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I am trying my hardest ok.

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Meet the group!

Why hello there friends, I am the narrator. This is the only time I am going to talk in this story cause I mean there is no other reason that I will need to soooo yes. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the book of my characters going camping!!! Well, sorta a training mission thing but I've talked enough let's go.

"YAYYYY" Lilly says well walking through the woods looking at all the yellow tinted leaves on the trees.
"You sure are excited about camping..." Azazel chuckles well watching Lilly look around.
"I mean who wouldn't be," Haru says well walking next to Azazel.
"I'm not..." A dark brown haired girl wearing a firefighter outfit but the yellow strips are replaced with blue and instead of being red it's black. She's wearing black pants with blue strips going horizontally, she was wearing black boots with a metal faceplate that would go over her mouth but it is around her neck. The front is unzipped showing her bare skin.
"Your always bored Futaba...Why do you even ware that thing it's so heavy." Haru says well looking back at Futaba.
"Shut up... How long till we get there?" Futaba says well looking up from the ground.
"A little bit longer," Azazel says well looking forward through the trees.
"Oooo where here I see Arthur!" Lilly says well running to meet her friend.
"Hello, Arthur," Azazel says well putting his stuff down.
A boy with Light Brown hair turns around holding a cross in his hands with what looks like a sheath on his belt. He's wearing a black jacket with grey pants and black shoes.
"Why hello, there I have gotten a fire going," Arthur says well throwing a tiny melted cross into the fire.
"Nice well I think we should set up our tents???" Azazel says well-getting stuff out of his bag
"Haru can set mine up for me..." Futaba says well laying down on the grass
"Fine lazy, " Haru says well setting up their tent.
"Thank you," Futaba says while putting her feet upon a rock.
"So what does everyone wanna do for there the first day?" Azazel says well finishing setting up his tent.
"First the hell how did you put your tent up that fast, second sparing maybe?" Arthur says well struggling to put his tent together.
"Well, then it's settled finish up and off we go," Azazel says well throwing his and Lilly stuff into the tent.
*About an hour later cause Arthur sucks at putting up tents*
"Oh my god, that took way to long..." Arthur says well putting his stuff into his tent.
"I mean at least we can train now?" Haru says well looking at the open field.
"Yep," Azazel says well walking over to the field and throwing down logs to mark the boundaries.
"So me and Futaba first?" Arthur says well pulling out his Excaliber.
"Get to your sides," Azazel says well pointing at both sides.
Both of them get ready to fight right before Azazel yells "Begin!"
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