Dragon Slayer Firebolt

Clash of Fire and Lightning!

Ten…twenty…forty…sixty…over a hundred, I counted in my head as my eyes shifted to the people wondering around Magnolia. Some people I noticed didn't even live in Magnolia. They were tourists coming to see the Fantasia Parade, but even so there were a lot more people here this year.

Out of all the years of having the biggest crowd does it have to be during the year when Laxus threatens the life of civilians? So far a lot of the towns' people have been asking me if the lightning lacrima in the sky were a type of fireworks. I couldn't lie to them so I just said it was something new we were trying and it was a onetime only thing. Technically it wasn't a lie…or at least I hope it is only a onetime thing.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard an explosion go off. Many people stopped what they were doing and stared where smoke from the explosion was in the air.

"That came from the Cathedral." I heard someone mutter.

"What is Fairy Tail doing now?" Another person muttered.

"Looks like Erza or Mystogan got to him first." I muttered and ran off to the direction of the Cathedral.

By the time I got to Kardia Cathedral, Mystogan's scent disappeared and I saw Erza getting shocked by Laxus' lightning. Laxus reeled back his fist and was getting ready use Lightning Punch on Erza.

A red magic circle glowed under my feet and I jumped with my fire giving me a boost.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" My fist smacked into Laxus' and fire and lightning flew out in different directions.

The ground under our feet buckled from the intense magic energy coming from the spells.

"Vez!" I heard Natsu yell in shock.

"Well, well, well, look who finally decided to join the party." Laxus taunted with a smirk. He pulled back and jumped away from me with his lightning starting to spark around him.

"Erza, you okay?" I asked, not taking my eyes off of the smirking Laxus.

"I'm fine, nice timing as always." Erza praised.

"Vez, I already said Laxus is mine to fight!" Natsu whined at me.

"Natsu, if you can't beat me in a fight then what makes you think you can beat Laxus?" I questioned and this made Natsu stop his complaining.

Laxus let out a throaty laugh which caused us all to glance at his direction.

"You can't even beat your sister and you're challenging me? You've got a lot of nerve, kid." Laxus taunted Natsu.

"Why you…!" I held out my arm to block Natsu and make him stop from charging.

"That's enough Laxus. You want to see who's the strongest right? Well one of Fairy Tail's S-Class Wizards is standing in front of you, ready to challenge you. So how about it? Let's see which ones stronger, your lightning or my fire." I stated as my red magic circle formed under me and engulfed me in flames.

"It won't be much of a challenge." Laxus stated and a yellow magic circle formed under him and the crackle of lightning was heard as it engulfed him.

Laxus lifted up his hand and shot lightning out of it. I quickly moved to the side then used my fire to propel me forward.

"Fire Dragon's Claw!" My foot lit up in flames as I swung by body sideward's and aimed the kick at Laxus.

Laxus swiftly caught my foot by the ankle to stop the kick. Laxus reeled back his other fist and charged up Lightning Punch. He kept a tight grip on my ankle so I couldn't move away. He threw his punch at me but I bent my head down and barely dodged the punch.

Flames erupted from my other foot as I slammed it into his chest. His grip on my ankle loosen and I took the chance to free myself from his grip. I placed my hand on the ground and swung my lit up foot again and kicked Laxus in the side of the neck.

Laxus skidded against the ground as I landed on the ground on my hands and feet.

"Fire Dragon's Roar!" I quickly released a large stream of flames from my mouth and it sped towards Laxus.

"Lightning Storm!" Multiple bolts of lightning struck down against the flames, causing the two attacks to cancel each other out. The smoke from the attacks faded and revealed the ground where the attack hit was reduced to rubble.

"So that's…the power of two S-Class Wizards going at it…" I heard Natsu whisper as he watched us fight.

I heard Laxus give another throaty laugh and he sent me a crazed smirk.

"Not bad Vez, I guess I misjudged you. You're not so weak after all." Laxus stated.

"You say that but for some reason I doubt you mean it." I remarked, not believing him. Ever since I was kid Laxus always looked down at me as a weak wizard.

"You're right. I didn't mean it at all! Thunder Bullets!" I stood up back on my feet as multiple spheres of lightning came rushing at me.

I put my left hand on my right bicep as my entire forearm erupted in flames. I pulled back my right arm as the flames started to grow bigger.

"Fire Dragon's Firing Hammer!" I sent my fist forward at one of the spheres heading my way.

A huge fire exploded from the impact and the flames jetted forward and took out the rest of the spheres.

"Well that's a new move." My eyes widen hearing Laxus' voice behind me.

I turned around to see him using his Lightning Body and I didn't have any time to dodge as the lightning fast attack collided into my abdomen.

My back smacked against the ground and I skidded against the ground until I hit a pillar that stopped me. I lifted my head and let out a smirk.

"That's not my only new move." Laxus lost his smirk for a while and suddenly he was surrounded by a glowing red light. He looked down and noticed my red magic circle underneath his feet.

"Fire Dragon's Rising Pillar!" Fire started to dance around his feet and the flames shot upwards creating a pillar made out of fire.

"Lightning Eruption!" My eyes widen as a yellow magic circle formed from under me and bolts of lightning rammed into me and sent me into the air as it shocked me. I clenched my jaw as I felt pain surge through my body from the lightning hitting me.

Both attacks ended and both of us were standing and glaring at one another. Electrical burns were seen on my body and fire burns were on Laxus. My vest was ripped and torn from the lightning going through it and the ends of Laxus' purple shirt were black from the flames burning it.

"Well that burned a little." Laxus commented.

"That kind of stung a bit." I commented as well.

I suddenly felt something hard hit my back and forced me back down onto the ground.

"Not nice." I heard Laxus comment.

I turned my head and saw Erza was the one that forced me down.

"What the heck was that for Erza?!" I demanded/yelled.

"It's going to take both of us to take Laxus down. Just stay here and recharge some of your magic back. I'll handle him for now." Erza informed and stood up from squatting position.

I sent Erza a smirk, "Alright, but I'll step in if it looks like you're in trouble." Erza gave me a small smile and nodded.

"Requip!" Erza glowed gold as she changed her armor. The glow faded and showed Erza in her Dark Flight Armor.

She charged at Laxus and swung her sword at Laxus who blocked it with his lightning.

"Erza, be careful!" Natsu yelled as he ran over to me.

"Vez, are you okay?" Natsu asked as he helped me to sit up.

Erza and Laxus continued to fight and talk in the background. I wasn't really paying attention to them at the moment. My main priority was to follow Erza's orders.

"Yeah, just need to gain back some of my Magic Power. Now do you see why I didn't want you to fight Laxus?" I said

"Are you kidding? This just makes me want to fight him even more!" Natsu countered with a confident grin on his face.

"Figures you'd say that," I said chuckling then turn to face the fight again.

"Go, destroy them now Natsu!" Erza ordered. She must be talking about the Thunder Palace.

"I can't okay?!" Natsu yelled at Erza.

"Normally when Laxus casts Thunder Palace he also places Body Link Magic on it. We can't destroy those things without getting hit with his lightning." I informed and stood back up.

"You're protecting them with Body Link Magic?!" Erza exclaimed in shock.

"Yeah and they're gonna stay up there until I give them the order to blow!" Laxus stated.

"You coward!" Laxus attack Erza with his lightning while he was still holding her foot from her attacking.

"It's too bad you won't get to see it!" Laxus yelled and pushed Erza back.

"Requip!" The lightning disappeared and Erza once again glowed. Once she landed she revealed to be in her Lightning Empress Armor.

"Well, since you're getting serious by switching to that armor. I might as well be going and figuring out a way to take down Thunder Palace." I stated as I headed for the exit.

"Good luck figuring that out! It's impossible. I'm the only one that can take Thunder Palace down." Laxus stated with a smirk.

I stopped walking and turned my head half way to Laxus to show him a huge confident smirk.

"Oh really? What about Phoenix Blade?" Laxus lost his smirk, Erza gave me a wide eyed look and Natsu just looked at us confused. There were some of my moves that he didn't know about.

"You're bluffing." Laxus said lowly and glowered at me.

"Am I?" I taunted him, which made Laxus glare at me and clench his teeth.

"Vez, that attack requires at lot of Magical Power and a wide space to cast it!" Erza warned.

"I know what it can do Erza. I'm the one that created it, but it's our only shot. That attack can hit hundreds of those things with a single blow. It might electrocute the snot out of me but it's better than it destroying Magnolia." I informed Erza and she closed her mouth knowing I was right.

"Vez, you really have an attack that can hit over a hundred of those things?!" Natsu yelled in shock.

"Natsu," Natsu turned to Erza who called him, "Phoenix Blade is the attack that gave Vez her wizard name: Firebolt." Erza informed him.

"I'm leaving Laxus to you Erza!" I yelled and ran for the exit.

"No you don't! I'm not gonna let you cast Phoenix Blade!" Laxus yelled and sent a large lightning bolt at me.

Erza quickly moved in front of me and slammed her staff against the ground and a lightning shield formed from it.

"Vez, make sure you head outside of town to cast it!" Erza yelled at me.

"Was already planning on it!" I yelled without looking back.

My black open toed sandals made more frequent slam sounds as I picked up my pace on the cobblestone road. The safest place to cast the attack was the rocky hill pass that was between East Forest and Magnolia Town.

I just hope Erza and Natsu can hold Laxus off long enough for me to get there and launch the attack.

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