Dragon Slayer Firebolt

Battle Royale of Fairy Tail!

I let out a groan as I slouched on the table and felt my muscles ache from the movement. Not to mention I still felt sick to my stomach.

"Are they going to be okay?" Lucy asked concerned.

Natsu was mimicking what I was doing from across from me, the rest of the team sitting by us and just staring at us.

"After they eat they should be back to normal, but it's their own fault for eating so much Etherion." Gray advised.

We recently came back from what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation at Akane Resort. Instead we ran into Erza's old "friends", if you could call them that, and we had to rescue Erza, Happy, and Tyrus. Natsu and I ended up facing Jellal and he did quite a number on us. Every muscle in my body ached every time I tried to move. I'm just glad we finally got back home to Fairy Tail or I should say the new Fairy Tail.

"Forget eating, I just want to sleep." I muttered.

I still felt completely drained of my magic after eating the Etherion hence making me tired.

"You slept for three days Vez." Lucy informed sweatdropping.

"So? I'm still tired." I grumbled and started to close my eyes.

Sadly the universe hated me because I heard the sound of stage lights being turned on and cheering erupted from the guild.

I let out a groan and gave an irritated glare to the cheering guild members. Why can't I get some peace and quiet-oh who am I kidding? This is Fairy Tail for crying out loud! There is no such thing as peace and quiet!

"If you're so tired Vez then why not head home?" Gray asked me as Mira walked up on stage to sing.

"Too tired to walk home." I heard Gray chuckle in response and I felt him give me a pat on the back from pity. I was too tired to care that it was a pity pat on the back, normally I hate pity.

Mira started to sing a song dedicated to our team getting back safe and sound. I closed my eyes and let a smile form on my face as I started to fall asleep to Mira's singing. I did fall asleep for a while until I woke up feeling something smacking me in the face!

My eyes snapped open and I jolted back up, ignoring the aches of my muscles. A growl erupted from my throat as I glared and searched whoever hit me.

Many of the guild members flinched seeing my anger and some backed away seeing my fire begin to surround me. They simultaneously pointed to an angry Gajeel in a white suit glaring at me from the stage.

My piercing coal black eyes settled on Gajeel. "Gajeel! What's the big idea of waking me up?!" I yelled at the Iron Dragon Slayer.

"What's the big idea of you sleeping during my performance?!" Gajeel fired back at me.

"Like I could care less about your performance!" I retorted.

"You asking for a fight, pyro?!" Gajeel yelled as his fists started to turn into iron.

"Bring it on, metal head!" I yelled back as my fists lit up in flames.

"Now we're talkin'!" Natsu yelled standing up and lighting his fists on fire as well.

All three of us charged into the middle and fire and iron started to clash. Not too long after the rest of the guild joined in on the fight. It felt good to be home!

"You shouldn't have fought with Gajeel." Tyrus scolded and folded his small arms across his chest.

"He threw his guitar at me. I had a reason to fight him." I argued groggily.

"But it made you feel sick again." Tyrus fired back.

It's true, after fighting Gajeel both Natsu and I felt sick once again. I got lucky though, as soon as the fight was over Mira informed Erza and I about the new S-Class Lobby. Since anyone can now go onto the second floor there's a special large room where only S-Class Wizards are allowed to enter.

I decided to check out the room and it was pretty nice. It was a large room that had everything you could need like in the main floor. There was a small bar with a fully stocked fridge behind it, a decent size bathroom, a large wooden table to eat at, one large black leather couch with a love seat and arm chair to match, a lacrima TV hanging off the wall in front of the couch, and of course the S-Class Request Board was hanging off the wall by the bar.

I was currently lying on the black leather couch since I still felt tired.

"Well I'm going back down stairs with the others. I'll be there if you need anything." I let out a groan as my answer and Tyrus flew out of the S-Class Lobby and closed the door behind him.

"Finally, some peace and quiet." I sighed in content and closed my eyes to try and get some sleep.

Once again though, the universe was proving that it hates me today. I heard heavy footsteps in the distance and the musky scent of high voltage reached my nose. I groaned knowing who was going to come in through the door. I did NOT feel up to handling Laxus and his stupid smirk right now.

I jumped slightly when the door was jerked opened and a slam soon followed. Oh boy, he's in a mood…that's not good.

"You know some people are trying to sleep here." I spoke up and rested my chin on the arm rest so I could see Laxus.

I expected some type of witty remark but instead he just let out a smirk and started to stride over to where I was.

"Vez, you're just the girl I was looking for." Oh I didn't like the sound of that, he wants something.

I noticed he changed his clothing since I left. He was wearing a purple button up shirt with a wide collar, black-blue pants, gray shoes, and his normal coat and Sound Pod on him as well.

"What now, Laxus?" I whined as I sat up and lazily looked him in the eyes.

"How many weaklings do you think are in the guild?" I tilted my head the side and lifted an eye brow up in confusion.

"Where did that come from?" I asked.

Laxus tsked in anger, "Answer the question." Laxus ordered and sent me a glare.

"Jeeze you're in a bad mood," I muttered which caused Laxus to growl at me in annoyance, "And there are no weaklings in Fairy Tail, we're all strong." I answered.

Laxus scoffed and rolled his eyes, "You've been listening to the old man too much. You don't really believe him do you?" He paused and looked for my reaction which was a stern gaze.

"Oh come on, what about those three that were Phantom's personal punching bags you have to admit they're at the bottom of the food chain." Laxus taunted.

"Team Shadow Gear is NOT at the bottom of the food chain. You're forgetting that Gajeel was classified as an S-Class Wizard of Phantom Lord. Anyone that's not S-Class would've had a hard time against him." I remarked and leaned my arms on my knees and sent Laxus a glare.

Where was this coming from? Sure he's never liked the fact that some people in Fairy Tail didn't meet his criteria, but he's never acted like this before.

"Oh my mistake, you're right. They're not the bottom of the food chain. That wanna be wizard rich girl is." A growl ripped through my throat as I quickly stood up and sent a punch at Laxus.

Laxus easily caught my punch and he had his usual cocky smirk planted on his face.

"Did you really think that would work?" Laxus taunted and tighten his grip on my fist.

My eyes narrowed into slits and I barred my teeth at Laxus. Steam started to come from where Laxus was holding onto my fist. My body temperature was increasing because of my rage but Laxus was countering it with his magic to nullify it.

"I don't know how you can even share the same name as Gramps." This caused Laxus to lose his smirk and was replaced with a glare.

"Gramps is right. You don't deserve to inherit the title of Guild Master. Not with your attitude." That made Laxus start to seethe in anger and I saw his jaw was clench tightly and he gave me a death glare.

His hand started to crush my fist with his grip and I saw lightning start to spark from his hand. I knew what was coming next and I was prepared for the lightning attack that was about to hit.

"Laxus, release Vez at once!" We both snapped our heads over to where Gramps was standing and held a stern gaze at Laxus.

Laxus sent a glare towards his grandfather but Gramps held his ground. Laxus let out a growl and he released my fist and stormed out of the lobby but not before sending me a glare.

"Sorry Gramps, he was in a bad mood already and it looks like I just made it worse." I said as I rubbed my hand that had red raw marks where Laxus' fingers were.

"It's not your fault Vez. Laxus has yet to grow up and acted like a child when faced with the truth. I apologize for my stupid grandson's behavior." Gramps said turning towards me.

"I'm use to it by now." I answered and sent Gramps a smile.

Gramps returned the smile and nodded, "Even though Laxus cannot see it now, I'm sure one day he'll realize how much you see him as a friend." I looked over at Gramps in shock.


"Don't think I never noticed you always defending Laxus when he wasn't around. You see him as your friend even when moments like before happen. He needs a friend like you in his life, Vez." Gramps stated.

"I consider everyone in Fairy Tail my friends, and that includes a jerk like Laxus. That's the only reason." I retorted crossing my arms and turning my head to the side with a slight blush on my cheeks.

"Hm, Mira's told me otherwise." My eyes widen and my face went beat red.

"S-she told you!?" I yelled turning to my Gramps and uncrossed my arms in the process.

"No, but you just did," My jaw dropped at Gramps' sly grin, "But it's nice to know you have feelings for my grandson. Here I thought no one would ever like him at this rate." I continue to stand there in shock as Gramps walked out of the lobby.

Did Gramps just pull one over me? And so much for keeping my feelings a secret now that Gramps knows! It's already hard enough that Mira found out about it. Of course she knew the moment I started to get the feelings, which was a year after I became S-Class.

"Gramps is never going to let me live this down." I muttered to myself and hung my head down.

"Oooh, look at this Vez!" Tyrus yelled excitedly as he floated by one of the many stands.

"Tyrus, we have the Harvest Festival every year and every year it's the same stands with the same stuff." I explained chuckling at my partner.

"I know but the Harvest Festival gets me excited because it means the Fantasia Parade is tonight!" Tyrus exclaimed and was waving his paws around frantically.

"Did you have a cup a coffee when I wasn't looking?" I asked suspiciously.

Tyrus's eyes darted around, "Maybe…" Well there's my answer.

"Hey there girlie!" I was forced down as I felt someone wrap their arm around my neck. The scent of booze hit my nose and automatically knew who it was.

"Huh Cana, do you really have to tackle me like that?" I asked looking at my long time friend.

"Aw come on Vezzy, lighten up." Cana said grinning and nudged my ribs with her elbow.

"Are you drunk this early in the morning?" I asked when I smelled the strong scent of alcohol on her breath.

"Nah, just feeling a good buzz, but I did find you for a reason." Cana said suddenly getting serious.

"And what reason is that?" I asked kinda scared to know the answer.

"Are you participating in the Miss Fairy Tail Pageant this year?" Cana asked.

"And like every year I'll give you the same response, no." I said flatly and tried to walk away but Cana stopped me.

"Why not? You never sign up for it. Come on, it could help you get a boyfriend." Cana teased and poked my cheek.

I gave Cana an irritated gaze and pulled her finger away from my cheek.

"Cana, I've told you a thousand times before: I don't need a boyfriend." I told her strictly.

"Come on Vez, please! Just this one year!" Cana begged and I groaned seeing her give me her puppy-dog eyes. Even as kids I could never say no to that stare.

"Ugh fine! Just this one year and that's it!" I told her sternly.

"Great! I already have the perfect outfit for you!" Cana grabbed my wrist and started to drag me to who knows where.

"Have fun Vez!" Tyrus yelled and waved at me with a grin.

"Shut up!" I yelled at Tyrus as my face went beat red.

"Well it's not that bad I guess." I muttered looking at the outfit Cana got me in the mirror.

I looked at the black top that covered my chest with large straps that hung loosely on my shoulders, red cloth was attached to the top and covered part of my arms and went around my entire width of my body, a black skirt that dipped further at an angle on one leg, and my normal white scaly scarf acted as a sash around my waist.

"I knew that would look perfect on you. It just said Fire Wizard to me when I saw it at the store." Cana said grinning and nodded her head at her work.

"Cana!" Cana and I turned around to see Levy sticking her head through the crack of the door.

"You're up next, oh Vez you look great!" Levy complimented, opening the door wider.

"Huh thanks…I guess." I muttered and a light blush dusted my cheeks.

"Well looks like I'm up, wish me luck." Cana said winking and walked out of the dressing room.

"Come on Vez, let's go watch." I didn't fight back as Levy grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the dressing room and into the lobby of the guild hall.

Levy led me to backstage where the other girls of Fairy Tail were.

"Oh Vez you're here, it looks like Cana finally manage to convince you." Mira said smiling.

"More like begged." I corrected.

"Vez, I'm so proud of you," I turned around to see Erza giving me a small smile, "I never thought I'd see the day when you would enter the pageant." Erza grabbed my head and smacked me into her armor.

"Erza…your hugs hurt…" I grunted out, my eyes swirling from the hard hit against metal.

"You all know her as Queen of the Fairies…!" I heard Max start to announce.

"Oh that's my queue!" Erza whispered loudly. She quickly moved from beside me which caused me to fall onto the ground.

"Vez are you all right?" Levy asked concerned.

"Yeah…just seeing stars…nothing to worry about." My voice was shaky as I said that and my eyes were still swirling.

I suddenly caught a scent that made me snap out of my daze. I quickly stood up and I started to sniff the air.

"Vez, why are you sniffing the air?" Cana asked, noticing what I was doing.

My eyes narrowed into slits as I lowered my head as the scent got closer.

"Vez, what's wrong?" I heard Erza ask in an alert tone.

The new cheering from the audience meant Erza just finished and Lucy was on stage now.

"What is she doing here?" I demanded to no one and my body went tense.

"She?" I heard Levy mumble in confusion.

"I see you caught the scent of a true fairy, Vez." The other girls looked in shock when Evergreen stalked towards us backstage.

"Evergreen, if she's here then that means…" Levy trailed off with widen eyes.

"The Thunder Legion is back." Cana finished and had a serious look on her face.

"If the Thunder Legion is here, then something is going on. They hardly show themselves to the guild." I stated and narrowed my eyes at Evergreen as she walked in front of us to face us all.

"You are definitely right about something going on, Vez. Too bad any of you won't get to see it." We all gave Evergreen a confused look then she did the unthinkable to her own guild mates.

She lifted up her glasses and her eyes flashed a golden yellow. All of our faces turned to shock knowing we just got caught in a trap. I felt myself no longer able to move my body and darkness started to surround my eyes. That's when everything went black as I and the other girls turned into stone.

A loud cracking sound echoed in the air and the darkness thought I saw before disappeared.

"They're back to normal!" I turned my head to see Natsu, Gajeel, Gramps, Happy, and Tyrus.

"Vez/ Lucy!" My eyes soften as I saw the familiar orange cat running to me.

I kneeled down as tears flowed down his face and he ran into my arms.

"I was so scared!" Tyrus cried out as I lifted him up in my arms.

"I'm sorry I worried you, Tyrus. I'm fine now." I said softly and held him just above my chest.

"What exactly happened?" Lucy asked and was holding a crying Happy in her arms.

"Gramps," Gramps turned to me hearing me call him out, "This is the Thunder Legion's and Laxus' doing, isn't it?" I stated with a serious face.

"I see you've figured it out." Gramps noted.

"I heard everything while I was in that stone state. Evergreen didn't count on my senses being stronger than her magic." I explained.

I turned around and started to walk off the stage and back to the dressing room.

"Vez-" Gramps started to say but I stopped him there.

"Leave Laxus to me, Gramps." I interrupted and with that, I walked into the dressing room and closed the door.

"Vez, are you really going to face Laxus alone?" Tyrus asked as I set him on a chair.

"Erza's out there looking for him so I doubt I'll be facing him alone." I assured and went behind the curtain to change.

"But you could easily find Laxus before Erza. You have the enhanced senses of a Dragon Slayer and can smell Laxus out. You've said before that you've seen him fight and he's possibly the strongest wizard in Fairy Tail." Tyrus explained frantically.

"I wouldn't say he's the strongest. Mystogan gives him a run for his money, and you can't count out Erza and I." I countered and walked from out of the curtain in my normal clothing.

"But still, facing Laxus alone is dangerous!" Tyrus retorted as I walked over to the window.

I opened it up and jumped out of it and landed on the ground that was only a foot and a half below.

"What are you doing?!" Tyrus yelled freaking out and quickly flew over to me.

"What does it look like? I'm headin' for Laxus." I stated bluntly.

"But you can't!" Tyrus yelled at me.

"Yeah, yeah I get it. He's too dangerous." I said waving Tyrus off.

"It's not that," I looked over at my partner fully when he went serious, "Freed put an enchantment around the guild. It says a stone statue or anyone over eighty can't pass, but for some reason Natsu and Gajeel can't get through. I think it's because of their Dragon Slayer Magic, meaning you can't get through either." Tyrus informed.

"One of Freed's enchantments huh, that's not too hard to get by." I said turning to face where the invisible wall would be.

"What do you mean? Enchantments are absolute and you have no choice but to follow their rules." Tyrus said confused.

"Enchantments are basically a form of a written inscription and magic inscriptions can be burned off. So…" I trailed off and put my hand against the invisible and lit my hand on fire.

A red magic circle formed under my feet and fire engulfed my entire body. The red letters in front of me started to disappear as my fire started to burn them off. I took a step forward and I easily walked through the invisible wall.

"No way! You burned through it!" Tyrus yelled in shock.

"I'm not S-Class for nothing," I said turning back and gave a grin to Tyrus, "Now you stay here, I'm gonna find Laxus. If Laxus took Fairy Tail members as hostages then he might use you as his leverage against me." I informed, turning back around and started to walk off.

"I don't like it, but okay. I trust you Vez." Tyrus stated and I stopped to watch him fly back into the guild hall.

My smile vanished and my mouth went into a straight line as I looked up.

"So, you activated Thunder Palace huh?" I muttered to myself and narrowed my eyes at the floating lightning lacrima.

I felt the magic energy coming off from the lacrima earlier but I decided to ignore it with Tyrus still there. That would just be another reason for him to worry about me going after Laxus.

"That's his trump card which means Fairy Tail backed him up to a corner. He didn't expect Evergreen to lose to Erza nor did he expect Mystogan coming in." I stated as I smelled Mystogan's scent somewhere in the distance.

I started to run down the streets and followed the scent of Laxus. I lifted my head up as I ran and my eyes turned into slits as my serious nature took over.

"What are you going to do now, Laxus? All of Fairy Tail's S-Class Wizards are heading your way." I pondered as I continued to run down the street that led to the huge Cathedral in the middle of Magnolia Town.

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