Looking From Above

Susan woke up in a different surrounding. There was white sand and the ocean was bright blue, almost as bright as her eyes. When she turned around, there was a forest-jungle. She looked down on herself, and she was wearing a beautiful bright-blue dress. It was embellished in pearls on the top and at the bottom of the sleeves. The dress was long sleeved and came to her wrists the dress also came down to her feet. She basked in awe as she looked at it. She stood up and in front of her was Aslan.

She looked closer at him and a bright smile flashed across her face. She ran towards him. "Aslan!" she squealed.

When she got to him, she squeezed him around his mane. He chuckled. "Hello dear one."

Susan saw the sad look upon the Great lion's face and pulled her eyebrows together. "Whatever's the matter Aslan?"

Aslan let out a great sigh. "You're in my country."

Susan nodded. "Will I be able to watch over my family from here?"

Aslan smiled sadly. "Why of course dear one."

Aslan walked across the beach to where the water was, and he breathed over the ocean that shot up into the air. The water opened up into a circle that showed Susan and her family.

They were kneeling over her dead body. Caspian was holding her tightly in a hug. Susan felt a tear leave her eye. She wiped it away quickly.

Lucy ran over and screamed, "No! Not my sister. Not my best friend."

Susan felt her legs move closer to the portal, and she said, "Lucy I'm right here. I'm always here."

Lucy had tears streaming down her face. Peter grabbed a hold onto her younger sister. He kissed her hair, and said, "Lucy, Susan loves you very much, and she will always be with you."

Lucy shook her head. "But I will never be with her. She will never have children or get married. She won't help me on my wedding day. She'll never be here to give me advice."

Susan felt her stomach clench and tighten. She felt a lump in the back of her throat. She looked at Aslan, who could tell what she was feeling.

He walked closer to her and smiled a little. "Keep watching it will get interesting."

Susan shook her head and looked back at the portal. She felt pain in her stomach and looked at Aslan. He smiled. "Tell Peter to pull the arrow out."

Susan felt her eyes flutter open for a second time, and she breathed in the deepest breath she could. Her whole family looked in shock and happiness.

Susan looked at her family. "I hope none of you gave up on me." They all laughed with tears of joy. Before Susan or anyone did anything else she said, "Peter I have news from Aslan…Pull this arrow out of me."

Peter ran down to Susan's side "This is going to hurt….a lot." Susan grabbed Caspian's hand and squeezed hard when Peter ripped the arrow out of her stomach. She didn't feel any pain.

Her family stared at her stomach as everything healed away like magic. She brushed over where the wound had been and smiled. She looked up into the sky and whispered, "Thank you, Aslan."

She laughed as her little sister jumped on her and squeezed the life out of her. Susan hugged her back, and Lucy hit her shoulder. "Don't ever do that to me again, Susan Pevensie."

Susan got up and hugged Peter, Edmund, and Lucy in a family group hug. Caspian stood awkwardly to the side, and Susan waved her hand for Caspian to join. He came in and they all hugged each other.

When they all pulled away, Susan turned to Caspian. She hugged him, and he hugged her back. When they pulled away, she pulled on the collar of his shirt and pulled his lips to hers. He chuckled in the kiss.

He whispered in her ear. "You know you gave me a heart attack."

Susan laughed quietly. "Well I do have that effect on people."

Caspian shook his head. "Because if you weren't here I wouldn't be able to do this…."

He bent down on one knee and said, "Susan Pevensie, Gentle Queen of Narnia… I knew from the four years without you, I knew you were the one. When you came back, I don't know what I would do if you were gone again. I love you, and I will love you till the end of my days."

He pulled out a ring from his back pocket, and Susan felt tears spill out of her eyes, and she put both of her hands to her mouth. Caspian continued, "I've heard from your sister, it's a tradition in England…that the woman is to be given a ring. So I decided that since it would make it feel more official I would do it. Susan Pevensie…will you marry me?" The ring was golden, made of real gold. It had a gorgeous diamond in the middle. The bands were in the forms of leaves like her crown.

Susan laughed and looked at her family. Lucy was on the verge of tears and nodding her head. Edmund, who didn't even like lovey-dovey stuff was smiling and nodding. She lastly looked at Peter who had a smile upon his face and mouthed, "Say yes."

She turned back to Caspian and squealed, "Yes!"

He stood up, and Susan jumped into his arms, and he swung her around like in the movies. He put her down and put the ring on her left ring finger. She kissed him with as much passion as she could. He mimicked her passion. Edmund said "Okay…okay we get it you love each other." Susan rolled her eyes and to annoy Edmund even more she kissed Caspian more. Lucy said, "Awww now I have another brother."

When they pulled away, a soldier came and said, "King Caspian…your majesty."

Caspian turned to him. "Yes? Is there a problem?"

The soldier said, "We need help moving the tents to the castle. And Queen Susan someone is asking for you in the healing tent."

Caspian waited outside of the healing tent for his new fiancée. He felt giddy on the inside of the feeling of saying fiancée and Susan in the same sentence. He kept thinking, why would a girl like her go for a guy like me?

Lucy found Frederick after the war and gave him a bone-crushing hug. He grunted because he was in some pain from the war. She stopped. "Sorry, How are you?"

He let out a breath of air and said, "Oh you know I just won a war against my old country…so okay I guess."

Lucy's smile faded. "Oh I'm sorry."

Frederick stopped her. "Don't be Demeterius needed his reign to end." Lucy nodded.

Susan went into the healing tent and found men lying in beds. Some were wounded majorly, and she felt sick to her stomach. She heard her name, "Susan."

She went to the noise and found Markell still breathing and alive. She gasped in surprise. "Did Lucy? you?"

He nodded in disgust. "I know…I told her not to."

Susan pursed her lips. "You can't do anything to change it now."

He nodded. "Now if we all think about it for a second. Aren't I King of Archenland now?"

Susan's mouth dropped. "Demeterius died and…wait what about Autumn?"

Markell shook his head. "Rumor has it she died in battle."

Susan chuckled unbelieving of what was going on. "Wow…so King?"

He smiled. "King. King Markell….never mind it doesn't really have a ring to it."

Susan smiled back at him. "I think it does."

He shook his head and scrunched up his nose. "You're just saying that to make me feel better."

Susan started to turn around. "Well I'm going to help pack up. You should take a horse to Archenland. Just say Queen Susan gave it to you."

Markell got up and pulled her into a hug. "Thank you Susan for everything. Even though I'm going to be far away… I want to still be in touch with you. Write to me."

Susan smiled. "Of course Markell." Markell pulled out of the hug and went out of the tent first. Susan stood there a little longer and looked at a soldier whose goat leg looked crushed. She bent down next to him.

He turned his head slightly; his face looked like he was in severe pain. Susan touched his arm comfortingly. The soldier looked confused. "High Queen Susan…Have I done something?"

Susan nodded her head and smiled "Yes, you fought for your country and made us stronger. I want to thank you."

The soldier smiled and chuckled in a discomforting way. "Thank you Queen Susan…for everything you do for our country."

Susan smiled. "Well, I'm sure you'll be better in no time." Susan got up and went to the next soldier.

Markell left the tent and got outside to find Caspian standing near it smiling. Markell pulled his eyebrows together. "Why is someone so happy?"

Caspian shrugged his shoulders. "We won the war. I'm just excited." He didn't want to say anything until Susan said it would be okay to tell the kingdom.

Markell raised an eyebrow questionably. "Okay…Queen Susan said I may have a horse."

Caspian nodded and waved for a soldier. "Could you please get me a horse." The soldier nodded and ran off. Caspian looked back at Markell. "What for?"

Markell sighed as if he couldn't believe it himself. "I kind of am the new King of Archenland now."

Caspian's eyes widened. "Well congratulations I guess…What about princess Autumn?"

Markell became sad in the face. "No one told you?...Princess Autumn died in battle." Caspian gasped. "No I haven't heard anything about that."

Markell shrugged his shoulders as the soldier came back with a horse. Markell got on top and said, "Wish me luck, King Caspian. Hopefully, I'm as good a King as you."

Caspian smiled without any teeth. "I know for sure that you'll be a better King than Demeterius." Markell looked back at the camp one last time and rode off to become the new King of Archenland.

A soldier came and asked Caspian for assistance on packing up a tent. Of course Caspian said yes. Susan came out of the healing tent with tears in the back of her eyes. She breathed in heavily and unevenly.

She saw Lucy see her and come towards her. Lucy asked, "Susan what's wrong?"

Susan shook his head. "Men in there might not make it. I offered them your cordial, but they refused. They said dying for their country was the right way to go."

Lucy hugged Susan and clung onto her waist. "I know Susan I tried..I tried so hard for them to reconsider."

Susan pulled Lucy in closer and hushed her as Lucy started to cry. Susan shook her head. "Lucy, it's not your fault…it's mine I'm the reason for this war."

Lucy shook her head in Susan's chest. "It's Demeterius, and he's gone now."

Susan let out a deep breath and released Lucy. "Okay. Let's wipe away our tears and just hope that everything's okay in the end."

Lucy smiled as Susan wiped Lucy's tears off her face. Lucy said, "I'm glad you're back Susan. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Peter and Edmund were packing a horse with supplies. Edmund was smiling to himself and Peter noticed. "What are you smiling about?"

Edmund shook his head with the bright smile still plastered on his face. "I'm excited. Caspian being our new brother. You actually letting Susan go. It's a new day. We just won a war for Pete sakes."

Peter smiled. "I guess you're right…but Susan isn't gone just yet. Caspian could still do something wrong, and I could take this privilege."

Edmund sighed. "Some people never change."

Susan came over to help her brothers. She tightened the horse's straps. "Have either of you two seen Caspian?"

They both shook their heads. Edmund pursed his lips. "I would think you'd know…he is your fiancé now."

Peter looked his sister up and down. Susan took notice of this, she sighed in annoyance. "What is it Peter?"

Peter looked down at the ground. "You said that Aslan said something to you. You were gone and then you came back. It's impossible."

Susan stopped what she was doing and faced her brother. "I was in Aslan's country. It was so beautiful. He showed me my last dying breathes, and he sent me back. Aslan is the reason for me being her right now."

Edmund stopped what he was doing as well to look at Susan. She chuckled to herself. "Aslan gave me a second chance at life."

They all heard a deep voice from behind them say, "A third chance, if you count the train crash." The three of them turned around slowly to see if their ears deceived them. Aslan was standing there with sunlight basking behind him.

Next to him was standing a bewildered Lucy who was laughing. She said, "You should have seen your faces."

The three siblings bowed to him. The Great Lion said, "Rise Kings and Queen of Narnia." When they got up, they walked over to where he was standing.

Peter had a bright smile in his face. "It was you who did that. The train did it really crash?"

Aslan let out a sorrowful sigh. "Yes it did. The four of you died that day in England. There were funerals for the four of you, and your mother was so upset. I'm very sorry. It's either stay here and live or go back and be dead."

Susan put her hands to her mouth. "Mum. I forgot. Is she well?"

Aslan nodded. "Yes dear one. She still grieves but has moved on with life….As I see so have you."

He looked at the ring on Susan's finger and made a head gesture towards it. She smirked at the ring herself. "Yes I have. But I wish I could tell her that we're all okay and alive."

Aslan smiled. "But you see Kings and Queens of Narnia. I will give you two hours in England to do what you please."

Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy were shocked and had the same expression upon their faces. Susan stopped for a second and said, "Wait I can't see my mother wearing a nasty thing from Demeterius, and it's covered in blood."

Aslan chuckled. "But of course all of you will be dressed nicer. He breathed deeply on each of them and the gown Susan wore in Aslan's country was back on her. Lucy's was a sun-bright yellow dress the same shape as Susan's with diamonds instead of pearls.

Edmund wore the same color blue top as Susan with a white vest, white pants, and blue boots. Peter wore the same color yellow top as Lucy and a brown vest, white pants, and brown boots.

They all looked at each other in awe as all their marks from battle healed, and Susan and Lucy's hair became bouncy with fresh curls. Lucy's hair came down to her shoulders and Susan's came down past her breast.

They smiled at each other when all four crowns came down from the sky. They each grabbed their own and placed it on their heads. Aslan said, "Don't waste your time. You are Kings and Queens of Narnia."

They watched as the world around them phased out, and a familiar house surrounded them. They all looked at each other in guilt. Lucy shook her head. "We've been alive all this time and haven't thought once about our mother."

They noticed it was dark outside. They went up the stairs and saw everything was the same. Their rooms were kept as they left them. Susan sighed. "It's almost been a year, and it's probably been a month since the incident."

They all nodded in agreement. They got to their mothers room, and Edmund let out a deep sigh and turned to his siblings. They gave him an exhorted look to open the door. He opened it cautiously and carefully. They got into their mother's room, and she was sound asleep in her bed.

Peter whispered, "I think I should be the one to wake her up." They looked at one another and nodded. He shook his mother slightly. "Mum."

She opened her eyes slowly and jumped back when she saw who it was. "Are..are you a ghost, Peter?" She looked behind him and saw the other three of her children.

She felt tears fall down her cheeks, and Lucy croaked, "Mummy. I love you." She ran to her and clung to the back of her neck on the bed.

Their mum shook her head in disbelief. "How can all of you be here right now? None of you are dead. Am I dreaming?"

Edmund moved closer and sat on the end of the bed. "Mum, you're not dreaming. We are all alive and well."

She pulled her eyebrows together. "Are the four of you wearing crowns?"

They all nodded and pulled on small smiles. Susan sat next to Edmund on the bed. "We have been in a place called Narnia. Its magical mum, and it's not on Earth, it's out of this world."

Peter continued, "We're Kings and Queens of this place, Narnia. We rule alongside a Telemarine….you would call him a Spaniard here."

Their mum listened as the four of them told different stories. She did not dare to interrupt. Edmund and Lucy told of the Dawn Treader. They all told of the wardrobe and that's how they became closer. They told her of the time difference. They told of the White Witch. They told of the second time they went and how Susan felt a love connection with Caspian, that's why Susan was so sad this past year.

When they were done, their mother had tears. "You were all in war?"

They all nodded, and Susan got up closer to her mum. "Mummy. I have something to show you." She held out her hand and showed her the ring.

Her mother brought Susan's hand to her face. "You're getting married?"

Susan nodded. "I want your approval."

Her mother hugged her daughter. "I want you to know that I'm so happy for you. I've never met this Caspian. But I know you, and you wouldn't just choose any random person."

They all heard a voice from behind them say, "Now that's where you're wrong Mrs. Pevensie." The four Pevensies turned around and saw Caspian leaning against a wall. He was dressed nicely. He was wearing a black top, white vest, white pants, and black boots. His hair was nicely groomed as well.

He walked over to the Pevensies and their mother. He held out his hand to greet her. "I am King Caspian X, the man your daughter stupidly said yes to."

Mrs. Pevensie chuckled and said, "My dear boy I do not shake hands; I'm a hugger." She hugged Caspian, and he hugged back.

Susan smiled at the sight with tears in the back of her eyes, and she scrunched her nose from crying. Caspian released her and said, "Now the High King Aslan himself has offered that you can come to Susan's and my wedding."

Mrs. Pevensie smiled. "But of course I'll come to the two of yours wedding."

Susan laughed. "Really? Oh my gosh, Mum. I can't wait."

Mrs. Pevensie laughed as well. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Caspian continued. "I'm sorry to say, but it's time to go."

Mrs. Pevensie didn't cry she only smiled. "I will see all of you again."

All four Pevensies joined their mum into a group hug. Caspian stood and waited for their moment to be over. When they released, they all said almost in synchronization, "I love you, mum."

She smiled brighter. "I love all of you four too. Now go rule your kingdom."

They all left slowly and not in sadness but in relief and happiness. They got to the living room and the room faded into the camp again. Aslan was nowhere to be found, and the soldiers were worried they didn't see their Kings or Queens for a while.

Caspian looked at the Pevensies when they got back and smiled. "Let's go home." They all mimicked his smile and got on a horse.

The soldiers and the monarchs got home late at night. The soldiers helped unpack everything and went home. They were greeted by their wives and children. Some were young and still lived with their parents and were greeted by them.

The kingdom rejoiced from the win and family returning home. When the Kings and Queens got back, they were excited.

Susan laughed, and everyone looked at her like she was weird Caspian asked, "What's so funny?"

Susan responded, "I just can't wait to sleep in an actual bed again."

Caspian smiled at her. "I guess you're right."

They all got back into the castle. Susan went to her bedroom. She smiled at all the little things she missed. She put her crown on the dresser in front of her mirror. She walked into her bathroom that was connected with her room. She couldn't remember the last time she took a bath. She undressed herself and got into warm bath water. She let it soak in warming her whole body. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Peter went down to the kitchen with his brother and ate. They talked for the longest time about how their battles went. They were eating ham and potatoes. Edmund looked down at his plate and back up at Peter, who was stuffing his face.

Edmund questioned, "Peter?"

Peter looked up from his food. "Yeah?" he asked with his mouth full.

Edmund sighed and blurted out. "I killed Autumn."

Peter started to chew slowly and swallowed. "I don't know what to say to that."

Edmund continued, "That's not all, she told me to tell Caspian that she still loved him."

Peter looked back down at his food, and the doors opened. It was Caspian with a smile on his face, "Wow. That smells amazing. I'm ready to fall over I'm going to bed soon."

Edmund had a guilty look on his face, and Peter looked like he had a secret. Caspian grabbed an apple. "What? You two look like there's something going on."

Peter smiled. "Nothing. It's nice without the stress."

Caspian chuckled. "For the two of you, but now I have to worry about this wedding. Susan's going to have my head if I don't help."

They three laughed Edmund mumbled, "That sounds like Susan."

Caspian took a bite of his apple, and said with his mouth full, "See you tomorrow guys."

They both said at the same time, "Goodnight."

Peter threw his spoon at Edmund. Edmund became confused and angry. "What was that for?"

Peter said annoyingly, "Are you going to tell him?"

Edmund looked down at his food guilty. "He's just so happy right now. I don't want to say anything."

Peter got up. "Well Ed, if you wait any longer it will only get worse." Peter walked away and out of the dining hall.

Susan woke up in the bath tub from hearing a knock at the door. Her eyes fluttered open, and she quickly got dressed. She ran to the door to see Caspian standing in front of her with a smile on his face. "Good evening."

Susan smiled back at him. "So what's this about? Coming into my room late at night. Did you think I would just let you in?"
Caspian gave a crooked smile. "I kind of hoped you would. You see, I kind of proposed to this marvelous beautiful woman. I wanted to hear your thoughts on that."

Susan put a finger underneath her chin and paused for thought. "I want to know how we came to be. How can a love like this exist?"

Caspian looked at her in the eyes. "We make it exist. We'll never know how it came to be, but we'll know how it ends."

Susan pulled Caspian into her room, and she closed the door behind him. He looked at her lovingly. He said with astonishment, "We're getting married."

Susan repeated, "We're getting married."

Susan looked up at his caring loving face. She leaned into it kissing him gently. She pulled away, and they were inches away from one another's faces. Susan whispered, "I want to hear all about your day."

Lucy was in the castle gardens looking at different flowers. She sighed to herself. "I love just thinking by myself."

She heard a voice from behind her say, "Well that's too bad."

Lucy jumped and turned around to see Frederick. She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. "You startled me."

Frederick chuckled. "Did I? I didn't notice by how high you jumped into the air."

Lucy pushed his shoulder. "Oh shut up." They both laughed, and she asked, "How are you holding up?"

Frederick shrugged his shoulders, and they started walking. "Well readjusting from war is kind of hard. I mean it was my first one."

Lucy smiled at the ground. "Well you'll soon readjust. And of course you're staying at the castle."

Frederick nodded. "I have been looking into getting my own place to settle down myself. I don't want to stay here just because…you know?"

Lucy nodded. "But you'll stay in Narnia hopefully."

Frederick stopped walking. He said regretfully, "See that's what I've been thinking about. I want to go home."

Lucy looked into his green eyes. He touched her face and rubbed his thumb over her jaw. "Lucy if I do go, then when we see each other…our reuniting's will be something to look forward to."

Lucy looked down, and Frederick moved her head up for her to look at him. "Hey Lucy, I want you to know I care about you very much."

Frederick leaned in and so did Lucy. They both kissed each other, and when they pulled away, they smiled. He pulled her into a hug, and Lucy looked over his shoulder and saw Peter standing in the hallway watching them.

Peter stormed up to them, and Lucy whispered in his ear,"Run! Brother alert!"

Frederick grabbed her hand and they ran the opposite direction. Lucy started to drag Frederick and they got to Susan's room.

Susan and Caspian's discussion was deep and detailed. They were sitting on Susan's bed beside one another. Susan asked looking at her thumbs nervously, "How do you feel about Autumn losing her life?"

Caspian grabbed her hands, and she looked at then as he spoke. "There will always be a place for her in my heart. I did fall in love with her, but she just wasn't the one. You make me happy and calm just by standing before me. If that doesn't mean something, then what does?"

Susan looked back up at Caspian's wondering gaze, and she smirked at him. "That's a question I can't seem to answer. It looks like you've got me stuck."

Caspian chuckled. He knew how smart his fiancée was. "And it won't be the last time."

Susan shook her head. "I promise you, this will be the last time." They both laughed tiredly. Susan said quietly, "How tired are you?"

Caspian stretched his arms and yawned. "Very. But I want to stay up, if that means I get to see you and talk to you."

Susan was about to say something, until she heard a loud pounding at her door. Susan walked to the door and asked, "Who is it?"

She heard Lucy's voice from behind say, "It's Lucy and Frederick. Please open up."

Susan opened the door and the two quickly ran in. Lucy then slammed the door behind her. Susan had her arms crossed as she asked, "What is going on?"

Lucy breathed in heavily. "Peter…saw me and Frederick kiss."

Susan giggled looking back at Caspian. He had a crooked smile on his face. "And let me guess…he's on the run chasing you?"

Lucy nodded. "If he comes in here, can you tell him we're not here?" Lucy looked over at Caspian sitting on Susan's bed and said, "It looks like I wouldn't be the only one getting into trouble with Peter if he comes in here."

Susan rolled her eyes. "I know how he is…and how he can be at times. "

Lucy giggled, and Susan looked at Frederick. "How are you?"

Frederick smiled. "Still trying to get the hang of things."

Susan grinned at him. "Welcome to the family."

Peter knocked on Susan's door. "Susan? Have you seen Lucy or Frederick anywhere? I checked both of their rooms. I can't find them."

Susan stood where she was and mouthed to her sister, "Hide under the bed." Lucy nodded and pulled Frederick under the bed with her.

Susan then ran to Caspian and pushed him into her bathroom. She whispered, "Sorry. Peter would kill us both." She gave him a quick kiss and closed the bathroom door.

Susan ran to her bedroom door, and Susan cracked her door open. "Peter I'm really tired, and it's late. Please just go to bed."

Peter opened the door wider. "You never answered my question."

Susan knew she was bad when it came to lying. "Peter please; I just fought a war. Can you understand my privacy?"

Peter sighed. "You're right it is late…" He stood on his tiptoes to look in Susan's bedroom one last time. "Goodnight,"

She closed the door and sighed, as she heard his footsteps fade away. Susan said, "The coast is clear." Lucy and Frederick both came out from under the bed, and Caspian came from out of the bathroom. Susan said looking at Lucy and Frederick, "I don't mean to lecture either of you, but it's late, and we just fought a war. I think we should all be in bed by now."

Lucy nodded and left the room with Frederick following her. Susan then walked over to Caspian. Susan asked, "Do you want to go to bed?"

Caspian nodded. "I'll see you in the morning, fiancée."

Susan smiled and shook her head elated. "Maybe in the afternoon. I'm exhausted."

Caspian challenged. "Well I'm famished."

"I'm drained."

Caspian chuckled. "I'm fatigued."

Susan leaned in and kissed him one last time. She pulled away happily. "I'll see you in the morning, fiancé."

Caspian left with a small smile on his face. Susan stood looking at the door Caspian once stood at. She couldn't believe anything that was happening, but it was. Susan got dressed in a night gown and fell asleep in her bed. It was one of the best sleeps she had in a long time.

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