Dragon Slayer Firebolt

Attack on Tenrou Island

I let out a groan as I hung my upper part of my body over the moving ship. My face was pale and drool was coming from my agape mouth.

"Haha, still get motion sick I see. You haven't changed a bit, Vez!" I quickly covered my mouth after Gildarts slapped my back.

"Gildarts you're not helping." Tyrus noted while sweatdropping.

"Just a little longer Vez, we're almost to Tenrou Island." I heard Mira say behind me.

"I don't think I can last much longer." I muttered out sickly and twitched as I felt I was about to barf again.

"So Gildarts, did Master tell you our positions?" I heard Erza ask.

"Yeah, you, Mira, and me will be part of the first challenge. Vez here got lucky and scored Mavis' grave with Master." Gildarts explained.

"Whoa hold on!? I'm not fighting anyone!?" I yelled snapping out of my sickness.

"She snapped out of it!" Tyrus yelled in shock.

"Slow down there sparky. I didn't say that," Gildarts put his hands in defense, "There's three tests remember. The first one is to fight S-Class Wizards and other competitors. The second one is to find Mavis' grave, and the third and final test is to see if they have the heart of a Fairy Tail Wizard. A test that still involves fighting." Gildarts explained.

"Alright, I still get to fight!" I cheered and pumped my fist in the air and just before I was back to almost throwing up in the ocean.

"You seriously got sick again!?" Tyrus yelled and his jaw dropped.

"That's Vez for you." I heard Mira say cheerfully.

"Heheh I forget how much her and Natsu are alike sometimes. Not only are their hair colors the same but so are their personalities." Gildarts stated chuckling.

"You seriously had to mention my hair color." I mumbled out.

"Man it feels great to be off that ship!" I stretched my body on the sandy beach of the shore.

"Vez, stop stretching and help us set up the base camp for the trials!" Erza ordered glaring at me.

"Yes ma'am!" I answered quickly and saluted. I ran over to the crates and picked one up.

"Still afraid of Erza I see." Gildarts inquired as he grabbed several bags of food.

"Only when she gets in that mood." I corrected as I lifted the crate on my shoulder.

"Aye, Erza gets really scary when she's like that." Tyrus agreed as he carried a small supply bag.

"Hey Vez, since we're here a week earlier than the others I say we play a game of catch up. Tell me what's happened in the guild and all that." Gildarts suggested grinning.

"Huh you've been gone for three years. A lot has happened since then, you couldn't even really recognize us when you got back." I pointed out.

"Aw come on, cut me some slack." Gildarts whined.

"Fine just tell me what you want to know." I said sighing as we continued to walk to the base camp (flying for Tyrus).

"Well one thing has been bugging me since I got here." Gildarts stated and furrowed his eye brows.

I raised a brow, "And that would be?" I asked.

"Well you could say I was taken by surprise when Master asked me to help in the S-Class Trials. I didn't think of it at the time but now I'm starting to wonder. Without Mystogan that brings Fairy Tail's S-Class Wizard numbers down to five," My eyes widen realizing where Gildarts was going with this, "but I don't know why Master didn't ask him. That kid is more than capable of taking my spot for the trials." Gildarts pondered.

I stop in my tracks with the crate still on my shoulder. Tyrus stopped and looked at me concerned.

"Hey what's wrong? Why did you stop?" Gildarts asked confused, turning to me.

"Gildarts, Gramps never told you…about what happened to Laxus?" I asked quietly and stared him in the eyes.

Gildarts cocked his head in confusion, "No, he didn't. Now that you mention it, I know the kid likes taking jobs and all but I haven't seen him in the guild at all. Hey Vez, you always had an interesting relationship with him. What happened to him?" Gildarts asked.

"Gildarts, Laxus…he was exiled." Gildarts eyes widen in shock and disbelief.

"Hold on! Are you telling me Master exiled his own grandson!? I know the kid had an attitude problem but I didn't think it'd be bad enough for him to get exiled!" Gildarts exclaimed in disbelief.

"His attitude was only part of the problem. You know Laxus as well as I do and how he got when he'd get pissed off. Let's just say the last time he did that he went way off the deep end and did something Gramps can't easily forgive him for. He attacked his own guild and tried to kill his own guild mates and innocent civilians of Magnolia."I explained.

Gildarts closed his eyes in concentration, "I see, so Laxus finally went too far." Gildarts turned around so I face his back.

"I take it the guild has already forgiven him?" Gildarts asked.

"Yeah, a lot of us, mainly the Thunder Legion, want to get him back." I informed.

"Do you?" I was taken aback by that question.

"W-what!?" I stuttered and almost dropped the crate on my shoulder.

"Do you want him back in the guild? Don't think I never noticed those glances you sent him three years ago. You made it painfully obvious you had a crush on him." I felt my face turn beat red.

"So, what's your answer?" Gildarts asked again.

I shifted my gaze to the ground, "Yes…I want him back in the guild. It doesn't feel the same without him and…" I trailed off.

"And what?" Gildarts asked and continued to keep his back facing me.

I bit my lip before speaking, "I miss him." I answered.

I suddenly felt Gildarts' hand ruffling my hair. I looked up at him in surprise and he had a huge goofy grin on his face.

"Since you admitted that so openly I'll tell you what, after the trials are over you go ahead and find Laxus and bring him back and I'll take care of Master. Deal?" A grin broke out on my face and I quickly nodded my head.

"Deal! Now come on we got a base to build!" I yelled pumping my free fist in the air and walking towards the base camp.

Gildarts let out a laugh, "Now that's the Vez I remember!" Gildarts yelled out and followed me.

I let out a sigh out of boredom as I lay on my back by Mavis' grave. Tyrus let out a sigh following mine as he lay propped against my side. Gramps was by me and he was just simply meditating.

"Waiting is boring." I whined.

"Aye." Tyrus agreed.

"They say patience is a virtue, you should try it." I gave a straight face from Gramps' comment.

"I just want the third test to start already! How hard can finding a grave be?" I complained.

"Yeah it sure is taking a while. I would think Natsu and Happy would have found this place already thanks to Aera Magic." Tyrus chimed in.

"Nah, you know Natsu if he wants to make S-Class he wants to do it with his power alone." I waved it off.

"Yes, something you didn't do during your trial." Gramps remarked.

"You wanted us to climb a mountain up then down so sorry if I had Tyrus fly us!" I yelled comically and sitting up glaring at Gramps.

I let out a breath to calm down and sat up, "Ya know you never me who faced who during the first match." I stated turning my head to Gramps.

"Curious to find out who faced the S-Class are we?" Gramps asked opening one eye and I nodded my head.

"Juvia and Lisanna faced Erza," I shivered at that, poor girls they didn't even stand a chance, "Elfman and Evergreen faced Mira," Jeeze those two didn't get so lucky either, "and Natsu and Happy faced Gildarts." I let out a grin hearing the last part.

"So Natsu faced Gildarts too huh? He got lucky he got the instructor that easily passes anyone." I stated.

"Oh yeah, we faced Gildarts too during your trial didn't we!" Tyrus exclaimed remembering my trial.

"Yep it was the year he was going to leave for his job but he was able to participate in the S-Class Promotion Trials before he left." I reminded him.

"Oh yeah and didn't you beat Erza in becoming Fairy Tail's youngest wizard to become S-Class?" Tyrus asked.

"I did yes. Erza was fifteen when she became S-Class while I was a year younger but it took me my second year to get it. It took Erza her first year so she's still ahead of me." I remarked.

I let out a sigh as I feel backwards and rested my hands behind my head.

"Hey Gramps wake me up when the third test starts." I instructed as I closed my eyes.

No One's P.O.V

Makarov watched Vez and Tyrus sleep peacefully with a smile on his face. The two have definitely grown as wizards. A loud popping noise sounding in the air caught his attention.

Makarov looked up and he furrowed his brows, "An enemy attack? Who dares step onto our sacred ground?" He said as he looked at the red flare.

With a grunt Makarov stood up, "I'm sorry for failing you First Master. I let someone stumble into our holy grounds. You're probably spinning in your grave right now but I just ask that you watch over everyone." Makarov turned around and began to walk but not before stopping to look at Vez.

"I'm sorry child but I'll be handling this alone." Makarov muttered as if Vez could hear him in her sleep.

Vez's P.O.V

I let out a content sigh as I laid on the soft grass under the large tree centered in South Gate Park. The sound of children laughing and adults talking became distant background noises. I suddenly heard a giggle that was louder than the rest but I ignored it.

"You sure do love to sleep." I heard a child like voice say.

I opened my eyes and gazed around but I didn't see anybody. I shrugged and closed my eyes again only to open them when I heard the same giggle.

"I'm up here silly." I looked up in the tree and I was shocked to see a child up in the tree. She had long wavy blonde hair, big green emerald eyes with no irises, she wore a frilly pink layered dress with diamond designs on it, a red ribbon tied around her neck, wing-like adornments in her hair, and she was bare foot.

"Hey be careful up there kid, you might fall." I warned as I sat up.

"Oh you don't have to worry about me. I'm a wizard too so I won't fall." The girl assured with a smile on her face.

"Alr-hey wait you said too, how did you know I was a wizard?" I asked standing up and looking at her with confusion.

The girl smiled again, "Because you're part of Fairy Tail." She said pointing to my guild mark.

I opened my mouth to say something but she beat me to it, "Tell me something, how much do your fellow guild mates mean to you?" I thrown off by that question.

"That's a stupid question of course I care for them! Everyone in Fairy Tail I consider to be my friend and if you mess with one of us you mess with all of us!" I answered confidently.

The girl simply smiled at my answer, "One last question. If your friends were in trouble and there was no way to save all of them which one would you choose to save?" What kind of question was that!?

"What are you talking about!? Did you do something to them!?" I demanded as my fists flared up in flames.

"I didn't do anything but your friends are being hurt by someone else. Sadly everyone is being attack and getting badly injured but there is only one of you. Do you just give up or do you choose one friend to save?" She asked again.

"I wouldn't give up and I wouldn't choose one over the other! I'll find out a way to protect all of them!" I yelled determinedly.

The girl gave an approving smile, "I can see you truly love your friends in Fairy Tail. Now that I know that I'll give you a gift. I'll give you the knowledge to cast the Ultimate Protection Spell: Fairy Sphere." I was suddenly surrounded by a bright yellow light and I could feel different warm emotions as well as the knowledge of a spell entering my mind.

"May that spell help you in your journey, Vespera Dragneel." My eyes widen at the girl and everything around me started to fade away.

"Wait, how do you know my name!? Who are you!?" I asked desperately.

The girl gave a warm caring look towards me, "I know everyone's name in Fairy Tail after all I wouldn't be much of a Guild Master if I didn't." I let out a gasp realizing who it was.

"Mavis Vermillion the First Master?" I whispered under my breath. The world around me faded out and the last thing I heard was Mavis giggle and said, "Good luck".

I shot up gasping for breath and looked around my surroundings. Gramps was nowhere in sight and I didn't see First Master Mavis. She's been dead for a long time now, how could she have visited my dreams? And what did she mean by my friends were in trouble.

"Vez, what's wrong did you have bad dream?"Tyrus asked rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"I'm fine but where did Gramps go?" I asked Tyrus.

"I don't know I feel asleep too." Tyrus explained.

"Well he has to be here some-" I suddenly felt Gramps' magic power rise then fall dramatically.

"Gramps…" I muttered looking in the direction I felt his magic power.

"Vez, do you feel that?" Tyrus asked serious.

He was right, there were major battles happening everywhere and I could sense some of my friends magic power almost disappear. That's when I put all the pieces together.

"That's why she visited my dreams, she needed to wake me up." I mumbled under my breath.

"Who visited your dreams?" Tyrus asked confused.

"Mavis Vermillion, the Founder and First Master of Fairy Tail." I explained.

"Huh!? How is that possible!?" Tyrus yelled freaking out.

I shook my head, "I don't know, Gramps always told us First Master was extremely powerful after all she's the one that created the three Fairy Magic spel-" I stopped as a sudden memory of my dream popped up. First Master Mavis stated she gave me the knowledge of how to cast one of the Fairy Magic Spells: Fairy Sphere the Ultimate Protection Spell.

"Vez, are you okay?" Tyrus asked concerned.

"Yeah, I just remembered something but we got to find Gramps. You fly and I lead." I stated.

"Aye!" Tyrus yelled saluting and grabbed the back of my vest and took off into the air.

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