Tainted White Rose

The storm begins

I stepped inside the bright manor where the chandelier in the middle shined like stars, the room was filled with bubbling guests and everyone dressed beautifully. I wore the same dress that Sebastian gave me on my birthday two weeks ago; I loved this dress a lot. I saw Ran Mao holding Lau’s arm, she was wearing her usual revealing clothing, and it was typical. I could see them talking to a man I haven’t seen before I walked towards them. Ran Mao bumped into the young man, he glanced at her and blushed furiously while apologizing, and Ran Mao apologized.

“Don’t bother!” The young man stuttered being a bit embarrassed, “A-are you also actors?”

“No, no I am but a humble branch manager working at a trading company, my name is Lau,” Lau introduced himself and as well as his sister, “This here is my little sister Ran Mao”

Lau noticed me walking towards them, he smirked.

“Ah, it seems you have been invited as well my lady, you look extravagant” Lau complemented, the young man glanced at me and blushed, “I knew you were coming”

“Thank you, and you don’t look bad yourself, I kind of suspected you two were here” I replied with a smile. I looked toward the young man and he jumped a bit, I could see him fidgeting a bit nervously, I smiled.

“I haven’t seen you before, who might you be?” I asked kindly.

“I’m an eye specialist and also a bit of a writer” the young man answered while playing with his thumbs.

“That’s amazing a wordsmith huh.” Lau exclaimed.

“Oh, I’m not that special....” The young man frantically replied, “I have never met the Earl before so I don’t know why I have been invited...”

“Who knows?” Lau teased, “I don’t know what that moody guy is thinking?

“Is he really that moody?” The young writer asked being a bit scared, I bet he was picturing Ciel’s image in his head. I giggled softly.

“The Earl hates the social life and is famous for being a rare character, I think this is the first time he has had guests over at his house” Lau exclaimed.

“W-what kind of person is he?” the writer curiously asked.

“Basically he has both a sour or angry expression and extremely high pride” Lau noted.

“EHH!” the young man exclaimed, I was laughing in my head, poor guy he thinks that Ciel is a rebel or something.

“It is said he wears an eye patch!” Lau teased. The young man was scared and I bet he was thinking that Ciel was some old geezer who was very strict and looked like a delinquent, which was hilarious.

“Lau, please don’t tease the poor man” I scolded.

“She is right, Lau” Ciel shouted from the top of the stairs, I turned back and he smiled at me, I smiled back.

“Yep,” Lau said while pointing at the Earl who was walking down the stairs, “That tiny child is Earl Phantomhive!”

“LITTLE wasn’t necessary!” Ciel scolded, I giggled.

“Ahem,” Ciel cleared his throat, “Thank you for accepting my invitation today, I am the head of the house, Ciel Phantomhive”

“After the dinner party starts I’ll once again call upon each of you in order to exchange greetings,” Ciel continued, “this includes both my regular clients and the ones that I’m meeting for the first time”

A sudden knock was made at the door, Mey-Rin opened the door and a tall old guy walked in with Earl Grey.

“I am very grateful for your invitation, pleased to meet you I am Georg Von Siemens,” The old man introduced. Grey just waved from behind like a little child, he winked at me, and I just rolled my eyes.

“Let’s exchange greetings once the party has started, for now please chat freely at the buffet,” Ciel suggested while walking to the buffet, “this way please”

“I shall introduce the guests” Ciel announced, everyone nodded, “Honorary director of the Bamberger Bank, Georg Von Siemens. President of the Woodley Company, Cark Woodley. Blue Star Line Company supervision executive of the trade Division, Patrick Phelps, and this is Mr. Lau he’s the English branch manager for the Shanghai trading Company, Kunlun”

Lau smirked in acceptance.

“I’m sorry to disturb your conversation” A young man and a young woman walked toward the Earl, I did as well.

“This is the theatrical producer, Grimsby Keane and Irene Diaz an opera singer” the Earl introduced the two.

“Thank you for inviting us today” Irene said.

“And, this young lady right beside me,” Ciel gestured me to come closer and he introduced me, “She is my closest friend, the queen’s sword and shield and the head principal of an all girls university here in England, Countess Blue”

Everyone awed and Earl Grey in particular.

“You are only seventeen years old and have a very well known title!” Simon exclaimed.

“It is very impressive!” Earl Grey complemented. From the corner of my eye I could see the young writer be amazed by such gallant guests, he felt alone so he sat on a chair next to the window, he sighed. I excused myself and walked over to him,

“Can I sit here next to you?” I asked kindly, the young man looked at me and blushed, he nodded, and I smiled at him. He jumped a bit realizing that he was sitting next to a Countess.

“Countess!..... Are you not enjoying yourself!?” he asked worriedly being shocked.

“No I am enjoying myself, please sit down Mr. Wordsmith” I said.

“I’m not really worth being called “Wordsmith” yet..... please just call me “Arthur”” Arthur said, being quite flushed when he was around me, he was a cute little man always nervous with his actions. Ciel walked toward the both of us and sat beside him. I could tell he was getting very nervous being beside two high class nobles.

“Earl Phantomhive, why did you invite me here tonight?” Arthur asked curiously.

“Because I read your work the other day,” Ciel answered calmly, “And Lady Ciela did as well”

“We both read a novel that appeared in Beeton’s Christmas annual” I added, while Arthur was amazed and happy that we both read it.

“So a magazine like that is even read by people with a high social status including the Earl and the Countess” Arthur spoke.

“It has nothing to do with social status” Ciel stated.

“He is right, reading stories from different magazines doesn’t need a social status it only needs a reader who enjoys the writers work” I added, “and we appreciate it a lot”

“Th-ank you!” Arthur stuttered nervously, I could tell he was very happy.

“Please Stop It!!!” Irene shouted at Siemens while he just grunted, I could tell her was really drunk, all the focus was on them.

“To have you all over me with your disgusting hands..... I can’t take it anymore!” Irene scolded as she folded her hands in disapproval.

“Whaat?” Siemens hiccupped, “you’re at fault for wearing those clothes!”

“You really want to be touched don’t you? Don’t pretend to be innocent” Siemens grabbed a hold of her, this angered me, I hate how us women are taken advantage and then we are blamed for the clothes we wear, well excuse me for wearing things I want to wear!

“Insolent jerk!” Irene screamed while slapping Siemens really hard on his cheek.

“Why you!” Siemens shouted while I quickly ran between the two and as expected he threw the drink at her and it hit me instead, I protected her from the spill.

“COUNTESS!!!” Everyone gasped, I just glared at him but I kept my composure, I could see Sebastian and Ciel being pretty angry about it.

“I request that you stop this action” I said while glaring at him, “she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way”

“You old pervert don’t touch my woman so...” Mr. Keane shouted while throwing a nearby wine bottle at Siemens, suddenly Sebastian quickly caught it and poured the wine over a tower of wine glasses it was shimmering gold, it caught everyone’s attention.

“Its fantastic wine from the village of Purcari in south eastern Moldova” Sebastian exclaimed, “Please enjoy it everyone”

Everyone rushed over to the wine pyramid, Irene thanked me and I smiled back and told her it was nothing. Ciel and Sebastian rushed toward me.

“Are you okay Lady Ciela?” Ciel asked with a worried look on his face.

“Don’t worry I’m fine just wet and smelling like beer” I sighed while patting Ciel’s soft hair.

“My lady, please come with me and I can get you all dried up” Sebastian offered.

“You should go, he will prepare you some new clothes” Ciel suggested.

“Ummm... okay” I replied while I walked away with Sebastian up stairs. He took me to my room, since Ciel ordered Sebastian to make my room in the manor since I stay here a lot. We entered the room and Sebastian closed the door behind him.

“I hate drunken men, they always act like this” I groaned as Sebastian brought a towel and a soft pink dress, he placed it on my bed.

“The dress I gave you got ruined, what a shame” Sebastian said while unzipping my dress, I gasped and turned around quickly.

“No, you can’t,” I looked down at the ground blushing, “I-I can do it myself”

“How about I blindfold myself and I change you? Does that make you feel better?” Sebastian suggested, I nodded and he took a thick white cloth and wrapped his eyes. I sighed in relief, and then I let him take off my dress. As soon as he took off my dress, he gave me a towel and I dried myself, I still kept my petticoat and my corset on, I then slipped on the dress and Sebastian zipped up the back of the dress.

“You can look now” I said, Sebastian took of his blindfold and smirked, he walked toward me brushing his gloved fingers through my hair.

“You look beautiful” he complemented as he planted a kiss on my lips, I grinned. We then returned back to the party. As soon as I entered the room, Ciel’s eyes widened and I walked toward him.

“Thank you for lending me this dress,” I said as I smiled, his eyes were still surprised I didn’t know why though, “Ciel is something wrong?”

“Ah, um.....nothing its nothing... don’t worry about it” Ciel replied, I patted him on the shoulder, “Ah, Master Siemens fallen asleep”

We all looked toward him and ran Mao was poking him trying to keep him awake, while Earl Grey was still enjoying his wine, I swear he drank over 20 glasses of alcohol he had a lot of tolerance.

“Sebastian,” Ciel called, “Take the lord to his room. I’ll retire too”

“I think I will as well, it’s usually bed time for me” I yawned.

“I’m very sorry but please excuse us as well” Ciel announced kindly.

“The Earl and Countess are going to sleep already?” Lau asked while sipping his glass of wine.

“For a child like myself and a young lady such as Lady Ciela, it’s bed time already but please do relax yourselves” Ciel assured while Sebastian picked up lord Siemens. We walked out the room and into the hallway to our rooms.

“So you two are only children when convenient huh” Sebastian teased while Siemens was drooling on Sebastian shoulder while sleeping.

“Shut up” we snapped.

. . . .

Ciel knocked on my door in the middle of the night.

“Lady Ciela, there is some racket going on, please come with me” Ciel yawned, I nodded and walked out of bed, I put on my white lacy robe as well as my white slippers and walked with Ciel towards the noise. We entered the room with everyone in it, what had happened?

“What’s with the racket?” Ciel asked while rubbing his eye.

“Young master, lady Ciela” Sebastian called. Ciel and I walked in the room to see a dead body in front of us, our eyes widened.

“Lord Siemens!” we both called out, Sebastian, Ciel and I glanced at each other..... We had a case to solve.

“We shouldn’t move his body until the yard comes” Mr. Keane suggested.

“I don’t think that is a good idea” I added while everyone turned their heads to look at me.

“Why?” Earl Grey asked.

“Because human flesh rots faster than you think” I continued as I walked toward his body and checked his pulse, there was no pulse but his body wasn’t fully cold, this showed that he didn’t die too long ago.

“The lady is right,” Bard added, “even if we turn off the fire now, time will be up before you know it if he stays next to the Hearth”

“R-rot?” Irene stuttered feeling a bit sick.

“We need to move his body to a very cold place, to preserve his body for the meanwhile” I said.

“Well, let’s move the body to the cellar until the Yard gets here,” Sebastian said, “Finny get the stretcher. Finny nodded and hurried out the room. After a while, Finny came back with the stretcher and Siemens’ body was taken away.

“Everyone, if you think about it logically, wouldn’t the killer be one of us?” Earl Grey announced while he was making a point, everyone gasped except Sebastian, Ciel and I.

“What!? This isn’t a joke!” Mr. Woodley shouted angrily.

“It makes sense, which else could have done it, it has to be someone in our circle” I said. Lady Diaz was deep in thought and she had something on her mind.

“When we first arrived the door was locked right?” Irene asked Mey-Rin.

“Now that you mention it, yeah it was” Mey-Rin replied.

“So wouldn’t it be likely that someone broke in through the window, locked the door to leave time for an escape and then went back out the window again?” Irene pointed out.

“But, if anyone came here through the window, they would leave some footprints regarding the heavy storm outside” I said.

“However, the window is locked” Earl Grey added while he kept giving me flirtatious glances, gosh first it was Druitt now him?

“True, but if anyone were to open the doors they couldn’t since only Sebastian has them and he was with the servants the whole time” I said.

“In other words this is a locked room murder” Sebastian added.

“Well from amongst all of us, aren’t you the most suspicious since you had a fight with Lord Siemens!” Mr. Woodley shouted blaming Mr. Keane and Irene.

“Don’t make false accusations! We would never kill anyone!” Mr. Keane angrily replied back, “It definitely wasn’t us! It had to be someone else!

“Now, now you two,” Lau calmed them down, “Let’s calm down and hear everyone’s alibis shall we?”

“We were all there, plus we didn’t even know which room he was staying in” Mr. Keane clarified.

“Which means that...” Earl Grey glanced at both Ciel and I.

“Please don’t mind me asking, but what were you two doing at that time?” Lau asked.

“We both retired, plus our rooms were right beside each other and we saw each other go to bed” I said.

“Wait a minute!” Finny interrupted, “we know young master and the young lady as well, we know that both of them would never do such a thing!”

“Finny!” Ciel ordered, “Its fine, back off”

“I’d like some insurance” Earl Grey spoke while leaning against the window.

“Insurance?” Irene asked.

“Insurance that we’ll get out of here alive” The Earl finished.

“What do you mean?” I asked, he walked toward me with a sly grin on his face.

“Well this mansion is currently under the control of the killer,” Earl Grey took a strand of my black hair and brushed it between his fingers, “what if we were all killed before the storm settles?”

“Well, let’s confine the two!” Lau suggested cheerily.

“If that makes you feel better then go ahead” Ciel sighed, I sighed as well I disapproved of it and from the looks of Sebastian he did as well.

“If we were going to confine them, it can’t be in their own rooms” Earl Grey pointed out, “Nobles’ rooms generally have some kind of secret escape route built in, my place has them too!”

“How about I keep an eye on them while he is sleeping...”

“That won’t work,” Lau interrupted, “seeing as you might help the lady and Earl Escape, right?”

“I think its best if one of the guests stay with them and keep watch” Earl Grey recommended glancing at the couples.

“No thank you! I’d never leave Irene by herself!” Mr. Keane exclaimed.

“I just can’t!” Mr. Woodley refused and Lau as well.

“I don’t mind watching Lady Ciela...” Earl Grey said, “But who will watch the Earl?”

“I refuse to stay with Earl Grey, I cannot stay alone with a man” I said while glaring at him.

“Eh? Why not? What will I do?” Grey argued.

“I know you won’t do anything but, I rather stay with the young Earl” I argued back, I really didn’t want to stay with him, his slow actions were starting to scare me.

“I think she should be,” Irene pitched in, “she should be with someone she knows at least, she is merely seventeen years old, plus she saved me from being splashed with wine!”

“How about this, I will watch over the both of them” Mr. Wordsmith suggested. Everyone turned around and all of them nodded except Earl Grey.

“Fine whatever” Earl Grey sighed.

“It looks like this is where we split up” Ciel said while glancing at Sebastian.

“I am afraid so” Sebastian bowed as he left to escort the guests in to their rooms.

. . . .

I crawled into the big bed with Ciel and Mr. Wordsmith, it was pretty awkward but at least Ciel was here so it was okay. Ciel pulled in closer to my chest and I wrapped my arms around him, he turned around to face Mr. Wordsmith but he was still being embraced by me.

“We are sorry to have you involved in all of this” I apologized.

“It must be hard sleeping next to two killers’ right?” Ciel asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Wordsmith replied.

“I want to thank you for offering to watch me, I didn’t want to be separated by the Earl and share a bed with another man whom I am not too familiar with” I said. Wordsmith just nodded and blushed again.... he was cute.

“Oh, you don’t take off your eye patch when you sleep, Earl?” Wordsmith asked, I gulped.

“Maybe I’m being pushy, but I think I should let it get some air while you sleep at least” Wordsmith suggested while reaching for Ciel’s eye patch, in an instant Ciel slapped his hand away.

“Ah, this wound...” Ciel continued as I hugged him tighter, “I got it when I lost my family, I don’t really want to show it to anyone”

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t know!” Wordsmith exclaimed feeling very bad.

“That’s okay,” Ciel replied, “Now that I think about it, it’s been a long time since I’ve slept together with someone like this”

My eyes softened, “Ya, same with me”

“I am guessing you used to crawl into your parents’ bed when the thunder frightened you, I did that too” I said softly remembering I used to do that with my sister.

“Now there’s no one” Ciel replied as he closed his eyes, I brushed my fingers through his hair.

“Good night Mr. Wordsmith” Ciel said as he closed his eyes.

“You two are close,” Mr. Wordsmith whispered to me.

“Ya, I treat him like my little brother, even though I don’t have one” I replied quietly while still combing my fingers through his hair, Ciel turned to face me and wrapped his arms around my waist, I smiled.

“You two are not related are you?” Wordsmith asked, I shook my head and closed my eyes.

“Good night” I said, I could hear him reply a good night when he landed his head on the soft cushy pillow. After a long time, I remained to be awake, I just kept my eyes closed and I could hear Wordsmith talking to himself, and I knew Ciel was awake too.

“When they are both asleep, they look very cute, the Earl looks like his age and the countess looks much younger it’s as if they are sibling if you glance at them,” Wordsmith smiled, “Instead of being the “Earl” or the “Countess” I am getting more of the sibling vibe between them now..”

“Indeed that is true” Sebastian sighed, Wordsmith was stunned to see him here in the room, Ciel and I woke up.

“Sebastian you’re late.” Ciel groaned.

“YOU TWO WERE AWAKE!!!!” Wordsmith was embarrassed and his face turned red, “Did you hear me?”

“Give me my pillow already, I could tell Lady Ciela was getting uncomfortable with the pillow we were sleeping on” Ciel ordered. Sebastian smiled and replaced our pillow, he made a quick glance at me, and I blushed.

“This is what you’d call the young master’s security blanket I guess?” Sebastian teased.

“Nonsense” Ciel replied while plopping his head back on to the pillow pulling me down as well.

“Would you two also like a lullaby while you’re cuddling with each other?” Sebastian asked Ciel, I could tell he was teasing us.


“Go back to your room already” Ciel ordered.

“Well then please excuse me and have fun cuddling with the Countess young master” Sebastian teased again, Ciel rolled his eyes and moved closer to my arms, he was gesturing me to wrap my arms around him, I smiled and did so, within a minute he fell asleep.

“Wow he can’t sleep without this pillow!” Wordsmith exclaimed.

“Oh usually it takes him awhile even with his pillow, but it seems that Lady Ciela made him fall asleep even faster” Sebastian noted, I just planted a light kiss on the young Earl’s head, he was so cute, soon enough my eyelids became heavy and I fell in a deep slumber, I didn’t hear anything afterwards.

. . . .

~ Next Day ~

I felt someone shaking me to wake up, I cracked open one eye to see the young Earl have a worried look on his face, I got up at once and put my hands on his shoulders.

“What happened?” I asked worriedly.

“Something is wrong..... Sebastian is not here its way past the time Sebastian wakes me up at” Ciel said, I woke up Mr. Wordsmith right away and he groaned as he opened his eyes.

“YOU NEED TO WAKE UP THIS IS BAD!!!” I shouted while I scared the poor man which made him fall on the floor.

“Sebastian isn’t here to wake us up!” I said, instantly his face went pale.... I had no idea what he was thinking. There was a sudden knock made at the door, I quickly got out of bed and wrapped myself in my white robe and put on my slippers. Tanaka opened the door and bowed.

“I’m sorry to be this late” Tanaka apologized, he looked very calm, I could tell something was up and my gut was telling me the same thing.

“Tanaka, where is Sebastian?” Ciel asked. Tanaka didn’t reply and in that moment Ciel got up from his bed and we ran together towards the gasps and whispers that were heard from down the hall. I could hear the other servants crying and wailing, my heartbeat grew faster and faster. I hoped it wasn’t him...... I prayed it wasn’t him. Soon enough, all three of us arrived at the door and our eyes widened in shock as we all saw yet another dead body on the floor..... Sebastian’s dead and bloody body on the cold hard floor. I told myself over and over again that this was all a dream; I held Ciel’s hand and squeezed it tight, while Ciel squeezed my hand tighter.

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