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I Was Too Shy | Jungkook x reader


'Here I am writing a letter to you,even though I know you are not goning to read it.' ( Also available on Wattpad @Sugamylifeu )

Romance / Drama
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Dear Jungkook,

Looking at you from far away was enough for me.I didn't had enough courage to go and talk to you because I was too shy.

Staring at you,while you were busy giving all attention to the lecture . I would be looking at you,smiling like an idiot but didn't dare to go sit with you because I was too shy.

Always waking up earily in the morning. I would go and watch you jogging from far but I didn't went and jog with you because I was too shy.

Whenever I made a eyecontact with you,I would just smile awkwardly. I didn't say hi and waved at you because I was too shy.

Your laughs were the music to my ears. I wanted it be the reason of that beautiful laugh but I didn't had enough courage to make you laugh because I was too shy.

It hurted my heart when you start dating another girl from our class but I didn't went and confess my feelings for you to let you go because I was too shy.

When your girlfriend hugged you. I wanted so much to be the one hugging you instead of her but I didn't because I was too shy.

Even on our graduation day,I didn't had enough courage to confess my feelings to you because I was too shy.

I thought I had let you go but I realized I didn't because my heart beat rapidly again like old times when I met you on the street after five years by coincidence.

Then we stood there,staring at each other awkwardly, after exchanging greetings. I didn't said anything because I was too shy. My heart broke into millions of pieces when you told me you are married and you have a son. I wanted to give up on you and let you go by telling you my feelings I have for you so you can reject me and it would be over but I didn't had enough courage to tell you my feelings because I was too shy. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Then once again we met by coincidence. You gave a letter. I still didn't told you about my feelings for you because I was too shy.

I didn't read that letter you gave me because I thought it can't be something important. Now to think about it,I was so foolish to think that.

I felt like I lost my everything when I heared about your car accident.

I went to your funeral and came back home crying mess. My heart ached remembering your beautiful smile. I didn't slept for days after attending your funeral.

Then I remembered the letter you gave me. My hands were shaking as I opened the folded letter and start reading it.

" Dear Y/N,

I have liked you since our highschool days.

I always wanted to talk to you but I was too shy. I always wanted to be the reason of your beautiful smile but I was too shy to be the one who make you smile.

I always wanted to taste your sweet lips but I was too shy to kiss you. I always wanted to embrace you and smell your cheery scent but I was too shy to hug you.

I was too shy to tell you I like you,so I decided to to let you go. I end up dating and marrying another girl,whom I didn't even liked. But I met you again after five years on the street by coincidence. I realized I still have feelings for you but I was too shy to tell you.

And right now,I know I am late but I still am too shy to tell you I like you in person,so I am writing a letter.

Y/N,I don't like you,I love you but I am still feeling too shy to tell you.


I burst into tears after reading your letter. I felt like someone stabbed a knife in my heart.

Here I am standing infront of your grave. Clenching the letter in my hand and crying like there is no tomorrow.

I am sorry I was too shy to tell you I love you too. I regret now for being too shy and not reading the letter earily.

Here I am writhing a letter to you,even though I know you are not going to read it.

Right now,my heart breaks writing these three words. I never imagined I had to write these three words for you until today.

Rest in peace

Your love,Y/N

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