in his hand heading in Susan's throat.

She had her one hand on his trying to push his hand away. She squealed as her muscles started to give. The man was stronger than her. Edmund took his sword and stabbed the soldier on Susan in his back.

The soldier died and plopped on top of Susan. Susan pushed him off of her and sweat trickled down her face. She breathed in a deep breath. "Took you long enough." Edmund chuckled to himself.

Susan got up and started firing arrows again. She kept an eye on Edmund to make sure he was okay. Edmund did the same thing with Susan.

Caspian and Peter were doing the same watching out for one another. If one was in trouble, they would help. Peter was fighting and getting tired and worried.

He was worried because of the many other Archenland soldiers and the lessening amount of Narnian soldiers. Peter licked his dry lips and wished he could drink water. The dehydration was horrible for Peter.

He was breathing heavily and tiredly. All he knew was he had to find Demeterius and kill him. If he did, then the Archenland army might actually stand down and retreat.

He looked at Caspian, who was fighting three soldiers, and took them all down. Peter said, "We need to find Demeterius." Caspian pulled his eyebrows together in confusion.

Peter continued, "Our army is getting tired. If we find Demeterius and kill him, his army might surrender."

Caspian nodded and liked Peter's idea. He knew that could work and him killing the man that hurt the woman he loves sounded good to his ears. Caspian said, "I'm going down to the battlefield. If I find Demeterius, I will kill him."

Peter said, "I'm coming with you. More soldiers are on the battlefield now."

Caspian nodded. "Let's go…Demeterius won't know what's coming for him."

They headed down the hill together to get to the battlefield.

Frederick finally saw two familiar faces, Peter and Caspian. He saw them start running down the hill and thought to follow them. Trumpkin stopped him. "Where are you going boy?"

Frederick pushed him off. "To follow my Kings." Trumpkin nodded and shot an enemy headed towards them.

Susan and Edmund were fending for themselves until she saw him. She saw Demeterius. She ran towards him yelling. He fell to the ground, and Susan pulled an arrow from her back. She took the arrow and went for the throat.

Demeterius kicked her off of him and was on top of her. Her arrow flew out of her hand in the process. He put his hands around her neck and started choking her. She wrapped her own hands around his wrist trying to push or pull them off. She also focused on her breathing which wasn't working.

Edmund came and tackled Demeterius off of her. She coughed and desperately got in as much air as her lungs would let her. Edmund and Demeterius got into a fist fight. Edmund dodging and blowing punches as did Demeterius.

Susan got an arrow and put it in her bowstring and drew back. She shot the arrow right for Demeterius's heart. In the process, a soldier from the Archenland side jumped in the way on purpose.

Susan grunted in frustration. Demeterius punched Edmund in the face, knocking him unconscious. Susan's eyes widened as her brother fell to the ground. She pulled out another arrow, as Demeterius ran for her.

She shot it but just in time Demeterius dodged it, letting it fly right past his ear. He jumped on her, and she fell to the ground. He went for her throat again. This time Susan reached for something lying in the grass. She picked up a small sword and swiped it across his eye.

Demeterius put his hand to his eye, and Susan kicked him off of her. When he got off her, Caspian and Peter made their way down. Demeterius saw as Caspian, yelled, and ran towards him.

Demeterius pulled out his sword and started fighting Caspian. Peter ran over to Susan, who was still lying on the ground.

Susan shook her head and pointed to Edmund. She could barely talk from being strangled twice. Peter saw what she was pointed at and ran toward Edmund. He patted Edmund's face and said, "Wake up Ed."

Edmund's eyes fluttered open and asked, "Where's the bastard?" Peter made a gesture with his head towards Caspian and Demeterius's fight.

Edmund got up and said, "Fight off the soldiers trying to get in Caspian's way." Peter nodded and pulled Edmund up. Susan got up and started shooting soldiers as well.

Caspian and Demeterius both lost their swords and started in a fist fight as well. Demeterius knocked Caspian to the ground and Caspian found a left over piece of rock from a boulder. He threw it at Demeterius's head, and he fell to the ground.

Caspian found his sword and started heading towards Demeterius. Demeterius swiped his legs underneath Caspian, making him fall. Caspian grunted as he fell to the ground.

Demeterius grabbed Caspian's sword and put it to his throat. He chuckled darkly, "You thought you were going to win Caspian. You thought that you were going to be the hero."

Caspian struggled underneath his grasp and grunted. Demeterius continued, "You will never be a King. You will die now and there's no one to save you."

Demeterius pulled his sword back about to put it down on Caspian and said, "Say your last prayers to the mighty lion, King Caspian X."

Caspian closed his eyes and wished that Susan and the Pevensies would have a great extraordinary life. He heard a gurgle come from Demeterius, and he opened his eyes.

He saw an arrow piercing through Demeterius's stomach. Demeterius fell over, and Caspian sat up seeing Susan in her stance like she just shot something. Caspian never saw her so beautiful.

He got up and ran towards her. One of the soldiers from Archenland's side yelled, "Our King is dead!"

Most people looked to where Demeterius was lying dying. He was still breathing but there was nothing no one could do to save him.

The Narnians cheered with joy, and Caspian ran towards Susan still. Susan looked horror shocked and yelled, "Caspian duck!" He turned around and saw Demeterius standing and had a bow and arrow. Caspian guessed he found it on the ground.

Caspian ducked down and Demeterius released the arrow and at the same time so did Susan. Susan shot Demeterius right in the heart. He fell to the ground without another breath.

Susan smiled at Caspian who stood up. He smiled back at her, and he looked at her stomach and saw something sticking through it. Susan fell to the ground, Demeterius shot her right in the stomach.

Edmund caught Susan as she fell and laid her head on his lap. Caspian couldn't feel anything he ran as fast as he could and bent down next to Susan.

She had tears rolling down her face as she touched Caspian's face. She choked out, "I love you Caspian."

He laughed having tears rolling down his face. "I love you too, Susan Pevensie." She smiled brighter.

Peter was over as well and yelled, "Someone get Queen Lucy and make her bring her cordial!"

Susan moved her thumb over Caspian's lips and said, "I loved the way you treated me and held me."

Caspian said looking into her bright blue eyes, "You say loved as in the past. Susan it is the present, and it always will be."

Susan shook her head. "I know I'm dying Caspian. By the time Lucy gets here I will die."

Caspian had the most heartbreaking look on his face according to Susan. She felt more tears roll down her face. "Don't cry Caspian. I will always love you."

She used her hand on his face to pull it down to her own. She kissed him with the most love that she could. Caspian put as much love into his kiss as well. When they pulled away, Susan looked at Peter who was crying as well. "I love you to Peter, my big brother."

She touched his face. "Tell Lucy that she is the best sister anyone can have and that I love her as well." She looked up at Edmund and smiled. "I love you too Ed."

She looked back at Caspian. "Look after my family; because Aslan will look after me."

She wiped the tears from Caspian's eyes. "Smile for me one last time. I will never know why I'll go weak at the knees for that smile, King Caspian." Caspian smiled the biggest smile he could pull off.

Susan laughed and she felt death tugging on her heart and eyelids. As her eyes were closing she heard Lucy yelling, "Susan!" And she was pulled under.

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