Tainted White Rose

The competition

The sun was shining brightly through the glass windows, the warmth welcomed me and that brought a smile to my lips. It was a very long time since I have been here, the last time was with my sister and my parents, I was very young.

“Wow!” Finny exclaimed as he pointed to the elephant before him. His eyes glittered like a child’s, he was very cute. I walked beside Sebastian, who was beside Ciel.

“Hey Earl, Hey Countess,” Lau called, we turned our heads and he was sitting on a stone bench with Ran Mao in his arms.

“You even brought one of your girls even though you would be in front of clients?” Ciel asked as he sighed.

“C’mon Earl, she is my little sister, but not by blood though,” Lau poked her baby cheeks, “Plus I heard they are feeding us curry so I brought her along to give her a small treat!”

Ciel ignored him and walked away, Sebastian and I followed. Lau ran towards us and walked beside us,

“So the prince’s butler is actually serious?” Lay asked as a playful smirk travelled along his lips.

“Well, if West’s plan succeeds, then he would get the Warrant and supposedly return Agni and Meena, but I think that is a total lie,” I said.

“Hey if it were me I would kill em!” Lau exclaimed.

“That is a little harsh don’t you think?” Ciel asked. From the corner of my eye I could see Lord West coming towards us and greeting us.

“Oh my! If it isn’t Earl Phantomhive, and the lovely Countess Blue!” West exclaimed taking his top hat off.

“I haven’t seen you both since last year’s social event!” West said, “It is an honour to meet you two again!”

“It is an honour as well,” I said trying to be as polite as possible.

“Earl, isn’t your group competing in this contest?” West asked.

“Yeah, I am considering expanding my business into the food industry” Ciel replied.

“My company cannot lose! I have hired a curry specialist!” West stated proudly, not knowing who that chef may be.

“Is that so? Then I shall look forward to his cooking” I said making him surprised.

“What do you mean?” West asked.

“I am one of the judges for the contest” I smirked, “I must leave now, I have to go to my meeting room”

I left the group and made my way to my destination,

“Good luck” I whispered only loud enough for a demon to hear, I could feel him smirk behind my back.

“Thank you” he whispered back, I smiled softly and continued to go to the meeting room.

. . . .

The Host of the show stood on stage with a big smile on his face.

“We have now come to the highlight of this amazing exhibition!” he shouted, “With participants from famous curry houses throughout London, and let the competition begin!”

The crowd cheered and clapped they were anxious who the participants were.

“Now today’s judges are...” The announcer gestured toward the table we were seated, “Chef Highharm, the palace chef! Mr. Carter a tax collector who is currently serving in India, Viscount Druitt, who has a great love of the arts and food!...”

All the ladies in the crowd were gasping, blushing and complementing how handsome he was, but they don’t know how perverted he was. I could see that Ciel’s jaw dropped in shock.... I wonder why....

“And finally, Countess Blue who is London’s best pianist and food critic!” the announcer finished and the crowd applauded, I could hear whispers of compliments for my beauty and gasps of how young I was. The announcer then introduced the contestants.

“Here are our contestants!” the announcer cheered, “Persian Tabb company’s chef Tarpin, Dahlia company’s Chef Rickman, Lippcilin company’s Chef Wollest, Harold West company’s Chef Agni, and the butler Sebastian from the Funtom Company!”

“Eh? A butler?” the announcer gaped.

“Yes, I am not a chef,” Sebastian smiled, “I am a butler to the core”

I giggled under my breath, this was definitely going to be an interesting competition.

“Anyways, we have presented to you the contestants!” the announcer shouted, “With a group like them I am sure their food will taste amazing! Now let the Contest begin!”

As soon as the timer started, the contestants cooked as quickly as they could, trying to make it as delicious as possible, I leaned back into my chair a bit. I was sadly sitting beside the perverted Viscount who had an eye on me this whole time.

“My my, you are such a beautiful jewel,” Viscount said smoothly, “I have seen you before, but I can’t put my finger on it”

“We might have but I guess both of us have forgotten” I said trying not to make anymore conversations with this overly dramatic womanizer.

“Wow look at that!” A man cried pointing at Agni. He was working hard to make a delicious Curry; he even revealed his right hand of god to everyone. I saw West smirking in the corner; he thinks he got the Royal Warrant in his hands, think again.

“What an amazing smell!” one woman commented.

“Hey look over there!” another man shouted as he pointed at Sebastian. Sebastian put all the ingredients together in the pot, our eyes met and he kept cooking without breaking our gaze, I blushed. I realized Ciel noticed Sebastian and I making eye contact, Ciel must have been feeling suspicious right now. I smiled softly, we will see who brings home the Warrant, and I know that my fiancé will..... Wait a sec.... did I just say that again?!...... Urg I am not letting my mind take over again.

“How gross!” One man shouted.

“What is he thinking?” A woman shouted. I looked over at Sebastian and I saw him break off some dark chocolate, I could see Agni’s eyes widen. He knew what chocolate would do to the curry, make it taste even better. Agni took out a lobster from the basket, a blue one. Viscount’s eyes grew wider in surprise.

“The royal blue lobster! It is a type of Blue lobster only found in clear waters off the coast of Brittany, France!” Viscount continued, “This colour compares to the beautiful body which a beautiful lady wearing a Blue evening dress! It’s like from that night when I saw her...”

Viscount dazed off while resting his head in his palm. Oh don’t tell me he was remembering me from the queen’s ball...... Just perfect. Soon the time was up and it was time for the judges to taste the curry.

“Times Up! Now it is time for them to taste!” The announcer called, “First up is Persian Tabb company’s Beef curry!”

A small plate with beef curry was put before us, it was not bad but I don’t smell any fragrance. The royal chef took a taste and his head shook in disappointment.

“The flavour is plain and ordinary with no fragrance, you used curry powder” The chef stated.

“Professional Chefs using curry powder is simply ridiculous!” Mr. Carter said. I could see the two chefs’ faces go dark. I took a spoonful of Dahlia Company’s curry.

“The spices are mixed very nicely in the curry” I smiled softly, “However; the spiciness overpowers the rest of the ingredients”

“Next we have Harold West company’s chef Agni!” the announcer shouted as Agni arrives to us holding his curry in his hand.

“This is Blue lobster and seven types of Curry” Agni said softly, he noticed me at the judges table and his eyes darkened. I took a spoonful and my eyes widened...... this was amazing! He was definitely the god of curry!

“Delicious! It is perfect!” The royal chef complimented.

“My goodness! This is all accomplished without even compromising the true taste of the lobster!” Mr. Carter said as his eyes widened in glee.

“Oh... Ah!!!” Viscount moaned, “It is like when I unexpectedly met a beautiful countess at a ball! With seven stones, wrapping their beauty around her breathtaking body! Her ebony black hair, her bright blue eyes, her baby soft skin and her beautiful red rose lips! Ahhh I can feel her with me right now!”

I shuddered, he was talking about me. I remember, at the queen’s ball after Ciel and I talked I went to get a glass of water and Viscount made his way to me. He took my hand and kissed it gently. He even offered to dance with me..... And that was the biggest regret of my life...... he kept on moving his hand down to my butt!

“This is simply the best curry!” Viscount praised, Agni bowed in thanks.

“My, this is one of the best I have tasted so far, I am simply astonished with how you put everything together” I smiled as I complimented him, he bowed again. Sebastian arrived with his curry in his hand, he pulled the cover and I gasped..... it was just white bread.

“What are you trying to pull!?” the chef shouted as he pointed at Sebastian.

“It is not done yet..” Sebastian said walking over to the deep fryer. He put the four buns in the fryer and brought it out. He then walked over us and put the plate before us.

“But where is the curry!?” the chef asked angrily.

“Wait a moment this is!” Viscount cut the bun, “The curry from inside!”

The crowd gasped and I did as well, Sebastian pulled something that I couldn’t even think of.

“Please have a taste,” Sebastian said bowing. The royal chef then cut a small piece and popped it into his mouth.

“This is delicious!” The chef exclaimed, “It explodes in the mouth! It is amazing!”

Viscount popped a small piece into his mouth and well...... he did it again....

“Ohhh.... Ahhh!” Viscount moaned, “I see that young girl at the ball that makes me want to love her tenderly, this mischievous mocking bird singing like a child in the daytime but shows her true colours at night”

Ciel shuddered; I wonder why...

“Fresh innovation and undoubted quality. This really is the Funtom Company’s special, revolutionary curry!” Viscount said as sparkles surrounded his face.

“I thank you for the praise” Sebastian bowed and looked over to me. I cut a small piece of the curry and put it into my mouth, my eyes widened.

“Oh.... my.... I could feel a special bond that has a taste of India and a taste of Great Britain in every bite,” I smiled softly as I remembered how Sebastian and I worked together to make the curry, “It is truly remarkable”

“I am very honoured” Sebastian bowed. The crowd cheered and I saw Soma, Finny, Mey- Rin and Baldroy hugging each other.

“Now is the time everyone is waiting for! Taste testing time!” Everyone please taste whichever curries you want!” The announcer cheered. Mean while the judges had to figure out a tough decision.

“I say the Funtom company, they opened a new generation of curry making” I said.

“I agree with the countess on this,” the Royal Chef nodded.

“I like the seven flavours,” Mr. Carter stated.

“I would pick the beautiful lady!” Viscount cheered. I shuddered; thank god he doesn’t remember me. After a long time of discussing and decision making the results were in.

“The winner is....” The announcer called, “It was a tie between the Harold West Company and Funtom Company!”

Everyone gasped. Suddenly the trophy from the announcer’s hand was taken away by a man with a whip.

“Please wait,” the man said...... wait wasn’t that John Brown?

“The victor is...” he was cut off by the horse stomping on his head, and the one who was riding that horse was none other than her majesty, Queen Victoria. Everyone gasped, Ciel and I ran towards her right away.

“Your majesty!” we both cried, “Why have you come here?”

Queen Victoria smiled at us and at everyone.

“Hello everyone!” She greeted.

“I am done talking,” John said still having the horse’s hoof on his head, “But it seems that the queen as something to say”

John helped her majesty off of her horse.

“This curry show was indeed exciting, and the fragrance permeating throughout the entire room reminds me of a time I had curry with Albert on White Island,” The queen spoke softly. Soon enough she was on the floor crying and calling his name.

“Oh, ALBEEEEEERRRRRTTTT!” her majesty wailed.

“I want to eat this curry with you also!” The queen cried.

“Your majesty, Prince Albert has always been by your side,” John whispered as he held the Albert doll to comfort her.

“I get to vote don’t I? I was invited to judge after all” The queen sniffed while wiping her tears with her hankerchief.

“Anyways, I have chosen,” her majesty spoke as she handed the trophy to Sebastian, “This is for you. It will go to Funtom Company’s butler, Sebastian”

I smiled and hugged Ciel very tight, he was trying to struggle out of my embrace to get some air.

“N-not in front of her majesty!” Ciel gasped, I dropped him down immediately, and he quickly fixed his clothes.

“Wait! Why?” Harold asked frantically, “How can the curry we made, loose to a doughnut stuffed with curry!?”

The queen pointed to the crowd and you could see how children were eating messily with the curry Agni made and how clean and happy the children were when they ate the curry doughnut.

“You see, Funtom’s curry doesn’t need any utensils to be consumed by anyone, and I take that in account when everyone can eat regardless of age, status and gender,” she explained, “This is essential since Britain is entering a new century where soon our children will be our future”

“In other words, The Funtom Company is the champion!” The queen announced. The crowd went wild and they cheered. As soon as we got off stage I was still beside her majesty.

We walked toward Agni and the queen gave a warm smile.

“Agni, your curry’s flavour did not lose” she continued, “It was also a curry I would love to enjoy at the white tower”

“I am not worthy of such words,” Agni said sadly.

“Agni, please don’t say that” I pleaded, “You are a good man, I know it from my heart” I smiled at him. Agni’s eyes widened at something and I turned around quickly, there was a beautiful Indian lady running toward Howard West and I could see Soma’s surprised expression. That girl was Meena; I scowled a bit as I realized something, she didn’t get kidnapped but ran away with him, my guess all for the money.

“My dear is something wrong?” the queen asked with a worried expression on her face.

“Oh, my apologies I was just dazing off,” I replied with a smile. She smiled back in reply.

“Ah, excuse me for a minute your majesty” I bowed as I ran off towards Soma and Agni.

“Agni, will you still be my butler? Despite all the trouble I have given you?” Soma asked with a soft smile on his face.

“Jo Ajha!” Agni cried holding Soma’s hand. I bent down to Agni’s level and wiped Agni’s tears.

“Wasn’t I right? You are always at home” I said softly as I kissed his forehead, “You are a very faithful and loyal butler who loves his master very much, never lose that”

“I will keep that in my heart always” Agni replied as he smiled. I smiled back and returned to Ciel’s side.

“My little boy,” The queen said as she addressed Ciel, I was giggling under my breath and I felt bad that Ciel noticed.

“Your majesty, I’ve humbly asked you to stop referring to me that way...” Ciel pleaded as his face turned red in embarrassment.

“Is that so?” the queen asked.

“Ciel it isn’t that bad trust me..” I whispered back.

“Ah, my dear little girl~” Her majesty called. I blushed in embarrassment..... I glared at Ciel.... I told him his wasn’t that bad.

“Ahem,” Ciel cleared his throat, “Your majesty why did you come all the way out today?”

He gripped his top hat nervously, “Someone like me shouldn’t be around your majesty very often”

“But when I heard your company was competing I had to come, besides you only send letters and never come to visit me,” Her majesty said patting his head with her right hand and patting me with her left.

“I want to see how you two are getting along, and from the results both of you are doing great” She smiled, “You both do your jobs very seriously at very young ages just like your parents”

Our eyes darkened at bit but we stayed strong.

“I must be leaving soon” She said as John helped her up onto her horse, “Have fun playing my little ones!”

We both sighed as we waved good-bye, but John was still here.

“Umm... John aren’t you supposed to leave with her?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” John ran off, “YOUR MAJESTY PLEASE WAIT!!!”

“She’s the same as always” Ciel sighed.

“I guess so” I added.

“Ciela! Ciel!” Soma cried we turned to face him, he smiled.

“Thank you for winning!” Soma said as he bowed in gratitude.

“Ciel, Ciela, if I never came to England I would have never learn about being a stronger person,” Soma continued, “I would have been the same spoiled brat that I was before”

“I’ll become someone great who won’t lose to anyone!” he said with his eyes gleaming in determination.

“I am sure you will, Soma” I smiled. I walked towards him and ruffled his hair.

“You have grown a lot in just a few days, and I will see you become a greater man” I leaned in closer to kiss his cheek. I could feel him blushing madly, Ciel was stunned and Agni smiled.

“My, My what a touching scene” Sebastian spoke surprising us. We turned around and Finny was hugging Sebastian tight.

“Congrats you won!” Finny said as Sebastian gave him the trophy to hold for a while.

“Sir Sebastian,” Agni bowed, Sebastian walked toward him and lifted him up.

“Please stand up, there is no need for that” he said as he gave him a hand.

“At first, I regretted coming to England with my master, but now we have both learned a lot from you all and I must thank you” Agni said still keeping his head down. From the corner of my eye I could see Soma hugging Ciel tightly and I laughed, they made some new friends, some very good friends. We were all ready to go and we were walking out the door, I noticed Sebastian looking back and smirking at me.

“Come here princess,” Sebastian whispered only loud enough for me to hear, I nodded and walked to his side. He gently took my hand and walked me to a higher step, I was confused why he made me stand here but then the whole group awed.

“Woah..... Lady Ciela you are glowing!” Finny exclaimed.

“I-I am?” I asked still not knowing what the big deal was. The sun set and its colours hit my jewellery and painted my creamish dress into different shades of pink, red and orange.

“Agni,” Sebastian said coming closer to me, “I am not the only person who you should thank, but this beautiful young countess right here”

Sebastian smirked as he took my hand and kissed it, I blushed furiously and Ciel’s jaw dropped. Everyone was shocked.

“Thank you, my lady without you I couldn’t have made the perfect curry” Sebastian thanked as he got up to look into my eyes.

“No, Thank you” I said as I moved in closer to give him a gentle kiss on the cheek, his skin was cold but somewhat warming. Everyone was stunned and Ciel’s jaw was wider than before. I broke away and Sebastian smirked.

“You’re welcome” he replied. Soma suddenly embraced Ciel into a tight hug and started wailing his heart out.

“It is good we came here, we made great friends” Agni smiled walking toward us.

“Friends? That is the first time anyone said that to me” Sebastian said. Ciel managed to get out of Soma’s embrace and noticed two envelopes in his pocket with the queen’s seal.

“When did this get here?” Ciel asked while giving me the second envelope.

“Ah, her servant put it there!” Sebastian pointed out. We quickly opened the envelope and we noticed two pairs of tickets.

“Tickets? For a circus?” I asked.

“Maybe it’s a Christmas present for a little girl and little boy,” Sebastian teased while grinning at us.

“We are going to kill you” Ciel and I said glaring at Sebastian.

Soon enough we were on our way back to Ciel’s townhouse, and I could feel Sebastian’s eyes staring at me the whole time we were going back.

“Maybe next time it should be on the lips,” Sebastian whispered only loud enough for me to hear, he teased me.

“Ha, in your dreams,” I whispered back.

“I don’t dream my lady, I wait for that day and maybe a bit something more,” Sebastian smirked.

“S-hut up!” I replied while my cheeks became crimson red. He was such a perverted demon.

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