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Love Is Crooked


" When you meet the other half of your soul, you'll understand why things didn't work out with anyone else". But little did she know, on how hard the journey and confusing life would be when you are stuck between the one you love and the one who loves you.. Do we really end up with the other half? Because all I know is that Love Is Crooked. This is my story, Meera Thapar's Story.

Romance / Other
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Thick blackened clouds formed as rain poured down over the city with a roar, the sound of emptiness was disrupted with the loud boom of thunder. Oblivious to the weather, Meera took a glance on her room before she left

Wiping off the trickled tears with the back of her hand as she took out a deep breath and walked off from her room, dragging along her bag and luggage.

" You have gained so much of courage that you have decided to leave the house?” Shouted Meera’s mother (Shalini) as she shot up from the chair

Meera shut her eyes for a moment, calming herself before letting out any words

" Why are you quiet right now? I deserve an explanation” She exclaimed, knotting her eyebrows

Meera turned around, facing her mother ” I’m leaving because you left me with no other choice...”

" What do you mean no other choice? we left you with so many choices” She replied in a sharp tone

" Yea mom, Left me with huge amount of choices of a guy to marry?” Meera replied, glaring at her

Her mother shook her head ” What else do you want to do at your age? ”

" Ma, I want to continue my studies and I want to start working to be a great optometrist”

Her mother gave a sarcastic laugh ” Bada Optemetrist.. you think this will give you a good reputation? The society will shame you down if you don’t become a wife of someone or a mother”

" I don’t give a fuck about this damn society that never stops complaining and by the way mom, to become a mother you don’t need a husband”

" I will slap you if you ever talk to me in this way, Besharam ladhki! You have become worse after having friendship with that useless girl”

" Ma.. Please! Enough. I’m done talking with you. I’m leaving..” Meera huffed out, picking up her bag

Meera’s mother gripped her shoulder’s tightly, staring into her eyes ” And what about your Dad? What do I tell him when he comes back?”

Meera looked down and sighed ” Tell him that I have gone for the sake of my own hapiness, I’m sure he will understand”

" Jha, be with that useless girl and become screwed just like her. But remember Meera, one day you will realize the worth of my words”

Meera gazed at her mum in silence and shooked realizing that she would never be able to understand her. As she made her way out of the house


The car window rolled down slowly and Alisha puffed out the smoke while gazing at the heavy rain ” It feels so good to smoke in this weather” She muttered.

A while later, her phone started ringing as she picked up the call reluctantly.

" Hello Ayan, What’s up?” Alisha said

" Seriously?? I really don’t have time for this nonsense” rolling her eyes

All of a sudden there was a knock on the opposite side of the car window, Alisha turned her head towards the direction and saw Meera waving her hand

" I’m busy ,will call you back later, Bye” Alisha ended the call while unlocking the car door

After placing the luggage and the bags at the deck, Meera sat on the front seat. Pulling the car seat behind, resting her head as she breathed out the suffocating air that was consumed in her.

Alisha glared at her for a moment ” Oye Hello, Madam? put on your car seat belt”

Meera nodded her head and buckle her seat belt in silence

" Everything will be alright soon, Don’t worry..” Alisha said in a low voice, trying to lighten the mood

Meera plastered a fake smile and glance at her house for the last time.

She wanted to live a life of her own, pursuing her dreams and most importantly getting married to the one she love which was impossible if she had to stay with her parents.

The hopes and dreams of her future which she wanted to sealed it as her own destiny..

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