Dragon Slayer Firebolt

The Man Without an Emblem

Tyrus neared the base camp as he flew us towards it at a fast paste. Rain pelted down at us as lightning flashed across the sky in the background.

"Vez, Tyrus!" My sensitive ears picked up the voice yelling at me from down below.

"That sounded like Levy." Tyrus mentioned.

"Yeah, come on she's calling us." Tyrus nodded his head and descended down to Levy.

I noticed a couple more members of Grimoire Heart currently being tied up to a pole.

"Huh, what happened here?" I asked sweatdropping at Elfman tying them up and muttering something about being a man for tying ropes.

"A couple of Grimoire Heart members tried to attack the base but we stopped them, but forget about that right now. Where have you been? You're the only member of the guild that no one's been able to find." Levy stated.

"Yeah sorry about that. I got stationed at Mavis' grave for the trials and it's pretty far away from here. We also got a little side tracked by one of Grimoire Heart's goons." I informed.

"I guess I'll tell you the plan right now. Natsu, Lucy, and Wendy went ahead to fight Hades while the rest of us guard the injured." Levy informed.

"Wait, who's Hades?" I asked raising an eyebrow.

"He's the Guild Master of Grimoire Heart and the one who severely hurt Master." My eyes narrowed dangerously at that and my hands balled into fists.

"Which way did Natsu and the others go?" I demanded.

Levy was taken back by the anger in my voice, "Grimoire's Ship is docked on the shore just ahead of us." Levy said.

"Thanks Levy, Tyrus let's go!" I ordered.

"Aye sir!" Tyrus grabbed the back of my vest and shot off into the sky.

"This Hades guy is about to find what happens when you mess with Fairy Tail." I stated angrily.

"Aye!" Tyrus yelled with his eyebrows furrowed in anger.

No One's P.O.V

Natsu and the others couldn't believe what just happened. They were fighting Hades and losing badly and just when they thought Natsu was about to be killed he was saved by Laxus!

"Laxus…" Gray muttered wide eyed.

"He came for us." Lucy added with a smile on her face.

"How pathetic, all of your clothes looked like torn up old rags." Laxus spoke up and looked slightly over his shoulder.

"Yep!" Natsu agreed with a grin.

His eyes searched among his former Fairy Tail guild mates and noticed a certain salmon pink haired girl not with them.

"Hey Natsu, shouldn't Vez be babysitting you?" Laxus teased.

"We haven't seen Vez since the start of the trials. She's somewhere on the island but none of us can find her, but nevermind that. What are you doing here?" Erza answered for Natsu.

"I was in the neighborhood and decided to drop by to pay my respects to the First Master. I was shocked that the second was here too. So I might as well make a grave for him and pay your respects!" Laxus stated dangerously.

The others watched in amazement as Laxus began fighting Hades. It seemed Laxus really was overpowering him and had Hades on the ropes. That was until the spell Hades called Amaterasu hit Laxus dead on that is started to go down south. Laxus was fine at first but it didn't take long for the spell's effects to kick in.

"Laxus!" The others yelled as the said person fell to one knee.

"The world really is a huge place. To think that a monster like him still exists. I still have a ways to go." Laxus muttered out truthfully.

"What are you saying!?" Natsu yelled.

"Looks like you finally figured out your place, Laxus. Now you can disappear!" Hades yelled and launched a large powerful attack heading straight for Laxus.

"Get up Laxus!" Erza yelled desperately.

"I'm no longer a member of Fairy Tail but if something happened to my grandpa I can still get angry about it, right?" Laxus asked.

"Of course you can!" Natsu yelled.

The attack caused a huge explosion that blew the others away and a huge crater could be seen from the smoke.

"Laxus!" Erza cried out in panic.

"Ya know, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be the one to save your butt." Everyone's eyes widen hearing that familiar voice.

The smoke cleared to show Vez standing in front of Laxus with a radiating golden shield with the Fairy Tail emblem surrounding them.

"Vez!" Lucy cried out in relief.

Vez's P.O.V

I kept a hard gaze at Hades in front of me as I kept Fairy Sphere around both Laxus and I.

"Vez…" I heard Laxus say my name with shock evident in his voice.

"You're not looking too good there. The life of exile doesn't look too good on you." I joked with a smirk on my face as I turned my head to him.

The shock wore off and was replaced with a smirk, "Tch, as if you could do better." Laxus bantered back.

"How..?" My eyes narrowed as I heard Hades speak. I turned my attention back to him and to see his eyes were wide.

"How can a brat like you know one of the Fairy Spells." Hades asked stunned.

"One of the Fairy Spells?" Lucy asked shocked.

"One like Gramps' Fairy Law?" Gray asked shocked as well.

"It's not exactly like Fairy Law, Gray. This is purely a defensive spell known as Fairy Sphere. It can protect anyone from any sort of attack, as you just saw." I informed.

"Always full of surprises huh Vez." I heard Laxus chuckle as he said that.

I turned my head and my eyes widen seeing Laxus trying to stand up.

"Whoa hang on! You took a direct hit from that spell earlier! You need to take it easy!" I advised and freaking out.

Just as Laxus was about to fall, I quickly caught him by putting my arms under his shoulders. I felt myself fighting off a blush as this felt basically like a hug.

"This is my treat, Natsu, Vez." I gave Laxus a confused look then that's when I felt his lightning surrounding me and heading for my mouth. The same thing was happening to Natsu who was a little bit aways from us.

He wanted me and Natsu to eat his lightning? I guess we can see what will happen but it's gonna make us sick later on.

I swallowed the lightning collecting in my mouth and I felt this surge of magical power coursing through my body. Lightning started to spark around me and same to Natsu who now had the strength to stand up.

"Thanks for the meal." Natsu stated as he now stood up straight.

I felt Laxus go limp in my arms, he must have used the last of his magic power to do that.

"That's every last bit of my magic." Yep, I was right.

"He gave his own magic to Natsu and Vez!?" Erza said in shock.

"I'm gonna go on a limb here and say I'm guessing this is an apology for what happened months ago?" I guessed as I set down Laxus on the ground.

"Something like that but don't get use to it." Laxus commented with a smirk on his face.

"Wouldn't dream of it." I scoffed and rolled my eyes but I had a smile on my face. I actually missed bantering with Laxus like this.

"Why did you give this to us?" I heard Natsu ask.

"I can't speak for Vez but I'm so much weaker than you." Natsu you're not too far off, I'm still levels behind Laxus.

"It's not about weak or strong. Who was the one hurt by all this? Someone with the guild's emblem needs to take this guy down. Take the pain that was given to your guild and return it 100 fold." Laxus explained, turning his head to Natsu.

I stared at Laxus in thought, he really had changed. The old Laxus would have downgraded us and tell us we could never dream of beating someone like Hades. I guess a life of exile really has taught Laxus something. He's played his part now it's our turn.

"Natsu, you heard him. Let's finish this." I ordered and my flames and lightning surrounded me.

"Yeah, hear ya loud and clear." Flames and lightning began surrounding around Natsu as well.

"Time for you to pay what you did to our friends and Gramps, Hades!" I sneered out through my clenched teeth.

"This is the Lightning Flame Dragon's 100 fold payback!" Natsu declared.

"I don't believe it, they became a Lightning Flame Dragon." Wendy said shocked.

"This is just like when they ate the Etherion at the Tower of Heaven." Erza compared.

Natsu and I let out a battle cry as we charged Hades with flames and lightning surrounding us.

Natsu punched Hades and sent him flying across the ground. I suddenly felt myself turn into lightning as I sped ahead to above Hades. My form manifested out of the lightning and I set my flame engulfed foot crashing down Hade's chest. After the fire hit him lightning suddenly sparked around him and zapped Hades.

"Vez can use the Lightning Body technique in that form!?" Erza exclaimed with wide eyes.

"After the fire hits the lightning follows up with an attack!" Gray mentioned.

"Amazing!" Lucy yelled with face filled with awe.

"How dare you attack our guild!" Natsu yelled and nailed Hades with another punch.

"A former guild master of Fairy Tail should know not to mess with us!" I yelled and punched the flying Hades into the ground.

"We're going to..!" Natsu yelled and charged up a Lightning Flame Dragon's Brilliant Flame. I used Lightning Body and quickly got out of the range of fire.

"Erase you!" Natsu yelled and launched the large lightning enhanced fireball at Hades.

Debris flew everywhere after the attack landed and smoke rose from the ground. I narrowed my eyes seeing Hades appear out of the smoke and sent chains at Natsu and I. The chains bounded mine and Natsu's hands together.

"Haha, I've bound both of your arms!" Hades bragged.

"Like these chains are strong enough for a dragon!" I yelled.

Both Natsu and I snapped the chains off like they were toothpicks.

"What!?" Hades yelled out of shock.

Natsu and I leaned back as we started to collect the lightning enhanced flames into our mouths.

"Lightning Flames Dragon's..!" We both chanted out.

"Roar!" The two large roars combined into one gigantic one and it tore up the ground as it made its path towards Hades.

Fire and lightning danced all over the room and harsh winds from the magic power blew hard enough to knock the others from the spots on the floor.

After the attack faded away, Natsu and I were standing but we were dead tired. Our magic power was completely gone and we were struggling to catch our breath.

The ship was pretty much destroyed from that last attack and Hades could be seen from the rubble. It looked like he was down for the count.

"We...did it…!" Natsu claimed and started to fall backwards. At the same time I landed on my knees and fell in front of me with a smile on my face.

"Natsu!" I heard Lucy yell and she ran past me. Probably to catch Natsu who almost fell over the ledge of the crater that the attack created.

"Thanks for saving me. I'm completely out of magic power now." I heard Natsu say weakly.

"No kidding, I'm completely drained too." I added.

"At least it's finally over." Gray said relieved.

"Yeah." Wendy agreed nodding.

"You're quite some amazing youngsters." My eyes widen hearing Hades voice.

"No way..!" I muttered under my breath.

"That damn Makarov. He raised some incredible brats. I don't know how many decades it's been since I've taken this much damage. It would be simple to finish things off as they are right now, but I want to thank you properly for entertaining me." Hades stated as he stood back up.

"But how?! We hit him with a ton of Dragon Slayer Magic! He shouldn't even be able to stand let alone talk!" I gritted out and tried to get up but my body wouldn't respond and I just fell back onto the ground.

"The devil's eye...awaken!" Hades declared as he took off his eyepatch and opened his eye.

"I'm going to show you something quite remarkable." I suddenly felt a huge increase in Hades power that made me feel sick to my stomach.

"The abyss of magic! This domain of magic is far beyond any of your wildest imaginations!" Hades declared.

"No way!" Gray yelled out.

"This can't be!" Wendy added, shivering in fear.

"I've never felt this kind of magic power before!" Erza declared in shock.

"It's still increasing!" Lucy yelled frantically.

"What kind of monster is he?!" I grunted out, glaring at Hades.

"This is your end, Fairy Tail!" Hades declared.

Natsu and I once again tried to stand up but quickly landed back on the ground.

"Natsu, Vez!" Lucy cried out with tears in her eyes.

"Dang it!" Natsu yelled, punching the ground.

"Looks like neither of us have the strength to even move." I commented from my spot of lying on the ground.

How can we even beat this guy if we can't even move!?

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