Tainted White Rose

The thunder rumbles

Sebastian’s lifeless body remained on the floor while Ciel and I were in shock, I let go of his hand and we approached the body until Ciel was stopped my Mey-Rin’s embrace.

“You can’t,” Mey- Rin cried, “young master you shouldn’t go any closer!”

“Mey-Rin let him go, he needs to realize it himself” I said stopping Mey-Rin, she nodded and let Ciel go.

Ciel approached Sebastian’s bloody body, he even stepped on his blood with his clean and fragile foot.

“Sebastian.....stop fooling around...” Ciel ordered while placing his foot on his chest.

“Don’t you hear me Sebastian? I said get up!” Ciel ordered again but with a more stern voice. Ciel gritted his teeth and took out the object out of his chest and grabbed the dead body by the shirt.

“Sebastian! Wake up this instant! THATS AN ORDER!” Ciel screamed trying to shake him awake, I was still shocked, I couldn’t believe he was dead. However, something was odd...... if Sebastian was dead then that means my half marking was gone, and one thing I did know was that demons don’t die easily either they die from my hands or they die from a specific weapon.

“DIDN’T YOU HEAR MY ORDERS!” Ciel screamed as he slapped the lifeless demon’s face, Ciel got angrier and angrier, when he was about to hit Sebastian the fourth time I grabbed his blood stained hand.

“Ciel, he’s gone..... he is already dead....” I said sadly while Ciel realized that Sebastian was gone from this world.

“You’re...... kidding...... right?” Ciel whispered, I let go of his hand

“S-Sebastian, you’re my butler and you and Lady Ciela promised to be by my side forever,” Ciel said softly, “you said you would protect her forever......”

“We should move him quickly before he rots” Earl Grey suggested.

“yes.....” Bard agreed.

“Ciel we need to move him, please” I begged, Ciel nodded and took my hand, he quickly took the pin from Sebastian’s coat, I tried to comfort him by combing my fingers through his hair.

“It would be impossible for the confined Earl and Countess to have committed this murder right?” Lau asked while a smirk creeped up his face, “things just got interesting....”

Ciel was shaking in my arms, he didn’t even cry once, I just stood there in so much shock, I couldn’t even do anything but protect Ciel, and he must have been going through a lot..... or maybe he was faking it because his contract would have been cancelled. I handed Ciel to Mey-Rin so she could put a coat on him, and I approached Sebastian’s body where Mr. Wordsmith was inspecting the wounds already. I crouched down beside the dead body and checked the wound on his chest.

“How brutal,” Bard commented, “he was stabbed with the poker alright”

I noticed some blood from the back of Sebastian’s head and Mr. Wordsmith did as well, I carefully picked up his head without touching the wound.

“There seems to be traces of being hit in the head” I noted, everyone gasped to see me doing such a gruesome act, I rolled my eyes.

“You know this stuff Countess?” Grey asked me and I nodded in reply.

“I was taught this and a lot of medical procedures, originally wanted to be a doctor” I said while looking around Sebastian’s body for anymore punctures.

“He must have been hit from behind while collecting ashes” Mr. Wordsmith said.

“So, you’re saying that wasn’t enough to kill him...” Bard continued, “so they gave him the final blow by stabbing him in the chest...”

“Either that or they just continued attacking without checking if he was already dead...” Grey noted, “Two hits would be more likely to kill him than just one”

“From looking at the blow to the back of the head and to the chest, I’m thinking there were multiple culprits that took place in this crime” I said.

“Yes, that may be the case since it is accurate if you think about it....” Mr. Wordsmith added while everyone gasped in shock, instead of worrying about one they had two murderers to worry about.

“For example, one of them came from the front and started to attract his attention while the other one snuck from behind and hit him over the head,” Mr. Wordsmith continued, “then in a flash the one up front gave him the final blow my stabbing him.”

“Well no matter how you look at it, this killer is certainly merciless,” Lau added, “To have killed even a butler... that is...”

“Stop it already!” Finny shouted interrupting Lau, “why are you having this conversation in front of the young master!? Please think of his feelings!”

“Instead of standing around the corpse like this, why don’t we move his body to the cellar and we can discuss who did it and such later over some food” Grey insisted, “It’s decided then so you guys are in charge of cleaning that up!”

“Oh By the way,” Earl Grey turned around, “the preparations for breakfast also!”

“I’m going to the dining hall, I’m starving,” Grey whined as we walked out of the door. Soon enough the rest of the guests left to the dining hall.

I was still crouching beside Sebastian’s body; I brushed his cheek with the back of my finger, my eyes softened and Mr. Wordsmith noticed.

“I’m sorry for losing it” the young Earl apologized, “It’s as they say, move Sebastian to the basement”

The servants nodded and did so right away, Ciel faced Tanaka and walked toward him.

“Sebastian is dead, and from today on you’re my butler” Ciel said while pinning the butler pin on his jacket, Tanaka’s eyes softened.

“Should you really be hiring an old man like me?” Tanaka asked.

“It’s until I have found a replacement” Ciel said calmly he then walked toward me; I stood up and he did the same.

“You should go get changed,” Ciel suggested, “It’s not right for a Countess to be like that”

“I will don’t worry,” I replied softly while heading for the door.

. . . .

I looked myself in the mirror, and I swallowed hard because my half marking was covered, I slowly uncovered and to my relief it was there, I sighed. If that is the case then that means Sebastian isn’t dead, but what is Ciel doing? I need to find out soon but for now I had to act as if I was shocked. I quickly looked through my closet and took out a creamish pink dress which had a nice ribbon on the hip, I quickly put it on and made my way downstairs to the dining hall, everyone was seated and there was an empty seat next to Ciel, and I sat beside him.

“He really saved us by preparing all this properly” Ciel noted as Tanaka placed his plate on the table.

“This smells good! I’m gonna dig in!” Earl Grey cheered enthusiastically, “I’m really hungry since I didn’t get to eat this morning!”

“Eh?” Earl Grey looked toward me and looked rather displeased, “Countess why did you sit next to the Earl? I could have made someone move over and you could sit beside me!”

“Umm.... well next time okay?” I said, I didn’t want to sit next to him. I cut my potato and softly popped it into my mouth; I noticed Irene didn’t touch her food and also, an extra plate..... that was weird, since Sebastian prepared it he never gets the numbers wrong.

“There is an extra plate beside Irene” I noted, everyone turned to the empty seat.

“Perhaps the chef got the numbers wrong” Irene spoke.

“The one who prepared breakfast was Sebastian,” Ciel said, “he wouldn’t mix up the numbers”

“Unless..... Someone is missing...” I added softly, my eyes widened, “we’re all here except Mr. Phelps!”

“Looks like he slept in!” Mr. Woodley laughed.

“Excuse me!” Mr. Wordsmith got up and his face looked very serious, “shouldn’t we go have a look...”

“I think we should,” I said while getting up, I looked toward Mr. Wordsmith he nodded. Ciel got up too and soon enough we ran to Mr. Phelps’s room. I ran with Mr. Wordsmith, who was ahead with everyone else, I remembered he was sleeping in Ciel’s room.

“Mr. Phelps!” Mr. Wordsmith called while banging at the door, “if you are in there, please answer me!”

The door was locked and the only way open was to cut it, I lifted up one side of my skirt and took out my sword which was always fastened to my hip. Mr. Woodley, Mr. Wordsmith, and Mr. Keane covered their eyes while Lau and Earl Grey gazed at me in amazement

“Please move!” I said while slashing the door open, everyone behind me was surprised to see me do that. After that I quickly ran into the room and everyone else did as well, their eyes widened in shock. Mr. Phelps was on the floor, dead....... another murder..... This was unbelievable. Mr. Wordsmith and I crouched near the body, I started inspecting it.

“Rigor Mortis is already setting in. So he’s been dead for a while” Mr. Wordsmith said, I checked for external injuries and there were none.

“He doesn’t have any external injuries like before...” I informed, my eyes widened when I saw a wound on his neck, “There’s a wound on his neck it seems he was stabbed by something or even bitten by it!”

Everyone gasped, I scowled...... that wound is very similar to a snake bite, I could tell due to the wound.... If it was a needle it wouldn’t be two punctures and they would be off by a bit. However, these wounds are exactly parallel so this had to be a bite. From the corner of my eye I could see Lau and Ran Mao enjoying them by looking through Ciel’s closet and drawers.

“Wow, the Earl sure lives in a nice room~” Lau exclaimed as he looked through Ciel’s assorted suits.

“Don’t just search people’s rooms as you please!” Ciel scolded.

“But.... it resembles a bite mark though..... Because if it was a needle those two holes wouldn’t be exactly parallel to each other” I said, Mr. Wordsmith nodded.

“A bite mark in the neck sounds just like Carmilla” Irene said worriedly.

“The vampire Carmilla?” Ciel asked.

“Come on Vampires don’t exist,” Earl Grey said, “that is just nonsense”

Mr. Wordsmith noticed the fallen clock; he walked toward it and picked it up.

“2:38” Mr. Wordsmith said.

“That’s the clock I keep at my bedside isn’t it...” Ciel said being a bit sad that it broke.

“I guess it fell down when he was rolling around in pain.... plus it’s broken” I noted while pointing at the cracked glass.

“So, that means he could have died at 2:38 in the morning,” Ciel said, I nodded in agreement.

“Rather than discussing this while standing here, why don’t we sort out the situation while sitting down?” Lau suggested, “We’ll drink some tea as well”

Ciel nodded and ordered Tanaka to prepare the tea, the body was taken down to the cellar and we left to talk about the murder.

. . . .

After a lot of arguing, discussion and disagreement we finally got back up on our feet and started doing some hands on work. Ciel, Mr. Wordsmith, Earl Grey and I decided to go down to the cellar to investigate Sebastian’s body; we had to find the key to the Earl’s room so we would know whether Sebastian killed Mr. Phelps or not. The servants helped us get to the cellar since Ciel wasn’t familiar with the ground floor. Soon enough we walked down the dark, eerie damp stairwell, Earl Grey was hiding behind Ciel since he believed in ghosts and was scared of them, I giggled.

“Ciel, didn’t you say people died here before and was said that their ghosts remain here?” I said purposely teasing Earl Grey, this was my only come back.

“There’s no way there’d be ghosts! I only believe in things I can cut with my sword!” Earl Grey stated while squeezing Ciel’s fragile arm.

“This is very bothersome you know!” Ciel scolded Grey.

“Here we are folks,” Baldroy said as he opened the cellar doors, “here is the cellar”

“Put these gloves on when you touch the corpses,” Baldroy said while handing each of us a pair of gloves, I pulled them on tight. Mr. Wordsmith and I walked toward Sebastian’s body, I breathed out slowly even though I knew he was alive..... It was hard to see him pretend to die...Especially for his Fiancée.

“Well, please excuse me;” Mr. Wordsmith said softly as he pulled off the white covers, “he’s wet?”

“That is not good!” I said.

“Looks like a leak from the roof caused it” Baldroy said while trying to find the hole so he could patch it up.

“We need to move him if he’s wet his body will decay faster” Mr. Wordsmith said looking quite worried, “We’ll need to investigate him but since he’s still suffering from Rigor mortis it’ll be hard to take off his clothes...”

“You can move him later, but first let’s search for the key first” Ciel suggested, we both nodded and looked throughout his body, we even had to strip off his shirt, but nothing was found. One thing I had to admit, Sebastian had great muscles actually amazing ones.

“It’s not here with him huh” Ciel said while still in thought, he was trying to figure out where he could have kept the key.

“Couldn’t it be in his bedroom?” Mr. Wordsmith asked.

“Let’s go have a look” Ciel suggested.

“Hmm that is a wise decision,” I added, “since he is suffering from Rigor Mortis why don’t all of you guys go ahead and check his bedroom while I dress him up, that will save time since his muscles are very stiff”

“That is not a bad idea,” Earl Grey said, “Are you sure you will be okay here alone?”

“Don’t worry beside Finny is here with me” I assured as I glanced at the nodding little boy, I smiled, “go on”

They all nodded in agreement and left the room, leaving Finny and I alone. I sighed while I started to button up his shirt; I glanced at the shaking little boy.

“Finny if this is hard for you, I can quickly put all his clothes on while you wait outside the cellar doors, I don’t want you to have a hard time dealing with this while I change him” I suggested Finny, he nodded and waited outside the cellar doors, I kept buttoning up his shirt until I heard the door close fully. I sighed again and looked at the lifeless Sebastian before me; I knew he was alive though.

“Sebastian” I whispered as I carefully and softly kissed him on the lips, “I know you’re alive, stop joking with me”

“You are quite intelligent” Sebastian whispered as he gently kissed me back, he opened those dark red eyes which I longed to see, he smirked, “you actually thought I was dead didn’t you?”

“I knew you weren’t because the half marking would have disappeared and it didn’t” I whispered as I tied his tie around his neck, “you are quite the actor”

“It seems I am” he chuckled while not making a move, “I am guessing young master didn’t tell you the details”

“No he didn’t, I guess he wants to but he can’t since he had people around him all the time” I replied, “besides I want to see how this turns out”

“As expected of our princess,” Sebastian chuckled, “It is interesting how you were staring at me while I was shirtless”

“I did not!” I snapped back, being pretty embarrassed that it was the truth, “I am not a pervert unlike you!”

“Never knew you wanted to make a move before our official marriage,” Sebastian teased, I blushed furiously..... That darn perverted demon!

“We shouldn’t talk to long, or else it will get suspicious” I said as I handed him his coat and he put it on by himself.

“Well before our conversation ends...” Sebastian quickly planted his tainted lips on mine, and smirked as he pulled away, “now I can peacefully die knowing that I got what I wanted”

He lied back down while I smiled, he doesn’t quit does he.

“Finny you can come in now!” I called, Finny opened the door and came inside, and he helped me move his body to ensure he wasn’t wet. I took off my gloves while Finny and I left the cellar to meet up with the others.

. . . .

I walked in the room where everyone was and to my surprise I saw a bunch of kittens rolling around on the bed, I was guessing this was Sebastian’s room since he was obsessed with cats.

“Sorry that took too long, he was very heavy especially when putting on his coat” I sighed.

“It’s okay, at least you got the job done and we did ours” Ciel said, I gave him the “I know what you’re hiding look” he was surprised but kept his composure in front of everyone.

“Did you find anything?” I asked.

“No, I am guessing the key isn’t here” Mr. Wordsmith said while rolling down his sleeves.

“Then maybe we should check everyone’s luggage” Earl Grey suggested while giving me another flirtatious glance at me, what does he seriously want to see what was in my luggage!?

“Don’t you think they’ll refuse that?” Mr. Wordsmith asked.

“Ya, but I have more power than the Yard so it will be okay to force them” Earl Grey exclaimed while walking out the door.

“It wouldn’t be bad if the women’s luggage was checked by me and the men’s would be checked by you guys” I insisted. Ciel and Mr. Wordsmith nodded in approval as we walked back up to the Family room, where the guests were staying.

“We would like to view your rooms and belongings...” Mr. Wordsmith announced.

“We will separate it into two groups so there is comfort in both parties” I added, everyone agreed right away and the checking began. Irene, Mey-Rin, Ran Mao and I started to look through Irene’s things in her room; Mey-Rin noticed a picture of both Irene and Mr. Keane standing beside each other.

“Oh no I left that out!” Irene said feeling a bit embarrassed to have the picture out.

“I didn’t know you two were lovers, it must be nice” I said, trying to help her feel not as embarrassed.

“Actually, me and Grimsby are 12 years apart, so it’s kind of embarrassing to tell people” Irene laughed nervously.

“It doesn’t look like that at all!” Mey-Rin said in surprise. Well everything was done on our side since we didn’t find anything suspicious, so we just returned back. Everyone sat on the couch looking pretty stressed and tired from all the searching, I could tell Ciel was exhausted.

“It wasn’t here after all” Mr. Wordsmith sighed.

“Where could he have hidden it though?” I asked while deep in thought.

“You know he could have just threw it out the window,” Lau said while embracing Ran Mao, “Since it’s so small, it was possibly buried, but in this storm we won’t be able to find it”

“If that is the case, then I’m going out to search for it!” Finny exclaimed.

“I’m going as well!” Mey-Rin shouted.

“Certainly finding I would give us a clue towards the killer but you don’t have to go out of your...”

“I want to solve this case!” Finny shouted interrupting Ciel, “Because I’m dumb I can’t find the key by thinking over it like the Young master and Countess, but a key I can find!”

“If the key can lead to solving this even a little, I want to find it and contribute!” Finny shouted while having tears on his eyes. Mey-Rin and Finny ran off while Baldroy followed them, Ciel was shocked but couldn’t do anything to change his decision. Ciel just sighed and rested his cheek against his hand.

“They always do this” Ciel sighed, but smiled a bit.

“Because they care for you Ciel” I said softly, Ciel glanced at me and I gave him a soft but warm smile, he gave me a warm look.

“I know,” Ciel replied. I could feel Earl Grey’s eyes staring at me; he rested his head against in his hand and yawned.

“This is very bothersome, but I am rather astonished to see such a young and fragile looking Countess participating in this kind of work”

“Well why not, I am not called the queen’s “sword and shield” for nothing you know” I replied.

“I wonder what will happen if you get married, you won’t be able to keep your title anymore” Earl Grey grinned; I knew where this was going.

“Actually you are wrong,” I replied, “Since I am the only daughter and last remaining heir of the family, I am able to keep my title”

“Hmmm..... interesting....” Earl Grey added while he still gazed at me with awe, he was starting to creep me out.

“Earl Grey please refrain from harassing my partner and my best friend” Ciel shot a glance at him and I could feel the lightning between them, I sighed.

“It is quite suffocating seeing you two fighting over the Countess and to stay quiet like this,” Mr. Keane sighed, “why don’t we play a game of cards?”

“That is not a bad idea” Lau said.

“I’ll bring the cards from my room” Mr. Keane got up from his chair and was about to leave until Wordsmith stopped him.

“It’s safest to move in groups since we still don’t know who the killer is and more importantly, I don’t want to see any more victims made” Wordsmith said, his face looked quite worried.

“That’d be the best action if the killer is amongst us,” Lau said while puffing out the smoke from his pipe, “though only he is”

“What do you mean?” Mr. Keane asked with a worried expression.

“Nothing in particular really,” Lau smirked, “it’s just my opinion”

Earl grey’s face darkened, “If he’s not amongst us, where is he?”

“You mean to say that he was hiding himself outside and never showed himself” Irene gulped.

“Well if that is even true then it would be unlikely to wander around the mansion and into a locked room without leaving any kind of footprints or evidence” Ciel clarified.

“That’s true, it wouldn’t make sense unless he was hiding himself in the mansion without us knowing” I added.

“But wouldn’t your “unlikely” become likely with the existence of a thirteenth person?” Lau smirked.

“How foolish there’s definitely no chance of that happening!” Mr. Woodley argued.

“Well how do you know that?” Lau asked, “Like the countess said he could be just lurking around the mansion just getting ready to strike.

“The thirteenth person that shouldn’t exist....” I thought a loud. In an instant, Baldroy, Mey-rin and Finny busted into the room with shocked expressions, Ciel and I got up at once.

“Young master!” They called, “we caught some suspicious looking guy!”

Everyone in the room gasped, Ciel and I were shocked, was Lau’s prediction really coming true!?

“Come on, get in already!” Ciel and I ordered. I walked toward Ciel who was surprised. As the new “guest” I gulped. The suspicious man was wet and was tied with a rope, he had black hair which was combed back and had a very scary and serious expression on his face. He looked rather strict but the one thing that drew me in was his eyes, those dark red eyes that were filled with sorrow, evil and more importantly some sort of desire. I swallowed hard, this man wasn’t what he was portrayed to be, oh no he was someone more than that and I could feel it in my heart.

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