The End

Susan was stressing. All she could think about was the wedding. According to the kingdom, it was to be the wedding of the century. She didn't want to disappoint. She had an appointment for her brothers and Caspian to be measured for their clothes.

Lucy was running around being a brides-maid and lifting some of the weight off of Susan's shoulders. Susan was in a lounge within the castle, which for the past two months everyone called the wedding planning room.

It was full of invitations, placements, and wedding things like that. Susan was staring at where her guests would be sitting during the dinner. She kept arranging and rearranging the seating chart.

She felt a tap on her back and sighed in relief. "Thank goodness you're back Lucy….." She turned around and saw her mother standing behind her. She squealed and hugged her mum.

Susan felt tears pierce the back of her eyes. "Mum I can't believe you're here."

Mrs. Pevensie chuckled. "I can't believe my little girl is getting married in a week."

Susan smiled into her shoulder. "Well here is everything…what do you think?"

She made a gesture to the papers. Her mother walked over to where she had her papers and nodded. She was in awe looking at the invitations. "You know different rulers of different kingdoms?"

Susan laughed. "Yes. We are quite the popular country."

Her mother chuckled again. "I've missed you, Susan."

Susan smiled at her mother in grief. "I've missed you, too."

Mrs. Pevensie looked back at the papers. "I think this wedding will be the talk of the country."

Susan giggled. "Thank you mum, this means a lot."

Her mum smiled. "Well I did have one of my own."

Susan giggled as she said, "Fore score and…."

Her mum laughed. "Oh hush Susan."

They both laughed, and Edmund came in the room. He smiled. "Laughing? And I'm not a part of this?"

Mrs. Pevensie opened up her arms. "Come here Eddy."

Edmund's cheeks flushed red and he said in an embarrassing way, "Mum I don't like to be called that."

She rolled her eyes. "Edmund I am your mum. I call you what I wish. Now come here and give me a hug." Edmund smiled and gave his mother a hug. She kissed his cheek, and he blushed again.

Mrs. Pevensie released him and put her hands on his shoulders. "Now tell me just between you and I….have you met any young women?"

Edmund rolled his eyes. He said in annoyance, "Mum…"

Susan giggled. "It's all right mum. This one is not into the lovey stuff."

Their mother laughed. "Just how he's not into needles?"

Susan chuckled. "You missed it. They were stitching me and Ed vomited all over the hallway."

Mrs. Pevensie chuckled. "Okay let's stop before Ed's head explodes."

Edmund was as red as a tomato. They heard a knock at the door, and it was Caspian. He popped his head in and smiled. "Hello Mrs. Pevensie."

She smiled at Caspian. "Oh Caspian….please call me mum."

Caspian chuckled nervously. "Okay…mother."

Mrs. Pevensie gave him a questionable look. "So where are your parents? I would love to meet the in-laws."

Caspian's smiled faded, and he looked at the ground, and Susan made a look of sorrow and regret. Their mum noticed this. "Did I say something wrong honey?"

Caspian shook his head. "No. My family is dead. I'm sorry we never told you."

Mrs. Pevensie shook her head and gave a look of grief. " honey. I'm sorry for bringing it up. I will try to be the best mum-in-law ever."

She gave him a hug and he smiled over her shoulder at Susan. She gave him the same smile; it looked as if she thought it was cute. When they broke the hug, she looked at Susan. "You picked at good one. I'm proud Susan." Susan giggled, and Caspian smiled.

Mrs. Pevensie smiled at Susan like she was keeping a secret. Susan questioned, "What is going on mum?"

She laughed. "Okay I can't hold it in anymore….come with me and you too Caspian."

They both looked at each other in confusion. Susan mouthed to him, "What's going on?" Caspian shrugged his shoulders as they followed Mrs. Pevensie to Susan's room.

They walked into Susan's room, and Susan saw a familiar auburn haired blued eyed girl on her bed. Susan gave the most girly squeal Caspian ever heard. The same girl mimicked it, and they hugged.

Susan smiled and hugged her tightly. "Louise I've missed you so much."

Louise smiled and closed her eyes in the embrace. "The last time I've seen you this happy was a long time ago Su. I'm so happy. You're getting married?"

Susan laughed and smiled. "Yeah I know…I would have written but the different world thing makes it difficult."

Louise laughed back and glanced at Caspian. She pointed to him. "Is that Caspian? The one you drew in your notebooks?"

Susan smiled and blushed. "Yeah I know he looks different, but that's what I love about him." Louise nodded still trying to get Caspian's features in her head. "Your pictures never did him justice."

Susan rolled her eyes. "Should I be worried?"

Louise giggled. "Forever and always."

Caspian almost looked wide eyed. "Does Peter know you're here Louise?"

Louise shook her head and looked back at Susan. "He has a Spanish accent?"

Susan smiled. It was one of the things that made him unique, that made him hers. "Of course…but it's Telemarine here not Spanish."

Louise nodded. "So you're Queen, and so is your sister, and your brothers are Kings? And none of you guys are actually dead?"

Susan sighed. "This is going to take a while." She looked at Caspian. "Caspian? You can leave for your fitting. You're already late…and if Peter and Ed aren't there track them down."

Louise giggled, and Caspian rolled his eyes like he never wanted to go to the fitting. "It was nice meeting you Louise. If I live through this fitting, hopefully I'll see you again."

Louise giggled, and when he left the room, she looked at Susan. "He is the perfect match for you Su…so tell me where I am and what exactly is going on."

Susan told her everything from their first time to Narnia and all the wars to the second encounter up until now. Louise laughed and cried at everything they went through she didn't ask any questions; she just listened.

At the end of the stories, Louise put a hand on her shoulder "This place sounds amazing Su. Good thing I like it...I'm going to be here for a while."

Susan's jaw dropped. "You're going to be here?"

She laughed. "Yes. Some lion that can talk named Aslan told me I would be here for the rest of my life."

Susan chuckled and looked to the sky. "Thank you Aslan." Louise looked confused but shook it off a while later.

Susan bumped Louise with her shoulder. "So what did Caspian mean by…does Peter know yet?"

Louise bit her bottom lip and looked into Susan's eyes. "We courted for a little, without you knowing Su. We stopped for a little when you became depressed because he didn't have time for me. He wanted to know you were okay, and the rest of his family."

Susan felt guilt and remorse, and she felt it right in the pit of her stomach. Louise continued, "Do you know how hard it is to hear from a police officer that your best friend and the person you love died?"

Louise suppressed from crying and took in a deep breath. "I love him Susan, but I don't know from the distance that he'll feel the same way anymore."

Susan pulled her into a hug. "Well I know Peter and I know how his feelings are. Once he loves someone, that love never goes away."

Louise laughed into Susan's shoulder. "I'm glad you're not dead Su."

Susan smiled at her words and released from the hug. "Okay you are now one of my bridesmaids so….help me."

Louise laughed. "But of course."

Caspian got to the tailor in town, and when he got in the room, two irritated brothers looked in his direction. Caspian smiled at the similar faces they were giving him. Caspian asked, "Am I late?"

Peter rolled his eyes. "Of course you are…what took you so long?"

Caspian smiled Peter's way. "Well Mrs. Pevensie is back, and she wanted me to meet someone. Her name is Louise."

Peter just froze; he had no expression upon his face. "You better not be joking Caspian." Caspian shook his head. "I would never lie about something like this."

Peter got up. "I don't care what Susan has to say. I have to find her and tell her everything."

Caspian stood in his way. "Only if you were already measured. If you weren't, Susan will have my head."

Peter said in aggravation, "I was the first Caspian. Now let me go."

Caspian stepped aside. "Good luck." Peter ran out to find Louise, the woman he loved.

Lucy was running around the ballroom pushing tables around for eating. Well she wasn't pushing; she was telling Frederick where to put the tables. She wanted everything to be perfect for her sister's big day.

She heard the doors burst open and turned to look who came through. It was Peter whose face was white as a sheet. He was breathing heavily like he was running for a long time.

When he opened his mouth to speak, he asked, "Do you know where Louise is?"

Lucy raised an eyebrow. "Yes in London a long time ago. Peter is everything okay? Do you need something?"

Peter shook his head. "Then you don't know mum is here either?"

Lucy jumped up happily and surprised. "Mum's here?"

Peter chuckled. "Yes. Thanks for helping Lu."

He ran out, and Lucy jumped with joy. "Frederick stay here. I have to meet my mum."

Peter rapped on Susan's door to her room. He heard girlish giggles and an exasperated Susan say, "Come in."

Peter cracked the door open and peeped in. "Are you decent?"

Susan gawked at Louise and looked back at the door. "But of course."

Peter came in, and right when he spotted Louise, his face lightened up with the biggest smile. Louise mimicked the expression, and this made Susan remember her and Caspian's reuniting.

Peter ran up to her and twirled her around in his arms. She was laughing the entire time with tears of happiness inundating her face. When he put her down, she flushed red, and Peter thought it was cute.

Peter wiped away a tear falling down her face and said, "Louise I missed you so much, and I loved you in London, and I still do."

Louise smiled. "I love you too Pete."

She kissed his cheek, and he blushed. Susan watched awkwardly and smiled; she loved seeing this before her eyes. She always wanted her brother to be with her best friend so they'd be related.

She clapped her hands together. "Okay you two. I don't mean to break things up, but I need you both to work with me for a week."

They both answered at the same time, "Okay," while still looking at one another, unmovable.

Susan looked at the two. She knew that a love like that couldn't be broken. Susan asked, "Should I leave or?..."

Louise snapped out of her infatuated gaze with Peter. "Right! So now the King of Archenland will sit at table 12 with some of your Narnians?"

Susan nodded, and Peter chuckled. "Well you two girls have fun. I think I'm going to help Caspian with his garments."

Susan ran and grabbed his sleeves. "You…are trying to get out of this. You just want to do stress free things like Caspian. If you want to help with anything, get Caspian and make him come here this instant."

Peter sighed like he got caught and mumbled, "Fine," He stomped off out of the room. Once he closed the door, Susan smiled at Louise.

Louise shoved her. "Oh shut it Su." They both giggled for what was to come from a week from then.

A day before the wedding, everyone was rushing around. Susan had to give her ring to someone to put the wedding band on it. She felt naked without it on, for the short time it was on.

Susan was stressing as they set up the beach for the ceremony. People from kingdoms all over the place came that day to stay at the castle. It was Edmund's job to greet the people who came from the different kingdoms.

Edmund greeted Markell and others from Archenland that are part of their royal court. He also greeted the king of Calormen, King Pableo, which in Caspian's eyes that was a risk. To Susan it was a smart idea because they were about to have a war against them.

Edmund led everyone they invited to their rooms to where they would be staying. Markell asked, "Where are Susan and Caspian?"

Edmund chuckled. "What do you think they're doing?"

Susan was smiling looking at her wedding dress on her bed. She heard a knock on the door and asked, "Who is it?"

She heard the door crack open, and Caspian was standing there with a giddy look on his face. Susan's face became wide with horror, and she threw her wedding dress in her closet.

She ran up to Caspian and smacked his arm. "Don't do that. It's bad luck to see a woman's wedding dress before her wedding."

Caspian held up his hands in surrender. "Sorry I didn't know about the tradition."

Susan sat on edge of her bed and rubbed her temples. "No. I'm sorry. I'm taking my stress out on you."

Caspian sat next to her, and she put her elbows on her legs and put her head in her hands. Caspian nudged her with his shoulder. "If you're having second thoughts, we can call it off."

Susan's head shot up "No! Caspian I just want everything to be perfect. Our whole kingdom is calling it the wedding of the century, and I just want to live up to the expectations."

Caspian looked into her light-blue eyes, and it clashed with his brown. "Susan it will be the best wedding ever."

Susan gave him a half smile. "You always have to say that."

Caspian cupped a hand on the side of her face and rubbed his thumb over her jaw. "Idon't care if we get married in a garbage can. I want to be with you. None of this will matter unless we're married. That's all I want." He paused for a moment and said, "Besides, it's one of the many things you love about me."

Susan mimicked what he said in a sarcastic tone, and he chuckled as she rubbed her nose against his. She kissed his cheek and laid her head on his shoulder. "I can't wait for tomorrow King Caspian."

Caspian half smiled and laid his head on top of her own. "I can't believe you're marrying me."

Susan scoffed. "It's ironic because that's what I always think but the opposite."

Caspian got up. "Well I have some work to do for tomorrow….I'll see you…"

Susan cut him off, "Tomorrow. I'll be in the white, hard to miss."

Caspian sighed in a playful way. "Another tradition?"

Susan nodded her head. "It's bad luck to see the bride the night before the wedding. It's almost sunset, and I'm sure you have a bachelor party to attend to."

Caspian had his mouth open. "How did you know about that?"

Susan stood up and walked to him. "I know my brothers, and I had a bachelorette party. Another tradition."

Susan kissed him hard on the mouth and with passion. Caspian didn't know what to think, but he just went along with the kissed tangling his hands in her thick dark hair. When they pulled away, Susan smiled. "That will be our last kiss not married to each other."

Caspian pulled on a bright smile. "So you're the one in white? I'll be the one with my knees buckling walking down that aisle."

Susan laughed wholeheartedly. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Caspian kissed her forehead and leaned his forehead against her own. He whispered in a flattering way, "I can't wait for you to be my wife." Susan felt Caspian's warm breath on her face, and it tickled her skin.

She smiled and started to push him out. "Okay go have fun bachelor. I love you." When she pushed him out of the room, she leaned against the door and laughed to herself. She couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.

A few minutes after Caspian left, she heard tapping at her door. She smiled. "Go to your party Caspian."

She turned around to see Markell standing there. She brightened up and ran to him. She gave him a bone-crushing hug, and he chuckled. She let go and sat on her bed. "So how's being king going hot shot?"

Markell rolled his eyes. "Well it's a strange adjustment, but I'm sure I'll manage."

She gave him a half smile. "Isn't as easy as it looks huh?"

Markell suppressed a laughed. "You make it look so easy."

Markell walked to her bed and leaned against the bed frame. "Congratulations."

Susan looked at the ground and bit the inside of her cheek. "Thank you, and thanks for coming."

Markell shrugged his shoulders. "I always will be on the other side of the country for you."

Susan sighed disheartened. "Markell please,"

He held up his hands to stop her. "I left my feelings for you on the battlefield Susan. You love Caspian, and now I have to move on."

Susan nodded still not looking at him. Markell walked towards the door. "Well I apparently I have a bachelor party to attend to."

Susan laughed, "Well have fun," Markell nodded and walked out of the room. Susan laid flat on her back and watched the sun set through her window. She let her eyes droop into sleep and waited for tomorrow to come.

Everything was in order. The ceremony was held outside, and all of the guests were sitting outside. Susan was in her room in the castle still getting ready. She looked into the mirror one last time.

Her hair was in curls surrounding her face with it in a small bun on the back of her head. Her makeup was a light pink lipstick with dark mascara, lightly-colored eyeliner, Pink blush, and a light blue eye shadow. Her dress was still lying on her bed. Her dress was lace and form fitted but not too much. The dress came up to her neck like a turtle neck but was a no sleeve and buttoned down the back. The back was opened to show skin around the buttons and it was laced around the circle. There was a bow circling around the waist and tied in the back.

Her crown sat upon her head and red roses were in the bun. Her bouquet was made of red roses, sunflowers, and white lilies, (Lucy talked Susan out of the all rose theme). She breathed deeply and smiled to herself. Her mother came in and hugged her and said, "You look gorgeous."

Susan giggled as her mum tried to suppress tears. Louise and Lucy were in sunflower yellow dresses with white sashes. Both did their hair up in curled buns. Susan grabbed hold of both of them and shook them. "I can't believe this day is here guys."

They both hugged her and laughed. Susan's mum came to her and smiled holding an old wooden box. Susan gave a confused glance. "What is that?"

Her mother opened the box pulling out pearl earrings with blue diamonds dangling from them. Mrs. Pevensie picked one up and put it through Susan's earlobe. "I wore them on my wedding day. I thought I could start a tradition. They're real pearls and diamonds. Worth a lot in London. You know, something blue."

Susan felt a tear but suppressed it. Susan squeezed her mum making it difficult for her to breathe. Susan smiled with joy and exasperation. Her mum looked at her one last time and ran out of the room to get her seat.

Peter knocked on the door while Susan was still getting her dress on. Peter looked at the three girls Lucy and Louise were messing with each other's make-up. Susan was struggling with her last buttons.

She gave up and sat on the bed looking frustrated. Peter chuckled. "That's the stubborn Susan I know."

Susan elbowed him in the chest lightly when he sat next to her. "Instead of laughing, you could do something one last time before you give me away big brother."

Peter sighed. "Fine." He went behind her and buttoned up the last three buttons. Peter stared and smiled at her. "You look beautiful."

Susan smiled back. "Thank you." She pulled him into a warm hug. "I'm so glad you've never given up on me, Pete."

Peter was jostled at first and then he chuckled and hugged her back. They stayed like that for a few seconds, and Susan pulled away. She breathed in heavily. "Okay it's time to go."

Caspian was looking down the aisle. The white chairs went well with the sand. There were rose petals along the sides of the chairs and many people had already taken their seats. Caspian was beginning to become a nervous wreck. He wanted to see Susan soon. It was a beautiful day, and Aslan was defiantly watching them.

Susan clutched onto Peter's arm, and she whispered, "Don't let me fall….my legs are shaking, not from fear but from excitement and anticipation."

Peter whispered back, "That's a relief if you were scared I would be worried."

Susan giggled nervously. "I just want today to be perfect."

Peter nudged her back and said reassuringly, "And it will be."

Edmund went down first then Lucy and Louise threw rose petals on the ground. Finally, Susan and Peter came down. Susan looked at everyone around her who was standing and smiling with astonishment and amazement. She saw a few familiar faces. She then looked up.

Susan looked up in front of her to see Caspian. Caspian was smiling nervously like he trying not fall over. He had his hair brushed through with a red shirt with golden pleating. He also had white pants and golden boots on. Susan laughed to herself which made some of the crowd smile more. Susan smiled at him the whole way down.

When Peter and Susan got there, Peter and Susan kissed each other's cheeks at the same time. Peter put Susan's hand into Caspian's hand and nodded his head once.

Caspian turned Susan to face him, and they smiled brightly at one another. They heard footsteps behind the minister, and they looked that way. Aslan was there and asked, "Is it alright if I take your place?"

The minister bowed. "It would be an honor."

Aslan took the place and started, "Today we want to honor and cherish these two younger lovers and rulers of Narnia."

They both smiled at each other. Susan blushed a light pink, and Caspian squeezed her hands. Aslan continued, "Their love for each other is what brought all of the Pevensies back."

Susan looked over her back to where Lucy was holding her bouquet, and she mouthed thank you. Susan looked back at Caspian, and he was still smiling. Aslan continued, "Queen Susan Pevensie the Gentle do you take Caspian X as your husband, in sickness and in health till death do you part?"

Susan looked from Aslan to Caspian, and she stared into his deep-brown eyes. She knew at that very moment, she wouldn't want to be there with anyone else. Seeing Caspian before her reassured her that he will always be there for her. They could laugh; They could cry; and they could love each other all at the same time. She never wanted to let go of him. Susan said quietly so she wouldn't cry, "I do."

Caspian smiled, and it was his breathtaking one. Susan couldn't live without. She felt her knees shaking and Aslan asked, "King Caspian X do you take Susan Pevensie as your wife in sickness and in health till death do you part?"

Caspian looked straight at Susan that said no doubt about it, "I do."

Aslan smiled. "Good. Now the rings." Edmund brought the rings to the two of them. He smiled as her did so.

Caspian got Susan's ring with two new bands surrounding it. The bands were the same color as the ring and had rose red diamonds on each, with a leaf on the top of each band. Susan got Caspian's which wasn't the traditional gold; Susan thought silver would go best for him.

They put the rings on one another, and they both laughed quietly in excitement as they did. Susan had tears running down her face. Caspian wiped them away, and the crowd awed and some cried and smiled. Lucy cried for her big sister so did her mother.

Aslan chuckled. "It is an honor to now pronounce you both husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

They both pulled in at the same time Caspian's hands cupped around her face; her hands on his shoulders. There was so much emotion in the kiss: relief, love, passion, and grace. They pulled away and hugged one another.

The crowd acclaimed and leaped to their feet. They were excited as Caspian and Susan held hands and walked down the aisle. The family followed them, and then the crowd headed for the castle.

Caspian lifted Susan up and put her onto his horse. He got on then, and they rode to the castle together. Susan dug her face into his back smelling is intoxicating scent. She couldn't believe she was married and now Mrs. Caspian.

When they got to the castle, Susan and Caspian stayed out of the ballroom so other guests could talk to one another. There was a lot of kissing involved. Caspian had Susan pinned up a castle wall kissing her gently with his hands on her waist. Susan had her arms around his neck. When Caspian moved to her jaw line, Susan breathed heavily. "We still have a reception to get through."

Caspian chuckled and looked into her eyes. "We still have some time until then." Susan giggled, and she leaned in to kiss him again.

Every guest were in the ballroom conversing with one another. Most of them were talking about how lovely the wedding was, along with Caspian and Susan. Peter and Louise were talking to one another. Louise said, "It was rather depressing at school for me. But look where I am now. I'm talking to you at Susan's wedding."

Peter nodded to himself. "It must really hard for you. I have to let you know that I never stopped thinking about you after we departed."

Louise looked into his sea-foam green eyes. "I never stopped either. It's hard to forget the person whom you shared your first kiss and first love with."

Peter crossed his strong arms over his chest. "So you did love me then? I wasn't just imagining things?"

Louise shook her head. "You weren't imagining anything. I actually find you quite stupid that you didn't notice sooner."

Peter's jaw dropped good-humoredly. "Did you just call me stupid?

Louise raised her eyebrows lightly. "I might have. What are you going to do about it, King Peter?"

Before Peter could answer, Caspian and Susan entered the ballroom. Everyone applauded them. Peter eyed them. "It's about time. How can they be late to their own party?"

Louise shrugged her shoulders. "What do you think they were doing?"

When Caspian and Susan walked in, some guests were conversing, and some were already sitting at their assigned tables. The ballroom was set up with a big golden chandelier in the middle and the tables with flower centerpieces in the middle.

The flowers were the same as Susan's bouquet just grander in size. The tables were marble, and the guests would be served their food. There was a table set up just for drinks so the guests could help themselves.

Susan and Caspian sat at a big long table in front of every other table. The other chairs at that table were set up for Peter, Edmund, Lucy, and Louise to sit there. After most of the guests were settled in their seats, the dinner began.

Caspian made sure it was Susan's favorite, which was stuffed chicken and mashed potatoes. When the guests sat down and started to eat, Edmund started to clank his champagne glass.

Susan hated the attention and hid her face in Caspian's shoulder. Caspian chuckled, and wrapped his arm around her waist. She blushed, and Edmund stood up and said loud and clearly, "I want to make a toast to my sister and my new brother. Hopefully they live a long happy life together."

They all clinked their glasses and sipped, and Caspian pulled Susan in tighter. She kissed his cheek, and he dropped his arm. Lucy made a delightful face at her sister, and Susan just smiled at her.

When the dinner was over, Caspian stood up this time and spoke as if he was the happiest man alive. "The ballroom dancing will be held in the castle gardens tonight. I want everyone here to know that I feel like the luckiest man alive. Why Queen Susan would pick me over any man, challenges my mind every day."

Most people in the crowd laughed in awe. Some even said aww. Susan didn't blush; she smiled and thought of all the reasons she did marry him. He was kind and gentle towards her, he would always say she was beautiful, he was thoughtful towards others and takes care of the kingdom. She knew there were many other reasons, but she was so touched by what he said.

Everyone went to the gardens and a lovely orchestra played music to get everyone to their feet. But of course, there was the first dance of Susan and Caspian. They did the traditional waltz with Susan's head resting against Caspian's shoulder blade.

Susan whispered, "You know, King Caspian. This is one of the best nights of my life."

Caspian chuckled. "That's nice that you say that because it's my favorite too, and it will only get better as the night goes on."

Susan scoffed quietly. "When you said the other night you would have wobbly knees, I didn't know you'd be serious."

Caspian put her into a dip. "I didn't think it was that noticeable."

Susan giggled. "I think the whole kingdom noticed their King Caspian scared. I didn't know you were scared of me."

Caspian pulled her back up and looked straight into her eyes. "I was scared you would leave me. You being so perfect and me…it just doesn't add up." He looked down at the ground in disgust while still dancing.

Susan looked at him gratefully and with sorrow, she put her hand underneath his face and pulled it up, so she could look straight into his face. She said in a low sweet tone, "Caspian...You saved me when I was in trouble. I'm the one who isn't perfect. I'm always the one in trouble. You always come fix my mistakes."

Caspian smiled delightfully at her words. "That's what makes us a most unstoppable team and a perfect match."

Susan smiled. "Right and if you're so not perfect would I do this?" Susan pulled his face to her own. It was a kiss they both smiled into.

Susan pulled away and Caspian answered, "I don't know maybe a little more, and I'll figure it out."

Susan smirked at him. "I think that's enough for now." She stood on her tiptoes and whispered in his ear, "I'll be saving more of it for later."

Caspian felt his skin tingle at her words and his face get hot. Susan moved a stand of hair out of his face and tucked it behind his ear and bit her lip. She smiled then. "Caspian you're blushing."

Caspian's eyes popped and his face turned back into his tan complexion. They ended their dance with a bow, and everyone clapped. After that, everyone joined in a fun upbeat song.

Susan ran into Lucy who was dancing with Frederick. She tapped on his shoulder, and said in a fake manly voice, "May I cut in?"

Frederick smiled. "Not at all." He gave Susan Lucy's hand, and they all laughed at the exchange.

Susan and Lucy danced together in all fun. They laughed and stopped when Susan's feet got tired. Susan was sitting on her favorite bench as a slow song started. She noticed that Caspian was dancing with his new sister-in-law, and they were just having fun with it.

She watched, until Peter came up to her. "May I have a dance with my sister?"

Susan smiled. "Why of course dear brother." They both tried to hold back laughs but failed to do so.

Susan and Peter started to dance with Caspian and Lucy at their sides. Peter stopped when his shoulder was tapped by Markell. Markell asked, "May I cut in?" Peter looked at Susan for approval, and she nodded.

Peter smiled as he graciously handed Markell Susan's hand. Susan smiled reluctantly at Markell. She felt bad for never feeling the same way about him as he did about her.

Markell danced gracefully and commented, "I'm really happy for you Susan."

Susan nodded. "Thank you Markell. I'm glad you're handling it well."

Markell scoffed. "I told you I moved on…it's fine."

Susan half smiled. "So how has your kingdom taking you being the new king."

Markell smiled at her as if it were well. "Everyone thanks me almost every day for not being like Demeterius." Susan made a disgusted face at the name. Markell's smile faded, and he cupped her face. "I'm sorry….congratulations again."

He walked out of the dance and rubbed his head leaving the dance floor and heading towards the drinks. Louise came up to Susan and grabbed her arm. "Come quick."

Susan didn't know what to think, she just went with her. Louise brought Susan to where she saw a very drunk Peter leaning on a tree.

Peter walked towards them with a bottle of strong alcohol in his hand. "Why hello darling and little sister."

Susan rolled her eyes at his floppy body. He walked in a zigzag line and fell to the ground. He muttered, "Damn it." Susan pulled him up by his arm.

Peter then fell into Louise almost purposely to Susan. Peter smiled at Louise. "Why hello. Fancy seeing you here."

He kissed her cheek tentatively, and Louise giggled. "Come on Pete let's take you to your room."

Peter chuckled in a deep way and looked at Susan nervously. He ran past Susan and into the bushes and vomited violently. Susan rubbed his back when more came out. Louise did as well.

When it was over, Peter looked at Louise. "Well I hope this doesn't ruin our date."

Louise grinned. "Come on stud muffin." Peter put an arm around Susan's shoulders and Louise's. When they came out of the area with Peter, some of the crowd was worried.

Louise looked at Susan. "Don't worry I've got it." Susan gave her a questionable look as if she didn't believe her. Louise just nodded Susan off and Susan walked away.

Susan was backing up while watching Louise and Peter. While backing up, Susan backed right into the King of Calormen. He looked annoyed and stuck up at the same time to Susan.

Susan turned to face him and smiled with honesty. "I'm sorry your majesty. I didn't see you there."

The king still looking annoyed lifted up a hand that was covered in fancy rings. "No apology is necessary, your majesty. Especially from royalty. You look lovely tonight Queen Susan….or shall I say now High Queen Susan."

Susan hated titles and especially if he was referring her to being higher than her siblings. Susan still tried to smile graciously to be nice. "Thank you. Please enjoy the rest of your night….are you sleeping in the castle? King Markell is,"

The King shook his head. "No my dear I'm leaving early and setting up camp. But I will enjoy the rest of the evening thank you."

Susan curtsied, and the King bowed. Susan sighed in annoyance; she hated how formal he was. She wished more kingdoms would be down to Earth.

She felt an arm wrap around her waist, and she smiled and giggled. She turned to face Caspian and kissed the tip of his nose. He smiled back and whispered in her ear, "What did the King of Calormen talk to you about?"

Susan's smile fell, and she became serious. "Nothing at all. He's just too formal. I can't get to know him."

Caspian rubbed her shoulders. "I know. I don't like when people are like that."

Susan nodded, and she grabbed his hands. "Well it's a good thing neither of us are like that."

Caspian smiled and said sarcastically and mockingly, "Darling would you be a dear and join my hand in a dance?"

Susan smiled at him suppressing a laugh and also said in the same tone, "But of course my dear. It would be smashing. We shall make every peasant wish they were us."

They both laughed as they walked holding hands to the dance floor. They pulled into each other very closely and started to dance. Susan's head rested against his chest and said, "We've lost Peter."

Caspian put his cheek on top of her head. "Did he get drunk again?" Susan giggled and Caspian knew that was a yes. The band stopped playing and Lucy stood in front of everyone.

She said very clearly, "We have a tradition where my siblings and I come from. The couple cut a wedding cake and feed one another. So if we could make our way to the ballroom that would be amazing."

Susan smiled at Caspian, and he looked confused. Susan smiled because Caspian didn't know how she was going to stuff his face with cake.

When they got to the ballroom, everyone formed a circle around the couple. Caspian first took a fork and put it in a piece of cake. He put the bite into Susan's mouth which she opened for and chewed.

Next Susan put her fork in the cake, and Caspian took a bite at the fork. While he was taking his bite, Susan put her hand into the slice and grabbed a big piece. When he started to chew, Susan took the handful and put it on the side of his face.

He had his mouth open in shock, and Susan and the guests were with outburst laughter. Caspian then grabbed his own handful, and it was Susan's turn to get dirty. She started to run across the ballroom yelling, "No!" in a cute way. She was laughing while doing so.

He chased her while the guests were still in hysterical laughter. Eventually, Caspian caught up to her a grabbed her by the waist with one arm. He twirled her around and put the handful on the side of her face.

Susan took the handful off her face and plopped it into her mouth. She made an, "mmm." Sound and Caspian chuckled. Caspian did the same thing to mimic her. She slapped his shoulder playfully, and they both laughed.

It was starting to become really late, and the guests were getting tired. Caspian danced with Susan's mum. It was a cute sight in Susan's eyes. Susan also danced with Edmund, which was rather bad. Edmund couldn't dance to save his life.

Some guests left to go home and some slept at the castle, Markell was one of them. All of the guests were gone, and the orchestra left. Susan and Caspian were the only two left.

Caspian picked her up and cradled her in his arms. She giggled while he carried her. She kissed his chin and smiled into it. He carried her up the stairs into his bedroom. Susan looked around her; the sights were different than her own room.

Caspian put her down on the floor. Susan first reached to her hair and pulled all of the roses out making the bun fall out. Caspian smiled at her beauty, and she smiled back. They both took off their crowns and put them on Caspian's dresser.

Susan then jumped onto Caspian wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He geld her there and they looked into each other's eyes for a while smiling. They started kissing one another then.

Susan breathed in his scent that was so intoxicating. They both were concentrated on their kissing making it the best kisses of their lives. Susan pulled off Caspian's nice shirt and threw it to the floor. Next she threw off his undershirt showing off his tan muscular chest. It made Susan feel safe and comfortable. She craved his touch.

Caspian carried her to his bed and plopped her there. She was on the bottom of him while kissing. Caspian's hands were trailing down her back unbuttoning her dress. Her hands were tangled in his thick-dark hair.

Each time he fumbled he would say, "Damn buttons." And Susan would laugh. He finally got to the bottom one and got the white-laced dress off. He smiled at her body the same way she did at his. For one of the first times in Susan's life she didn't feel insecure about how she looked. She knew Caspian loved her and that's all that mattered.

Before anything else happened, Caspian whispered, "I love you and I'm so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with you."

Susan smiled sincerely. "I love you too. Forever and always."

Caspian finished the rest of the night as you would expect. Sleeping cuddled together with nothing other than their commitment, love, and rings.

Susan woke up in different surroundings than what she was used to. She turned her body from where the warmth and light was coming from. She turned and saw the most breath-taking sight in her life.

Caspian was sleeping peacefully. She smiled at how peaceful he looked to her. She sat up a little and remembered everything that happened that night. She laid back down and watched his facial features in his sleep.

She started to trace the muscular outlining of his chest. When he still didn't wake up, she put her hand on the side of his face. She kissed him on the mouth, and he groaned. His eyes fluttered open and he chuckled, "Hopefully I'll wake up like that a lot now."

Susan giggled. "You wish King Caspian," Caspian kissed her again and put himself on top of her again. She smiled as what they did that night became a repeat.

Susan got up and changed into a robe. She looked into Caspian's mirror (which was now her own) and fixed her hair; it looked like a tangled mess. Caspian's hair didn't look any better. He brushed his hair in the same mirror.

Caspian got dressed and said, "I'm going to say goodbye to the guests that stayed overnight." Before he could walk away, Susan grabbed his arm and pulled him into a magnifying kiss. He smiled into it.

Susan asked before he left, "All of my clothes are in my room. There are guests here…so can you get me something to put on?" Caspian nodded and left out the door.

Peter woke up that morning with a banging headache and a hangover. He walked to Caspian's room and knocked on the door. He knew that Caspian had to have something for his pounding head.

To his surprise, Susan opened the door. She folded her hands around her chest self-consciously and tightened the tie on her robe. Peter's eyes were in surprise and dizzy.

Susan asked annoyed, "What is it Peter?"

Peter slurred his words, "My head hurts a lot. I was wondering if Caspian had any medicine.

Susan nodded. "Sure come in."

Peter first took notice that the bed was messy. The sheets and covers were everywhere and some pillows were on the floor. Susan blushed at the mess, and she gestured towards the sofa.

Peter plopped on it and put his hands on his temples and started to rub them. Susan went into Caspian's bathroom and looked on his cabinet for any remedies. There were none to be found.

Susan sat on the couch and said, "I guess you're having bad luck."

Peter groaned in pain, and then the door opened. Caspian came in and saw Peter lying on the couch. "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting anything."

Susan looked at her brother. "No. Peter was actually just leaving to find the professor."

Caspian nodded and Peter looked at his sister in aggravation. "You became meaner once you got married."

Peter stumbled out of the room, and Susan grabbed the clothes Caspian gave her. He raised an eyebrow. "Do I want to know?"

Susan shook her head, "Not really."

Caspian shrugged his shoulders and almost left the room until Susan said, "Caspian can you fix the bed?"

Caspian sighed. "Fine." Susan got dressed right in front of the dresser where Caspian could see. He started to make the bed but was a little distracted during the task.

When they were both done, they smiled at one another. They kissed each other once again in full bliss. Susan and Caspian looked into each other's eyes. Blue clashing with brown, Susan said with passion, "I love you King Caspian X, and I'm ready to start a new chapter of my life with you. All we need to do is breathe and our love will be everlasting."

Caspian smiled at her wholeheartedly, "Let the new chapters begin Queen Susan. You better breathe in deeply."

Susan breathed in the breath and to her it seemed like the breath of a new beginning and a new story of her life. She wouldn't have wanted to share it with anyone else other than Caspian. They both pulled into a deep passionate kiss. They both enjoyed it. It was the start of their lives together.

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