In Narnia

Susan woke up to see a different surrounding. At first she thought she was in heaven. There was a beautiful sun enveloping a white sanded beach and crystal blue water. Behind her were deciduous dark green woods. It was the most beautiful thing she had seen. She saw her brothers and sister running over where Susan was standing. Susan knew where she was. She was in Narnia.

She wasn't the only one that knew, Lucy, Edmund, and Peter knew as well. Edmund ran up to Susan and said "Come into the water with us Su."

Susan was still in shock she was in Narnia and backed away from Edmund's question. But before she could do anything else, Peter picked Susan up and threw her over his shoulder. Susan was playfully kicking and screaming. Susan was actually laughing, and Peter ran waist deep into the water and threw Susan into it. Edmund ran back in and dunked Susan as she came up to take a breath.

Soon there was a splashing war, girls versus boys. Edmund was splashing Susan and Peter was splashing Lucy. All of the Pevensies were laughing and enjoying their time in Narnia. There fun was interrupted by the sound of horse hooves galloping acrossS the beach. Peter and Edmund were the first two to run out of the water.

When Edmund noticed it was Caspian, his best friend come running up on a horse, Edmund was so happy. On the other hand Peter wasn't too thrilled. In Peter's mind this was the boy that broke his little sister's heart in two.

Caspian was the first to speak asking, "Who are all of you and why are you here?"

Susan's heart was beating rapidly at the sound of the Spanish accent she hadn't heard in a while. She knew who it was riding the horse at that very second; it was Caspian. Hearing his voice made her want to run to him and jump into his arms. But Susan was so in shock she was just standing there. Lucy noticed Susan's mouth open and Lucy put up a hand to close it shut.

Peter replied answering Caspian's question, "Don't you remember old friends when you see them… maybe about 1300 years old?"

Caspian noticed the two who were standing in front of him. Edmund and Peter his two best friends, Caspian had the biggest smile anyone ever saw. Then Caspian noticed Lucy and Susan standing in the water. Caspian had to glance back at Susan to make sure it wasn't a dream.

Caspian's heart was throbbing; Susan was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever met. She was standing a few feet away from him. The blue eyes and dark hair pulled him into a vivid memory. The last time they saw each other. Susan stood on her tiptoes and surprised Caspian with a gentle kiss. He looked back at the beautiful girl. Caspian wanted to say something to her; anything.

Peter noticed Caspian's gawking and cleared his throat, which pulled Caspian back into reality. Lucy couldn't wait any longer and ran out of the water to give Caspian one of the biggest hugs ever. Lucy squeezed Caspian so tight, that Caspian fumbled back a little then wrapped his arms around Lucy. Edmund also pulled Caspian into a brotherly hug. Peter and Susan stood next to each other awkwardly watching the hugs.

Susan was feeling butterflies flying around in her stomach. Susan felt the ache in her heart mend again seeing the man she truly missed. He was standing right before her looking the same, except older and stronger.

After Caspian was done with his hugs he said, "Follow me. I'll take you to the castle." The Pevensies walked as Caspian and Trumpkin rode their horses.

Susan felt as if she was home, there weren't any people to judge her. Most girls were jealous of Susan and were never friends with her. Girls were also jealous of Susan getting asked on a date very frequently. Susan knew in Narnia, people wouldn't judge her not because she was a queen; but because people weren't like that in Narnia.

Edmund was so happy to see his best friend again. Edmund was failing most of his classes and had barely any friends. He wanted to be treated like a man. Her in Narnia, he could finally be treated that way. Edmund would pick fights with kids and get into trouble. Edmund felt at home and was happy looking over at his sister. Edmund was happy if his family was happy.

Lucy was happy to be home. Lucy wasn't doing the best in school either. Lucy didn't have her sister there for her. Lucy was happy to have Susan back in her life. Lucy couldn't handle another "The Talk" from Peter. Susan would normally save Lucy from Peter trying to talk to Lucy about it.

Peter felt at home but was looking at Caspian disgustedly. Peter hated Caspian for breaking Susan's heart. But Peter was happy that looking around everyone else seemed happy. Edmund, Lucy, and Susan are his life; Peter would be lost without any of them. Peter was lost when Susan wasn't around. When Peter got into fights, there was no one there to tell him it was wrong. There was no motherly figure; Susan was there for him before they met Caspian. Whenever they left, Susan was never there. Susan was always thinking about somewhere else.

Caspian was happy to see his family walking next to him. Caspian was especially happy to get to see Susan again. Susan was the first girl he ever fell in love with. Susan was still beautiful even though she was wet and all. Trumpkin noticed the way Caspian was looking at Susan and wondered if anything was going on.

When they got to Cair Paravel the Pevensies gasped in a shocked way. Caspian chuckled happily by their expressions. Caspian said, "Welcome to Cair Paravel, your old home. I started to rebuild it after Ed and Lucy came to Narnia."

The Pevensies wouldn't move they were all too shocked to say anything. Susan was the first to speak and said, "How long did it take you to build it?"

Caspian was shocked at the sound of her voice. It sounded like Susan was going through a lot and was trying to hold it back. It took Caspian a few seconds to think back. Caspian said, "About a year and a half."

Susan nodded and melted at the sound of his Spanish accent. Peter saw how Susan looked at him and was raging in the inside.

Edmund was interested how Caspian was doing. So Edmund asked, "How have you been Caspian? What's been going on since we left you?"

Caspian said, "Well Calormen has been giving Narnia a hard time. I'm also getting married…I'm engaged."

Edmund regretted his question because of Susan. Susan had been raving over this guy for a year. Now Susan finds out he's engaged. Edmund was angry at himself for bringing grief toward Susan again.

Susan felt as if all of her siblings were staring at her. Susan was tearing apart on the inside but was as acting as if nothing happened on the outside. She gave them all a convincing smile. Her siblings looked relieved at her outward expression, except for Edmund. Susan saw that Edmund knew what she was feeling. Susan and Edmund had a connection that no other sibling had. Susan would know when Edmund would be upset, just as Edmund notices Susan.

Edmund was the one that saved Susan from Rabadash because he knew Susan that well. Susan was sad and felt as if her heart was being torn in two. The man she loved was getting married. Susan would never be with Caspian again like she was before she left. Susan would have to get over him even though she would see him often. She was trying to be optimistic as she thought, at least I get to see him. At least I'm home.

When the kings and queens got to the castle, they were excited to get there. Susan was the only one that wasn't as excited. All Susan could think about was that she would have to meet the bride to be. When they entered, the gate opened, and it was just as the Pevensies remembered it.

Lucy asked, "How did you make an exact replica?"

Caspian laughed at Lucy's expression and said, "Well I looked through the pictures painted by other people. I also looked through some of your things to get the rooms right."

Susan asked "What kind of our things did you look through exactly, Caspian?"

Caspian was shocked at the sad tone to her voice and answered "You know old books, journals you all used to keep, and drawings."

Susan nodded her head trying to still be normal on the outside. When everyone started walking in, Edmund put an arm around Susan's shoulders. A tear fell out of one of Susan's blue eyes and ran down her flushed cheek.

Edmund wiped it away and said, "Susan I am so sorry you have to go through this, it's not fair."

Susan gave Edmund a confused glance and asked, "What's not fair Ed? If Caspian and I were meant to be with each other we would be. Also, Edmund Pevensie you should not feel bad for me, I'll get over him. I'm happy now…I'm home."

Edmund smiled and gave Susan a hug and said, "It's not fair all of this has to happen to you. I want you to be happy, and I'm glad you are."

Susan smiled as he said that and hugged her. When they pulled away they ran into the castle to catch up with the others. Caspian was showing them through a hallway which seemed to be where their rooms were. On the left side of the hallway were Susan and Lucy's rooms. On the right side were Edmund and Peter's rooms.

Outside the girls rooms were facing the ocean and got gorgeous balcony views. The boy's rooms faced the gardens and had big windows instead of balconies.

Susan noticed an extra room next to hers and asked ."Caspian is that an extra room?"

Caspian said "Oh.. that's Autumn's room, she's who I'm engaged to. Would all of you like to meet her?"

The Pevensies all looked at each other and nodded. Caspian smiled and clapped his hands together. "Great I'll go see if she's in her bedroom."

Edmund took Susan's hand and squeezed it. Susan jerked it away, because she didn't want anyone other than Edmund to know what was going on.

Caspian rapped on the door lightly and said, "Autumn.. Autumn honey are you in there? I have some friends I would like you to meet."

There was a light crack of the door that opened, and Susan could see Autumn's red hair. Autumn saw it was Caspian and hugged him tightly and she said happily, "Oh Caspian I was so worried. I'm glad you're okay."

Caspian smiled and said ,"These are my old friends King Peter and Edmund, Queen Susan and Lucy."

Autumn bowed and said, "It is an honor to finally meet you all. Caspian has said so much about you."

Autumn looked at Susan cautiously. Autumn was jealous of how pretty Susan was.

Autumn knew how Susan and Caspian were when they were together before. Autumn pulled Caspian in for a passionate kiss. Caspian tried to pull away but he couldn't, he was too into the moment.

Susan looked away and couldn't take any more of what was going on. She walked out of the hallway, and when she was out of sight she ran as fast as she could. Tears were pouring down her face, and it was making it hard for Susan to see.

Edmund and Peter saw it all happen and told Lucy to stay there after they ran after Susan. Lucy didn't want to stay, but Lucy wanted to talk to Susan alone so she went to her room. Caspian pulled away from the kiss and noticed everyone gone.

Susan ran into the old professor knocking the scrolls out of his hands. She stopped to help him pick them up. The professor was shocked to see Queen Susan there let alone crying.

The professor said, "My dear Queen Susan why are you here? Why are you crying? I have so many questions for you."

Susan said between sobs, "I..c..can't t. now professor." When she was done helping him Susan took off running again. Susan ran all the way to the beach and laid down on the sand. She knew her brothers would find her soon. Hopefully, when they did, she hoped she could pull herself together.

Peter and Edmund ran into the professor and asked, "Did you see Susan anywhere?"

The professor replied, "I saw Queen Susan run out of the castle. Queen Susan was upset and crying do you know why?" Edmund and Peter didn't answer they just ran to find their sister.

Susan watched the orange yellow sun go behind the ocean. She watched the sky turn pink, orange, and a dark purple. Susan was drifting off into sleep (The Ocean was a peaceful calming sound to Susan) and she heard footsteps running up to her.

Peter tapped her shoulder and asked, "Susan are you okay? What's going on with you?"

Susan snapped up at Peter and said angrily "Do you not know Peter? Do I have to spell it out for you? I'm in love with Caspian, and me seeing him kiss another girl is just too hard to handle."

Susan started sobbing again and Peter sat down next to her and put an arm around her. Susan started sobbing into Peter's chest and Edmund hugged Susan and Peter as Susan was sobbing.

Edmund was whispering soothing words into Susan ear and Peter was absolutely quiet. Peter could feel the tears soaking into his clothes and kept his arms firm and tight around Susan. When Susan came to her senses, it was completely dark out and Peter was asleep. Edmund was wide awake and Susan looked at him with her swollen eyes.

Susan said, "I'm sorry Ed. I'm sorry for putting you and Peter and Lucy through all of this. It's not fair for all of you to keep worrying about me. It's about time I start acting like a big sister again."

Edmund looked at Susan with sympathetic eyes and smiled a crooked smile. Susan said, "I miss seeing all of you smile, even your stupid crooked one, Ed." Susan laughed at her own words and Edmund laughed too.

Peter woke up at their laughter and asked, "What did I miss?" Peter cracked a few bones asking the question.

Edmund replied saying "Well you missed Susan calling my smile stupid."

Peter was getting up and started laughing and so did Susan. Peter held out his hand for Susan to reach it. Susan heard horses coming from the opposite side of the castle. She knew it couldn't have been anyone from the castle.

There were about ten men riding in on horseback. Peter and Edmund knew it wasn't anyone from the castle as well. They both pulled Susan behind them protectively. Neither of them had their weapons.

The men came up to Peter, Edmund, and Susan and they stopped. One of the men asked "Who are all of you? What are all of you doing at Cair Paravel's beaches?"

Peter replied standing tall and firm, "We are the kings and queen of old, and we are here again in Narnia."

The man that asked the question held a sword to Peter's throat and asked, "Are you sure you're not lying boy? The kings and queens are supposed to be 1300 years old."

Susan stood in front Peter and said gently, "Why would we be lying to you? Just trust us I can solemnly say Peter is telling the truth."

The man said "Queen Susan? The stories do not say how beautiful you really are. It says you were, but they do not do you justice."

Susan was horrified that this guy was already trying to charm her with telling her how beautiful she was. Peter stood in front of Susan protectively again. In that moment, Caspian came riding in to see a sword up to Peter's throat. Caspian ran faster and saw who it was. It was the King of Archenland.

Caspian rode up to them and said, "King Demeterius, these are the kings and queen of old and the other queen is in the castle. I'm glad you could come to the wedding."

Demeterius put his sword back in his belt, and Peter gulped loudly. Caspian said, "Please let me show you the way to the castle."

Caspian led all of the riders on horseback toward the castle. Before that the King asked, "Queen Susan would you like a ride?"

This reminded Susan of Rabadash and shook her head no. Susan said, "I think walking would be best, but thank you for the offer."

Demeterius took off after that to follow Caspian. Peter looked at Susan and said, "I think that King likes you too much."

Edmund said, "Yeah I don't like him…he didn't offer me or Peter a ride on a horse." Susan and Peter laughed at what Edmund said.

After about five minutes of walking, Susan noticed how tired she was. She said, "Peter will you carry me?" Peter sighed and lifted his baby sister into his arms.

Peter then asked playfully, "Dang Susan what have you been eating?" Susan slapped his chest and laughed. Susan drifted off into sleep in her brother's arms.

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