Tainted White Rose

The ball and the unexpected meeting

~ One Year later ~

Many guests wore beautiful clothing and the room was laminated beautifully with lights and decorations. Many important aristocrats and nobles were here, including me; I was invited to the queen’s ball. Standing at the top of the stairs, I waited for the announcers to call my name, signifying my arrival. I took a deep breath before looking out into the bustling room, dreading the attention I would receive.

“Countess Ciela Blue!” The announcer called.

I held my breath as I walked down the stairs trying to be very elegant and calm. My royal blue dress dragged along the stairs each time I took a step. I could hear all the nobles do their “oohs” and “ahhs” while the ladies were furiously scowling at me as they fanned themselves vigorously. When I reached the bottom I relaxed a bit, but not long before a group of nobles came and tried to flirt with me; it was a nuisance. While Ignoring their pointless confessions, from the corner of my eye I noticed a cute little girl with blonde hair and green eyes wearing a cute pink dress running towards me. I smiled softly; it was my little friend Elizabeth Middford.

“Lady Ciela!” she exclaimed as she hugged me tightly.

“Hello Lizzie, you have grown so much in one year!” I laughed, while secretly her hug was crushing my insides.

“Yes I have,” she said as she puffed out her chest, “I want to be tall and beautiful!”

“You will! I am sure of it” I replied.

“I have someone I want you to meet!” Lizzie exclaimed as she tugged my hand. I nodded and followed her across the room. For some reason I had a bad feeling in my gut and a sudden tingle shot through my lower back, the same place where I had been half marked. I even felt a pair of eyes staring at me from behind, it was very odd. Lizzie led me to a small boy with dark blue hair, his back was facing me.

“Ciel!” Lizzie jumped making the young boy jump a bit, “I want you to meet a very close friend of mine!”

The young boy turned around and faced me, he had an eye patch on his right eye and he had darker blue eyes than mine. This young boy was the youngest Earl among the aristocrats and the president of a toy and candy company, also known as the queen’s watchdog.

“Ciel Phantomhive, it is an honour” I curtsied slightly.

“You must be Countess Ciela Blue, the highest rank aristocrat in our level,” Ciel replied, “It is an honour as well.”

I nodded slowly, but that strange feeling didn’t go away, something was very suspicious.

“Guess what!? Ciel is my fiancé!” Lizzie smiled brightly as he hugged Ciel tightly; the poor child looked rather annoyed. I giggled and congratulated them both.

“Ah, Sebastian I want you to meet her too!” Lizzie said talking to someone behind me.

“Is that so?” The man said, my eyes widened as I recognized that smooth, but sickening voice.

I turned around to be face to face with the same monster I hated and dreaded, it was the same demon that half marked me. I was shocked and I bet he could sense it too, he looked the exact same as one year ago. He comes out of nowhere and meets me again; when he said we were inseparable, now I kind of think that it’s true.

“My lady it is an honour” he bowed with his hand on his chest.

I gulped and I was speechless, however I did manage a few words.

“Y-yes, thank you” I replied.

“Ciel let’s get some snacks!” Lizzie said as she dragged Ciel along with him to the snack table.

“Sebastian, keep her comp-” Ciel was cut off by Lizzie before stumbling by her side. Great they had to leave me with him…

“You have grown a lot in one year princess” Sebastian said softly.

“You have picked yourself a master to feed on” I grumbled back while shooting an angry glare.

“My, my you have become rather feisty,” he laughed softly. I was about to lose my temper.

“What did you expect? Did you actually think I would be all lovey dovey on you?” I snapped. I was angry he ruined my future with his dumb half marking, he could have left me die on the cold floor with my sister.

“You had a choice” he replied back with a serious tone.

“I didn’t, you chose to save my life and half mark me!” I said angrily, “on top of that, you came out of nowhere!”

I walked away from him and went to the balcony to get some fresh air; just his presence made me angry and upset. I leaned against the stone railing as I gazed at the moon; it was a full moon just like one year ago. I remember how my sister and I used to play at night and gaze at the moon together, we would talk for hours about our problems and she would always comfort me when I needed her the most. Sebastian came up to me and stood beside me, I could feel his eyes resting on me; I really wanted to slap his face right now.

“Now now don’t get angry princess, this is a party after all” Sebastian said softly, attempting to cool me down, “specifically the Queen’s ball

I sighed and stared into those same red eyes, “Fine, I will lock it away for now just because it’s her event”

I turned around and faced the queen’s garden; the white roses were glowing beautifully in the moon’s light, I smiled softly.

“You adore white roses don’t you?” Sebastian asked.

“Yeah,” I replied softly.

“They suit you,” Sebastian complimented.

“Thanks,” I replied, somehow my temper seemed to slowly go down.

“Lady Ciela,” Earl Grey called, “Her majesty wishes to see you,”

I turned around to face him; he was still pretty short for his age.

I nodded and excused myself from Sebastian; I followed Earl Grey through the party and into a hallway. At the end of the hallway was a door, it was the queen’s study room. The butler opened the two doors to reveal Ciel and the queen standing across from each other, her majesty welcomed me with her warm smile.

“Ciela, come dear” she welcomed.

I bowed before her and stood beside Ciel.

“I hope you two have met each other already,” the queen said.

We both nodded a reply and she smiled again.

“Good, now the reason I called you both here is because I want you two to work together for any missions I give you,” she continued, “Of course if you both accept it.”

“My majesty, don’t worry we accept your request,” Ciel replied, “Right Lady Ciela?”

“Of course” I smiled back.

She walked toward her desk and picked up two envelopes, she then handed us each one envelope. As soon as we got it, we opened it.

“I want you two to persuade Lord Barrymore, the mayor of Houndsworth to let me build my resort there,” She continued, “he doesn’t listen to me and I want you two to figure out why.”

We both nodded.

“Good,” she replied, “now please enjoy the rest of the party”

We bowed before her and quietly left her study, we walked back to the party room until Sebastian approached us. Ciel then handed him the queen’s letter and he turned around to face me.

“Lady Ciela, we should leave tomorrow to go see Lord Barrymore and get it over with” Ciel suggested.

“Of course, the faster the better,” I replied cheerily. The young lord let out his fragile hand and I gladly shook it.

“Welcome to the dark side,” Ciel said as a sly smirk spread across his face and Sebastian’s too.

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