Rebellious (A BTS Jungkook Fanfic)


After the death of your father, you are forced to move from your home in Canada to Seoul to live with your uptight mother. You are probably one of the most caring people out there but you come off as strong headed. It doesn't help that you have tattoos, something you wouldn't see on the average Korean teen. So you have troubles convincing people you aren't a trouble maker. You not only have it hard at home with your cold mother and rich stepfather, but at school as well. Your look and personality attracts the attention of fellow classmate Jungkook. You would rather have nothing to do with the rude playboy but no matter how much you refuse him, he isn't about to leave you alone. It seems like he is having too much fun making your life a living hell. ---------------------------- You throw your hands against his chest and shove him back. "Stop calling me that! I'm not your babe or your baby doll. Knock it off!" He brushes the dirt off of his chest and looks at you "Sure. If I find a better nickname." He pauses and looks to Your dirty and scrunched up sleeve. "And I think I might have found one." He grabs your wrist, raising it and pushing your sleeve up more. "Aren't you just full of surprises! A tattoo?" You try and yank your arm away from him but he is freakishly strong. "Let go of me." You snap. "I don't want to... my little rebel." ----------------------------- Author

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Unsafe Landing

You stare out the plane window, eyeing nothing but a vast blue ocean below. You are tempted to open the emergency exit and fling yourself out to avoid what is coming.

You are on your way to Seoul South Korea to live with your mother and her husband. Your father Jason was the most amazing man the world could create and he was your best friend. About a month ago he passed away in a car accident and you had been staying with your aunty. That was until your mother wanted to finally take custody of 16 year old you.

Your parents met in Seoul when your dad moved there to teach English. She was a secretary at his school at the time and they fell in love at first sight. Cheesy right? Well that's about as romantic as it got for them as their 7 years of marriage were doomed from the start.

Your father being a foreigner from Canada was not approved by your mothers strict Korean parents. After her parents passed away, your mother soon adopted their views as respect to them and began to see your dad as 'uncouth.'

When You were born; about two years into the marriage, You were born with the same hair and eye color as your dad. Since You had too much of your father in you, You were also looked down upon. It felt like your mother despised you for the first 5 years of life and when your parents finally divorced, she didn't even try to keep custody of you. She was happy to send you on your way with your Dad back to Canada, which You thanked her for almost every day. At least every day until now when she demands you back in Korea to fix any 'poor' raising from your father.

It was a good thing your father had insisted You kept up with your Korean as You are going to need it for the next few years of your life. At least until You are old enough to move back home.

You begin to imagine how horrible your life will be. You wish You could keep a positive look on things but knowing how strict your mother is terrifies you. Being a foreigner in Korea will be bad enough but You also look and act...well maybe not the best.

You are no rebel! Not even close. But growing up around a father with no filter left you with curse words flowing out your ass and You don't back down from standing up for what is right. So You come off strong headed when in fact you are probably one of the nicest people one would ever meet. Your father may have taught you swears at a young age but he also taught you how to be a kind and caring person.

You have multiple ear piercings for the fun of it and your father also let you get a tattoo after carefully explaining what You wanted and why. He even went and got a matching tattoo with you! Your most recent tattoo is in memory of him. Open books flying in a sky of color. He was the smartest man You knew. Well read and full of random trivia no one cared about.

So needless to say, with a potty mouth, strong behavior, piercings and tattoos, You doubt your mother and the rest of Korea will be happy to see you. Thinking about it and of your father makes tears pool and slide down your cheeks. You wipe them off along with a little snot oozing from your nostril and then rest your head against the window.


Next thing You know, a stewardess is gently waking you, informing you of your arrival to Seoul. So it begins.

You drag your little suitcase across the white floor, heading towards the people standing around waiting to collect friends and family off the most recently landed planes. You see an older and rather pudgy Korean man in a suit holding up a sign with your name on it.

A sigh escapes your lips as You walk up to the man and speak to him in Korean. "Hello I'm Y/N. Who are you?"

The man looks you up and down with a look of what seems like a combination of disgust and surprise. You lower your sunglasses to measure him in return. A smirk spreads across his lips at your reaction.

"Hello Y/N-ssi. I am Yun Chunsul. I am the butler of the house hold you will be living at from now on."

You are taken back by that. You don't actually know anything about the man your mom married but it seems he might be rich. What You are not surprised about is that your mother didn't even bother to come pick you up herself.

"A butler huh? Isn't that a tiring job?" You ask him as You follow him out of the airport after grabbing the rest of your luggage. He reaches to grab your suitcases but You tell him it's fine. You don't have much after selling almost everything before making this move. One large suitcase and your small carry-on are easy enough for you to handle alone. Chunsul seems unsure of how to react to you.

"It is if I'm not able to do my job." He replies. "I would gladly help you miss."

"No really, I got it. Don't worry about it." The thought of having someone wait on you hand and foot bothers you greatly. You have two hands and two legs that work just fine.

"If you insist." Chunsul leads you to an extremely expensive looking car and opens the back door for you. You eye it in dread. You will soon have to face not only your strict mother, but also a rich and probably snobbish step father.

After loading your luggage in the trunk despite Chunsul's constant insisting that he do it, You sit yourself down in the back seat and watch as he gets in the car and sits beside the driver.

Your dad never made the big bucks so the fancy car is way out of your world and the house you drive up to, even more so. The drive way is a semi circle leading up to a lavish doorway. A pair of large intricate fountains gush water on each side of the path leading to the front steps. Who in the hell did your mother marry?

Chunsul opens the door for you and You drag yourself and your suitcases through the archway of misery. Your mother is standing there, arms crossed and already unimpressed with her first look at you. It has been 11 years but that doesn't seem to affect her in the slightest.

"Your new principal is here to take a look at you before you start school tomorrow." It is the first sentence you have heard from her since your father and You left. She immediately speaks in Korean as well, without even knowing if You still know it or not.

"Nice to see you too Mom." You say and bow politely. She snorts and walks off with the expectancy that You will follow.

With a heavy heart, You do as expected of you.

Author note:

Both my fanfics so far start out kind of sad but I promise it lightens up. And of course BTS will show up soon. In future chapters I will have the characters switching from Korean to English sometimes so English will be in italics to make it a little easier for us both :)

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