The Cell

Susan woke up and she had her head on Edmund's lap. She noticed it was dark outside and her siblings and Caspian were in the carriage with her. Everyone had sacks on their heads and their hands were bound, she wondered why she didn't. She also noticed a guard sitting across from her and next to Caspian asleep. Susan picked her head up. It was achy, so it fell back down on Edmund's lap. This woke Edmund up; he didn't know what was going on. Susan took the sack off of Edmund's head, and Edmund looked at her with worried eyes.

Edmund remembered how they all got into the carriage. Autumn made her guards tie their hands in difficult knots. Peter and Caspian were restraining so much the guards had to knock them out as well. First Peter and Caspian were thrown in on one side and a guard got in next to them. On the other side they put Susan then Edmund then Lucy in the carriage.

Edmund whispered cautiously to Susan, "Are you ok?"

Susan whispered back, "I'm fine, just have a little head ache. How are you?"

Edmund tried to force a smile and said, "I'm fine. I guess I'm just worried what might happen to us, especially Caspian."

Susan looked at him and saw the hurt in his eyes and said, "Stop that. We'll find a way out of this. We can make it through."

Susan wrapped her hands around Edmunds waist and buried her face in the stomach area of his shirt. Edmund put his cheek on the top of her head as he felt warm tears starting to soak his shirt. Then the guard awoke and noticed Susan and Edmund awake with Edmund's sack off of his head.

The guard said, "Hey what are you doing with your bag off boy?"

Susan looked at the guard with her puffy eyes and said, "Talking to me."

The guard yelling at Edmund woke everyone up. Peter, Lucy, and Caspian were trying to see what they could through the sack. The guard tied Susan's hands together in the difficult knot and covered her and Edmund's head with a sack.

Susan laid her head on Edmund's shoulder and tears were silently coming out of her eyes. When the guard fell back asleep, Susan heard her name being whispered by the familiar Spanish accent.

Caspian was so worried what would become of his family. He thought to himself it was all his fault. He knew there was something different about Autumn, but he loved her. He felt so ashamed of himself for falling in love with Autumn. Caspian noticed Susan still awake when the guard fell asleep and whispered her name.

Susan asked, "What is it Caspian?"

Caspian could hear how upset she sounded and said, "I know you're not ok; and it's all my fault."

Susan heard Caspian sobbing; she was astonished that the strong stubborn Caspian was crying. Susan said, "If I wasn't tied down I would be comforting you right now."

Caspian said between his sobs, trying hard not to make it sound like he was crying, "Why would you comfort me? I'm the one who put us through this mess."

Susan rolled her eyes event though no one could see. "Don't even say that Caspian. Autumn is the one who put us in this mess."

Caspian said lovingly, "Thank you Susan for making me feel better. No matter what I am going to get us out of this mess…I..I love you."

Susan had a lump in her throat and bit on her tongue and said "I love you too." Susan laid her head back on Edmund's shoulder and fell asleep.

Peter was listening to the entire conversation and was quiet. Peter felt so horrible for being so mean towards Caspian while he was here. He was also was feeling regretful for not spending more time with Caspian. Peter would do anything for his family to get out of this mess with Caspian.

Susan woke up with a shove to the ground and hearing her family falling to the ground next to her. The guards took of their sacks and they noticed two jail door cells open. One of the guards threw Caspian, Peter, and Lucy in one. In the other they threw Susan and Edmund.

Susan landed on the ground feeling bruising on her hip. She noticed an opening to the other cell Lucy, Caspian, and Peter were in; where you could see through. It was a slit between the cells and had little columns going throughout. In between each column it was big enough to fit a hand through.

The guards untied all of their hands and they all had red marks from where the rope was. Autumn came in and said, "I hope you like the arrangements."

No one said anything they all sat along a wall in their cell. Autumn gave them a sarcastic pouted lip and said, "Aww are the little princes and princesses going to cry?"

Peter said not hurt by her words at all, "We are Kings and Queens, and if I am not mistaken you are a princess."

Autumn had a sarcastic astonished expression and said, "Such strong words for someone I could kill in a mere second."

King Demeterius came in and said, "Now Autumn dear that is in no way to treat our guests; especially in front of a pretty guest at that." He looked at Susan when he said his last line.

Susan cringed when he said that she felt as if she was being tortured. Edmund saw the horrified look in Susan's eyes and sat next to her to comfort her.

Caspian was outraged and said "Don't say anything to Susan you vile old man."

Demeterius chuckled and said, "I was admiring her beauty."

He walked into Susan's cell and Edmund came up to him. Demeterius grabbed Edmund's shirt and threw him to the ground. Demeterius said darkly, "Chain that one up to the wall."

One of the guards said "Yes your majesty." They picked up the collar of Edmund's shirt and dragged him to a side of the wall and chained both of Edmund's hands to the wall.

Demeterius grabbed Susan's face with one hand and turned it to face the cell Caspian was in and said, "See? Can't you just get enough of this beautiful face?" Susan's face was squished together by Demeterius's hand. She looked at Caspian with pleading eyes.

Caspian screamed "Don't touch her!"

Demeterius chuckled and said, "Oh like this?" Demeterius took Susan's face and moved it to his own. He kissed her hard on the mouth. Susan punched him in the face and he pulled away. Edmund was pulling on his chains and saying "Stop." Peter had Lucy in an embrace so Lucy couldn't see Susan.

Demeterius chuckled once again and said, "I like them feisty."

Susan said gently, "Please don't do this to me. I beg of you, it happened once."

Demeterius smiled and said, "I already did do it to you my dear." He walked out of the cell and said, "Oh and a word of advice don't punch me again or it might be worse."

Everyone left except one guard who was there to keep watch of the cells. Susan went over to where Edmund was and kissed the top of his hair and asked worriedly, "Ed are you ok? How did they throw you?"

Edmund said looking at her like she was crazy, "Susan I'm fine, it's you who I'm worried about."

Susan looked into his eyes, and she knew she couldn't lie to Edmund. Susan's bottom lip started to tremble as she shook her head. She started crying and put her head on his shoulder. She said, "I don't know what to do, Edmund. I don't want it to happen all over again."

Edmund was hushing her and said, "I know Susan and I won't let it happen again; I promise."

Susan smiled through her tears and said, "I love you Ed, and I'm sorry for not being the greatest sister."

Edmund pulled out of the hug to look at her face. "Why on Earth would you say a thing like that?"

Susan said, "In case if we don't make it through, I just want you to know that."

Edmund had a few tears in his eyes and said, "I love you too, Susan."

In the other cell, Lucy was crying into Peter's nice ballroom shirt. Caspian was sitting in a corner of the cell muttering words to himself. When Lucy pulled herself together, she went over to where Caspian was.

Lucy asked in a caring tone, "Caspian are you alright?"

Caspian looked at Lucy with sad eyes and said with complete honesty, "Of course I'm not alright. I put everyone in danger. I'm so sorry Lucy."

Lucy hugged Caspian, and Caspian hugged her back and said, "Wow Lucy both you and your sister give the same kind of hugs."

Lucy smiled and said, "Caspian, don't feel like this is all your fault. There is a reason we came back to Narnia. I think it was to stop this wedding, and we kind of did stop it. If we never came Autumn would have killed you after the wedding sometime."

Caspian said, "Yes I guess so, but I still should have figured it out sooner...that Autumn never did love me."

Lucy looked at him heartwarmingly and said, "It's hard to notice that someone doesn't love you, especially if you love that person."

Caspian hugged Lucy stronger and said, "Lucy you are my family, and I love you. I will find a way for you and your family to be safe again."

Lucy started to let silent tears fall into Caspian's shirt and said, "I hope you find a way soon."

Peter came over to Caspian and said, "I've been meaning to thank you for a while now, Caspian."

Caspian looked at Peter with confused eyes and said, "And why is that?"

Peter sighed and said, "Because you've taken care of my family when I haven't been around. Like the Dawn Treader with Ed and Lucy. I wasn't there, and you made sure they came back to me safely."

Caspian smiled at him and said, "You're always welcome." Caspian looked down at Lucy who was asleep in his arms and said, "Thank you Peter."

Now it was Peter's turn to be confused. "What forever for?"

Caspian said "For letting me being a part of this extordinary family."

Peter smiled at him and said, "You're saying that like its goodbye."

Caspian looked at Peter and said whispered, "It might be my friend."

Caspian looked over to where Edmund and Susan were, in the corner. He gave Lucy to Peter and went over to the crack and said Susan's name.

Susan was half asleep up against a wall, while Edmund had his head on her lap asleep. She was happy and groggy at the sound of Caspian's voice calling her name. She put Edmund's head on the ground gently and went over to where Caspian was.

Caspian reached his hand in to hold Susan's hand. She reached in as well, and they were holding hands. Caspian was soothing Susan by rubbing her knuckles back and forth.

Caspian said, "I think this was a sign Susan."

Susan raised one eyebrow and looked at him with wondering eyes. "What sign are you talking about Caspian?"

Caspian smirked and said, "I think all of this is a sign we should be together. It just took me a while to realize I love you more than Autumn."

Susan smiled and said, "I think you thought of that a little too late."

Caspian asked looking at her harried, "Are you alright?...What a stupid question, of course you're not. Some old man just kissed you in front of your family."

Susan looked at him with hurt eyes and said "I was trying to forget the last part."

Caspian looked at her with sorrowful eyes and said, "I'm sorry for bringing that up again. I promise you I won't ever let him touch you again."

Susan felt tears in her eyes and said, "How can you keep that promise in another room than me?"

Caspian let go of Susan's hand and reached in further to wipe the tear from her eye. Caspian couldn't stand seeing Susan cry. Caspian put his hand on her cheek and moved it up so she would look him in the eyes. Susan touched his hand with her own and looked him in the eyes.

Caspian said, "I will find a way, because I love you, and people do crazy things when they're in love."

Susan had multiple tears coming down her face, and she laughed with the tears spilling into Caspian's hand. Caspian asked "Why are you laughing? What's wrong?"

Susan shook her head and said, "Nothing's wrong. I'm just happy to know you really love me, and all of my crying over you past year wasn't a waste."

Caspian smiled and said, "You cried over me? I never thought someone would ever cry over me."

Susan smiled and said, "Oh shut up, I loved you when I left."

The guard yelled and said, "Too much talking you need to be quiet."

Susan and Caspian sat there just looking at each other for about five minutes. Susan then saw Edmund get up and she said, "I should get to sleep." Caspian nodded his head and Susan went back to Edmund.

Susan wrapped her arms around Edmund and put her head on his cheek. Edmund fell asleep on her chest. In the other cell, the three were together. Lucy was in between Caspian and Peter and both of them had their heads on top of Lucy.

The next morning, Autumn came outside their doors and said, "Good morning my prisoners and future husband; and isn't just a beautiful morning at that?"

Caspian ran up to the door and said, "What makes you think I'm going to still marry you?"

Autumn chuckled and said looking into his eyes, "Don't be so silly Caspian. I mean I have your so called family locked up…I'll kill any of them if I have to."

Caspian backed away from the door and Autumn said, "Smart King."

Peter asked, "So what are you going to do with us Autumn?"

Autumn smiled at Peter and said, "Such a handsome boy, I should have considered marrying you instead. Wait you have a temper. But to answer your question, I guess I'll keep you locked up until the wedding."

Lucy asked, "What about after the wedding?"

Autumn said putting a finger to her chin, "Well I think I'll kill all of you and say Calormen did it. I mean citizens would believe me, Narnia has been pestering with them for a while. Say that they killed all of the Kings and Queens to send a message to me."

Susan and Edmund screamed at the same time, "That's sick!"

Autumn said, "Isn't that cute you're both alike in some way."

A guard walked up behind Autumn and whispered something in her hear. Autumn cleared her throat and said, "Well it seems that my father would want to see Susan privately."

Edmund grabbed a hold of Susan's dress and tugged on it. Susan looked at Edmund with scared eyes then looked at Caspian, Peter, and Lucy. Susan mouthed at Edmund, "What do I do?"

Edmund just held on to Susan's dress like it was the only thing keeping him alive. Autumn sighed like she was annoyed and said, "Come on Susan, you wouldn't want to keep my father waiting."

Susan got up but Edmund was still clinging on to Susan's dress for dear life. Susan looked at him and said, "Let go Ed its ok."

But Edmund knew it wasn't ok, he was getting the bad feeling in his stomach again. Susan walked away from Edmund and out of the door. Peter and Caspian ran up their door and screamed "NO!"

Peter said, "Please don't take her to him. Please….I beg you."

Caspian kept thinking in his head he broke his promise. Autumn said, "Sorry I wouldn't take her, but I have to listen to my father." The guards started to take Susan away, and Susan looked at her scared helpless family one last time before walking away.

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