Tainted White Rose

The Perfect Curry

The amazing smell of the spices made me smile; these herbs and spices were the perfect ingredients for the curry. Thanks to Lau, we could actually win this competition.

“Wow I can’t believe all of these ingredients are for Curry!” Finny exclaimed while he was holding the heavy bags of ingredients in his arms.

“They are all the things I have seen in my country!” Soma said in joy holding the herbs in his hands.

Sebastian took a hand full and brought it to his nose, “It smells wonderful, they are premium spices!”

Sebastian approached Soma and I.

“Only you know the taste of Agni’s godly curry,” Sebastian said, “Could you please give me some advice regarding the taste?”

“Yes, you will be of great help!” I said as I put my hand on Soma’s shoulder.

“But does a British man like you know how to use these spices?” Soma asked.

“That is why I am here,” I assured, “my sister taught me some curry before she died, I will guide him”

Soma smiled, “That is good”

“Please wait for me to finish” Sebastian put his hand on his chest and smiled.

“Let’s do this!” I said putting my fist in the air being fully determined. Sebastian and I went to the kitchen right away as soon as all the ingredients arrived in the kitchen. Sebastian took off his coat and rolled up his sleeved while I pulled my hair in a high ponytail and rolled my sleeves and unbuttoned the neck buttons a bit.

“Shall we?” Sebastian asked as he raised an eyebrow. I nodded in reply and took out all the needed ingredients. Chicken, Yogurt, Coriander, Curry powder, garlic, ginger and more...

“What are we making?” Sebastian asked.

“Chicken curry” I replied back, Sebastian nodded and he prepared the chicken and chopped all of the herbs, onions and tomatoes in fine pieces. I put all the things in the pot and in two hours we made our chicken curry. Sebastian put the chicken curry on a small plate for me to taste, I took a small spoonful and put it to my mouth.

“The smell is amazing but the flavour is a totally different thing” I sighed.

“So we need to make something with the similar aroma but with different taste” Sebastian noted. I nodded in reply.

“But we have to make several curries for Soma to taste” I said.

“We should get to work then” Sebastian said. I made several combinations of spices and put them each in different plates. Sebastian took them and made each of the groups into curry.


“Yes princess?” Sebastian replied.

“You want to help me with this last one?” I asked, he smiled and walked towards me. Instead of standing beside me he stood behind me leaning in closer to my neck, I shuddered. His hands rested on the edge of the table beside mine.

“Why don’t you take some of the spices in front of you, while I take the spices which are a bit farther from you” Sebastian whispered in my ear. I gulped slowly and nodded. We kept on smelling and tasting some of the spices together to make the perfect combination. After a while we finally made the group.

“Done!” I excitedly said as I took the plate and turned to face him. I just noticed we were now very close and face to face.

“Ah, princess you have some on your nose” Sebastian grinned, “your hands are occupied, let me take care of it”

He moved in closer and I closed my eyes shut, I was very nervous..... Too nervous, I could feel my knees buckling. Sebastian’s cold but smooth lips kissed the tip of my nose, I blushed.

“Now it is done Princess” He whispered. I was still speechless not knowing what to say.

“You should make the last pot of the curry” I said softly looking away feeling the heat in my cheeks getting hotter and hotter by the second.

“Of course” he chuckled as he brushed his hand through my hair and left to make the last pot. Why does he always do that to me, I sighed. After 4 hours of continuous cooking we made around eighteen pots of different curries. We then put them in the dining table for him to taste.

“Soma we are done!” I called. His eyes widened as soon as he ran into the room.

“Y-you made this all together in four hours!” Soma said in surprise.

“Yup!” Sebastian and I smiled. Sebastian then put some curry in each plate for him to taste.

“Please taste them!” I pleaded while putting the plates in front of him.

“Here I go!” Soma said as he stuffed his face with the curry. All the plates that Soma tasted didn’t meet his expectations, but the last one was only left, the one Sebastian and I combined together.

“This is the last one” Sebastian said placing the curry in front of him. I folded my hands together to hope that this curry would be very successful.

“This curry is different from before!” Soma exclaimed.

“Prince Soma how is it?” Sebastian asked.

“This curry is very close to Agni’s!” Soma said, “However something is missing..... something is not right..”

“But what is that something?” I asked as I leaned against the table.

“I can’t even explain it really....” Soma said as he though really hard, his forehead had multiple creases, “It need to have deeper taste”

Soma’s eyes widened, “Substance! It needs more substance!”

“Hmmm..... but what could it be” I said fidgeting in my place.

“How’s it going you two?” Ciel asked surprising Sebastian and me. Ciel and Lau walked toward the table seeing our progress

“Young master!” All of us cried.

“You shouldn’t come down here right now” Sebastian said as Ciel took a taste of curry on his finger.

“There are three days left until the contest,” Ciel smirked, “It looks like you two are researching very hard”

Ciel and Lau were about to exit the room until he turned around.

“Oh by the way, I want Gateau Chocolat for today’s desert” Ciel requested.

“As you wish” Sebastian bowed as he left the room with a smirk on his face. I sighed, I will leave Sebastian to make Ciel’s cake on his own, and when he is done I will come back and help.

. . .

I walked in the kitchen with Soma, Finny, Mey-rin and Baldroy on the floor tired of stuffing their stomachs with food. In a corner I could see Tanaka just enjoying his curry I softly smiled. I noticed Sebastian was still thinking hard about what the secret ingredient may be, I walked toward him.

“How is it going?” I asked leaning on the kitchen counter.

“Not to good, I still couldn’t figure it out,” Sebastian said still being in thought. I noticed the saucepan with chocolate and walked over to it; I dipped my finger into it and brought it to my lips. My eyes widened.

“Wow this chocolate is amazing, it is very fresh and favourable” I commented as I turned around to see his eyes widened, I cocked my head to the side and wondered what had happened.

“The missing ingredient, is chocolate” Sebastian said moving closer towards me, I took my finger from my mouth and noticed there was some chocolate left, he quickly grabbed my hand and put to his mouth, I was stunned.

“This is perfect,” Sebastian said taking out my finger from his mouth. However he didn’t soften his grip on my hands. Instead he turned my hand over to reveal my palm and my wrist, he moved in closer, his lips were only a bit away from my wrist, my heart was beating faster and I bet Sebastian could feel it. His eyes flashed demonic pink when his lips brushed against my skin.

“You smell better than chocolate,” he whispered, he made me stunned. He backed away and his eyes turned back to the same maroon colour.

“Well, let’s finish our curry” Sebastian said as he took out his hand for me to take. I breathed in slowly and smiled.

“Yes, let’s finish” I said softly

. . . .

“You made the curry of god?” Soma asked in surprise while Ciel just smirked in the background, “In one night!?”

“Please try it, I think this will be a success” I pleaded as I put the plate of curry in front of him. Soma nodded and took a small piece of curry into his mouth, his eyes widened and a smile was brought to his lips. It was a success.

“This curry has a touch of British identity in it!” Soma exclaimed still being in his daze, “This curry is not the copy of it, but it has something more!”

“Does it please you?” Sebastian asked. Soma nodded.

“This curry had everything of India and everything of Britain, but how did you two finish in one night!?” Soma asked curiously, still amazed with the taste of our perfect curry. Sebastian and I just smiled.

“This is amazing, and this curry is more than worthy to compete with Agni’s” Soma praised.

“Well you wouldn’t believe the secret ingredient” I said as I put my hands on my hips, “show it to them Sebastian”

Sebastian reached inside his coat and took out the Funtom Company’s signature chocolate bar.

“This is the answer,” Sebastian said as he waved the chocolate in his hand.

“Choclate!?” Everyone gasped in surprise.

“Well young master requested yesterday, and lady Ciela told me how delicious the chocolate was, so they both helped me out” Sebastian replied as he looked at both Ciel and I.

“However,” Soma added, “This only cannot win the contest, you need to improvise,”

“I see,” Sebastian continued, “I will leave things the way they are”

“It seems you have something up your sleeve, butler” Lau said as he folded his hands together. I cocked an eyebrow wondering what he had planned, I didn’t even know.

“No lie?” Ciel asked raising his spoon.

“Of course not,” Sebastian grinned, “I never tell lies”

“Our company will definitely be the one to bring the Royal Warrant home” Sebastian said proudly. I smiled, he was always confident in what he did.

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