Tainted White Rose


I stood on the roof of the Phantomhive manor, I was standing on the tallest tower to ensure that I welcome them when the group comes in; I wore my usual fighting outfit with a dark blue cape for warmth. My tied hair fluttered in the night as the wind blew, I waited for them.

~ A while back ~

I knocked the door; Tanaka opened the door and greeted me with his smile.

“Lady Ciela, what brings you here at this hour?” Tanaka asked.

“I got a message from my maid that we will be having some unwanted guests soon, and Ciel sent me to protect it,” I continued, “Will you please tell the others to arm themselves?”

“Of course my lady, I shall” Tanaka said as he bowed his head.

~ Now ~

The five circus members started their way up the manor, they looked up at me with surprised eyes.

“You came after all,” I shouted as I looked down at them, “This will be fun won’t it”

“Rose!? Why are you here? How did you know we were coming?!” Dagger shouted as everyone got ready to fight, Beast was ready to take out her whip.

“Don’t call my name with such familiarity, You’re talking to a countess” I replied back as water and blue aura surrounded my figure, “It was nice to get to know you guys though, I did have some fun”

I lifted my arms as a big sphere formed, it then bursted to have an invisible blanket covering the manor, it was a barrier to ensure they wouldn’t enter the manor, but I could attack from inside. I put my arms in a position as if I was shooting with a bow and arrow and the aura formed to make an actual one, I pulled the string back to have three arrows shot at once, I aimed and fired. The five dodged the arrows, instantly as the arrows hit the ground, they began to merge into three white tigers with blue eyes.

“We need to split up!” Wendy shouted. The group nodded and split up, Beast and Dagger was together while the twins were together and the Jumbo was alone. As they ran off through the forest, the tigers split up and followed them. I first followed Jumbo who ran towards the garden. I quickly ran across the roof and jumped to land on the top of the fountain, the tiger was following him as I got ready to take out my sword from its sheath. Jumbo instantly turned around to face my tiger and punched the animal really hard, which made it burst.

“I would let it come up again, but since you’re fighting me I will let it be” I said as I jumped off the fountain, Jumbo turned around and lunged at me with full speed.

“How hasty” I said while I ducked his attack, blue aura surrounded my fist as I punched him really hard in the stomach, his body went flying which made his head hit the stone fence pretty hard, he groaned.

“How I hate horrible things like this” I sighed while putting the tip of the sword on his neck.

“Bro, sis please get away! This mansion is strange!” Jumbo shouted his last words before I silenced him forever. Peter’s and Wendy’s aura was nearby and I could tell they were gaping at Jumbo’s lifeless and bloody body.

“I can’t believe this!” Peter gasped in shock. I turned around and their wires grazed my right cheek, it was bleeding a bit. The twins both lunged at me, I dodged their attacks as I made a water whip, I managed to cut Wendy’s arm and Peter’s right leg.

“How dare you kill our brother!” Wendy screamed as she threw her wire at me, I dodged it and slept behind her, I whistled and the white tiger appeared and grabbed her small body in his mouth.

“Sister Windy!” Peter screamed while Peter aimed the wire at the tiger, my water whip grabbed the tip of the wire and pulled it toward me, Peter was pulled towards me which soon enough entered my sword, and he coughed blood and wheezed.

“Farewell small one” I said as I took out his sword from his body, I laid Peter’s body on the ground as the tiger dropped Wendy’s lifeless body beside his. The white tiger walked toward me and nuzzled against my hand.

“Let’s go find the last two” I said while I jumped on the tiger’s back. We circled the manor to find the last two guests and I found them fighting with my last tiger. I got off the white tiger and it dispersed into water, I hid behind the bush to have a closer look. Beast kept whipping it, and Dagger kept throwing knives at it but the Tiger wouldn’t die.

“What is with this tiger?” Dagger exclaimed as he still tried to throw knives at it but would just pass through it, “nothing can kill it!”

“I know, this is the freakiest thing I have ever seen!” Beast replied.

“We should retreat when we have the chance!” Beast insisted while she was still fighting the tiger.

I crouched beside the bush and prepared my bow and arrow, I had inserted one and aimed it at Beast. I pulled the string back and was ready to aim that same woman who “slept” with Sebastian. As I let go of the string, Dagger noticed me and jumped in front of Beast, the arrow pierced his heart. Beast looked back and her eyes widened in shock, Dagger fell on his knees and collapsed on the ground. The tiger behind her dispersed and Beast ran to him with tears in her eyes.

“Dagger you idiot!” she shouted while holding his body.

“Goo...d....safe,” dagger coughed, “Big sis..... Run..... To.... sempai...”

“I had..... Wanted to take......Big sis.... over..... The hill....” dagger whispered as he closed his teary eyes, those were his last words to her.

“DAGGER!!!!” she screamed as the black arrow disappeared and his bloody wound remained.

“No...” Beast began to cry.

“He won’t come back no matter how hard you try,” I said as I walked towards her with my sword in hand, “no matter how much you love or protect that person, you can never protect them when the time comes”

She whipped her head around and screamed at me, “I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!”

She whipped her whip at me and I blocked it with an ice wall, I quickly slashed the ice pieces and kicked them at her, she grabbed them with her whip and flew it back at me. I dodged each and every one of them and kicked her hard in the gut, her body went flying but gained her composure quickly.

“You’re a fast one” I complemented as I lunged towards her.

“Tch....you’re not bad as well” Beast replied as she lunged towards me. We kept fighting with each other, she whipped me and I cut her, an eye for an eye. After several minutes, she had cuts all over her while I had cuts and burns which ripped my stockings and parts of my dress. She even ripped the lower back part of my dress which revealed my half marking. I was standing strong while she was hurt and fatigued, from her eyes I could see the hate and rage which was aimed toward me.

“I despise you the most,” I growled as blue aura and water surrounded me.

“heh, same to you, you killed all my brothers and sisters” Beast glared at me with her dark red eyes.

“I hate you for sleeping with my fiancé,” I glared as I walked toward her, “even though it’s not your fault for him to take advantage of you but still”

“Wow, you were engaged to him? Well I see why he didn’t touch you” Beast shot back having a grin on her face.

“Never thought you had that side to you,” I said while I raised my hand, my palm was facing her face and blue aura swirled around with the water around my arm. Her eyes widened in shock as she kneeled there in fatigue.

“Good-Bye Beast, thanks for being my rival” I whispered.

“Jo...” Beast whispered as the blue aura and water engulfed us in a sphere, I closed my eyes and remembered my sister smiling at me and how that demon took her life away. The same way he took her life away, I will take his life away as well.


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