The Ball

When Susan and Caspian got back to the castle, they were smiling and holding hands. It was as if for that moment they didn't have a care in the world. They ran into Peter and dropped their hands immediately.

Peter glared at them with his arms crossed and said, "What on Earth were both of you two doing?"

Caspian still believed that Peter tried to kiss Autumn and was angry. Caspian said, "May I ask you the same question Peter? But instead of Susan and I, it would be you and Autumn."

Peter gave Caspian a confused look and asked, "What on Earth are you talking about? I haven't ever been alone with Autumn."

Susan felt Caspian cringe at her side. She put her hand on his arm. She looked up at him and asked quietly, "What are you talking about Caspian?"

Caspian looked at Susan and said, "As if you don't know. I know Peter told you and your siblings."

Peter and Susan looked at each other and back at Caspian with confused eyes. Peter stood tall. "Neither me nor my sister have any idea what you are talking about."

Caspian pulled Susan's hand off of his arm and said looking straight into Peter's eyes, "I know you tried to kiss Autumn."

Peter looked at Caspian and asked frustrated, "Why would you ever think a thing like that? In my opinion, I don't really like her in that way."

Susan looked at Peter while he was talking and looked to Caspian. "Where did you ever hear a thing like that?"

Caspian said, "Autumn told me, and it was very convincing. She would never lie to me."

Susan and Peter looked at each other sympathetically and looked at Caspian with the same expression. Peter said, "Well I think she lied to you this time."

Caspian looked at them both. Neither had a hint of guilt in their eyes. They only looked sad for him. "I have to go."

Susan went up to Peter and asked, "Why would you think Autumn would lie to Caspian about that? What is going on in her mind?"

Peter said without looking at Susan, "I have no idea, but I think Caspian is going to find out."

Caspian ran to Autumn's room and pounded on her door very loudly. Caspian was yelling."Autumn! Autumn open this door right now!"

Autumn opened the door with frightened eyes. She asked, "Caspian what's wrong with you? Is everything alright?"

Caspian said, "That's what I'm trying to figure out. Did you lie to me?"

Autumn said looking anywhere but at her fiancé, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Caspian rolled his eyes. "Don't play dumb with me Autumn. Did you lie to me about Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy?"

Autumn looked down at her feet and sighed. "I did. It's just that I thought they would ruin our wedding. The feelings you had for Susa,n and she came back. I was also rather jealous."

Caspian said trying to hide his anger, "Well you know rather well, my feelings for Susan are long gone; and the Pevensies aren't trying to ruin the wedding." He lied about his feelings for Susan.

Autumn hugged Caspian and started crying. She said, "I'm sorry."

Caspian caved in and hugged her back and said, "I forgive you, just don't worry about them. They're wonderful people and leaders."

When Caspian left, Autumn knew she wouldn't have to worry about the Pevensies because her plan was in motion.

Caspian left and thought about stupid he was listening to Autumn. He thought to himself Why would she do that? Caspian shook it off when he saw Peter walking down the hall.

Caspian walked up to Peter and said, "I'm sorry Peter for thinking you would have kissed Autumn. I don't even know why I would think it would be true."

Peter smirked. "I understand Autumn made it seem believable. I just want you to know I would never do that to you."

Peter gave Caspian a brotherly hug and left. Caspian thought to himself for a moment and thought that a royal ball should be in place. It would be a party before the wedding. Caspian told the Pevensies and Autumn and they were all excited for it.

Susan and Lucy were the two that planned the ball the most. They got the decorations, food, and music. But of course the most important part of the ball is the and Lucy were looking through the drawers and closets for dresses to wear when Autumn walked in.

Autumn asked awkwardly, "Can I help the both of you to pick out your dresses for the ball tomorrow night?"

Of course both Lucy and Susan said "Yes." Lucy was choosing between a dark orange dress with dark green sequins and golden ruching, which had a surplice neckline. The other was a light blue dress with white pearls all throughout and had a sweetheart neckline.

Susan said, "Oh, Lucy the orange one matches your hair color perfectly." Autumn didn't really seem to care about which dress Lucy chose. Lucy ended up choosing the orange dress.

Susan picked a dark purple V-neck line dress that had small bows at the top of the dress. When it came down to the knees it changed to white. The dress gave Susan an hourglass effect. The purple part was ruffled and the bottom part of the dress was ruffled as well.

Autumn picked out a velvet green dress with long sleeves that had gold ruffles on the end. The bottom part of the dress had golden lace as well as the top part. The dress also had golden flower patterns on the dress.

Susan curled her and Lucy's hair to let it fall underneath the shoulder blades. Autumn wore her hair up in a bun and there were braids throughout. All of the girls wore necklaces and earrings.

Lucy looked at Susan and asked in monotone, "Why can't I be pretty as you? You always get the attention and boys always fall for you."

Lucy felt a tear slip down her face and Susan wiped it away. Susan said, "Lucy why do you say that? If anything I should be jealous of you."

Lucy looked at Susan with puzzling eyes and asked "Why would you be jealous of me."

Susan said while touching Lucy's shoulder blades lightly, "Well you have a better personality than me and you're so much stronger emotionally wise. If you fell in love with someone in Narnia, you would probably have been with our family sooner than I was. Lucy never wish you were someone else because you're you and you're unique. And you're beautiful. I know a few people that wish they were as beautiful as you."

Lucy said with a smile on her face, "Thanks Susan I don't know what I would do without you. I also think you look beautiful tonight."

Susan smiled at Lucy and said, "I love you." They both hugged and Autumn was watching the entire thing.

Autumn was getting annoyed with lovey stuff and asked "Can we go down yet? I can't wait for Caspian to see me in this."

Susan said "Just a minute I just have to put some make-up on Lu."

When Susan was done with putting make-up on Lucy, they all went downstairs to see the boys. When Peter, Caspian, and Edmund all saw the girls their mouths were wide open.

Peter escorted Susan, Edmund escorted Lucy, and Caspian escorted Autumn. They were all announced and went to the dance floor.

Peter whispered in Susan's ear, "Lucy is wearing more make-up than she should be."

Susan rolled her eyes and whispered back, "Peter, let her be a teenager, and let her do what she wants."

Peter sighed and said, "Fine, by the way you did a good job Lucy looks amazing. Susan you look amazing as well."

Susan smiled and said "Thanks Peter; you look rather dashing yourself."

Susan and Peter danced while Caspian and Autumn danced and Edmund was talking to other guests and getting refreshments; Lucy was dancing with Trumpkin.

Peter felt a tapping at his shoulder and King Demeterius was behind him. Demeterius said with a smile spread across his face, "May I steal Susan from you for a dance?"

Peter was a bit concerned this older King wanted to dance with Susan. Peter looked at Susan and Susan mouthed, "It's fine."

Peter kissed the top of Susan's hand and said, "She's all yours." Peter went off in search to find Lucy to dance with her.

King Demeterius took Susan's hand and pulled her into the waltz. Susan thought to herself, "Why couldn't Peter have been controlling and at least watched her and Demeterius?"

Demeterius said while twirling Susan to the music, "Wow you look amazing. I didn't think you could look more beautiful than you normally do."

Susan smiled with a faint blush at the cheeks and said, "Thanks I don't know if I should take that for a complement."

Demeterius said, "Oh you should take that as a complement my Queen."

During the entire dance, Demeterius talked about himself and about how great and powerful he is at ruling his country. He also talked about how when Caspian and Autumn get married he'll somewhat own Narnia.

Susan was shocked that he wanted more than just ruling the nation of Archenland. She asked, "So what do you plan on doing after the wedding?"

He answered saying, "I guess I'll go back home. Maybe someone would come with me as well."

Susan knew he was referring to her and she felt sick to her stomach. Susan wished and prayed that someone would tap on this King's shoulder. Finally, Edmund showed up and tapped on Demetrius's shoulder. Demeterius kissed the top of Susan's hand and gave to Edmund.

When Demeterius was out of sight Edmund asked, "What's wrong?"

Susan said with a small hint of disgust in her voice, "He was basically proposing me to go back to Archenland with him after the wedding."

Edmund laughed. "He'll have to go through me first."

Susan then asked, "Wait…How did you know something was wrong?"

Edmund shrugged his shoulders. "I felt the weird connection again Su. I find it to be really weird actually."

Susan questioned him saying, "So what does this connection feel like to you Ed? Because for me it feels like a different kind of gut wrenching pain; and every time I feel it you seem to have something wrong."

Edmund nodded in agreement and said, "That is exactly how it feels for me. I looked over and you were dancing with that creep. I knew something was going on."

Susan stopped dancing with Edmund after the first song. Susan went to a big balcony and looked up at the stars. There were an assortment of stars out that evening; they were all twinkling and white. Susan thought to herself the man she loved was getting married in less than a month.

Susan heard footsteps behind her and heard someone say, "It's a beautiful night isn't it?" Susan knew that knee wobbling Spanish accent from anywhere it was Caspian.

Caspian walked up to Susan's side and said, "It looks like all the stars are out tonight, not a cloud in the sky."

Susan smiled up at the sky and said, "It is a beautiful night maybe this is Aslan's way of blessing you."

Caspian looked at Susan's wondering face and said, "I hope so, I have asked him a few times to come to our wedding in my dreams and things like that. But I haven't heard anything back from him."

Susan saw the strained look in Caspian's eyes and put a hand on his arm and rubbed it comfortingly. Susan said, "I'm sure Aslan will come. I mean it is one of the biggest weddings in history."

Caspian looked at Susan and asked, "How are you taking this so well? I kissed you yesterday, and you act like it never even happened."

Susan smiled at him with saddened eyes and said, "Well I guess it's because I love you, I want you to be happy. If I truly love you I'll let you go. Anyway my family and I might have to go back to London sometime; who knows how long we'll stay."

Caspian said, "I don't think I could ever take anything like this as well as you are. I thank you for that Susan, not giving me any stress. Actually, you make all of my stress go away."

Susan smiled up at him and said, "I'm glad I take the stress away Caspian."

Caspian kissed the top of Susan's hair and pulled her into a hug. Susan was surprised he did it, but she loved the feeling. Susan loved the feel of Caspian's warm strong arms around her waist. Caspian also loved Susan's petite body clinging on tightly to his. Neither wanted the embrace to end.

When they pulled away, they noticed a carriage go across the beach to come into the castle. They both looked at each other with worried eyes.

Susan asked, "Do you think it's another carriage for the ball?"

Caspian said, "Probably. Someone might have gotten lost on the trails."

They noticed Edmund standing behind them, and Edmund was smiling. Edmund said, "So what were you two doing…talking about the stars?"

Susan said, "Yes actually, we were."

All three of them walked back into the ballroom. There was about an hour left of the ball. Susan went to get a drink with Edmund, and Caspian went looking for Autumn, because Autumn was nowhere to be found. Caspian asked a few people and a lot of them said they didn't know where she went.

When the ball was over, the Kings and Queens said goodbye to the guests as they left into their carriages. Caspian found Autumn when all of the guests left.

Autumn ran up to the Pevensies and Caspian said, "One of the guests came really late and wanted to know if they could at least get to meet all of you."

They were all honored that the guests wanted to meet them. They of course said yes to the offer.

When the Pevensies and Caspian came outside, eight men came and surrounded them with swords. One of them grabbed Susan's hair and put their sword at her throat.

The man said, "Don't call for help or we cut her throat." Susan had no sign of fear on her face. It was all rage. She was struggling beneath the man's grasp and was breathing heavily.

Autumn was also being held back by another man. Caspian was outraged and said "Are all of you the people who wanted to meet us?"

The men all stood still and didn't say anything like they were waiting for a command.

Peter said while looking at the man holding his sister, "Please you can stay in the castle we'll give you gold just put the swords down."

The men laughed and one said, "You think we want money or hospitality? We want all of you."

Autumn laughed and said, "Release me boys." The man holding her released her and put her down.

Autumn said nonchalantly, "Take all of them." All of the men did exactly as she said and took all of the Pevensies and Caspian.

Caspian screamed, "Autumn! Why are you doing this?"

Autumn sighed heavily not wanting to answer the question. "Because you and the Pevensies are a threat. You love Susan and only if she weren't her this wouldn't be happening right now."

Caspian bit back the tears in his eyes as he said, "But Autumn I love you. You said you loved me I don't understand."

Autumn chuckled darkly and said, "Awww Caspian, I've never seen this side to you. You also can't trust everything you hear."

Susan screamed, "You lying little snitch. How could you do this to him?"

Autumn said evilly, "Well you see. I want to rule all of Archenland and Narnia; and Caspian is in the way of my plan. It's all your fault, Queen Susan. You are the reason your family is in trouble. If you could only keep your little mouth shut. It was wide open when you kissed Caspian."

Susan felt all of her family's eyes on her. None of them knew about Caspian and her kiss. Susan said with rage in her eyes, "I'm going to scream. I'm going to let the guards know we're in trouble."

Autumn laughed heavily and said, "Oh but you won't, because I won't let you."

Autumn called one of her Hench men, and the man went over to Susan and hit her in the back of her head with something hard. Susan passed out, and everyone was upset by that. Lucy gasped as her sister's body fell limp.

Autumn looked the rest of the Pevensies and Caspian and said, "If any of you scream I will have someone cut Susan's throat."

No one made a sound, and Autumn had all of the men tie potato bags over their heads. The Kings and Queens had no idea where they were going next. All they had was the hope that someone might find them.

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