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The Child

By Sara Ann


My Heart is 1, 2, Bleed

Chapter Nine

My Heart is 1, 2, Bleed

Mike heard a quiet humming from his daughter's room. He walked in, to see the 12 year old girl in front of her Sweetheart Vanity Mirror styling her kind of curly hair, wearing her white, lacy dress that she only wore on absolutely special occasions, her three year old sister, Janie, on Blood's bed, fidgeting with her favorite doll.

It's been forever since she looked that beautiful with that hairstyle. He smiled. Even though she's almost a teenager she still has that childish vibe that surrounds her.

"Morning, Blood. Why you dressing up all fancy?" Mike asked. Blood seemed calm as she said, "Remember my friend, Helena? Well, she's turning 13 today and invited me to Freddy's to celebrate." He felt so proud of his daughter.

"Great! What did you get for her?" He asked. "I got her an MP3 player. I accidentally sat on her old one last month, so to make up for it I got her a new one." She responded, finally finished styling her hair. She had a lock on her right breast, the rest pinned up in a pretty little bun.

"Also, she invited you. She said you're as kind as me and that you shouldn't be left out of the fun."

"Oh, wow, great!" Mike went to room to make himself look halfway decent.

An hour later, the three of them arrived at Freddy's. Blood held Janie's hand as they walked into Freddy's. Blood had still not told him about the shortcut that she had found. Chica was, as always, excited to see her, and this time, she had news.

"Bloodbloodbloodbloodbloodbloodblood guess what! We got two new animatronics!" Chica squealed.

"Really? Cool! What are they?" Blood asked.

"One of them is called Balloon Boy, he gives kids balloons, and the other is the Marionette. He gives prizes to children. For what, I don't know."

"Hello!" That wasn't Chica, Blood, Mike, or Janie. Janie turned around and started trying to grab at something. Blood turned around, only to see a little boy, with four balloons in his left hand and the sign "Balloons!" in his right. He wore a red-and-blue striped propeller beanie and a matching shirt.

"Hi!" Janie squealed.

"My name's Balloon Boy. What's yours?" He smiled.

"Her name's Janie, and she's three. I'm her older sister, Blood." Blood said for Janie.

"Nice to meet you, Janie and Blood! Would you two like a balloon?" Balloon Boy said.

"Ooooh, yes pwease!" Janie squealed. BB gave her a pretty yellow balloon.

"No thanks, I'm good." Blood said when BB offered her one. She looked up, and saw an odd door, which had a sign with the words "Prize Corner" above it. Blood asked Chica if that was where the Marionette was.

"Sure is! You can go visit him if you want, he looks a little creepy but is actually really friendly. I'm sure you'll like him!" She explained.

"Great! May I please look at the Marionette, dad?" Blood asked. Mike gave the OK and she went into the Prize Corner.

It was pretty empty, actually. The only furniture was in the middle of the room. There was a huge, white box with a red ribbon on the top, making it look like a present. It was kind of pretty, she had to admit. She really liked it.

That's when she heard music. A fast, out-of-tune version of the song "Pop Goes the Weasel" Suddenly, the lid of the box flew open, and out poked the head of the Marionette. Chica wasn't lying when she said that he was creepy. THAT SMILE. It creeped her out.

"Hello, there! My name's the Marionette! And you are?" It cheerfully piped up. She had to admit, the Marionette's voice was nice. It was sort of high-like, like a girl's voice, but she could tell that it was a male's.

"My name's Blood." She replied.

"Nice to meet you, Blood! Aren't you a little old for prizes, though?"

"I've been here for 4 years, and my little sister's 3. I'm sure she'd like a prize." She answered.

"OK, then! I'm sure she'd like this!" The Marionette's smile widened as he gave her a BB plushie. It was pretty cute. She was sure that Janie would love it, from how she's making friends with BB.

"Well, I must get going, Dad's waiting for me. Thank you for the plushie, though." She sadly sighed as she headed towards the door. She liked the Marionette.

"Oh, going so soon?" The Marionette asked. The door suddenly slammed shut. Blood swiveled around on one foot, and faced the Marionette.

"Such a pretty girl, you are. You deserve something better then a mediocre life. And that's just what I'm going to give you." The Marionette tauntingly said, little white pinpricks in his black eyes.

"Huh?" Mike immediately raised his head as he heard his daughter scream from the Prize Corner. He started walking toward the door, but was soon stopped by Janie, pulling on his jeans.

"Dada, where are you going?" She innocently asked.

"Don't worry, sweetie, Dada's just looking for your sister. Now be a good girl and run along and play with Balloon Boy." Mike smiled and patted her head before returning to going to the Prize Corner.

"Blood? You OK?" Mike knocked on the door. There was no response from her. He tried to open the door but it was locked. He pounded on it with his fist, but it didn't budge. He was going to need some help.

"Chica, Bonnie, Freddy? I need your help. I heard Blood scream in the Prize Corner and the door's locked." Mike worriedly asked. They got off the stage and the four of them ran over to the Prize Corner and started kicking it. No avail.

They needed one more animatronic. Foxy. It didn't take much convincing for him to be the first to the Prize Corner door with Mike. This time, they finally managed to get it open, because Mike had help from the other four.

"Oh my god!" Mike screamed. Blood was strung up on the ceiling, head hanging down, now black and lifeless hair hiding her face. There were strings cutting into her wrists, neck, elbows, knees, and ankles, strung up like a puppet. She was dead. He knew without even needing to feel her pulse.

This shocked them even more when...She lifted her head up. Her once green irises were now blood red, and her lips were so pale they were white. Six words escaped from her white lips:

"My Heart is 1, 2, Bleed."

Mike felt immense pain in his heart. He dropped to the ground, started breathing heavily, and fainted.

When he woke up in the hospital he found a patch on his right breast. A doctor told him his heart had started to bleed from the inside. Whoever did it hadn't even cut his chest open. They had to sew his heart together.

Mike remembered everything that had happened. He buried his face in his hands and started crying. His life was falling apart. His older daughter dead, his heart incredibly weak, Janie would be depressed for the rest of her life.

"I'm sorry, Blood... I should have come with you, then it would've been me and not you..." He sobbed.

"Who is this Blood, sir?" The doctor asked. He explained everything that had happened, from when he met her to when she had died. The doctor put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry to hear she's dead, sir. My daughter died in a car crash." He tried to calm Mike down, but he started crying again.

"Blood...I loved you and I always will..." He sobbed.

"I'm sorry..."

The End

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