SoulMate (Volume 2)


For over a year you were in a coma as you and your spirit guide tried to help you find your will to live again. Just when you were both sure you failed, Park Jimin of BTS had searched for you to wake you up himself. Thankfully you did and now you and your soulmate have been having a real relationship and nothing could be better than having Jimin as your boyfriend and pursuing your dreams. But after being a spirit for so long, some things aren't like how they use to be, like how you can now see every ghost, spirit or demon that crosses your path. Not to mention some other strange occurrences that keeps your life anything but normal. Will you actually be able to live out your new found life peacefully with your one and only soulmate Jimin? Or have things become even more complicated and dangerous than when you were a spirit?

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You were running as fast as you could. You weren't sure why but you were running. Was something chasing you? Were you running to catch up to someone? Suddenly the black mass that left the scar on your ankle was close behind you. You screamed as you picked up your pace but you tripped.

You heard a strange sound and then someone called your name. It sounded like a bunch of guys had gathered around you. Next thing you know, you were on the floor, head half under the coffee table.

You looked around and realized you had fallen off your couch from your nap. Jimin had just entered your apartment and the rest of BTS weren't far behind.

"Y/N!" Jimin called for you. Then he saw you sprawled out on the floor. "Y/N? What are you doing?"

"If you are playing hide and seek, you failed. You aren't invisible anymore remember?" Taehyung came over and crouched down to look at you.

You smiled at him. A little in frustration but mostly because Taehyung of BTS was in your apartment, joking with you.

"Thanks Tae. I completely forgot that part." You groaned and straightened yourself up. Jimin came over and helped you to your feet.

"Were you sleeping?" Your boyfriend asked. "We can skip dinner plans if you are tired."

"No no I'm good. I haven't seen you guys in a while. Let's cook!" You head to your kitchen and Jimin and Jin followed you with some bags of groceries. The rest of the guys made themselves comfortable. It was tricky fitting all 8 of you in your apartment but somehow it always worked out.

As the three of you cooked, Jin looked over to you. "I have to ask Y/N. That one time I made ramen and syrup ended up in it... was that you?"

You giggled at the memory but it made you sad as well "No that one was Squishy. Squishy loved messing with you guys."

You had been living in Seoul for four months but you have been without your spirit guide for six. Six months ago you finally woke up from your long sleep in a coma and you missed Squishy every day.

"Sorry Y/N I didn't mean to bring up something painful." Jin apologized.

You shook your head and smiled, clenching the necklace of Squishy Jimin gave you. "Don't worry about it. I may miss Squishy but I'm at least with you guys now."

"Awe. So sweet." Jin smiled at you.

Next thing you knew, Jimin had pulled you in close to him. "Why don't we finish the cooking and you go make yourself comfortable?"

You looked at him curiously. "Why? I want to help cook."

"Because he is jealous of me calling you sweet." Jin chuckled.

Jimin eyed his hyung as he continued holding you from behind. You couldn't help but giggle at him as you turned in his grasp. You lightly pecked his cheek and he turned bright red.

"Come on, let's keep cooking. We have a lot of food to make." You smiled at him and he nodded hesitantly.

As you went back to your cooking stations, Jin asked another question. "So what about the hot pepper spices in my icecream? Was that Squishy as well?"

"Um no... that one was me." You confessed. "But Squishy made me do it!"


All but Jimin had gone back to their dorm. The two of you were watching a movie cuddled on your couch when you got a text message.

Mad Monk: Hey are you coming by BigHit tomorrow?

You: Didn't plan on it why?

Mad Monk: I have something for you

You: o.O? A gift? For me?

Mad Monk: it's not a gift. It's something you need.

You: ?

Mad Monk: just come by with your little boy toy tomorrow so I can give it to you

You: haha fine

Jimin nudged you "Who is so important right now?"

You put away your phone "Sorry Jimin. Junmoon said he wants me to come by tomorrow to give me something. Can I?" You asked.

Jimin looked displeased. He and Junmoon became some what civil for your sake but he still wasn't his fan. Same for Junmoon but you appreciated how hard they tried.

"You can come by but does it have to be for him?" Jimin grumbled.

"He said it's something I need. No clue what that means but I trust him." You nuzzled up to the pouting Jimin. "I'm sorry Jimin but he is my friend. Remember he saved my life?" You motioned down to your scarred leg. The bruise the dark mass left on your leg even formed on your physical body. It would burn every now and then and Junmoon had to give you some special ointment from his grandfather to help cool the pain.

No matter how much Jimin still didn't like Junmoon, he could never deny the fact that he was grateful he saved your life.

Jimin let out a deep sigh as he eyed your leg. "Fine."

You smiled and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. He turned his head to catch your lips instead. Then he didn't let go. The movie was still playing but neither of you paid attention anymore.

Jimin laid you down as his tongue begged for entry into your mouth. You stubbornly denied him in play. Jimin growled and slid his hand into your shorts, causing you to moan in pleasure. He took the opportunity to enter your mouth with his tongue as he originally wanted.

You couldn't deny the fact that you loved when Jimin got jealous.


The guys were talking with their manager and PD Bang about something and sadly you couldn't join the conversation. BigHit was very different when you were a spirit. You could go where you wanted and listen to every conversation. Now you had limitations but the people made up for it.

Everyone was welcoming when Jimin introduced you as is girlfriend. Most were confused of course on when Jimin had actually met you but it's wasn't something easily explained. PD Bang was the only one who Jimin tried to explain things to, not sure if he would believe him or not. But with the back up of BTS and your strange knowledge on things you had never been told or seen, he conceded to believing that you were more than a normal girlfriend.

You were enjoying a drink from the vending machine when a familiar voice broke you from your thoughts on how your life turned out.

"Don't be in such a daze. Someone might take advantage of it." Junmoon leaned against the wall as he snatched the drink from your hand.

You punched him lightly in the arm. "I'm not in a daze. I'm happily reminiscing. Now give it back."

Junmoon took a sip of your drink before handing it back to you. He then pulled out a little pouch from his pocket and removed its contents into your hand. A beautiful black leather bracelet with a dark purple gem laid in your palm. The gem looked like it captured a starry night sky inside it.

"It's beautiful Junmoon!" You said in awe as you examined it. The leather was imprinted with lavish designs of clouds.

Junmoon took the bracelet from your hand and wrapped it around your wrist. It was a perfect fit.

"My grandfather made it for you to help with your nightmares. I know they have been getting more frequent." Junmoon looked at you with worried expression. "It will help ease your mind so wear it every day okay."

You were in shock. How did he know the nightmares were haunting you so badly? "Thank you Junmoon." He never stops taking care of you on the side. "For everything."

He looked into your thankful eyes and shook his head. "If he wasn't your damned soulmate... things would be different."

You smiled at him.

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