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The Child

By Sara Ann


A Child Still Here

Chapter One

A Child Still Here

They managed to move again just as an ear-piercing scream reached their ears and sent shivers down their endoskeletons. They saw a girl bash through the doors that the manager had left unlocked for the nightguard, Mike Schmidt, and drop down to her knees, holding her left cheek in one hand while clutching to a bundle of blankets in another. 

Bonnie was the first to move. Instantly he walked over to the girl who was fighting back her sobs and clutching onto her cheek in pain and stared at her, as if waiting for a response.

As if she knew Bonnie was there, she started whispering to herself, "Pain. Pain and blood, my mother killed in front of my eyes...Please...please let this be a dream..." Bonnie beckoned the other two over to him. They, in turn, got a look at the girl. 

She was about the age of eight, with dark red hair and green eyes. She removed her hand from her cheek for a moment to wipe away one of her tears, and they saw why she was holding it. 

It was four deep scratches that went from her temple to the middle of her chin. The skin around it was smeared with blood, due to her clutching her cheek.

"Hm?" Bonnie hummed to himself, startling the girl, who screamed and jumped up, and for the first time, looked around her. 

When she saw the three and how menacing they looked in the darkness she wrapped her other arm around the bundle and said, loud enough for the whole pizzaria to hear, "Don't hurt her! Do whatever you like to me but don't even lay a hand on her!" as two tears slid down her face. 

At this, the thing inside the bundle was starting to cry. The girl turned her attention to it and started humming while rocking it, and it finally stopped crying.

"What are you protecting with your life?" Bonnie calmly asked. The girl sighed, and said "Alright, I'll show you, but if you try and lay a harming hand on her I'm running out of here with her. She's all of the family that I have after today." as she turned the bundle around so the three of them could see it. 

At the top of the bundle poked a sleeping baby's head, which, like her, had curly dark red hair. "My newborn sister. Mother gave birth to her a week before..." She trailed off, not wanting to talk about it. Chica sensed this and asked "What are your names?"

"I can't tell you. Mother said for me to run away with her and change our names." The girl whispered, clutching onto her sister.

"Oi! I be tryin' to get some sleep, 'ere!" Foxy's voice yelled, with him stepping into the room, and immediately seeing the girl, on her knees, hugging her baby sister. She looked up at Foxy and jumped, holding the baby close to her like she was the mother instead of her older sister.

"Don't even lay your rusty old hook on her! I don't want her to die like our mother!" She screamed. Obviously, the poor girl has been through a lot!

"Hey, calm down. We're not going to hurt either of you." Freddy reassured her.

"Who says we aren't?" Foxy asked, polishing his hook. The girl saw this and lightly squeezed on the blankets.

"Foxy, no. She's been through a lot. Besides, do we protect children or do we hurt them?" Bonnie spoke up. He had a point. Foxy finally gave in.

"But...Who's going to take care of my sister? I mean I'm fine with having pizza everyday but she won't be able to eat it." The girl asked.

"We'll talk to Mike, the nightguard, when he gets here. You can explain your situation and we'll see what he has to say, OK? But for now, let's give the two of you a name." Bonnie answered.

"Blood." The girl answered.


"I'll be called Blood. My sister, I'm still deciding on her name." Blood explained.

"Weird name for you. But, I think Janie would be nice for her." Chica muttered. Blood gave a thumbs-up, indicating she likes the name. All the others agreed. So it was decided. Blood and Janie. 

Now all they have to do is wait for Mike to come to the pizzaria and start working his shift, and then Blood will explain everything that happened and how she and Janie need parents. 

Though there was one problem: It was 11:30. Half an hour until Mike comes, and Janie could wake up and get hungry any moment. And from the looks of her, Blood didn't have any baby food on her. So, Chica and Blood decided to go into the kitchen and see if there was some milk by any chance.

"Oh dear." Blood said to herself. They've been searching for almost half an hour and no milk. Worse, Janie just woke up and started crying. Blood tried to rock her to sleep but she kept on crying. Yep. She was hungry.

Soon enough, though, Chica heard the jingling of the bell that was on top of the door that alerts everyone when someone has arrived. 

She rushed over to the door, and luckily, it was Mike. Chica explained how Blood had dashed into the pizzaria with her baby sister, and how something terrible had happened, she didn't explain. While they waited for him they had named them Blood and Janie, because her mother had told her to change their names.

"Could I see this Blood and Janie?" He had asked.

"Sure thing. Blood! Come out with Janie! Someone wants to see you! Hopefully he can make Janie stop crying, I'm about to short-circuit!" Chica called. 

Blood appeared, with a paper towel on her scratch while holding her crying sister, who had her blankets removed and is only wearing a diaper.

"Little help here, sir? We looked all over the place and we have no milk for Janie." Blood asked with a pleading voice.

"Please, call me Mike."

"Alright, Mike. Do you have any baby food on you? She's REALLY hungry."

"Unfortunately, no, but we will be able to feed her in the morning."

"Alright..." Blood's green eyes looked away from Mike's blue eyes as she stared at her sobbing sister. He could make a really good parent. 

Nice, friendly, it would be impossible for someone he just met to tell that he adopted me and Janie... She finally drew enough courage to ask him after waiting for Janie to tire herself out. 

Once Janie was asleep, Blood looked up at Mike and said, "Will you please adopt us? My dad's been dead and my mother just killed a couple of hours ago, so we have no family. Us by ourselves in the cruel world, we could get lost, hurt, kidnapped, or even worse! Please, just take us in, we'll be a big help around life! I won't make a mess, and I'll cook, clean and..." before she was stopped by Mike, saying he will take her in.

"Yay!" Blood smiled, before carefully giving Janie to Bonnie before running over to him and wrapped him in a hug. Taken by surprise, he slowly wrapped his arms around her. He could get used to being a dad to two pretty children.

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