Dragon Slayer Firebolt

Daybreak on Tenrou Island

Natsu and I continued to struggle to try and get up while our friends were shaking with fear from Hades power.

"Natsu, Vez, please get up!" Lucy begged.

"We're trying Luce, but our bodies won't listen…!" I grunted out in a weak voice.

"To walk the path of magic is to sink into the deepest levels of darkness. Beyond the depths, shining in the deep abyss is "Magic of One." Hades began.

"Just a little more and I will reach the "Magic of One"! But that is the deepest stretch of my path. The great world of magic fills that depth, the world Zeref inhabits. Tonight, with Zeref's awakening, the world will change. Soon I will obtain the "Magic of One!" Hades declared and looked like a mad man as he said it.

"Magic of One? Zeref!? This guy is crazy." I muttered out weakly.

"You brats cannot pass into the great world of magic. You lack the resolve to step into the abyssal deep!" Hades declared and magic started to surround him.

"What's he doing!?" Gray exclaimed.

"From the chapter four. Scripture twelve of the Book of Zeref. Hidden magic...the Punishers of Heaven: Nemesis!" Once Hades activated the spell the earth shook and weird demons rose from the rubble.

"He's creating demons from the rubble!?" Gray yelled in shock.

"N-no." Wendy whimpered out of fear.

"With the magic power of the abyss I can summon demons from even the lowliest of rocks. They are at once the dancing children of demons, and judges of heaven. This is hidden magic." I could tell Wendy, Gray, Lucy, and Erza were shaking from fear but Natsu and I weren't. Then again Natsu and I both faced Gildarts during our trials and knowing Gildarts he taught Natsu the same lesson he taught me about fear.

If my friends were terrified then it's up to me and Natsu to snap them out of it. To tell them it's okay to have fear but we need all of us to stand up to this guy and face our fear.

"It looks like…" I turned my attention to Natsu as he spoke, "I've got a friend right beside me after all." Natsu began.

"Fear isn't "evil" it only allows us to learn our own weaknesses." I let out a smirk, this was definitely the lecture I got from Gildarts all those years ago.

"He's right, we learn from our weaknesses and grow stronger from it." I added, and I slowly began to get up on my feet.

"We learned our own weakness right now. So what do we do next?" Natsu asked and stood up himself.

"Grow stronger! Face them head on!" Natsu and I chanted together.

"It's only when we're alone that it might be too frightening to bear but we're all here together. We've got our friends right here!" I yelled out with determination forming on my face.

"There's nothing to fear! We're not alone!" Natsu yelled at the top of his lungs.

"A delightfully empty set of words but even that ends now." I glared at Hades and slowly the others began to stand back up.

"Let's roll!" Natsu yelled and all of us charged forward.

"What can you accomplish with such miniscule power? Dance, demons of rubble and stone!" Hades then sent all the demons to attack us.

Gray, Erza and me dodged every one of them but sadly behind us Natsu tripped. Lucy and Wendy were quick to react though. They grabbed Natsu and launched him towards us.

Gray and Erza stopped while I kept going. They both used their feet to match up to Natsu's and send him flying forward. Just when Natsu reached me, I jumped and grabbed both his hands. I flipped in the air and launched Natsu to Hades after getting out of the flip.

"Send everything to the bottom of darkness! It's time for the sun to sink, Fairy Tail!" Hades declared.

Once Natsu hit Hades a huge explosion hit and I was sent flying through the air. Once the smoke cleared it showed the entire ceiling of the ship was gone. I could see Natsu's scarf floating in the air and ahead of us we could see Natsu landed the hit.

"Natsu, get him!" I yelled clenching my eyes and yelling at the top of my lungs as I was still airborne.

"Impossible! The dark magic had no effect!? This can't be!" Hades yelled before he got suckered punch by Natsu once more.

I neared the ground as Natsu continued to pummel Hades with his fists. I waited for the hard impact but instead I felt somebody's arms catch me. It was definitely a man's arms so I thought it was Gray but that couldn't be right, I flew past him a while ago.

I opened my eyes and I held back a gasp seeing it was Laxus who caught me.

"Laxus? You're awake but how?" I asked stunned.

"It takes a lot more than one spell to take me down." Laxus commented with a smirk.

"Jerk, you had me worry for nothing." I scoffed and rolled my eyes.

Laxus let out a chuckle then that's when I felt my magic power start to flow through me again.

"Whoa, what's up with your emblem?" Laxus asked as he set me down on the ground.

I looked down at my arm and my emblem was glowing red.

"No way…" I muttered and looked towards Tenrou Island and the tree was back!

"Tenrou tree…! It's back to normal but how!?" I asked shocked.

"Don't look at me, I don't have a clue. That tree was history last time I checked." Laxus stated bluntly.

"So that's why my magic power returned! The tree is back to normal and now every Fairy Tail member has their power once again!" I tested it out by lighting my hand on fire and I smirked seeing some lightning come with it.

"Nice, looks like I still have some Lightning Flame Dragon in me still." I commented.

"You're welcome." My smirk dropped and I gave a blank stare to the smirking Laxus.

"Don't you have some redeeming to do?" I asked with a tick mark appearing on my forehead.

"You just can't admit that I gave you a power boost." Laxus mocked and turned around and headed over to Hades to help Natsu.

My eyebrow twitched and a growl erupted from my throat. He really knew how to get under my skin!

Laxus reached Hades and hit him hard before he had a chance to go after Natsu, "Let's go, Fairy Tail!" Laxus yelled out.

"Open, Gate of the Goat: Capricorn!" Lucy chanted out. Capricorn appeared in a golden light and smacked Hades towards Wendy.

"Sky Dragon's Wing Attack!" The blades of air hit Hades and sent him Gray's way.

"Ice-Make: Ice Bringer!" Gray sliced Hades with both ice blades.

"Pentagram Sword!" Erza yelled out as she slashed Hades in her Heaven's Wheel Armor.

"Dragon Slayer Secret Art! Crimson Lotus: Exploding Lightning Blade!" Natsu yelled out as the large attack of fire and lightning hit Hades full force.

"Guys move out of the way!" I yelled as a large red magic circle formed under my feet.

They did as told and got out of the way and let me have a clear view of Hades.

"Dragon Slayer Secret Art! Crimson Lotus: Lightning Phoenix Blade!" I shot off in the air and headed towards Hades. The fire and lightning formed into an arrow tip and I smacked right into Hades and sent us high in the air.

The attack ended and now both Hades and I were free falling through the air. A smirk formed on my face seeing Hades' blank look and not even moving.

"Vez!" I bent my head backwards hearing Tyrus' voice. I sent him to go find Happy, Carla, and Lily after I had him drop me off at the ship. I guess they finished their part.

I let out a grin seeing Tyrus flying through the air to make to me before I landed.

"Tyrus, nice timing buddy!" I yelled out with my grin getting bigger.

Tyrus swooped down and grabbed the back of my vest. Tyrus flapped his wings to gain more speed and dove down to meet the others as Hades smashed into the ground with a loud crash.

"Alright we did it! We beat Hades!" I cheered loudly in the air with Tyrus still holding me up.

"This is our guild!" Natsu yelled out to the sky at the top of his lungs.

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