Tainted White Rose


The sun’s rays made me smile as I lay on my soft, cushy bed. How nice it feels to be back home and in your own big bed! I could hear a similar little ball of fur running towards me and jumped on my bed to greet me. I cracked open my eye and my little puppy, Tim was on my bed with his tail wagging happily.

“Good morning buddy” I said as I scratched behind his ear, I noticed he had a dark blue ribbon in his mouth; I raised a brow in confusion. I sat up and took the ribbon from his mouth and wrapped it around my hand, where did he get this? At that moment Bluebird came in with a cart of tea.

“Good morning my lady, and Happy Birthday” Bluebird greeted as she poured the hot tea into the white china cup, “I prepared you Earl Grey this morning”

She walked towards me and handed me the teacup, I sipped it and smiled, it was pure bliss. She handed me the newspaper and on the headlines it wrote Diamond tragedy, South Africa Steiger Roze dies! I sighed when I noticed the headline; I bet something will come up from the queen.

“My lady, there is a package for you,” Bluebird announced while bringing in the black box, “It’s from the Phantomhive household”

“Phantomhive household?” I was astonished, why had they sent me a package?

Bluebird placed the package on my lap and I slowly lifted the cover to reveal a bouquet of white roses and a letter, this was getting really weird. I opened the letter and read it out loud,

“The Phantomhive household would like to wish our noble and beautiful Lady, Countess Ciela Blue a happy and healthy Birthday. Another package will be sent later tonight, please expect its arrival, yours truly Earl Phantomhive” I read while slipping the paper back in its envelope. I was getting very confused, what were they trying to pull?

“Well, it seems they have another surprise in store for you” Bluebird said while returning to the cart, “Would you like to wear “that” dress today since it is a special occasion”

“Yes please,” I requested, “Please put this bouquet in a vase would you?”

Bluebird nodded and left the room, I was still fondling Tim in my arms. I looked out my window it was pretty sunny, perfect for my Birthday but it wasn't the same without my sister.

. . . .

“We don’t have anything planned today and I cancelled all your classes with the tutors,” Bluebird read out my schedule while zipping up the back of my dress, “there are many bouquets of flowers from many aristocratic families and a big present from the Middford family, shall I put it in the music room?”

“Yes, please do” I replied, Bluebird stepped back and I looked at myself into the mirror, a small smile curved my lips. It was a short sleeved turquoise and white dress which was to the ground, the turquoise parts were beautifully embroidered with beautiful designs while the white parts of the dress was mainly a pleated skirt, finished off with a beautiful and long silky turquoise ribbon which was tied at the waist.

“You look beautiful my lady” Bluebird complemented as she circled around me to check if everything was perfect and it was. I smiled as I fiddled with the blue sapphire ring on my finger. As soon as Bluebird left to put all the gifts in the music room, I walked around my garden giving my little German shepherd some exercise, I looked towards the big fountain in the middle. I remembered how my sister and I would play around that area and how she wore this dress on her birthday. I was slowly walking up the steps of the back garden until I heard a big noise from my mansion, Tim instantly ran towards the mansion barking and I followed.

“Bluebird what happened!?” I shouted as I entered through the backdoor. I saw Bluebird on the ground with a sword in each hand, she had blocked the two men’s attack, and I sighed. They always brought some ruckus every time they entered my mansion, not really Phipps but mainly Earl Grey.

“Grey, Phipps what brings you here?” I asked while I was glaring at Grey for almost damaging my furniture.

“We have a letter for you from her majesty and some gifts,” Earl Grey said while snapping his fingers and holding the queen’s letter in his fingers “Also a birthday gift from her majesty and us, Phipps”

In an instant Phipps took out a gigantic bouquet basket of assorted flowers, he handed it to Bluebird.

“This is from us,” Phipps said while handing me a big box with a card, “and this is from her majesty”

I took the wrapped gift and gave it to Bluebird to put in my room. Earl Grey handed me the queen’s letter and explained me the details.

“The Queen wishes for you and Earl Phantomhive to work together and host a banquet to entertain a specific guest who is coming to England in two weeks. The banquet will be hosted at Earl Phantomhive’s manor”

“I see, have you told the Earl yet?” I asked while quickly reading the letter.

“Yes, and he accepts it since the Queen isn’t exactly happy with the results you two got from the last mission” Grey replied, I sighed it was true though, Ciel had burned the whole mansion down and burned the children inside, he even planned not to tell me but he eventually did.

“I will be seeing you in two weeks time, oh and by the way you don’t have a fiancé right?” Grey asked.

“No, I have not had any engagement requests why?” I asked in curiosity.

“Oh, no it’s nothing I was just curious since you’re now seventeen years old and have no suitor, that is all” Earl Grey replied while heading out the door.

“We will take our leave” Phipps said while following behind Earl Grey. As soon as they left, I checked on Bluebird if she had any wounds from that idiotic Earl, to pounce right in and attack my maid, he really had some guts.

“Why do you think Earl Grey asked you if you were engaged or not?” Bluebird asked while dusting off the dust on her dress.

“I am not sure.......” I replied while walking up the main stairs to my favourite room in the whole mansion, the music room.

. . . .

I breathed in and began to play the piano piece, this piece was one of my favourites and I began to sing along.

Turning the snow-white page

Scenery jumps out and bursts into color

Like a Kaleidoscope

But know I realize that the story still

Had a clumsy beginning

So I take another deep breath

The traveling wind

Wraps itself around me and pushed me forward

Ah, I grasp hold of your gentle, warm hand

So as to reach deep inside your heart

If you were to smile at me

And I squeeze my hand back

I would be able to look only ahead

Suddenly I became aware

Of this whirlpool of emotions

And was so embarrassed I wanted to hide them

The traveling wind

Moves forward, saying it cannot wait for me

Ah, like a revolving lantern, my memories

Endless yet innocent, sparkle desperately before me

Even my cowardice and weakness will become a refreshing breeze

So I will be able to......

(A/N This song is the English translation of Sawakaze by Tomofumi Tanizawa, I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG IN ANYWAY, ALL OWNERSHIP GOES TO THE SONG!)

Tim interrupted me by running and barking towards me; I stopped and turned around to greet my little puppy. I just noticed how late it had become and I looked at my clock, it was 9:00 pm. Bluebird cracked opened the door with another black box wrapped with a dark ribbon in her hands, I guess that was the package that was supposed to be for tonight. She walked over and placed the box on my lap.

“Here is another package from the Phantomhive household” Bluebird said, I nodded and started to unwrap everything, my eyes widened when I opened the box. Inside was an amazingly beautiful dark magenta coloured off the shoulder long sleeved dress, which had golden embellishments and a golden ribbon wrapping the front and tied at the back.

“My lady there is more in the box!” Bluebird exclaimed while handing me a black suede box, I opened it and I gasped, there was a golden choker necklace with a beautiful and bright ruby in the middle with pearls around it, there was matching drop earrings and a bracelet for each wrist.

“Oh my.... this is too much for the Earl to give me..... I am speechless...” I stuttered, Bluebird handed me another letter which was inside, I took it and read it.

Dear Princess,

Please wear this that I have packaged for you and wait for me at 10:00, I will pick you up when young master is asleep. By the way, you have an amazing voice, Happy Birthday Ciela, I will wait for you.

Head Phantomhive butler,

Sebastian Michaelis.

My jaw literally dropped to the floor, and Bluebird smiled in excitement.

“There is no time to waste; I shall get you all beautiful at once! Your fiancé will drop to the floor when he sees you!” Bluebird quickly took the packages and dragged me to my room to change.

. . . .

I walked back and forth nervously at the top of the main stairs; I had never been on an actual outing with a man, my fiancé! The clock rang as it stroke 10, my heart skipped a beat and the knock was made at the door, I bit my lip. Bluebird opened the door, and Sebastian walked in wearing his usual butler suit but with a white rose was placed in his chest pocket, Bluebird smiled in glee, I could practically see her hopping a bit in her place. Sebastian looked up the stairs and found me standing there in the dress and jewellery he gave me, I smiled a bit, Sebastian’s eyes widened in awe.

“Shall we?” he asked while raising his gloved hand, I nodded and slowly walked down the stairs and made my way towards him, he took my hand and kissed it.

“You look astonishing” Sebastian complemented as he picked me up bridal style.

“T-thank you” I replied while slowly feeling the heat in my cheeks get hotter, he smirked. We walked out of my mansion and he ran through the night getting farther and farther away from my home, I had no idea where he was taking me. We soon arrived at a beautiful open space area with a shimmering lake in the centre, the moon’s reflection was beautiful and all you could hear was the crickets singing, it was pretty quiet. He let me down and my feet touched the grass, I decided to take off my shoes and let my toes feel the tingling sensation of the soft and cool grass, good thing I forgot to wear stockings. I looked up at the night sky and it was scattered with tiny little diamonds, I gasped.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” Sebastian asked looking up at the sky with me.

“It definitely is” I replied. Sebastian then walked in front of me and gazed into my eyes, he brushed his gloved hand against my cheeks.

“Since no one is around except us,” he slipped off his gloves and put them in his pocket and led out his hand gesturing me to take it, “shall we dance?”

I smiled and took it, he pulled me close to him and out his hand on my waist while the other intertwined with my hand, his hand was cold, but refreshing in a way. We danced on the grass and made our way to the lake, I was having the time of my life with the man I love. We finished dancing when he twirled me around, we were now standing on the surface of the water and were engulfed in the moonlight, he pulled me close while he gazed into my eyes and I did the same to his. Those dark red eyes full of mischief and evil but he had something other demons didn’t have, I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“No one can ever compare to your beauty,” Sebastian itched in closer and his cold lips met mine, “You are truly my perfect mate”

Sebastian kissed me so tenderly and I felt some connection between us, this night was perfect. Sebastian broke away and looked towards the grassy open space, his eyes flashed demonic pink and turned back to red and in that instant fireflies flew out of the grass around us and fluttered into the sky, it was as if stars were surrounding us.

“Wow!” I exclaimed as my eyes brightened with glee, I had never seen something this breath taking before.

“Princess, I adore you so much that I can never get over you, you are my obsession and my drug,” Sebastian smoothly said with his ever so handsome voice, “People say that a demon can taint a soul with its hands and its lips, but I can never taint your ever so sweet and perfect soul”

He kissed me on the lips a little more roughly, I kissed him the same way back, he then moved down to my neck, kissing it and I could tell he wanted it right now, he even brushed his fangs against my skin, I gasped but he controlled himself. He broke away and looked me into my eyes, I blushed like crazy, and he chuckled.

“You get flushed very easily,” Sebastian noted while taking out his pocket watch, he rose an eyebrow, “There is only five minutes left until your birthday ends”

“That is a shame, I wish I could make this night last longer” I sighed in disappointment.

“Princess, if I could that I wouldn’t even let the night end, let’s make those 5 minutes the best of our ability” Sebastian suggested while kissing me another kiss under the beautiful moonlight while the fireflies danced around us, and the flower petals from the trees were falling like rain. From all the gifts I received today, this was one of the best gifts that I could ever receive and cherish for many years to come, and maybe from this point on I wouldn’t have to spend my birthday alone again.

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