Tainted White Rose

Under the stars

“Now I’ll take you on a quick tour of the backstage area” Joker exclaimed, “follow me”

Joker seemed like a very nice person and no one would suspect him as a kidnapper, but it’s fun to play along. Joker showed us where we stay for the night, which Ciel shuddered when he saw the inside. He showed us where we eat, first aid tent and so on. He even showed us the most central part, the first tier member’s tent.

“Oh for your information, try not to go to snake’s tent, there are a lot of poisonous snakes there” Joker warned as he pointed at his tent. We stared at each other and at that moment we knew we had to check the first tier members’ tent to find information. Joker was about to continue until he noticed Ciel’s eye patch.

“What happened to your right eye, Smile?” Joker asked with a worried expression on his face.

“Ah, this.... there was an accident” Ciel explained while touching his eye patch.

“Is that so?” Joker placed his bony hand on his cheek, “So young but you’ve been through a lot”

Ciel’s eyes softened a bit and Sebastian and I noticed.

“Ah, see that is why we joined this circus, because we wanted to feel like a family again!” I exclaimed trying to lighten up the mood.

“Yes and everybody here’s been through something so you three will get along just fine with everyone!” Joker smiled as he patted Ciel’s shoulder.

“Did everyone join the tour like we did?” Sebastian asked curiously. Joker turned around,

“Ya for most of us, especially the first tier members,” Joker continued, “We are all from the same hometown and we’re all childhood friends”

“First tier huh” I said.

“Yup you get fancier stuff than you two when you are a second tier after all you get your own private tent!” Joker exclaimed. Joker then finally showed us the practice tent.

“New people here practice to make their debut in a real public performance!” Joker said showing all the people doing their unique acts.

“Hmm... Joker... do you have a balance beam?” I asked while putting my hands on my hips.

“Yes we do, but no one does an act on it why?” Joker replied, curious of what I wanted it for.

“Can I use it to practice? I can do really good tricks on it!” I said excitedly jumping up and down.

“Sure, anything for a princess, I’ll ask someone to get it out for you!” Joker said, “You three should warm up now!”

“Joker!” Beast called while angrily glaring at Sebastian. I bet he did something very perverted to annoy her..... that has happened to me so many times. I started to warm up by doing the splits, Ciel’s jaw dropped while Sebastian smirked, I just noticed that my dress was hiked up even higher.

“Anyways, instead of guard dogs protecting the first tier member tents there are snakes” I said while I was staying in my splits position. Ciel got down on the floor with his legs spread wide and Sebastian pushing on his back.

“But, to check it out you have to be a first tier member then we can find the missing children,” Ciel said while grunting in pain since his leg muscles were pretty stiff.

“But, there aren’t any children, I didn’t sense anything” Sebastian said while smirking at me in amusement. Sebastian walked towards me and held out his hand, I took it and he helped me up. He then bent down a bit and patted his shoulder, I rolled my eyes. I put my ankle on his shoulder and he got up a bit, this was stretching my legs.

“The problem is we don’t have any evidence to know where the missing children are or even here” I said while glaring at Sebastian.

“Plus, Sebastian hasn’t even searched thoroughly yet” Ciel said while stretching his thin arms. I was done stretching my legs and then I flipped back into bridge. Ciel was astonished of how flexible I was.

“That is true,” Sebastian was helping Ciel stretch his back, “There is always a possibility their current condition is such that I am unable to sense their presences”

“Rose, they set up the balance beam for you so you can go on ahead” Joker waved as she shouted from a distance.

“Ya sure, thanks a lot!” I shouted back as Sebastian held my back and slowly lifted me up, we were face to face and I blushed madly, while Sebastian grinned. He was leaning closer until I got out of his embrace and ran towards Joker.

“Rose, why your face so red?” Joker asked.

“Oh it’s nothing!” I said as I walked toward the balance beam. I walked up the stairs and I noticed that the beam was pretty high, that is how I liked it. I walked on the beam and did several flips, some members noticed and they stopped to see my tricks. I did more flips, handstands and cartwheels. From the distance I could see Ciel’s jaw drop while Sebastian experimented with all the methods. I noticed he was giving me a couple of glances; I blushed every time his eyes landed on me.

“Wow you are very talented and promising!” Dagger complemented. I quickly flipped off the beam and landed safely on the ground to face him.

“Thank you!” I replied, Dagger blushed.

“Looks like your friend, Black is really good at everything!” he said, “I won’t lose to him!”

We both walked back to Ciel and Sebastian. He pointed to the tight ropers and one of them looked very familiar.

“There is even another member who joined, he is really good!” Dagger pointed to the man above, my eyes widened..... his aura.... he is a grim reaper.

“Hey come down for a sec Suit!” Dagger called as he waved his hand. Suit or the grim reaper looked down at us like little ants and he scrunched his nose.

“I thought I sensed an unpleasant aura,” he glared at Sebastian, “so it was you”

His death scythe zoomed toward the gap between Ciel and I, Sebastian grabbed my arm and I fell towards his chest, he held me close as he glared at the grim reaper.

“Honestly,” he jumped down and pointed his death scythe toward Sebastian’s neck, “What did you come around to fish around for this time you devilish fiend!”

Sebastian held me tighter as I gulped; this was bad he would reveal Sebastian’s true identity. The reaper looked towards me and his eyes widened, he backed up a bit and instead bowed before me. Everyone around us was staring at us weirdly.

“Ah, I have been so rude princess” he apologized as he readjusted his glasses.

“N-no don’t worry, I forgive you,” I stuttered, “Please rise”

“Why is such a divine creature in the hands of that?” he pointed at Sebastian with hate in his eyes. It made sense, reapers hate having their jobs stolen away by hungry soul feasting animals.

“Give it up Suit!” Dagger said flicking his forehead, “you are such a serious person when you’re saying really funny jokes!”

He rubbed his forehead.

“Anyways, the tall one is Black, the short one is Smile and this little princess over here is Rose,” Dagger introduced, “I hope you guys get along!”

“I won’t get along with him!” he walked off.

If a grim reaper is here, then there is something really going on in this circus, I could feel it.

“Sebastian, Ciela can you try getting some info out of him?” Ciel asked. Sebastian and I nodded. We walked toward the reaper who was about to climb the ladder.

“I have nothing to say to you” the reaper said.

“Do you really refuse a princess?” I asked, this made him turn around, “please come with us we just want to talk with you outside and nothing else”

Sebastian then grabbed his arm and dragged him outside; I sat on a wooden crate.

“First of all, tell me your real name” I ordered.

“It is William T Spears” Will replied. I nodded and gestured Sebastian to say what he needed to say.

“Why is someone as busy as you in this place?” Sebastian asked.

“I have to clean up some trash of an officer who’s still undergoing punishment” Will continued, “So I had to solve it because of him”

“Surprising for a grim reaper to sneak in on an investigation,” Sebastian mocked, “for what?”

“There is no way I would release that information related to souls to a demon,” Will adjusted his glasses, “I would be throwing a rabbit in front of a Carnivore”

“Ya, but you are also in front of a water guardian,” I said as I crossed my arms, “you know what we do if we don’t get what we need”

Will shuddered but Sebastian smirked; “besides I have no interest in poor quality souls, even if I am very hungry”

“Well said for a starving demon” Will complemented.

“You see the hunger is not a problem when you determine how delicious the dinner is” Sebastian said proudly. At that moment I shuddered and the picture of my sister dead in front of me flashed into my head.

“You have no worry, he is collared to a master so he can’t” I assured Will.

“Basically in a few days there will be an inspection of a large quantity of souls,” Will continued, “this is a very important case so please refrain from getting in my way”

“My, my how difficult to handle, but this large quantity of souls,” Sebastian teased while raising an eyebrow, “Shall a demon like me offer you assistance with them?”

In that moment Will snapped and he was about to hit Sebastian with his death scythe until I quickly made a water whip and stopped the scythe by inches from Sebastian’s face. Sebastian’s eyes flashed demonic pink.

“If you interfere, I will reap you,” Will gritted his teeth.

“Control yourself, both of you!” I said glaring at both of them.

“Yo!” Ciel called, “That noisy knife thrower is calling”

“Will, I warn you now, if you make the three of us suspicious, you will regret it” I threatened as water and blue aura surrounded me for a quick second. I hopped onto my feet and walked past Ciel.

“Let’s go already!” I shouted as I walked away. As I was walking away I could feel a tense aura surrounding the three.

. . . .

“Thanks for waiting!” Joker exclaimed waving the piece of paper in his hand, “Its time for the new arrival’s room assignments!”

I bit my lip nervously, I didn’t want to be with Will at all, and I wanted either Ciel or Sebastian.

“Well first up, Smile’s in tent eight with Freckles as your room mate!” Joker brought in a young boy with ginger hair and brown eyes, he had freckles on his nose. Ciel didn’t want this but he had to.

“Black’s in tent nine with Rose and Suit!” Joker shouted. I swear our mirrors in our heads shattered into small pieces, I was shocked utterly shocked. Sebastian and Will glared at each other, while I awkwardly stood in between them to make sure a fight wouldn’t occur.

“This is the worst!” Will’s face darkened.

“I would say the same!” Sebastian scowled.

“Come on you two, you have to get along even though it is utterly impossible,” I said. We walked in to our tents and I noticed it was rather small. There was a bunk bed.... and wait where was the other bed? Uh oh, don’t tell me I had to share a bed with one of them!!! Sebastian realized this and he smirked.

“Well we will have a pleasant night won’t we?” Sebastian whispered. I gulped, this couldn’t really be happening. Will drew a pretty deep line on the ground and he glared at Sebastian.

“Your bed is the upper bunk,” Will continued, “Behind this lies my private property and no one sets foot in it, other than princess,”

Sebastian nodded and climbed up to his bunk, while I exited to another tent to change into my night clothes. I changed into the clothes Sebastian gave me, and I just noticed I was wearing his shirt. The shirt was actually very big on me and was up to mid thigh, I wore my woolen black thigh high socks for easy comfort and warmth. I sighed and got back into my tent, Sebastian gestured me to join him up on his bunk. I climbed the ladder slowly until Sebastian pulled me into his arms. He hugged me tight around the waist and dug his face into my neck.

“S-Sebastian!” I scolded. Sebastian placed his finger on my lips and hushed me.

“Just wait till around midnight and we will sneak out” Sebastian whispered still keeping his finger on my lips, I nodded in reply. After two hours of snuggling with him we slowly got up, Will flashed his death scythe and it cut a few strands of my hair.

“Where are you going? It is long past lights-out time” Will glared at us.

“Will, Sebastian and I need to find something important, I will not bother you anymore if you let us go,” I said as water and blue aura surrounded me.

“V-very well” Will shuddered as he flopped his head back onto his pillow. Sebastian and I sighed, we carefully got down and went outside into the cold, dark night. I shivered a bit, but it didn’t bother me much.

“Here,” Sebastian took off his tailcoat and wrapped it around me, “This will keep you warm”

“Thank you,” I replied. He instantly carried me into his arms and jumped into the night, we landed on a cart and he placed me gently on the top of the cart.

“Finally, some peace and quiet” Sebastian said as he sat down beside me.

“Shouldn’t we do some investigation?” I asked.

“I don’t think we can do so much since we are apart from young master” he replied while looking into my eyes “besides I can spend some time with my princess”

“Uh.. ya..” I stuttered. For some reason I was somehow drawn to him, even though I hate him.

“Princess, May I ask you a question?” Sebastian asked.

“Ya sure, go ahead” I answered.

“Why do you resist?” Sebastian asked while looking at me.

“What do you mean?” I replied wondering what he meant.

“Every time you are near me, I can feel your tense aura when you’re with me” he said. My face went pale, it was true. However, I don’t hate him as if I wanted to kill him just I hate him for signing his fate with me, but sometimes I double think that.

“I-I” I bit my lip knowing I was going to regret it, “I don’t hate you, but I don’t like you for signing my fate to you”

I buried my face into my arms, “B-but I have grown to love you”

My face went really red and I was about to cry, I blamed myself for falling in love with a demon but at the same time I didn’t because he was different. Sebastian wasn’t those kinds of demons who just go on a killing spree and consume random souls. Sebastian itched in closer and lifted my head with his finger.

“Now, now Princess don’t cry,” he wiped my tears with his thumb, “it must be hard to fall in love with a demon when your sister was killed by one”

I nodded, then I looked up into the night sky and Sebastian did the same.

“It’s beautiful, there are so many stars” I awed. I loved stars at night especially how they glimmer and sparkle in the night. He pointed to a beautiful bright star and smiled.

“That star over there is as beautiful and bright as you,” Sebastian looked back into my eyes, and slowly he laid me down on the cold ceiling of the cart, Sebastian slowly made his way on top of me. I blushed like crazy and my heart was beating really fast, “That beautiful and bright star that I adore so much is right in front of me, and no one can compare”

Sebastian got his face closer to mine and his tainted but soft lips met mine, I didn’t hold back and returned his kiss. I could feel Sebastian smirk. We broke apart and I panted, it was a long kiss. Sebastian brushed his gloved hand on my cheek and smiled, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he helped me get up. As we stood on our feet, Sebastian leaned in closer and kissed me again but a little more roughly. I broke away and rested my head on his chest while he rested his chin on my head. His hand moved down to my lower left back where the mark was, it tingled a bit.

“Finally, you are mine,” Sebastian said softly while holding me bridal style in his muscular arms, “However, we should retire for the night you won’t have enough sleep for tomorrow”

“Ya, its best to since Will is watching us like a hawk” I said as Sebastian jumped off the cart. I rested my head against his chest as he carried me to the tent; I smiled softly a beautiful kiss under the stars.

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