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~Skeleton boy~


A depressed 12 year old girl An anorexic,bulimic 14 year old boy,too skinny for his own good. ❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇❇ A new year it's about to start in Performing arts highschool of Athens/Greece.A new year means new students.Two totaly different people who only share one thing. They are both broken inside.Apparently the two of them we're destined to meet. TRIGGER WARNINGS⚠❗:EATING DISORDERS,ANOREXIA, BULIMIA,STARVATION,VOMITING,BODY DISMORPHIA, MENTION OF WEIGHT AND CALORIES,SMOKING,SELF HARM, DEPRESSION,ANGST,ANGST,MAYBE SMUT?, A LIL FLUFF Recomended for 16+🚫Please don't read if you have a backround with those illnesses-adictions, if you get triggered easily, if you are unfamiliar with those things or if you are 12-. ~ please stay safe~ ~Lots of love,Bængtæn® ❤️~

Age Rating:


Hey guys my names Sophie,I am 12 years old,I live in Greece and I love writing.I am also currently struggling with body dismorphia so that's the reason I made this story.Anyways, hope you enjoy:)

the folowing story is rated 16+ because it contains...trigger warnings such as⚠❗:eating disorders,anorexia, bulimia,starvation,vomiting,body dismorphia, mention of weight and calories,smoking,self harm, depression,angst,angst,maybe smut?, a lil fluff

You have been warned.

Before I get into the story, I would like you to know a little more about the two main characters of this story so here are their profiles.

Full name:Sophie ketchman
Hair:Long,Light brown-dirty blond,Wavy
Skin:Naturally super pale
Height:164cm or 5'4
Current weight:50kg or 110lbs
Goal weight:40kg or 88lbs
Starting weight:54kg or 119lbs
Struggles with body dismorphia since she first got into kpop and their beauty standards.lives with her parents and is the only child.

Full name:Alexander Andrian
Grade:7th(Failed his exams last year)
Hair:Short,Black,parted in the side
Eyes:Dark brown-Black
Height:185cm or 6'4
Current weight:60kg or 132lbs
Goal weight:Never low enough
Starting weight:70kg or 154lbs
Has anorexia, bulimia, smoking addiction and self harms,lives with his mother and his 3 simblings,Natalie(20),Noah(16) and nick(7) His parents are divorced.

I present to you...~Skeleton boy~ by Bængtæn®.

Sophie's POV

"This is my first year in junior highschool" She signed.Sophie had quite a few friends in primary school but she left it all behind to chase her dream of performing in front of millions of people.Not that they we're real friends or anything...she was just scared of what others will think of her.She knew so well how every word got to her.How she believed each word that came out of other people's mouth.She was very insecure about her apereanse. expecialy her body...No one has ever bullied her she was just one of those girls who paid to much attention to korean beaughty standards.She just had in her mind that fat equals ugly and skinny equals beautiful.She got out of bed and picked her outfit for the day.It took her a while until she ended up picking the tightest pair of blue skinny jeans she could find so they squeeze her thigh fat inside, making her thighs apear slimmer.She paired all that with a pink,long baggy hoodie that covered her muffin top and hip dips.She looked in the her full body and all she saw was fat, fat and more fat when in reality she was far from being fat.She then brushed her teeth and hair so she looks somewhat presentable.She hesitated as she stepped on the scale.

50,0 kg(110lbs)

She alsmost started tearing up at this to her unexeptable number, but the fact that her parents would see stopped her. As she was making her way downstairs she saw her mom string on the table filled with breakfast foods.She just ignored her even when she yelled her name.Sophie thought her excuses we're always good enough to convince others however her mom knew it all too well.She noticed how her daughter always talked a about how perfect kpop idols where and that she wanted to fit those ridiculous Korean beauty standards,she noticed the frown on her daughter's face when she looked at herself in the mirror.

But she chose not to say anything.

"Bye mom"said the girl

"Bye sweety, take care"

Sophie gave her a reassuring smile before completely disappearing from her sight.

°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•°•° •°•°•°•°•°•°

Alex's POV

I woke up to the sound of my dog luna barking, when I tried standing up from my bed i was feeling dizzy and my legs were shaking "Perfect now your legs are giving up because your body is too fat and heavy for them to carry...i should lose another 20 pounds...what, no I should lose 40!"He thought out loud, loud enough for his mother who was outside his room to hear.

"Alex, i'm coming in..."wait, I am not wearing a shirt!!!"

"Mom can you not?!"I'm half naked

"Aww it's ok sweetie, you don't have to be uncomfortable with me, I haven't seen you shirtless in over a year."

"GO AWAY NOW"he said in an angry tone.

Ofcoure his mom had noticed his drastic weight loss in the past year but she had decided not to bring it up but as Alex was keep losing more and more weight she couldn't help but worry.She just decided to leave him alone so he doesn't feel insecure.

After his mom left Alex opened the bathroom door and locked it,before he got dressed he started examining his reflection.His once chocolaty brown skintone was now turned into a brown Colour with a sickly gray undetome. He looked closer, to his face, his dark brown eyes where bright and filled with hope a few months ago we're now dark and lifeless.His lips where chapped and a very light baby pink colour.His cheeks were hollow and sucken in making his cheekbones pop out alot more than they should. He then moved on to his body,he touched the collar bones sticking out of this chest at an alarming rate.He then moved lower where you could count every single one of his ribs,and his concave stomach which to him seemed to be "too flabby "And his hip bones,they were sticking out too much but to him they were nowhere to be seen.His legs and arms looked like sticks and his joints were visible making them looked deformed.He then examined his body from the side,he couldn't see the crooks of his spine and his shoulder blades popping out of his back.I his eyes all he saw was fat, fat more fat with an extra layer of fat spread all over his body.

"Ok now weight check..."he said, as this was his dayly routine.


"UGH I CAN NEVER DO SOMETHING RIGHT...I HATE MY LIFE...I TAKE TOO MUCH SPACE ON THE WORLD..."he said.light yet noticeable sobs between his shouts.

But he had to get over it and go to school so he moved on with dressing up.He wore a pair of once super skinny execively ripped jeans that we're now super baggy on his sickly body.He pulled the jeans up, only to find out that those jeans that were the smallest size the store caried were sliding off his tiny waistline.He had to sew them tighter however it gave him a great feeling,like he was doing the right thing.He just grabbed a belt and wrapped it around his waist to see how many extra holes he had to make.It turned out to be 5.He the slided his baggy bloody red colored hoodie with some depressing quotes that he had made himself.It was scorching outside but he knew his body couldn't keep him warm so he grabbed his thickest jacket,He also grabbed three blades, a pack of bandades and two packs of chigaretes so he won't be bored at lunch time.He then left the house without a word.


Damn...already triggering(lowkey triggered from writing this).Also I promise it will get deeper and a lot more interesting,this was just a little of what's on both Sophie's and Alex's mind.Also a little of their past and personal details?

Anyways hope you enjoy...

~Lots of love,Bængtæn❤️~

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