Dragon Slayer Firebolt

Vez's Ultimate Spell:Phoenix Blade!

"This looks like a good spot." I said as I tried to control my heavy panting.

I stood on a flat part of the hill that overlooked Magnolia Town. I could clearly see all of the lightning lacrima circled around town.

"There's a lot more than I expected. I don't know if I have enough Magical Power back yet to cast even two Phoenix Blades, and that's even if I can stand after getting electrocuted." I muttered to myself.

I shook my head to get rid of the thoughts, "I can't think like that. I have to do it for Fairy Tail and for Magnolia." I closed my eyes in concentration and began to build up my Magical Power.

"Vez, wait!" I opened my eyes hearing a familiar voice call my name.

"Tyrus, what are you doing here?!" I demanded to my feline partner in the sky.

"You're too far away for Warren's Telepathy Magic to reach so Erza sent me to tell you! All of Fairy Tail is planning to attack the lightning lacrima in the sky! You have the entire west side of the lacrima to take out, and Erza said she'd give you a signal when to attack!" Tyrus yelled from his position high in the sky.

"Got it! I'll be near the beach when the attack ends, head over there!" I ordered.

"Aye!" Tyrus saluted and flew towards the direction of the beach.

I started to once again gather my Magical Power and a red glow surrounded my body.

"Ready when you are Erza." I muttered to myself as I felt the power I needed to cast the spell finished gathering.

I waited for a few minutes and that's when I saw something glittering in the sun light. It was one of Erza's swords catching the light from the sun, that's the signal.

"Crimson Lotus," A huge red magic circle formed underneath my feet and fire erupted from the entire circle and surrounded me, "Phoenix Blade!" The fire under my feet propelled me forward at incredible speed. A long wake of flames was behind me and the fire in front of me formed into a point of an arrow.

I let out a cry as I started to go through every lightning lacrima in the west side of the town. I could see the other lacrima getting destroyed by the rest of the members of Fairy Tail.

After hitting the last one on my side, Phoenix Blade ended with the flames disappearing into the air. As soon as I was free falling the next I felt Tyrus grab the back of my vest and flew me to a nearby building.

As soon as Tyrus set me down on the building I suddenly felt lightning spark around me.

"Huh oh, here it comes." Tyrus said backing away.

I let out a wail out of pain as I felt the lightning strike my body with millions of volts. When the lightning ended I fell backwards onto the roof and smoke was coming off of me.

"That hurt…" I manage to wheeze out and coughed out a puff of smoke.

"But you guys did it, Thunder Palace is gone and Magnolia is safe." Tyrus praised and floated above me.

"Good to know, now let me sleep." The exhaustion after using a huge chunk of my Magic Power for Phoenix Blade hit me at full force.

"You deserve it. I'll take you back to the guild." That was the last thing I heard before I closed my eyes and fell into an exhausted sleep.

"She's still asleep?" I woke up to the sound of hearing Laxus' voice. He sounded calmer then when I ran into him before.

I decided to keep my eyes close and pretend I was still asleep to listen.

"She drained the last bit of her magic to cast Phoenix Blade, and getting hit by that lightning didn't help her condition. Porlyusica said she's lucky to still be breathing, but I don't think luck is involved." I heard Gramps reply.

I heard the rustle of bed sheets being moved and feet touching the ground. I heard footsteps walk next to my bedside and I felt a hand ruffle my hair. I automatically knew it was Gramps, he's the only one that does that to me.

"I believe her strength and her goal to find Igneel has kept her alive through all of her fights." I felt Gramps' hand leave my head and I heard his footsteps shuffle slightly.

"You may not think of it, but Vez does care for you." What the heck is Gramps doing?! I bit my tongue to keep my composer and keep pretending to be asleep.

"Even if that was the case, I bet she doesn't anymore. She's been asleep for an entire day because of what I did." Did Laxus just sound sincere?

"Believe what you will, but on the other hand I don't believe you understand the seriousness of what you have done." I heard Gramps change the subject.

"Look me in the eyes young man." I heard Gramps demand sternly.

"Fairy Tail is a place where friends can gather, wizards can find work, and children who have no kin to call their own can feel they're part of a family. It is not something that can be owned, it is important that not only every member be only loyal but also trustworthy. Otherwise no bonds will be formed and eventually the guild will fall apart. Your actions have proven you lack both of those qualities and you threaten the lives of your comrades. That's unforgivable." I heard Gramps lecture.

"I'm sorry sir. Honestly I never meant to harm the guild. I just wanted to make it stronger." Looks like Laxus still has a lot to learn that there are better ways to get stronger.

"I swear sometimes you're as high-strung as I am. You better try to relax or you'll end up in here with me and Vez. Funny how it seems I've rubbed off on her. There are times where I think she's more stubborn then I am, both her and her brother." I forced back a smile that tried to form. Gramps didn't know how right he was.

"Take some time to smell the roses. If you do you'll be able to see things you never could before and you'll hear things you've been able to hear. Life can be a lot of fun if you allow it to be." I heard Gramps pause and Laxus stayed silent.

"Over the years, I have watched you grow into the man you are today. Where did I go wrong, what lesson did you not learn but the past is the past. I am only left now with one choice…" I held back from gulping. Gramps…he wasn't…he's not…is he?

"Laxus, you are hereby expelled from Fairy Tail." I bit my tongue a bit harder and resisted from gripping the sheets. Gramps actually excommunicated Laxus from the guild!

"I understand. Thanks for everything," I heard Laxus start to walk then he stopped, "Grandpa." I heard Gramps start to breathe unevenly meaning he was crying.

"You take care of yourself, okay old man? And tell Vez that I'm sorry for what I did." I heard Laxus say softly. I never heard Laxus sound so…different. He was nicer and actually had a heart when he was with Gramps.

"Please just go!" Gramps tried to sound forceful but it didn't sound like it at all.

I heard Laxus' footsteps fade and the soft sound of the door closing. I stayed silent for a little while longer but my eyes were open.

"I know you're awake Vez." I heard Gramps say and I heard him wipe his sleeves against his face.

"I figured you'd know." I said softly as I sat up.

I took the time to look at myself and I saw bandages wrapped around my entire torso and extended over my right shoulder. My newly repaired vest and strapless black sports bra were on over the bandages. My neck and part of my chin was wrapped in bandages with my scarf around my neck. My right forearm and hand was covered in bandages and my left upper arm was as well but still revealed my Fairy Tail mark. I felt bandages wrapped around my forehead and a bandage on my cheek.

"Did you really have to excommunicate him?" I asked, looking at the bed sheets.

"You know as well as I do that was the right choice." I squeezed the sheets in my hands and made my knuckles turn white.

I clenched my jaw as my body started to shake, "That jerk…he didn't even bother saying goodbye to my face." I threw the sheets off of me and threw my legs over the side of the bed.

I quickly slipped on my sandals and bolted out of the infirmary. I ran over to the railing of the second floor and searched with my eyes throughout the guild members.

"He's not here." I muttered out and tighten my grip on the railing.

That's when I noticed Mira walking towards the bar, she would know.

"Mira!" The said barmaid stopped and looked up at me with a smile.

"Vez, you're finally awake! How are you feeling?" Mira asked. The other members ignored us as they were getting ready for the Fantasia Parade tonight.

"That doesn't matter right now! Did you see Laxus go by?" I asked frantically.

"Laxus? He just left for South Gate Park I believe." Mira informed.

"Thanks!" I yelled as I ran down the stairs and out of the guild hall. A couple of members called my name as I ran past them but I ignored them.

I felt my muscles ache in a dull pain as I ran towards the park. My body was telling me I was still tired and needed rest but I didn't listen.

Once I reached the park, I jumped and skidded down the hill and I saw the Thunder Legion standing there but no Laxus.

"Freed, Bickslow, Evergreen!" I yelled out which caused the said members to look behind them and see me running.

"Vez? You're awake and shouldn't you be in bed resting?!" Freed said shocked.

"Not now, where's Laxus?!" I demanded but I didn't stop my current pace.

"You just missed him, he went that way." Bickslow answered and pointed in the direction he went.

"Thanks!" I yelled and ran past them.

"Wait! Why do you want to see Laxus?" I heard Freed shout behind me but I ignored him.

I ran past civilians that were walking around the stands and I trudged myself back up the hill. I ran down the vacant road and the musky scent of high voltage finally hit my nose. Finally, about time I got close enough to smell his scent!

Up ahead I saw a familiar black coat with gray fur on the sides and blonde spiky hair sticking up. Now that he was in my sights I pushed myself a little faster. I waited until I got a bit closer to his hearing range then I would call him out.

"Laxus!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I saw Laxus freeze mid step and he turned around.

I stopped a few feet away from him and my chest heaved heavily from my panting.

"Vez, what're doing here?" Laxus asked and he fully turned to me. He actually had a bit of concern laced with his voice.

"You…" I panted out and I squeezed my fist tightly, "You jerk!" I yelled and lifted my bandaged right arm and pointed at him.

Laxus gave me a look like he expected me to say something like that.

"You get kicked out of the guild and you can't even tell me goodbye to my face?!" Laxus' eyes widen in shock, that wasn't the type of yelling he expected.

"You…you heard that?" Laxus said still in shock.

"Of course I heard that! I was only pretending to be asleep! And really, "…tell Vez that I'm sorry"?! You can't even apologize to my face?! What happened to the Laxus that wasn't afraid to say something in front of someone, huh? What happened to the Laxus that I knew as a kid? Where's the Laxus that I tried to get him to acknowledge my strength as a wizard!?" I finished my yelling rant and at the end Laxus could stare at me in shock and surprise.

I put my right arm down and huffed heavily with my shoulders moving up and down as I did so. Laxus regained him composure and he let out a sigh as he rubbed the back of his neck. Then Laxus did something I never saw coming, he made eye contact with me and he had a small smile on his face.

"I'm still the same Laxus you knew as a kid, but as for acknowledging your strength as a wizard I've always thought of you being strong. Vez, you're one of the strongest wizards Fairy Tail has to offer. I just never wanted to admit it before." My eyes widen hearing those words come from Laxus, and they didn't sound fake.

"My ideal of strength was wrong, yours and everyone else's was right. You fought for the guild and for the members inside the guild. You see the guild as your family and you protect it with all of your power. That's the strength that I've come to acknowledge, and maybe one day I'll have that same strength." I could only just stare in awe at the Laxus in front of me, and I could have sworn my heart skipped a beat.

I leaned my head down and a smile graced my lips as my eyes started to tear up.

"My goal in the guild was to finally be acknowledged by the one person who never did. I'm glad I finally finished my goal after seven years, and Laxus…" Laxus stared at me as I called out his name.

"Fairy Tail or not, you're still my friend." With that I lifted my head and gave him my normal closed eyed grin but I had silent hot tears stream down my face.

"You really are an idiot sometimes." I opened one eye when I felt Laxus place his hand on my head and ruffled my hair.

A slight blush dusted my cheeks and my heart beat sped up. He's never done something like this before.

I opened both eyes and crossed my arms and pouted, "What are you trying to say huh?" I asked trying to sound threatening.

Laxus heard my tone of voice and he let out a slight chuckle, "I'm saying you were an idiot for running all the way here to tell me that when you should be in bed." Laxus informed and took his hand off my head and crossed his arms.

"No way, I can't be in bed! The Fantasia Parade's tonight and I'm not gonna miss it! A couple of electrical burns aren't gonna keep me down!" I shouted at him with a determined look on my face.

Laxus closed his eyes and gave a small smile. He opened his eyes and grabbed the bag he had over his shoulder off from the ground. He turned around and started to walk away again.

"If you're gonna be in it, I might as well stick around to watch. See ya Vez." Laxus called out and he held up his right hand as a wave goodbye.

"Vez, ready to go?" Tyrus asked floating in front of me.

"Yep," I answered and ripped off the last bandage off of me, "Let's go." I gave Tyrus a grin and he nodded.

He flew behind me and grabbed onto the back of my vest. I got into a ready position and my red magic circle formed underneath me. I propelled us into the night sky with fire while Tyrus controlled where we flew.

I looked down and saw the dazzling lights around the floats and the huge crowd of people. Many people were cheering and were pointing up at the sky where they saw the streak of fire.

I stopped using my fire and Tyrus flew us down closer to the floats. Once he stopped and floated just above the rest of the floats, I lit both of my fists on fire. I punched the air and two balls of fire shot up in the air. One exploded like fireworks and spelled out "Fairy Tail" and the other exploded just below it and formed the Fairy Tail guild mark.

I felt Tyrus replace his grip on me from holding my vest to his tail wrapped around my waist. Gramps wanted us to show our signature signal that we all knew in Fairy Tail. He hadn't told anyone yet about kicking out Laxus, he said he would after the parade.

In unison everyone in Fairy Tail held up their right hands with only our thumb and index fingers pointing up and showing the back of our hands. No one else knew besides Gramps and I that the symbol was directed towards Laxus somewhere out in the crowd.

I let out a huge grin as I held my hand up and chuckled slightly.

"I love this guild." I said to myself but I knew Tyrus heard me.

"Aye, I wouldn't want to be in any other guild." Tyrus added and sent me his own grin.

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