The Walk

Susan woke up that morning wondering where she was. She remembered; she was in Narnia. Susan smiled into her pillow and knew she was home. The sun was pouring through her balcony window. The way the room was decorated, the room looked yellow and golden. Susan remembered what happened when she was being carried. She was half asleep and people were asking Peter if she was okay. He would say, "Yes she's fine."

Caspian walked up to Peter and asked, "Is Susan okay and why were all of you at the beach?"

Peter rolled his eyes and said "She's fine but no thanks to you Caspian. It's actually your fault we were at the beach."

Caspian raised an eyebrow and said "What are you talking about?"

Peter sighed like he was annoyed "Like you don't know Caspian. You broke my sister's heart. She loved you and probably still does somewhere in her heart. And Caspian you kissed another girl in front of her; inappropriately."

Caspian's heart sunk, how stupid could he have been. Why did he kiss Autumn in front of Susan. He looked at Susan. Her eyes were red and puffy. He saw Susan move a little and moan in her sleep. Peter held her tighter when she moved.

Caspian said sympathetically, "Peter, I'm sorry. I'll never kiss my fiancée in front of Susan again."

Peter rolled his eyes and walked away. Peter said while walking away "Hope that works out for you."

When Peter left, Autumn came in right on cue. Autumn hugged Caspian from behind and asked, "What's wrong honey? Aren't you glad my father could make it for the wedding?"

Caspian pulled Autumn's arms off of him and put his hand to his face. Caspian sighed and said, "I'm sorry Autumn. I'm just stressed."

Autumn knew this had to be about the Kings and Queens of old. She said, "Well you just need to do something that's not stressful." She stretched up to kiss Caspian, but Caspian pulled away.

Caspian said "I'm not in the mood, it's late we should get to bed." Autumn watched Caspian walk down the hall to where his room was. Autumn was thinking that the Pevensies were going to ruin the wedding. She had to do something; she thought I have to keep my friends close but my enemies closer.

Susan wasn't ready to face either her brothers or Caspian. There was a tapping at the door and Susan said, "Come in!" Her voice was raspy from waking up. Lucy walked in smiling seeing her sister awake.

Lucy said, "Susan are you okay? You ran away crying. I also heard Peter carried you back into the castle."

Susan said "Yes Lucy I'm fine. I was just having a moment when Caspian was kissing Autumn. It's nothing to worry about, if I was meant to be with him, I would be." Susan smiled at Lucy and Lucy mirrored the smile.

Lucy said, "Susan if you ever need a girl….a sister to talk to. You know I'm always here, and I love you."

Susan was touched by what her sister said. She smiled."I know you are Lucy and from now on, I'll be here too. I love you. I'll see you at the breakfast table."

Lucy smiled before walking out the door and closing it lightly. Lucy was glad Susan said she was there for her. Lucy ran into Autumn rushing down the hall when Lucy walked out of Susan's room.

Lucy said, "I'm so sorry Autumn I didn't see you there."

Autumn smiled at Lucy like a big sister and said, "I'm the one who's sorry Lucy. I was running rather than walking."

Lucy didn't trust Autumn, maybe because Caspian was with her. Lucy thought maybe she didn't like Autumn because she thought Susan and Caspian should be together. Lucy shrugged her shoulders and walked down to breakfast.

Susan put on a light blue gown with silver ruffles on the bottom and a silver corset. When Susan walked out of her room she ran into Caspian. Caspian smiled at her which made her knees wobble.

Caspian said kindly, "Susan I'm sorry you were upset last night. I should have known better and shouldn't have kissed Autumn.

Susan shook her head and said, "No, I'm sorry I shouldn't have reacted like that. I guess it's because….because I don't know."

Susan began to walk away and Caspian grabbed her arm. Caspian looked into her eyes. They clashed together, blue and brown. He asked sadly, "Because you still have feelings for me?"

Susan was so flustered. Caspian was touching her and looking into her eyes. Susan gulped and said, "I don't know, but I'm over it. You love Autumn, and she loves you."

Caspian wanted to know the answer. "Are you just saying that because you want me to be happy?"

Susan was lost in his deep brown eyes. It was hard for her to look away when she said, "I guess a little but if we were meant to be with one another we would be."

Caspian spoke making Susan look back up at him. "Susan don't say that. It took me three years to get over you. I'm not losing you again."

Susan pulled her arm away and fast walked down the hallway. Susan was so confused. Did this mean Caspian loved her and not Autumn? Was Caspian over her and saying these things to make her feel better? Susan felt a lump in her throat but swallowed it back.

Edmund woke up late; he stayed up most of the night thinking about Susan and Rabadash. Edmund was the one who saved Susan just in time. Edmund saw something he didn't want to see though. He saw Rabadash taking advantage of Susan (Only Susan on the ground with her corset untied). Edmund woke up, got dressed, and walked out the door. He saw Caspian standing outside his room like he wanted to talk to him.

Caspian said "Uhum…I need some advice, Ed."

Edmund said, "On what Caspian? I mean you are older than me, shouldn't you know more?"

Caspian said, "I think I still want to be with Susan. The feelings from before are still here. But I also love Autumn as well."

Edmund thought for a moment. "Well my friend that is a serious problem you have."

Caspian had a lump in his throat and managed to say "What do I do? Autumn has been the best person for me, and Susan is the most beautiful amazing woman on the inside and outside."

Edmund said, "I guess you just give it time. You will know who you truly love, and who isn't meant to be with you."

Caspian hugged Edmund and said, "Thank you Ed it's all my fault. Only if I had said something to make you all stay in Narnia that one time."

Edmund pulled away and said, "It's not your fault you wanted the best for us. We thought going back to London was the best for us." Edmund then looked at Caspian like he was confused and asked, "Why did my siblings and I come back Caspian?"

Caspian shook his head and said, "I don't know Edmund maybe because you are meant to be here?"

Edmund pursed his lips. "I hope so I really don't want Narnia to go into another war."

What neither Caspian nor Edmund knew was Autumn was listening to the conversation the entire time. She thought to herself "Maybe if I get rid of Susan, Caspian will forget about her and just love me." She walked down the other side of the hallway when Caspian left.

Susan entered the dining hall and saw Peter and Lucy sitting down eating and talking. Lucy saw Susan and patted a seat to gesture Susan to sit next to her. Susan sat down and grabbed a plate of toast and an apple.

Susan asked Peter, "So Peter what are the plans for today? I want do something fun."

Peter said, "Well we could go riding and have a picnic near the trail."

Autumn came out of nowhere and said, "Sounds like fun. Could I come?" No one answered and Autumn said, "Come on it would be a fun bonding experience, and I will be family soon."

Lucy answered saying "Yes, it could be fun I could tell you old stories and stuff."

Peter watched Susan as she said, "I would like to get to know you better. Actually, Peter it would be better if it was just a girls bonding time."

Peter said, "Ok. Ed and I have some sword practicing to do anyway."

Lucy squealed with excitement and said "This is going to be so much fun."

When Susan and Lucy were loading up the baskets and things onto the horses; Caspian, Peter, and Edmund were there.

Peter said, "Be careful you two and don't get into trouble."

Susan laughed at him and challenged, "Do you think we can't handle the wilderness Peter?"

Edmund said, "Well Su don't you remember the time when you saw that snake and screamed and ran away. Peter just thinks you can't handle that." All of the boys started chuckling and Susan turned a light shade of pink.

Caspian said walking up to the group, "Don't blow your horn if you see one, Susan." This made the siblings laugh harder. Peter wasn't laughing as hard because he still didn't fancy Caspian because of what pain he put Susan through.

Autumn came through the door to the stables and said, "Sorry I'm late. My father and I were talking, and I lost track of time."

Susan said very gently, "It's okay we were just loading anyway." Susan was trying to be nice toward Autumn. Susan thought there had to be reason Caspian loved her.

When everything was packed, Caspian gave Autumn a peck on the lips. Autumn wanted more, but Caspian restrained this time. He cocked his head toward the Pevensies, so she knew why he didn't kiss her more. But Autumn knew why; she knew Caspian loved Susan.

When the girls rode off, the boys went to the practice grounds. There were targets and barrels of swords. Caspian gave Peter and Edmund their swords back. First Caspian and Peter play-fought. Caspian took the first swipe aiming at Peter's chest; Peter blocked it causing a discord. Next Peter took a swipe underneath Caspian's knees. Caspian jumped over the swipe and landed on his back. Peter thrusted his sword into Caspian's heart, and Caspian blocked it. It caused Peter's sword to go flying. Caspian pushed Peter to the ground put a foot on his back and put the blade of the sword on his back where his heart was.

Peter gave up and hit his hand against the ground. Caspian laughed and pulled Peter to his feet. Peter said, "That's not fair. I haven't practiced in a while."

Edmund laughed and said, "I'm sure you haven't my King."

Caspian also laughed at Edmund's joke. How Caspian has missed the Pevensies they were his family. If something happened to his family he would do something about it; especially if something happened to Susan because he loved her more than family.

The girls started riding. It was quiet until Lucy saw a fawn drinking out of a pond. Lucy whispered to Susan and said, "Look Susan, look how cute that baby fawn is. Do you see it?"

Susan whipped her head around to look at it and said ,"It is cute Lucy. Don't make too much noise or you'll scare it."

Autumn yelled at Lucy and Susan, "Hey, You guys! Hold up!" The fawn ran away into the forest.

Lucy looked at Autumn and said, "We were just looking at a fawn, and it now ran away."

Autumn rolled her eyes and sai,d "I'm not much of a hiker and horseback rider can we stop to eat?"

Susan said, "Sure. Just help me unpack the baskets of food." They all unpacked the baskets and had assortments of food. They had cheese, grapes, berries, crackers, and salted ham. They all filled their plates with everything.

Susan asked "So Autumn how did you meet Caspian?"

Autumn said "Well my dear Caspian was hosting a ball after Edmund and Lucy's return. He invited kings and queens and princes and princesses. Of course my father was invited along with me. Caspian asked me to dance, and we danced for hours. He is very charming on the dance floor. Then he told me about his depression and what was going on. We would write, and I would visit very often. Then we courted for a bit, and we fell in love. Caspian then asked me to marry him on the castle gardens."

Susan said "Wow, I never knew Caspian could dance. What was he depressed about exactly?"

Autumn sighed and replied, "Like you don't know Susan. It was about your family but mostly about you. He loved you but now he's over you and is in love with me. I guess both of you weren't meant to be together."

Autumn's words stung Susan's heart like needles. Autumn was bragging to Susan that Caspian loved Autumn right here and now and only her. Susan was hurt and wanted to go home but had to be there for Lucy.

Susan and Lucy found a creek and started playing in it; splashing each other. The offered Autumn to join them, but Autumn had to decline. Susan and Lucy were laughing and having a great time, and Autumn sunk off without them knowing.

Autumn ran over to a guard and said ,"We can't kidnap them today. I haven't gained their trust yet."

The guard said, "But Autumn your father wants it done soon. For Queen Susan could steal King Caspian from you."

Autumn snapped at him and pulled at his shirt."Listen to me you fool. Susan will not take Caspian from me. I will never let the two be alone. I will also do everything I can to make Caspian to love me more. Even though I've hated him the second I've met him.

The guard said very frightened, "Yes your highness. I will make guards have posts throughout the castle to make sure Caspian and Susan are not together."

Autumn smirked at him deviously and said "Perfect." Autumn noticed Susan and Lucy start to get out of the water and said "Go they cannot see you..Go."

The guard ran out into the forest, and Autumn ran up to the girls and said, "I'm tired, we should do this again sometime."

Lucy nodded, but Susan didn't want to do it again. Susan nodded her head anyway and said, "That would be fun."

When they all got back to the castle there was a sunset over the beach. The boys ran up to the girls sweaty and dirty. Autumn then kissed Caspian so passionately Susan felt shaky again. Peter was staring at Caspian maliciously and hated him for kissing her again.

This time Susan got mad and stormed off to the castle. Caspian pulled away from Autumn and glared at her. Caspian ran after Susan yelling her name with the siblings following Caspian. Autumn would do something soon enough. Where Caspian wouldn't be yelling Susan's name while she was alive.

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