Dragon Slayer Firebolt

Fire Dragon VS Elements


A loud clap of thunder echoed through the air as rain pelted down at us as Tyrus flew us above the ground.

"Damn! I can't see or smell anything with this rain!" I growled out and tried to look around.

"I don't get it, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and now it's pouring!" Tyrus yelled over the rain.

"The only one I know that can cause a rain storm to appear is Juvia. Someone must have set her off." I informed.

"But why did it have to turn from a rain storm into a thunder storm!? I hate flying in thunder storms!" Tyrus whined.

"We'll be fine, it's not like we haven't been struck by lightning before." I added.


Both mine and Tyrus' eyes were wide open, that lightning almost hit us…

"Okay you can land." I said quickly.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" Tyrus replied loudly and dove down to the ground at a high speed.

Once Tyrus landed I tried to track down Gramps' scent but with no luck. I crossed my arms in frustration.

"Stupid rain, it completely washed away Gramps' scent." I muttered angrily.

"Not to mention my fur is soaking wet. I'm gonna smell like wet cat for days now!" I rose my eyebrow at that and sent Tyrus a strange look.

"What? It's true." Tyrus stated and put his paws up in defense.

I rolled my eyes and took a step forward when the ground suddenly shot up and grabbed my foot.

"What the!?" I yelled in alert and tried to free my foot.

"Vez!" I turned my head around to see water whips holding Tyrus to a tree.

"Tyrus!" Flames engulfed my foot that was trapped and with one good yank I freed my foot.

"Hang on buddy!" I yelled and ran for the tree he was trapped on.

"I don't think so." My eyes widen hearing an unfamiliar voice.

The ground from underneath me lifted up and catapulted me away from Tyrus. I used my hands and feet to slow myself down, leaving skid marks in the ground as I did.

"Who's there!? Show yourself!" I yelled out to the stormy sky.

"Hm, so this is Fairy Tail's famous Firebolt. You don't look like much but you did manage to break through my Earth Shackle which is hard to do." My eyes turned to slits as I saw some tall guy walk out from behind the tree Tyrus was tied to.

He had long black hair tied in a ponytail, he had a long baggy shirt that was half white and half aqua blue, his long baggy pants with a red and brown zigzag pattern on it.

A growl erupted from my throat, "Who are you?!" I demanded.

"Seeing as I am the person who is about to end your pathetic life I will tell you. My name is Yoso and I am a Elemental Wizard for Grimoire Heart." I stared blankly at Yoso.

"Wait so you're an Elemental Wizard named Yoso?" I asked again.

"Yes, what part of that did you not understand?" Yoso said sighing.

Tyrus and I exchange glances then both of us bursted out laughing.

"What is so funny!?" Yoso demanded.

"Yoso means element and you're an Elemental Wizard?! Who does that?! Who learns the magic their named after?!" I yelled as I laughed and rolled around the dirt.

"Did your parents hate you or something?!" Tyrus asked as he laughed.

"I'll have you know that my mommy loved me very much." Tyrus and I stopped laughing then we bursted out laughing again.

"Oh man, talk about a momma's boy!" I yelled laughing again.

"Stop laughing at me or else the cat's gonna get it!" I stopped laughing and glared at Yoso who has a blade made of wind in his hand by Tyrus' throat.

"Leave Tyrus out of this. If you want a fight then I'm your opponent." I stated and stood back up.

"Then this will be over quickly." Yoso flicked his hand up and I felt the earth shake below me.

I tried to jump out of the way but the earth spikes nailed into me. I let out a gasp in pain as it launched me into the air. I then felt a gush of wind blow past me and I felt pain throughout my body as wind blades cut through my skin. I landed on the ground and the earth came up and formed chains around my wrists and ankles.

"I did my research on you Firebolt and I know all about your Dragon Slayer Magic. You're a Fire Dragon so that means you can eat any form of fire which is why I'm restraining myself from using my own. I also know your a close combat fighter so as long as I keep my distance away from you, I'll be fine. The earth and wind can easily keep you away." I gritted my teeth and tried to break free like I before but as soon as my hands and feet lit up in flames, water doused them and the flames disappeared.

"You should know you could never beat my water with your flames. Now I'm gonna have my fun of killing you soon enough but let's make this a little bit more entertaining." I felt the earth move from under me.

It set me up to where I could see Yoso smirking like maniac and a terrified Tyrus.

"I'm giving you a front row seat to see the death of your feline friend here!" My eyes widen and fear ran through my veins.

"No!" I yelled and tried to light up my flames but water spheres formed around my hands and feet.

I felt utterly useless! I couldn't break free and now I'm watching this freak bring that wind blade closer to Tyrus.

"Vez, help me!" Tyrus yelled out with his eyes closed shut and tears staining his orange fur.

"Leave him alone!" I yelled and tears started to sting my eyes.

I couldn't feel my strength anymore all I felt was fear of losing Tyrus. Why? Why am I so weak?!

"Please leave him alone, he's my friend!" I yelled out with my eyes clenched shut.

I suddenly felt a wave of power course through my body. I opened my eyes and I saw my Fairy Tail mark glowing and I could tell Tyrus' turquoise Fairy Tail mark was glowing from his back as well.

Yoso stopped for a second but as soon as he stopped he quickly tried to bring the wind blade across Tyrus' throat.


My eyes widen seeing a golden glowing sphere with the Fairy Tail symbol on it surrounding Tyrus. I noticed I had the same sphere surrounding me.

"What the?! What is this?" Yoso yelled out in frustration and tried to stab through the sphere but it didn't let up.

"Fairy Sphere." I muttered under my breath.

It must have activated when I wanted to save Tyrus so badly but couldn't.

I felt more power flood through my body and my Fairy Tail mark started to glow brighter. I clenched my hands into fists and my eyes once again turned into slits. Fire engulfed my entire body and I easily broke free from the chains and water barrier.

"No, there's no way you could have gotten free!" Yoso yelled freaking out.

"You made a huge mistake trying to kill my friend. Now you're gonna pay!" I yelled out and use my flames to launch myself at him.

"Stay away!" Yoso yelled and flicked his hand up again.

"Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!" I punched through the earth wall that popped up and kept my speed heading towards Yoso.

"Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!" I gather the large fireball above my head and threw it towards Yoso.

"That won't work I can easily douse it with water!" A large wave of water washed away the fireball but steam erupted everywhere.

Thanks to my dragon senses I could still see and smell him.

"I was counting on you doing that." I stated from behind Yoso.

Yoso gasped and turned around and the look of pure terror was etched on his face.

"Y-your eyes, t-they're glowing red! You're a monster!" Yoso yelled trying to run away.

"That's what you get for pissing off a dragon! Fire Dragon's Roar!" The jet stream of flames headed towards Yoso who had no time to dodge.

"Way to go Vez!" Tyrus cheered from the sidelines.

My flames surrounding me vanished the glowing of my Fairy Tail mark stopped. I glared at the unconscious and burnt Yoso. So badly did I want to hurt him more than that but I had to be the bigger person.

"Vez!" I snapped out of it as Tyrus flew towards me.

"Tyrus, you're okay!" I grabbed Tyrus into a hug and I could feel his little body shake.

"I thought I was gonna die!" Tyrus cried out.

"Hey, you know that's never gonna happen with me around." I reassured him and held him up in the air.

Tyrus let out a sniff and nodded his head, "But what was that spell?" Tyrus asked as he wiped away his tears.

"I think that was Fairy Sphere. I think I casted it when I thought of protecting you." I replied.

"Well I'm glad that it activated but what was going on with our marks?" Tyrus asked and looking over his shoulder and at his mark hidden by his bandanna.

"I don't know, they just started glowing and I felt this surge of power rush through me." I said confused.

"Master always did say Tenrou Island gives Fairy Tail members unbelievable power." Tyrus noted.

"Speaking of Gramps we got to try and find him. Tyrus can you fly us to base camp?" I asked.

Tyrus nodded, "The storms still going on but I can handle it if it means finding Master." I gave Tyrus a grin and he grabbed the back of my vest and took off back into the sky.

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