Dragon Slayer Firebolt

7 Years Later

"We're back!" Natsu yelled.

"Hey Natsu, Vez!" The guild greeted back then went back to talking amongst themselves.

"Ah! So this is really Fairy Tail?!" I chuckled seeing Lucy looking at the guild hall with sparkles in her eyes.

"Yep, come on I'll take you to get registered as a member. Once you get this mark you'll officially be one of us." I said with a grin and lifted my left arm to show my red Fairy Tail mark on my shoulder.

I walked into the guild hall with Lucy in tow while Natsu attacked Krov for the false rumor.

"Um shouldn't we stop him?" Lucy asked nervously as she watched Natsu attack Krov.

"Nah, it's normal." I reassured and sent Lucy a grin.

"Aye, that's Natsu for you!" Happy agreed and landed on my shoulder.

"No need to worry Lucy." My dark orange feline partner known as Tyrus assured.

Tyrus is a flying, talking cat like Happy but has dark orange fur with creamy orange fur on his stomach, tip of his tail, red eyes, and wears a navy blue plain bandana around his neck.

"Hey Vez, you're back. So that means that punk Natsu is back too." Gray said walking over to me.

"Yeah, Natsu's back." I said pointing to the dust cloud behind us where the fighting was happening.

"Hey Natsu, we still need to settle our fight!" Gray yelled, stomping past me and headed for Natsu.

"Not until you put some clothes on!" Natsu yelled at Gray who was only in his underwear.

"Welcome back Vez." I turned around to see Mira standing behind the bar giving me a warm welcoming smile.

"Good to be back. Lucy this is-"

"Mirajane! I've seen her in Sorcerer Weakly!" Lucy gushed.

"So you want to join Fairy Tail?" Mira asked smiling at Lucy.

"It's been my dream since I was a kid to join Fairy Tail!" Lucy nodded excitedly.

"This is Lucy, Natsu and I ran into her in Hargeon Town. She talked about joining Fairy Tail so we brought her home with us." I informed Mira.

"Well welcome to Fairy Tail Lucy." Mira greeted and walked towards us, but only to get squashed by Elfman.

"Mira!" Lucy yelled panicking.

"I'm alright." Mira assured but she soon passed out.

"Natsu, Gray!" Natsu and Gray froze and turned their heads to me. They started to freak out when they saw the glare I was sending at them.

"You were the ones that threw Elfman onto Mira aren't you?!" I yelled stomping over to them with my hands balled into fists.

"It's not like we planned it!" Gray reasoned and put his hands up in defense.

"You get 'em Vez!" Tyrus cheered from the side lines.

"Tyrus, you're not helping!" Gray and Natsu yelled at the floating dark orange, red eyed cat.

I lunged forward and punched both Natsu and Gray and forced them onto the ground.

"And just when I thought Vez was the only sane one here." Lucy muttered with anime tears flowing down her face.

"You guys are pathetic. Why don't I show you how to really fight?" Cana taunted and a teal magic circle appeared in front of her cards.

After Cana activated her magic circle everyone else in the guild followed after her, first Elfman then Loke then Gray, Natsu, and me. We were all about to use our magic when a loud stomping noise and a thundering voice stopped us.

"What do you idiot children think you're doing?!" We stopped and looked up at Gramps who was using his Titan Magic.

"W-Who is that?" Lucy asked trembling and looking up at Gramps.

"Hm? Oh that's Gramps, he's Fairy Tail's Guild Master." I answered casually.

"That's the Guild Master?!" Lucy yelled freaking out.

"Haha, you guys are bunch of scaredy cats! I guess I win this rou-" I shook my head at Natsu, he had that coming. Gramps stomped on Natsu and once he removed his foot, it revealed a twitching Natsu lying on the floor.

"Well it seems we have a new recruit." Gramps said noticing Lucy.

"Ah yes sir!" Lucy yelled freaking out and hiding behind me.

"What's your problem? It's just Gramps." I said turning my head to see Lucy.

"Are you kidding me?! He's a giant!" Lucy yelled at me.

Gramps started to shrink when he stopped using his Titan Magic. Once he was normal size he gave Lucy a grin and held out a hand as a wave to her.

"Nice to meet ya." Gramps greeted.

"See told you, it's just Gramps." I stated nonchalantly and walked away from a flabbergasted Lucy.

I walked over to Gray and stood by him as Gramps jumped onto the second floor railing.

"You've gone and done it again, you bunch of clods! Just look how much paperwork the Magic Council sent me this time!" Gramps started out and held out a bunch of papers, "This is the biggest pile of complaints yet! Have you lost your minds?! All you kids are good for is getting the higher ups mad at me!" Gramps yelled and it caused all of us to hang our heads in shame.

"However," We all lifted our heads and Gramps used his Fire Magic to set the paperwork on fire, "I say to heck with the Magic Council!" Gramps tossed two equal halves of the burning paper, one in Natsu's direction and the other in mine.

Natsu jumped and caught the burning paper with his mouth while I caught mine and stuffed it into my mouth.

"Now listen up, any power that surpasses reason still comes from reason right? Magic is not some kind of miraculous power. It is a talent that only works when the flow of energy inside of us and the flow of energy of the natural world are in perfect synchronization. To perform magic one must have a strong mind and the ability to focus it should take over your being and pour out of your soul! If all we do is worry about following rules than our magic will never progress! Don't let those blowholes on the council scare you, follow the path you believe in! Cause that's what makes the Fairy Tail guild number one!" Gramps yelled and held up his right hand in the classic Fairy Tail symbol.

All of us cheered and held up the same symbol with our hands in pride. After that everyone seemed to settle down and went back to what they were doing before the fight.

Lucy officially became part of the guild when Mira gave her the pink Fairy Tail mark on her right hand. She was so excited when she got the mark. She ran straight to me and showed it off, all I could do was chuckle at her enthusiasm. After showing me she ran off to find Natsu and show him.

"Ah Vez," I turned my head to the bar counter where Gramps was sitting and drinking.

"Need something Gramps?" I asked as Gramps took a drink from his mug.

"A new request came in when you were gone. The client sent a note with the request, specifically asking for Firebolt of Fairy Tail to take the job." Gramps explained.

"Another one huh? Looks like my name is getting spread around." I said grinning.

"The request is sitting on my desk upstairs, but don't get your hopes up. It isn't an S-Class job." Gramps called out as I was already running up the stairs.

I still remember the first time I walked up these stairs. When I came home after I was officially declared an S-Class Wizard of Fairy Tail, and I was pretty young too. I was only fourteen.

I opened the door to Gramps' office and walked inside. I went over to the desk but I didn't see the request he was talking about. Did Gramps take it and forgot he had it?

"Looking for this?" I narrowed my eyes at the smug voice I heard behind me.

I turned around to see Laxus standing in the door way with a smirk on his face and holding the job request in front of him. He was wearing a dark yellow long sleeved shirt with brown spots on the shoulders and sides, maroon red pants, gray shoes, Sound Pod on his ears, and his normal black coat with gray fur on the sides hung around his shoulders

"I thought you were gone on a job." I stated, keeping a hard gaze at Laxus.

"I got back this morning before you came back with that wannabe wizard." My gaze turned into a glare and Laxus' smirk got bigger seeing my reaction to the name calling.

"Ooh, that hit a soft spot." Laxus taunted.

"What do you want Laxus?" I demanded harshly.

"I noticed this special job request on the old man's desk this morning. I thought it was for me but to my surprise it was addressed to Firebolt." Laxus said casually while turning the job request towards him.

I kept my mouth shut and waited for him to finish what was on his mind.

"Your wizard name is becoming well known in Fiore now. It's made me think that maybe you have gotten just a little stronger." I followed Laxus with my eyes as he slowly walked away from the door way and into the office.

He set the job request on the side table and continued to slowly walk around the office. He stopped walking once he was right behind me but I didn't bother to turn around and face him. Although I could tell he was staring at my back.

"You're not that same weak kid that always tried to pick a fight. You've grown and in more ways than one." I swiftly turned around and glared daggers at Laxus.

Laxus had a smug smirk on his face and that's when I noticed he was bending down slightly to meet me eye to eye.

I let out a growl and quickly picked up the job request and stormed out of the office. I heard Laxus laugh as I walked down the hallway of the second floor.

Ugh, that egotistic lightning bastard! He makes me so mad sometimes, and what the heck was that back there?! He basically hinted that he had eyed me like some candy when he stood behind me! Okay maybe the way I dress didn't really help the fact either. After all I am wearing the same vest as Natsu and the only thing covering my chest is a strapless black sports bra, and my blue capris stopped just below my knee and showed my legs.

I shook my head from the thoughts and walked down stairs. I walked over to Mira and laid the job request on the bar counter.

"I'm taking this job, Mira." I announced to the white haired bar maid.

"Okay, is it just you and Tyrus as usual?" Mira asked as she took the job request and started to fill out a report.

"Yep," I answered as Tyrus flew onto my shoulder, "Hey where did Natsu, Happy, and Lucy go?" I asked, noticing none of them were around.

"The idiot went after Macao." I turned my head to see Gray sitting at the bar stool.

"Your clothes." I said bluntly.

"Agh! Not again!" Gray yelled looking down at himself, noticing that he was once again only in his underwear.

"Didn't Macao take that Vulcan job about a week ago?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah and he hasn't been back yet. Romeo came by again and wanted someone to go look for him. Natsu overheard it and went off to look for him." Gray explained as he slipped his black jeans on again.

"That sounds like Natsu all right." I said chuckling.

"Okay, everything's set. Good luck on your job, Vez." Mira said smiling.

"Thanks Mira, let's go Tyrus." I said walking away and lifted my right hand with my black wristband on in a backwards wave.

"Aye!" Tyrus chanted and lifted his paw up as he began to fly next to me.

I couldn't help but get the feeling that someone was watching me. The musky scent of high voltage hit my nose and I knew that my feeling was right. Laxus was watching me from the second floor.

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