Tainted White Rose


I hugged Ciel tight in my arms as lied down beside him on his bed; he shuffled in my arms to rest his head closer to my chest. Ciel was like a little brother to me and I want to protect him for as long as I could, he even called me “mother” before he collapsed. I closed my eyes in hope I will get some sleep, but that picture of Sebastian and Beast kept popping into my mind. My heart was aching, and was filled with pain. It was as if I was stabbed with many knives. I felt Sebastian’s aura enter the room, he put his hand on Ciel’s forehead, I cracked open one eye and Ciel did as well.

“Seb-astian?” Ciel whispered, while not moving away from my embrace.

“Good morning, your fever has lowered” Sebastian smiled.

“It seems to be, but he needs more rest” I said softly. Ciel slowly sat up and I did as well. I handed him a glass of water, and Ciel slowly sipped it.

“What happened to your gloves?” Ciel asked getting a bit worried that other people might notice.

“I got them a little dirty” Sebastian replied with a smile as if he had done nothing wrong.

“Did you carry my request?” Ciel asked while coughing a bit.

“Of course, and there is no need for the three of us to be here anymore, let’s go before they return from their meal” Sebastian suggested as he picked both Ciel and I in his arms.

“Sebastian, please put me down I prefer to run” I requested, Sebastian was a bit taken back but he let me go. We walked out of the tent, and we happened to pass by Will.

“We have finished our business here, so we’ll excuse ourselves now” Sebastian said as he patted Ciel’s back every time he coughed. I looked at Will with my sad eyes and at that moment he knew what happened with me.

“Be my guest, I couldn’t care less where you go with your master” Will glared at Sebastian. We jumped over the iron fence and ran into the woods.

. . . .

“Ciel, Ciela!” Soma shouted as soon as we entered the townhome, “Where did the hell did you three go for two days without tell us!”

“Soma, don’t worry we had some business to take care of” I said trying to calm him down. Soma gaped at me, and looked at my outfit.

“Please say you were not selling your...”

“NO!!!! I didn’t do that!” I interrupted, he thought I was disguising myself as a prostitute for a mission, god no.

“By the way,” Soma looked at Ciel with a worried expression, “What happened to you? You look horrible”

“It’s nothing, get out of the way” Ciel said sternly.

“He just has a bit of a cold, please don’t worry he is under my care” I assured the prince. All three of us walked up the stairs ignoring their calls; Sebastian carried Ciel into his room and softly placed him on the bed. I sat beside him and checked his fever. Ciel was panting, and his head was warm, I helped him take of his scarf. Sebastian prepared a big bowl with hot water and wet a towel.

“Why didn’t young master tell me, he had asthma?” Sebastian asked.

“You never asked, so I never told you,” Ciel replied, “besides it’s healed already”

“Doesn’t matter Ciel it is best to know in all kinds of situation, especially when you have an asthma attack” I scolded.

“She is right” Sebastian added. Sebastian walked over to the sick Ciel and helped him up his feet, he began to unbutton his shirt, and I turned around to face the window.

“More importantly what were the findings on the Heraldry College of Arms?” Ciel asked.

“Ah he is Baron Gelwin” Sebastian answered.

“Gelwin?” I asked, “I think I might have seen him before.... I don’t remember though...”

“Anyways just the name is enough” Ciel said, “Let’s go”

“Eh?” I turned around, “You are not even recovered yet!”

“It doesn’t matter I am okay” Ciel coughed.

“Ya, you coughing like that means you are okay, do you even have any sense how vulnerable you are to another asthma attack?” I tried to persuade Ciel to stay, “Just please for the day, maybe if you’re better tomorrow we can go but please give yourself a break!”

At that moment Soma and Agni barged in, “she is right!”

“You guys were eavesdropping?!” Ciel asked in astonishment.

“Of course, friends have to take desperate measures to make sure that they are okay, and in this case you’re not” Soma argued.

“Mr. Sebastian, our duty as a butler is not only to grant our master’s wishes but to make sure they are in the best health possible!” Agni reminded.

“Certainly, you have a point in thinking that too” Sebastian answered. Instantly Soma grabbed him and a smile spread across his face.

“Now that is decided the patient will sleep!” Soma exclaimed.

“I’ll nurse him personally” I said as I put my hands on my hips.

“Agni prepare the herb bath and rice porridge, Ciel’s butler can get the ice pillow and his night clothes” Soma chimed in.

“Dang it!” Ciel cursed. Sebastian changed him into his night clothes and tucked him in to bed, we all smiled in approval, well except Ciel of course.

I walked toward Ciel and put my hand on his forehead, I smiled.

“We will do everything tomorrow okay?” I said as I gave him a kiss on his nose, Ciel blushed as he closed his eyes to fall into a deep slumber.

. . . .

A knock was made at the door, “Come in”

Sebastian entered the room with a towel hung on his arm, “Princess, the bath is ready for you”

“Thank you, but Ciel...”

“Don’t worry the bathroom is attached to this room so you will still be here” Sebastian assured. I nodded slowly still not wanting to talk to him, we both walked into the bathroom.

“I can bathe myself you know” I said as I glared at him.

“Yes, but its perfect for us to be alone since young master is asleep and the two are downstairs, besides young master ordered me to take care of you at all costs” Sebastian smirked. I clenched my fists, he hurt me and now he wants to play, I turned around and slapped his face, Sebastian’s eyes widened in shock. He touched his right cheek with his hand.

“You betrayed me!” I shouted while clenching my fists, “I was a fool to fall in love with you!”


“Shut up!” I cut him off, “I know it was for Ciel’s purposes but you didn’t have to seduce another woman when you took my first kiss away the night before!”

I backed off, “Will was right I should have never trusted you in the first place, all you want from me is my power, body and soul!”

Sebastian walked up to me and bent down on one knee, my eyes began to water, I hated him so much right now.......but I still loved him........That is why I hated love sometimes, it made you feel like you’re on top of the world and then it sometimes makes you feel you want to be alone in a dark room with no one around you.

“Princess, if I had a choice I wouldn’t have done it in the first place, that reaper wouldn’t let me go” Sebastian said softly, “I didn’t even sleep with her though”

“But, you went inside the tent with her” I said.

“Ya just to make her go in and spit out the information,” Sebastian continued, “honestly I wish it was you”

His eyes were full of sadness, and he wanted me to forgive him, I sighed, I knew demons do this all the time just to get away but I felt that he was telling the truth.

“Fine, I forgive you” I said softly, Sebastian smiled and leaned in closer to kiss me, water and blue aura instantly surrounded my fist and I hit him really hard in the face which made him fly across the bathroom.

“Now, I forgive you” I smiled and I could see Sebastian groan in pain, that is what the perverted demon gets for sleeping with another woman!

I got up and walked behind the changing doors, I got out of my circus dress and wrapped myself in a towel and came out, Sebastian was standing near the bathtub, he gestured me to get in and I slowly got in with the towel still wrapped around me. The warm water relaxed my tense muscles and I rested my head against the edge of the tub.

“How is the water?” Sebastian asked as he slipped of his gloves.

“It’s nice and warm” I replied.

“Does it still hurt?” I asked as I closed my eyes, being fully satisfied with my action.

“Yes it does” Sebastian said as he rubbed the shampoo together and started to massage my hair.

“Good,” I replied with a smirk, “because you deserve it”

Sebastian chuckled, I lifted my hand and I made a sphere of water that rested against my palm.

“You don’t plan to hit me with it do you?” Sebastian asked while rinsing my hair.

“No, I wasn’t but it’s not a bad idea though” I replied.

“Well let’s say you will regret it” Sebastian smirked, I had a feeling something perverted was going to happen..... Nah..... he won’t do it, I will just use my barrier if anything does. In that instant I threw it at his face, I giggled. He wiped his face with his arm and he smirked at me.

“You asked for it” Sebastian’s eyes flashed demonic pink and at that moment I instantly froze..... Uh Oh..... I quickly backed away and rested my back against the other side of the tub; the invisible barrier surrounded me quickly.

“S-Sebastian, you know I was playing around r-right?” I stuttered feeling a bit scared. Sebastian walked closer not keeping his eyes away from me, I gulped.

“Hmm is that so?” Sebastian leaned closer towards me and cocked his head, “Well, if that is the case then isn’t it fair for me to play around too?”

He brushed his gloved hand on my cheek, my eyes widened. How the heck did he go through my barrier that’s impossible utterly IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

“By the way, we are “engaged” so your barrier doesn’t work on me,” Sebastian grinned while pulling off his gloves, “You can’t run now”

Sebastian instantly picked me up from the bath tub and pinned me to the wall, the towel was still covering my body, Thank god. He kissed me roughly on the lips, and his hands started to travel up my thigh.

“Sebastian,” I gasped, “St-”

He kept interrupting me with his tainted lips, he wouldn’t even let me breath! He lips started traveling down my neck, I tried to push him away but he was too strong. This frecking half marking was stopping me from protecting myself! Dang it, if it weren’t for that I would have made him regret for doing this to me.

“I could just make you fully mine right now” Sebastian whispered in my ear, I shuddered and my eyes widened, he couldn’t right now since I had to fulfill a water guardian’s “prophecy”.

“Y-you can’t,” I gasped, “It’s against the rules...... now at least”

“What?” Sebastian asked while he stopped at my collar bones, I swallowed hard.

“Water guardians must give birth to a child of pure virgin birth, so in other words I can’t be fully marked by you for now” I explained.

“I see,” Sebastian slowly put me on my feet but he still pinned me to the wall, his demonic eyes turned back to dark red.

“I will wait, no matter how long it will take to make you fully mine” Sebastian whispered as he sealed it with a kiss, I smiled.

“Mr. Sebastian!” Agni entered the bathroom with a shocked expression on his face. Sebastian and I were stunned, we had no idea what to do now, this was bad..... very bad.

“Mr. Sebastian what are you doing with Lady Ciela!” Agni shouted as he pointed to Sebastian who was still pinning me to the wall, we both gulped.

“You see..... I was hurt during an investigation and I didn’t want Sebastian to see it and Sebastian is trying to see how bad it was so he could treat it even though I don’t need it” I said, as I flashed a look at Sebastian, he loosened my grip and I got out of his embrace.

“I see, if that is the case then you should let him see your injury, it’s not good to keep it untreated,” Agni scolded, “its okay, I will ask Mr. Sebastian after he is done treating your injury”

Agni left the bathroom closing the door behind him, I sighed in relief.

“That was close” I sighed as Sebastian wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Do you think he fell for it?” I asked quietly.

“I am pretty sure he did, plus you were actually hurt and I was just making you feel better” Sebastian replied with a smirk.

“Ya, by molesting me,” I said, “Anyways, I should get dressed before anything else comes up”

“Of course Princess, I will help you with that” Sebastian bowed before smirking again.

“WHAT!?” I replied. What is with this demon!?

. . . .

~ Next Day ~

I quietly and gently sat on the edge of Ciel’s bed while Soma collapsed on the bottom of his bed, I gently put my bare hand on his forehead, I sighed in relief.

“His breathing sounds are normal and it seems that the coughing and wheezing has decreased immensely, his fever has gone down a bit and his colour is slowly coming back” I whispered.

“It’s a relief isn’t it” Agni smiled and Sebastian as well.

“Yes, but the more sleep he gets the better,” I brushed my hand against his soft cheek, “We should leave him undisturbed”

Agni carried Soma on his back and we all left the room, we walked along the hallway.

“Mr. Sebastian,” Agni called, “I am sorry for walking in when you were treating Lady Ciela and for yelling at you so loudly yesterday”

“Not at all,” Sebastian replied calmly, “we all make little mistakes and your point was good guidance”

Agni excused himself and went inside Soma’s room to tuck him into bed.

“Sebastian,” I called.

“Yes princess?” Sebastian replied.

“Do you mind if I make Ciel’s dinner today?” I asked.

“But, princess that is a butler’s job to do not-”

“I know, but Ciel is like a brother to me, please” I begged.

“Fine, but who do you love more, me or him?” Sebastian asked, he was teasing me and I knew it. I walked up towards him and kissed him on the lips, he grinned.

“Does that answer your question?” I blushed.

“Yes, indeed” Sebastian replied as we both walked to the kitchen.

. . . . .

Ciel shuffled in his bed, he cracked open his eye. He noticed it was dark outside and instantly sat up.

“What time is it!?” Ciel shouted, not knowing that I was sitting beside him.

“Ciel, its 7:14 pm” I replied softly trying to calm him down. He looked at me and he relaxed a bit, I held put my hand on top of his.

“Young master, it seems you have woken up” Sebastian said while lighting up the candles on the cart of food which was Ciel’s dinner.

“Why didn’t you two wake me up?” Ciel asked while Sebastian put Ciel’s coat around his shoulder.

“We decided that it was best you had some sleep since you’re sick,” Sebastian replied, “I should always put my Master’s health first”

“He is right” I reminded Ciel, he just crossed his arms.

“Today’s dinner is chicken soup with milk risotto with three kinds of mushrooms,” Sebastian announced while pulling the cart closer to the bed, “The dessert is crème brûlée”

I took the bowl of chicken soup and stirred it while I was blowing the steam so it would cool down a bit, Sebastian took the milk risotto and took a spoonful and brought it towards Ciel’s mouth.

“Say Ahhhhh” Sebastian requested.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!!!?” Ciel shouted, I am guessing this was grossing him out since his demon butler was fawning over him. This was pretty hilarious.

“Does fawning not please you?” Sebastian asked.

“OF COURSE NOT IT DISGUSTS ME!!!!” Ciel shouted in reply. I took the spoonful of soup and brought it to his mouth; I had my hand under it so it wouldn’t spill on the sheets.

“Would you eat it if I did it?” I asked sweetly, Ciel hesitated a bit but he gave in and accepted the spoon of soup, I smiled.

“Do you like it?” I asked again putting another spoonful to his mouth.

“Yes, it tastes good” Ciel replied while blushing a bit.

“What a relief, I was worried you wouldn’t like it” I said as I kept feeding him.

“You made it? Didn’t Sebastian stop you?” Ciel asked.

“He tried to not let me but, I eventually pushed him to,” I replied, “besides this recipe is great when you’re sick it makes you get better very quickly”

“My, my it seems that young master adores Lady Ciela quite a bit” Sebastian teased, “She has been nursing you all this time”

“Shut up” Ciel ordered as he was still eating from my hand, I giggled. After his meal was done, Sebastian started changing him and I turned around.

“Young master, I got a telephone call from Tanaka,” Sebastian said while buttoning his vest, “it seems that Lady Elizabeth is at the manor”

“What? Why?” Ciel asked. Sebastian gestured me to turn around and I did.

“It seems that Lady Elizabeth doesn’t want to go home until she sees you” Sebastian said while putting on Ciel’s coat.

“Jeez,” Ciel sighed, “You’ve researched Baron Gelwin’s house right?”

“Yes, it is about one day by coach or railroad” Sebastian replied giving Ciel the hat.

“But with Sebastian it’s in one hour or less” I said.

“Very well, let’s end this quickly” Ciel said. We headed out the townhouse and were about to go on our way until a familiar song was sung by a bird, I stopped Ciel and Sebastian for a moment.

“What happened?” Ciel asked.

“There is a message for me” I replied while I answered the bird back by singing its tune. A beautiful blue bird flew to me and rested on my raised hand. I brought the bird close and petted its head,

“Show your true form” I ordered. The bird flew to the ground and a blue aura surrounded the bird and grew taller, it turned to a woman with long blue hair and beautiful blue eyes which were paler than mine, I smiled it was my maid.

“Bluebird, I am surprised you found me,” I said, “What is the reason you called me?”

“My lady I got the message from others, it seems that the members of the Noah’s ark circus are going to attack the Phantomhive manor which is why I am here to report to you” Bluebird bowed.

“I guess that found out about our true identities” I said turning to face Ciel.

“I know my servants can fight them, but since Lizzie is there can you go there and protect the manor?” Ciel asked.

“No need to ask,” I replied as I bent down and kissed his head, “you be careful okay?”

“My lady, don’t worry that is why I’m here” Sebastian assured.

“I know” I replied as I glanced at Sebastian.

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