Tainted White Rose


We arrived at a broken down house which had a huge sign written “Undertaker”.

“It has been a long time since I have been here,” I said.

“You know this place?” Ciel asked while Sebastian held the door open for us.

“Obviously, everyone knows him” I replied. We entered the dark room which was filled with coffins and the horrible smell of corpses waiting to be beautified.

“Are you here?” Ciel called. From the shadows there was snickers and scraping.

“Long time no see Undertaker,” I said while crossing my arms.

“Ah..... It has been a very long time princess” Undertaker croaked as came out of the shadows with a skull in his hand, he was petting it like a pet, “well please have a seat, I just baked a cake”

Ciel and I sat on a black coffin while Sebastian prepared the documents.

“In the surface world, corpses of missing children have not been found” Sebastian explained.

“Hmmm.....Children corpses, in the underworld there are plenty of them” Undertaker said biting the piece of his dog bone cookie.

“We brought documents, are there any children you have “tidied up”?” Sebastian asked placing the documents on his dusty desk. Undertaker looked through the files and smirked.

“I wonder where they are?” Undertaker flashed a look at Ciel, I sighed.

“Undertaker,” I got up from the coffin and walked toward him and leaned against his desk, he looked rather amused, “If you don’t tell us then well simply I will drown you”

“Eh?” Undertaker was shocked. I put out my hand and the blue aura and water surrounded my palm.

“I will make sure this will go down your throat and into your lungs, and then you won’t be able to beautify my body when I die,” I threatened, Undertaker shivered.

“Never mind I will do it for free this time,” Undertaker said backing up a bit, he smiled “I want to stay alive just to beautify your corpse” I nodded in approval and walked back to my seat, Sebastian smirked and Ciel was surprised. Now that is how you get people to do stuff for you.

“And?” Ciel said trying to get the answer from him.

“There aren’t any” Undertaker smirked. I face palmed, great I promised him that I would give him my body to “beautify” when I die, just great. Ciel and Sebastian gaped at him in surprise.

“Plus I haven’t heard anything from the underworld companies” Undertaker shrugged, “But it will give you a clue that the underworld is not part of the mission you two are involved in”

“Contact me if any information comes up, Undertaker” Ciel sighed and we all left.

. . . .

There was hustling and bustling everywhere, laughing children, fun music and the list goes on.

“Noah’s Ark Circus” I read the big sign before us.

“Is this it?” Ciel asked.

“It seems like it by all appearances,” I said while continuing to walk through the crowd. We entered a huge striped tent and we found a seat on the top row, I sat beside Sebastian.

“Princess, you would go that far to give Undertaker your body instead of me?” Sebastian teased.

“Come on I was lying, do you actually think I would give my body to..... that creep?” I shuddered.

“Does that mean you are mine?” Sebastian smirked.

“Shut up you perv” I snapped back, and then soon enough the spotlight shone on a man in the middle of the ring.

“Ladies and gentlemen of all ages!” he announced, “welcome to the Noah’s Ark Circus!”

The crowd cheered in excitement.

“My name his Joker,” He introduced while juggling several balls while purposely dropping one on his head, “Whoops!”

Everyone laughed.

“The whole circus is jostling for a chance to give you a fun show!” Joker said gesturing to all the circus people.

“The show of the century begins!” Joker exclaimed. The show was pretty interesting since it was my first time here; honestly I kind of liked it.

“Nothing really special that would drive children in” Ciel said while observing the different acts.

“Indeed,” Sebastian said, “There is no sign of the rumored kidnapped children either”

“I don’t feel their presence at all” I added. Finally there was a last act and Sebastian oddly got up pretty fast.

“Eh, what is it? Did you find something?” Ciel asked. I looked closer at the ring and my eyes widened a tiger.... they are part of the cat family..... Oh yeah, Sebastian is obsessed with cats and me..... Joker then pointed to Sebastian.

“You there with the tailcoat, come on down you are our volunteer!” Joker exclaimed. Ciel and I were shocked, but this was a perfect opportunity to find anything suspicious.

“Go” Ciel ordered, Sebastian nodded and slowly walked down the stairs to the ring.

“Now sir, could you lie down over here?” Joker pointed to a small platform. Instead of following his orders, he went straight to the tiger. Ciel and I were shocked, our jaws dropped open.

“CRAP I FORGOT!” Ciel said, “Tigers are freaking cats!”

Ciel just faced palmed while I was literally laughing on the floor, Ciel was just mumbling how useless Sebastian was. The large tiger opened her mouth and bit Sebastian’s head, the crowd was screaming in shock. The animal tamer Beast, then was about to crack her whip until Sebastian got it. Ciel and I were still gaping at the sight. Soon enough the circus was over, we exited the tent with Sebastian behind us, we were glaring at him.

“Who said you could go that far!” Ciel shouted angrily.

“You know how much crap we would have been in?” I shouted.

“My apologies, I have lived for a very long time but only cats and that one thing can fickle my emotions” Sebastian replied happily. I swear I saw little flowers blooming in his aura, wow never thought he had that side to him.

“Aaaachoo,” Ciel sneezed, “You know I am allergic to cats!”

“Hey you there!” Joker called from behind. I pushed Ciel a little forward.

“Yes?” Sebastian replied.

“Why don’t I bring you to the doctor in the back to make sure you are okay from Betty’s bite” Joker said. Sebastian smirked to us and we both nodded. We then parted

“Let’s go to the carriage until Sebastian gets back,” I whispered, both of us walked back until Sebastian arrived.

. . . .

“Why did you sign me up for the circus?” Ciel asked.

“Well it would be a good opportunity to investigate some more” Sebastian said as he took Ciel’s shoes off.

“Sebastian’s right” I added trying to cheer Ciel up.

“It’s not the circus but an entrance exam” Sebastian clarified.

“It won’t be that bad besides I am going to participate too” I said.

“Very well,” Ciel sighed still unsure for tomorrow.

“Don’t worry young master, both Lady Ciela and I will be rooting for you from the bottom of our hearts” Sebastian said as we left the room.

. . . .

~ Next Day ~

Wow, you brought a really cute kid and a really pretty girl” Joker said in amazement. I could hear the other tier members whisper about the both of us.

“Um.... I was a pageboy at the manor” Ciel said.

“I was a maid there, you see we’re siblings!” I exclaimed as I cutely hugged Ciel.

“Awwww” The members awed.

“What are your names?” Joker asked still not convinced Ciel was a boy.

“My name is Finnian,” Ciel replied calmly.

“My name is Lila!” I replied still not letting go of Ciel.

“You two have very nice names,” Joker complimented, “If you two join then we’ll give you a stage name”

“You see looks alone can’t join the circus but talent is needed!” Joker explained.

“So what is your strength” Joker asked Ciel.

“Umm... Darts?” Ciel replied unsure of his action.

“How about you?” Joker asked facing me.

“I am very good at tightrope” I replied with a cheery smile.

“Lets have Finnian go first,” Joker patted Ciel’s shoulder, “Dagger give him a knife”

The young boy handed Ciel the knife, I could feel him gulp and fidget nervously. Joker then pointed to a far target. There is no way Ciel could make it that far. I scooted near Sebastian.

“Sebastian there is no way he can throw that far, just look at his skinny arms!” I whispered.

“Don’t worry my princess, I will help him out,” Sebastian assured, I sighed.

“Hey, you want to try out for tight rope right?” A tier member asked, I nodded in reply.

“Why don’t you get warmed up and practice a few rounds so you can be good when Joker watches?” She asked.

“Thanks that would help a lot,” I replied as she tugged my arm and we ran into the circus tent. I climbed up the tower and there it was the long rope which was straight across to the other side.

“Breath, you will be okay” The girl assured. I nodded and started my first step on the rope. I was wobbly at first but I was okay, I remember doing balance stuff like this when I was younger, my sister made me do this kind of training and I have to thank her for it. When I reached the midway I stopped, I then carefully bent over and did a small cartwheel on the rope.

“Whoa she has talent!” Joker exclaimed from the bottom, I didn’t even realize they were there. Maybe I should do some more tricks on this rope, I smirked. I got my hands and gripped the rope tightly, the water formed around my hands and I made the liquid as clear as possible so they wouldn’t notice. While I was doing a handstand I carefully walked with my hands and flipped to get back on my feet.

“I haven’t seen anyone do that!” The girl exclaimed. Finally I made it to the other side and I waved from the top of the tower. I slowly climbed down the ladder and ran towards everyone.

“You two are pretty talented!” Joker complemented.

“But, the boy hasn’t done something real important!” Joker said pointing at Ciel.

“Wha?” Ciel was confused.

“A big ol SMILE!!!!” Joker exclaimed. Sebastian and I went to a corner and we laughed like crazy. I swear when Ciel smiled the whole tent sparkled, it was very cute.

“Congrats you three, you made it!” Joker exclaimed patting each of us on the.

“Now go change into the costumes we have prepared for you three!” Joker said handing each of us a costume. He pushed me into another tent while he pushed Ciel and Sebastian to another tent.

. . . .

“Are you done changing!?” Joker shouted. From the creak of the tent I could see Ciel wearing a frilly dark blue shirt with a black vest and dark blue shorts with black tights. He topped it off with a small cute pirate hat. Sebastian was wearing the same clothes except adding the hat.

“Eh? Where is Lila? Still not ready?” Joker asked.

“Y-ya I am ready..... just a little embarrassed” I shouted back from my tent.

“Come on out don’t be shy!” Joker encouraged.

“O..okay...” I said softly. I opened the curtain and I saw all three of them blushing wildly.

“Oh my.... The costume fits you the best!” Joker complemented. I looked down at my costume and blushed. My dress was a light pink, frilly dress which was about mid thigh high it also had a train which was down to the floor. The dress had some black lacing and showed my shoulders. I wore one black and one pink thigh high hosiery and a pink garter on my right leg, finishing with ballet shoes. To finish it off I had a little black and pink top hat with a rose on it.

“Well come this way and I will introduce you to all the tier members,” he gestured while expecting us to follow him. I walked beside Sebastian and his eyes trailed up and down my body.

“You look..... Astonishing princess.... this is perfect for any special occasion when we are alone....” Sebastian whispered only loud enough for me to hear.

“Stop making me embarrassed” I whispered back. From behind I could still see Ciel’s face stay red. Poor kid, he had to see such a sight.

“Gather everyone! We have some new friends!” Joker announced and all the tier members circled around us.

“Say hello to Black” Joker said gesturing to Sebastian.

“Nice to meet you!” Sebastian smiled.

“Our little boy, Smile!” Joker continued. Ciel was stunned.

“And our little new princess, Rose!” Joker exclaimed.

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