Into the Light

In the morning, Edmund walked into his sister's room confused seeing his whole family on Susan's bed sound asleep. Edmund couldn't help it, so he jumped on Susan's bed waking up everyone, especially one very angry Peter. Lucy was laughing with Edmund, and Susan was just lying on her side not showing any emotion.

Edmund noticed her upset and stopped jumping. Edmund grabbed Lucy's hand and drug her out of the room. Edmund knew Peter needed to talk to Susan.

Peter asked, "Susan are you okay? It's Saturday, and we're having a big breakfast. I know how much eggs are your favorite."

Susan shrugged her shoulders and said, "I'm not that hungry, Peter. You can go on down without me."

Peter said, "Susan eat with us. Your company makes everything better, and it makes us feel like a family."

Susan rolled over to look the harried Peter in the eyes. She started to feel guilty for her actions. She said, "I'm sorry I haven't been around much this year, Peter. I'll make it up to all of you and take you out to lunch."

Peter saw his sister give a little smile. This was so exciting; this was the first smile Peter has ever seen since Susan has left Narnia.

Peter kissed the top of Susan's hair and said "I love you and can't wait. I'll go tell Edmund and Lucy now."

Susan watched as her brother ran out of her room and heard the patter of his feet going down the stairs to share the news. Susan got up and put on a white blouse and dark red skirt. She came downstairs to receive a hug from Lucy. Susan hugged her back and said with plea in her eyes, "Lucy I'm so sorry I haven't been there for you."

Lucy shot her sister a smile and said, "I thought I was losing you Susan. I'm glad you're back." Lucy had tears in her eyes as she gave her big sister another big hug.

Susan looked at Edmund and saw tears in his eyes as well. Susan said, "Oh Ed, why do you have to cry, now you make me feel like a bad big sister." Edmund gave Susan a big bear hug making it difficult for Susan to breathe.

Edmund noticed the intensified look on Susan's face and said "Sorry Su. Boy am I sure glad you're back I've been sick and tired of hearing Lucy's girl problems."

The whole family laughed except for Susan who was still in a state of depression. Susan wasn't only depressed by Caspian anymore but not being there for her family. She wanted to hear Lucy's problems. She wanted to go to parties with Peter and have fun. She wanted to make new friends.

Before it was time for lunch, Susan walked out of the house to find Parker (one of Peter's friends) along a wall. He came up to her and said "Susan so glad to see you."

Susan knew how big of a pervert Parker was. He was always was hitting on Susan. Susan knew that if Peter knew what Parker was doing they wouldn't be friends anymore.

Susan said, "I'm not in the mood for dealing with you now. If you would please excuse me, I have to make reservations."

Parker stood in front of her and stopped her in her tracks and said, "Baby come on, no one has ever said no to me. Go out with me tonight." The last sentence wasn't a question. It was a statement.

Susan was sick and tired of this guy. He has asked her out a few times. She looked at him and said, "Well I guess I have said no to you, and I'm saying it again. Now if you please excuse me I have to go."

Parker pulled on the collar of her blouse and said "It wasn't a question you're going out to dinner with me."

She became angry. "Parker let go of me." She knew in her head she could take him down if she had her bow and arrows. This made Susan remember Narnia and her heart stung a little from the memories.

Parker was infuriated with her answer and said seriously, "I'm not letting go unless you go to dinner with me."

Susan had enough of his antics and slapped Parker across the face. He had the scariest look in his eyes that strangely reminded Susan of Rabadash, the man that put Narnia in another war in the Golden Age.

Susan flinched when she saw the anger come out of his eyes. Parker looked as if he was about to hit her. He had a big ball of her blouse tight in his fist. Until Peter came out of the house and saw Susan up against a wall with Parker holding a part of her blouse in his fist. Peter pulled Parker to the ground. When Susan saw that it was Peter, a wave of relief washed over her.

Peter was happy to see Susan okay, but angry that one of his closest friends was like this. Peter drug Parker to another wall and pined Parker up against the wall. Peter screamed "You think this is funny? Hurting my sister like this? Forcing her to do things?" Parker didn't know what to say all that came out were sounds.

Peter looked at Parker in the eye and said devilishly "If you ever touch my sister again, you won't like the results." Parker nodded his head and when Peter let go Parker ran as fast as he could.

Peter walked over to Susan and gave her a hug saying, "Are you hurt Susan? What did he do? I should have hurt him."

Susan said, "I'm fine Peter and he didn't do anything. I was actually doing fine by myself."

Peter looked at her and said sarcastically. "If pined up against a wall is what you mean by fine then you were doing great."

Susan rolled her eyes. She knew this would turn into a fight if she didn't let this go. Peter walked back into the house with her. Edmund and Lucy were getting ready to leave for lunch but to their surprise, they saw Susan and Peter enter the house. Peter looked at them and said, "Lunch is off go do something else."

Susan turned around and looked confused at Peter saying, "The lunch is still on. It will just be at a different place. We'll have to take a train though."

Lucy questioned, "When will the next train leave?"

Peter looked at a newspaper and said, "In about the next fifteen minutes or so."

Susan crossed her arms. "Well we better get a move on if we're going to catch it." Lucy and Edmund smiled because they were so happy to have Susan back.

At the train station, varieties of people were there. It was hard to move through the shuffling crowd. The Pevensies heard the announcer say the train would be boarding in five minutes. As Soon as they heard that they rushed to the train. They all got on in time with about a minute to spare.

As the train started moving, it was quiet. There were only the occasional conversations between people. A few moment later, there was another noise outside the train. The train was roughly shaking, everyone on the train felt it. Most people got their feet to check what was going on.

They heard another whistle from a train make a noise. There was a big light coming from the other side. It was another train, it was heading toward the Pevensies train, and there was going to be a collision. The crowd on the train knew no one was going to make it.

Susan knew exactly what was happening so did Peter and Edmund. Lucy had no idea what was going on. Susan knew if it wasn't for her to go somewhere else they wouldn't be in this situation. Susan was in a calm panic mode, she was scared on the inside but wouldn't act scared for Lucy. Susan, Peter, Edmund, and Lucy pulled each other into a group hug. Susan said, "I love all of you no matter what."

Susan's arms were trembling while tears poured down her face. Peter said, "I love all of you, too." Peter also had streams of tears on his cheeks and so did Edmund who said "I love you all more than you all know."

Lucy said without a clue, "I love all of you guys too." Before anyone could think of anything else, Susan saw a light and everything was dark.

In Narnia, Caspian was stressing over the wedding he was going to have with Autumn in a month. Also to top it off, Calormen was complaining to Caspian that Narnians have been getting too close to their border.

On the other hand, Autumn was excited for the wedding she couldn't wait to be queen of Narnia and after she got rid of Caspian, Archenland.

Autumn tried as hard as she could to make Caspian's life stress free. Most of the time it was kissing that made Caspian get out of his funk. Everyday Autumn noticed Caspian starting to get mentally drained. Little did she know it was over the Pevensies.

Autumn despised these old kings and queens. She hated how much Caspian talked about his past and how much better life was with these people. She knew them being about 1300 years old and didn't quite understand how they were still alive. She also hated how Caspian would go on about this Susan. But the worst was when Caspian talked about Aslan, this lion that was king of everything. Autumn didn't believe in this mystical creature.

Mostly, Caspian's routine would be he would get up work on the wedding and kingdom problems and spend time with Autumn. Caspian barely found any time for himself anymore. Whenever Caspian got time to himself he would mostly work out his sword fighting skills. Sometimes he would forget he was using Rhindon. High King Peter's sword, one of the best swords in Narnia.

One day while Caspian was in his study, Autumn came into his room. She knocked on the door and came in. Caspian looked at her with tired eyes and said, "What pleasure do I have seeing my beautiful bride to be? Is everything okay?"

Autumn said, "Yes everything is just about perfect. I just wanted to know if you were okay. You've been working harder than you need to, Caspian." She walked to him and gave him a back massage.

Caspian stretched his muscles as she was massaging. It felt good to Caspian, he had been working really hard for the past few weeks. Autumn turned him around and was about to pull him into a kiss until Trumpkin walked into the room.

Trumpkin asked, "May I speak with King Caspian for a moment?"

Caspian walked out of his study and toward Trumpkin and asked, "What is wrong Trumpkin?"

Trumpkin said, "A few guards saw some different people down at the beach."

Caspian cursed under his breath. Caspian thought it was a few Calormen wanting to start something because of the problems going on between the two countries. Caspian looked at Trumpkin. "How about we go check out who or what's down there?"

Trumpkin nodded his head in agreement. "I'll get our horses ready."

Caspian went back into his study, opened up his closet, put on a leather jacket, and attached his sword to his belt. Autumn looked at Caspian curiously and asked, "What's going on Caspian? Is everything alright?"

Caspian looked back at her and said "I'm not sure, the guards spotted something down at the beach. I have no idea what it is so Trumpkin and I are going to go check on what it is."

Autumn looked at him worriedly and said, "Okay be careful love. I don't want any marks on the wedding day."

Caspian smiled back at her and gave her a quick peck on the lips. Then he said, "Don't worry love. I always am careful." That was when Caspian walked out of the room and into the hallway where Trumpkin was standing.

Trumpkin looked at him and said "Everything will be fine let's just warn those Narnians to not wander the beach anymore."

Caspian was hoping it would be some foolish Narnians. Caspian hoped for the best and rode on horseback with Trumpkin to the beach to find out what was going on.

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