Tainted White Rose

A new adventure

“Today’s lunch is Italian style chicken Alfredo pasta and for desert, the lady’s favourite mixed fruit custard” Bluebird announced as she placed the food in front of me, I nodded in reply as i was drinking my water. The sun was shining bright, the birds were chirping and the days were slowly getting warmer; who doesn’t love spring!? I started on my lunch until I stopped and noticed the newspaper on the glass table; I swallowed and reached for the newspaper.

“The departed rising from death? Karnstein hospital performs a miracle” I read aloud.

“It seems that is the biggest headline in the streets of London” Bluebird said as she refilled my glass of water.

“Do you know of it?” I asked as I started my way on my custard.

“Well all I know is Karnstein hospital seems to do a lot of shipping” Bluebird spoke softly.

“Could it be drugs?” I asked again.

“No, it seems to be people,” Bluebird continued, “The ship is filled with foreign slaves, but the amounts are quite large”

“This seems like some kind of illegal human experimentation,” I sighed, “I bet the Earl will contact me soon”

“It seems so” Bluebird giggled. I smiled and got up from my table and headed back inside to go up to my study room. I walked inside and plopped myself onto my comfy red chair and sighed as I saw the pile of work on one side of my desk.

“Just great” I groaned and rolled my eyes. I took one letter and turned my chair to face the open window behind me. I quickly glanced at the open window and saw a figure sitting on the edge of my window, my eyes widened.

“Hey beautiful” Sebastian grinned.

“What the..... Don’t scare me like that!” I scolded, I noticed he wasn’t wearing is usual butler outfit but instead he dressed up as a doctor.... a very handsome doctor, I blushed.

“W-what are you wearing?” I asked while I partly covered my blushing face.

“Me? I am sending you a message from young master” he replied.

“I will explain the details when we get there,” he reached out his gloved hand, “let’s go”

“Geez, there is a simpler way of retrieving me” I sighed as I took his hand.

“Well, princess,” he pulled me close and picked me up bridal style, “I think this is a splendid idea”

He jumped off the window and quickly ran towards the Phantomhive manor where he scared Ciel the same way he did to me. Sebastian was still holding me in my arms and sat quietly on the windowsill; Ciel turned around and was stunned for a moment.

“What are you grinning at?” Sebastian teased.

“Don’t surprise me like that!” Ciel scolded the same way I did, “And what’s with that outfit!?”

“Well as they say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” Sebastian replied calmly, “besides I have obtained some rather interesting information”

“You, know you can let the Countess go now Sebastian” Ciel glared, in a moment Sebastian put my gently down on the floor and I quickly fixed any wrinkled on my dress.

“Lady Ciela, I am guessing you are aware of the news about Karnstein hospital, am I right?” Ciel asked in clarification.

“Of course” I replied with a smile, “So, what is the information you found Sebastian?”

“In the hospital there seems to be upper rank doctors that have opened an association called the Aurora society. It seems that the society holds presentations for the results of their experiments regularly and they even collect donations from nobles” Sebastian informed.

“So basically the society’s true face is a secret society that does human experiments constantly” I clarified, Ciel sat in his chair while I sat on his desk.

“It seems to be,” Sebastian replied, “however there were no signs of slaves or human experiments in the hospital”

“It couldn’t get any fishier huh?” Ciel sighed.

“Yes,” Sebastian replied, “I’m certain there is some definite clue to be found in this society”

“When is their next meeting?” Ciel and I both asked.

“It is to be on a passenger ship departing from Southampton port on the 17th of April” Sebastian replied.

“Meeting on a ship sounds like something nobles would do...” I said softly. In an instant something clicked inside Ciel’s head and his eyes widened in realization.

“What is the ship’s name?” Ciel asked frantically while slamming his hands down on his desk.

“The Blue Star Line’s Luxury Ship” Sebastian replied calmly.

“Well I guess we will be going on an interesting trip” I laid my chin on my hands and smirked.

. . . .

~ After a couple of days ~

The dock was crowded with many people waiting to get on the big ship that was before us, there was a lot of hustling and bustling. Ciel and I gazed at the ship; we were ready to prepare for the investigation before us. For some reason I had an awkward feeling in my gut, it was bothering me. I then noticed a young skinny man with short silver hair and snake like green eyes with pale skin. From the side I could see some scales on the parts of his face, I recognized him before but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Ciel, who is that?” I nudged while pointing to the new butler.

“Oh, he is snake I hired him to be my footman,” Ciel replied, “He was actually one of the members of the Noah’s ark Circus”

“I am guessing he didn’t join the assassin group which attacked your manor” I said while giving Snake a suspicious glare.

“Indeed, but don’t worry he won’t do any harm” Ciel assured and I nodded. Sebastian walked toward us and gestured us to walk up the stairs on to the ship, Snake gave me a weird look.

“Well then, we’re off” Ciel waved to the three servants, I waved with him with a smile. We reached the deck, Ciel and I leaned against it and watched the people from the dock wave farewell.

“It should sail soon” Sebastian informed. Soon enough the loud horn blew and confetti was flying everywhere, we looked down at the waving servants, I smiled softly.

“Lady Ciela, Young master!” They called, “Take care~”

As soon as the ship was on sail, we started our way to the first class passenger deck; it was crowded with lovely dressed nobles.

“May I ask who you might be?” Snake asked quietly.

“I am Countess Blue, Ciel’s very close friend” I smiled in reply.

“Ah, I see then if that is the case I am in your service as well” Snake bowed his head slightly and I just smiled in reply, poor man he was really trying hard. I turned around when I saw a young girl trembling and was about to cry, it is none other than the little princess, Elizabeth.

“Umm... I thought I would surprise you” Ciel said while fake smiling, he was definitely in an uncomfortable situation.

“Even though you said that you couldn’t come!” Elizabeth squealed while hugging Ciel very tight.

“Lady Ciela!” She exclaimed as she hugged me tight as well.

“Its...been... a while...” I replied trying to gasp for air.

“Elizabeth!” Marchioness called sternly, “please do not display such indecent behaviour in public!”

I looked toward the Middford family and saw two men scowling at Ciel. The tall old man was Marquis Alexis Leon Middford, while the other one had blonde shaggy hair and green eyes who was Edward Middford.

“That’s right Lizzie,” Edward sighed, “moreover...”

“I still haven’t acknowledged you as my brother in law!” Edward angrily pointed at Ciel, “So get off her already!”

Edward looked over towards me and blushed, he was gazing at me with awe... oh ya totally forgot he had a crush on me since we were little.

“L-lady Ciela” Edward walked toward me and bowed, “it has been a very long time since I have last saw you”

“Yes, it seems so” I giggled nervously. I remember one time on Valentine’s Day he secretly sent me roses, but I just gave it to my sister as her Valentine present.

“Oh brother, why are you still saying that?” Lizzie whined, “Would you please stop making Lady Ciela uncomfortable!”

“M...Marquis Middford, I haven’t seen you in a while...” Ciel and I stuttered while he gave us a really serious look, I swallowed hard.

“Long time no see future son!” he hugged Ciel really hard and he pulled me in too, “I am hoping you will be my second daughter!”

“You two are cute as ever!” Lizzie’s father squealed, now I see where Lizzie gets her cuteness from.

“Dear stop it!” Lady Francis cried.

. . . .

All of us sat around the table for tea, I giggled as i saw Sebastian’s annoyed expression of having his hair combed back by force by Lady Francis, and she was strict as ever.

“So you two will be with us for a whole three weeks?” Marquis asked while taking a bight from his sandwich.

“Yeah” Ciel and I both replied.

“We’ve never been together for so long!” Lizzie cheered while holding Ciel’s hand, “Escort me to the dinner party, okay Ciel?”

“Okay, okay” Ciel replied. At that moment Edward shot a glare at Ciel and then looked toward me with a more calming aura.

“If you have no escort, why don’t I escort you to the dinner party?” Edward offered kindly.

“I will see...” I replied softly, I could tell Lady Francis wanted me to accept his request.

“I think it’s a good idea for young master and lady Ciela to attend,” Sebastian snickered, the meeting will be held on the night of the 19th, how about taking a good rest occasionally?”

“Well, I guess its okay...” Ciel sighed. I took a sip of my tea and all of a sudden the sudden nervousness flew through my stomach. My heart beat faster, and I started to feel a bit clammy, I swallowed hard.

“Is there anything wrong my lady?” Sebastian asked me with a worried expression.

“Oh, it’s nothing I must be feeling a bit sea sick” I replied with a smile, however Sebastian still gave me a worried look.

. . . .

~ 3 days later ~

I looked in the mirror and span around like a little girl playing as a princess.

“This is beautiful!” I exclaimed.

“The dress is perfect on you” Sebastian complemented as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to his lips, I smiled. He put me down and went toward my dresser to get my jewellery. I was wearing a light bluish green off the shoulder dress which had bows on the sleeves. I wore white lacy gloves to finish it off. Sebastian gently put on my gold necklace with yellow diamonds and regular diamonds.

“My, I wish I could make you my bride now” Sebastian snickered as he kissed my neck, I gasped.

“Soon, but not now” I teased, and he just chuckled.

“Well you’re all set” Sebastian said while handing me my fan and I gladly took it. Sebastian opened the door and I travelled my way down the stairs into the first class passenger lounge. As I was walking down the stairs, I could see Edward talking with a couple of girls his age; he seemed like he was waiting for me. When I reached the bottom, a big swarm of nobleman surrounded me, I fanned nervously.

“You are quite a beauty” One noble complemented.

“Do you have an escort?” Another one asked.

“I do not have an escort...” I replied nervously, I didn’t like too much people surrounding me. From the corner of my eye I could see Edward trying to enter the circle; he waved at em from the outside.

“You are a countess am I right?” One noble from the circle asked.

“Wow, you are very young to be a countess!” another noble exclaimed.

“Um... thank you...” I stuttered, “Please excuse me but I must be on my way”

I tried to push through but the circle would not budge, I tried to stay as calm as possible. I could hear many whispers from nobles outside the circle; they all looked at me with strange but rather surprised looks.

“Excuse me, but please leave my escort alone” A familiar voice rang out and all the men turned around to face my hero. My eyes widened as I saw a tall young handsome man with shaggy silver-white hair and lilac eyes, he was wearing a black suit with a white rose in his chest pocket and a silver tie.

“Francis...” I softly whispered his name in surprise. I couldn’t believe he was right there in front of me, this man is an air guardian who was a duke from France and was my childhood friend.

“Shall we?” he took out his hand, the men around me looked at me in shock, I smiled and took his hand, he pulled me close and we made our way to the pastry table, all the women around me sighed in disappointment; they all wanted to be with him instead of me. I couldn’t blame them, he was very handsome and I meant VERY.

“You have grown a lot” Francis said softly, his voice has changed a lot and he looked even better too.

“You have as well” I replied while blushing a bit, I could feel an aura filled with jealousy coming towards Ciel’s side.

“Would you like anything?” Francis asked kindly as he still held my delicate hand, I shook my head.

“Why don’t we go outside on the deck and talk for a bit?” I suggested, my escort nodded and we walked our way to the deck, as we were walking we walked passed Sebastian and Ciel, Sebastian was glaring at the man beside me. The night was calm and the stars were out, while the moonlight painted the tips of the sea.

“Francis, I am surprised you’re here” I said while looking deep into his silver eyes.

“I have some things to do here, and I noticed you were here when I entered the boat three days ago” Francis said calmly.

“So, you basically saw me on the first day and never came over to greet yourself until now?” I asked.

“It seems so,” Francis chuckled, “I wanted to help you when you were in trouble”

“I thank you for saving me from those swarming nobles, they annoy me a lot” I replied, I was thankful for him to help me, but I felt there was something more.

“Ciela,” Francis whispered my name while combing is fingers through my long black ebony hair, “I need to ask something from you”

“What is that?” I asked as my heart beat faster and faster.

“I want to-”

“I am sorry for the interruption,” Sebastian kindly bowed, “But, my young master need the countess at the moment”

Sebastian shot me a look, I am guessing that the meeting was about to begin, I nodded.

“I am sorry Francis, but I have to go,” I smiled so he wouldn’t worry, “we will talk later”

I waved and quickly walked beside Sebastian, I saw Ciel crossing his arms and impatiently waiting for me.

“He is an air guardian” Sebastian said sternly, I could tell he was jealous, “I am guessing you two know each other”

“Yes, we do” I replied softly.

“Where have you been?” Ciel asked.

“Sorry I was with someone, anyways so where do we go?” I asked. Ciel glanced up at a man walking up the stairs with an empty glass at hand, I nodded.

“We’ll follow him!” Ciel ordered Snake who was holding a plate of food, “You clean up!”

All three of us quickly and quietly ran up the stairs, from the corner of my eye I could see Francis looking at me with champagne in hand. I quickly looked away to not cause any more suspicion. We quietly entered an empty room and put on our disguises so they wouldn’t recognize us. Ciel wore a long blonde wig which still hid his left eye, while Sebastian attached a long ponytail, Sebastian tossed me a blonde wig and I put it on.

“Let’s go!” I signalled and we ran out of the room and followed the slow walking man into the First class smoking room, we hid ourselves behind a wall, and investigated the man’s action.

“Would you like some “completely purified water”?” the young man asked the old man with an empty glass, “it costs only thirty pounds”

“I’ll have some!” the old noble replied.

“That is really expensive price for water” I whispered.

“I agree, this probably means that if one can’t afford it, they are not qualified to get in”

“Okay, let’s go” Ciel was about to leave until Sebastian pulled him back.

“Please wait,” Sebastian requested, “according to my info, the aurora society has a fixed greeting, those who do not know it will be forced to leave”

“You should have said something earlier!” Ciel scolded.

“Anyways, what is the greeting?” I asked. Sebastian whispered the greeting in our ears, both Ciel and I were stunned.

“What!?” I exclaimed, this was going to be embarrassing.

“Do I really have to do that!?” Ciel complained.

“If you two can’t then we will be seen as outsiders and will have to leave immediately” Sebastian sighed, “So, please don’t hesitate or we are in big trouble”

“Well, let’s go” Sebastian gestured us to the door, Ciel and I swallowed hard. All three of us scurried inside to enter the room, it was filled with many nobles and one big old man walked toward us, he glared at all three of us in suspicion.

“Are you three first timers?” The man asked.

“The complete flame on our chests shall not be extinguished by anyone!” Ciel exclaimed, I could tell he was going to doubt this.

“We are...” All three of us shouted as we jumped on one leg and raised our arms like a monkey, “The phoenix!”

“the phoenix! Welcome to the Aurora society” the old man responded and handed us bronze badges, “these are your membership badges”

“I am not doing this ever again” I grumbled softly while I put the pin on my chest, from a distance I could hear a familiar laugh, my eyes widened and we all turned around to face a familiar friend, Undertaker.

“Hahaha!” Undertaker laughed, “to think you guys will ever do something like that!”

“That was very amusing since you used a straight face in that position!” undertaker continued to laugh like a mad man.

“You bastard!” Ciel and I glared at the amused undertaker.

“Now, now you two” Sebastian calmed us down, “moreover what are you doing here?”

“My job,” Undertaker smiled, “the hospital is a regular customer of mine”

“We’re investigating illegal human experimentation going on here though” I said.

“Do you know anything about the revival of the dead?” Ciel asked.

“Just a sec. If you want information then I want my compensation,” Undertaker chuckled, “How about do that pose once more?”

“Who the hell will...” Ciel was interrupted by a familiar voice, both of us turned around, to see a very, artistic, pervy and our greatest dumb friend, Viscount Druitt.

“Is that Viscount of Druitt!?” Ciel’s jaws dropped and mine as well, “What is he doing here!?”

“Oh ya, I forgot he had a doctor’s licence” I pointed out.

“Crap he is coming over!” Ciel jumped and ran behind Sebastian and I, I gulped as he was walking toward us.

“Oh my, are you beginners?” Viscount kindly asked.

“Yes” Sebastian replied.

“Oh?” Viscount looked behind us and found Ciel, “have I met you before somewhere?”

“No, I am sure this is our first meeting!” Ciel nervously exclaimed.

“Indeed I surely wouldn’t forget such a beautiful boy such as you,” Viscount raised Ciel’s chin with his hand, “What a pitiful bandage you have”

“M-my mother and father said that if I came here they could heal it” Ciel stuttered nervously.

“Mother?” I sweat dropped.

“Father?” Sebastian sweat dropped and he glanced at me with a smirk.

“I never knew we made such an interesting child?” Sebastian teased and my face went red.

“Shut i-it!” I replied back while I was blushing, geez why was I picturing having a child! Get that image out of my head! OUT OF MY HEAD!

“That’s right, I’m sure Ryan will heal it for you,” Viscount gazed into the young Earl’s eyes, “I’m already looking forward to staring at both of your eyes”

As soon as viscount let go of Ciel, all of us noticed that Undertaker was out of sight.

“Hey, you two!” Viscount grabbed all three of us and faced us toward the front, “It’s starting”

A couple of men brought in a coffin and another young man with swept hair and a doctor’s coat walked in.

“He’s the founder, Ryan Stoker” Viscount introduced while pointing at the young man.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” Ryan greeted, “thank you for coming to today’s research presentation of the Aurora’s society’s “complete salvation of mankind through medicine””

“The complete salvation is complete health!” Ryan cheered but his face darkened as he brushed his hand on the coffin before him, “however there’s the worst kind of health issue that we can’t overcome no matter how hard we try, and that is death”

“And the great power that will save us from this disaster is none other than the Aurora society’s medicine!” Ryan announced. All three of us glared at him, he was trying to achieve the impossible and for all the years I have lived, no one can save people from the dead unless they are a demon, water guardian or what other stuff.

“We will now show you the fruits of our “complete salvation of mankind through medicine” research” Ryan announced as he gestured to the men who opened the coffin, inside lay a young girl’s dead body which was my age, I covered my nose with a handkerchief due to the unpleasant rotting smell.

“Here lies Margaret Conner, 17. The young lady who lost her life at an early age due to an unfortunate accident,” Ryan continued, “her death not only put her, but her family’s hearts into bad health and I want to save them completely!”

“Do you think that body is real?” Ciel whispered.

“Probably” Sebastian replied. There were wires placed on her chest, and in seconds flashes of light flowed through the wires and went inside the body. In an instant, he lifeless body slowly rose and the crowd gasped in astonishment, Ciel was shocked while Sebastian and I were careful.

“Oh Maggy! Maggy!” The daughter’s mother hugged her tight and cried.

“This is complete salvation!” the crowd cheered.

“What on Earth is going on!?” Ciel cried, “Did he really revive the corpse!?

“He seems to have revived the body but not the soul” I glared at the girl, something is definitely going wrong. In a moment, the girl’s mouth opened wide and bit he mother’s neck, the poor lady screamed and died in pain. The crowd screamed and ran out of the room in fear as the bizarre girl started to climb out of her coffin. All three of us took off our disguises and was ready to fight.

“Sebastian!” Ciel ordered.

“Yes, my lord!” Sebastian replied as he placed himself in front of us and threw his silver knives at the body. The silver knives pierced her body and definitely pierced her heart as well.

“Did you get her?” I asked, but in a while she began to rise again.

“What on Earth is she!?” Ciel shouted.

“I certainly stabbed her in the heart” Sebastian glared at the rising and screaming body before us, this is definitely not good.

Chapter 21 –

The bleeding, horrific and groaning lifeless body slowly stumbled toward us, this was totally not human.

“What the hell is this?” Ciel asked.

“I have no idea, this is a being that I do not understand” Sebastian replied while still standing in front of Ciel and I.

“Darn, it failed!” Ryan scowled at his failure, no shiz Sherlock what did you expect? To go around jumping happily?

The two men beside the doctor pulled out their guns and shot two bullets into her head, but there was no use. The walking corpse eventually attacked the two men while the doctor ran away cursing at his failure, what a baby.

“Wait!” Ciel called Ryan, but failed.

“Ciel don’t!” I pulled his arm, he looked into my eyes and sighed.

“How the hell, are we supposed to take care of that!?” Ciel asked while glaring at the walking corpse.

“How about I dismember it so that it cannot move anymore?” Sebastian suggested as he pulled out another lot of silverware which were placed between his fingers.

“We coul-”

“These guys can’t be killed unless you smash their heads, ya know” A voice rang out, all three of us turned around to find a young man with yellow-green eyes and short blonde hair with some black. He was wearing thick framed glasses and was riding a lawn mower which ran into the corpses head, blood was splattered everywhere.

“Like this!” he exclaimed while finishing off cutting off her bloody head.... how pleasant...

His yellow-green eyes were definitely someone who I can just recognize.


“A death god” I finished Sebastian’s sentence. He walked toward us and took out a small pocket notebook from his pocket, his eyes widened in surprise.

“This chick is dead after all!” the young death god exclaimed while flipping through his book, “I so told them that I’d corrected her properly”

“Why are you here?” I stepped forward and asked him sternly, he looked from his book and shrugged.

“You’re the rumored water guardian that apparently stole a Sebas-chan’s heart,” the death god walked toward me while checking me out, “well you’re quite a babe”

“Well how lovely, I’m famous with the death gods” I giggled sarcastically.

“Well that “Sebas-chan” you say is me,” Sebastian walked toward me and bent down on one knee and took my hand, “I am indeed the Phantomhive butler, Sebastian Michaelis and the one who got his heart stolen”

He smirked at me as he gently kissed my hand, I blushed furiously and from the corner of my eye I could see a mad but confused little Earl who was glaring at his dear butler, I sighed.

“Well, I am Ronald Knox” the death god introduced, “thanks for taking care of my senior, and basically molesting a water guardian”

“My pleasure” Sebastian replied while smirking.

“Ahem... you just said you can’t kill them unless you smash their heads,” I continued, “you should know something about the revival of the dead right?”

“No, we don’t know any details,” Ronald shrugged casually, “but, we had reports of corpses whose souls had surely been collected being moved around and stuff”

A sudden flashback of the doll making creep, Drocell flashed back into my mind. I wondered if the mastermind of this was the same one? But, how would it make sense if a human brought it back? Only I can do that and no other element guardians and I know for sure I didn’t do it.

“since administration put in a clam saying it was our miss, and I came here to investigate, however...” Ronald sighed, “this dead body was really a genuine soulless corpse and I know for sure I got her soul two weeks ago”

“So the dead didn’t get revived,” Ciel noted, “It was just the corpse moving”

“Is it impossible for a soulless body to move around?” Sebastian asked.

“My bosses said it’s purely impossible unless a water guardian revives it,” Ronald looked at me, “but even if they did it they would revive it back to what a normal human looks like, not a messed up one like the one before”

“Well, in other words smashing their heads is the only way to kill them” I clarified.

“Its kind of more like stopping them than killing them” Ronald corrected.

“Looks like our only option is forcing Ryan to spit out any information,” Ciel grabbed my wrist and pulled me as he walked, “let’s go!”

Sebastian was about to follow us until Ronald’s death scythe attacked Sebastian, he quickly stopped his attack, I turned around and gasped.

“If administration gets wind of there being a demon on board, you bet you they’ll be going “aren’t you just hiding the fact that you let the beast snatch all the souls away?” Ronald smirked. Ciel tightened his grip on my arm, and he glanced at the open door.

“We’ll go on ahead!” Ciel notified as he pulled me and we both ran through the door, I turned around to have Sebastian glance a small smile at me.

“As you wish” Sebastian sighed.

. . . .

Ciel took out his pistol from his pocket and we ran down the eerie spiral stairs.

“He sure runs fast” Ciel huffed while we reached the last flight of stairs.

“I agree with that” I said, we got to a corner and I laid my back flat against the wall, I was about to look over until I heard Ciel shout. I turned my head and I saw Ciel point the gun at Lizzie.

“Lizzie!” Ciel and I shouted in surprise.

“Are you really going to plan to shoot you’re fiancée, and kill your best friend!?” Lizzie scolded.

“Why are you here Lizzie?” I asked, I noticed a plate which had a piece of cake on it.

“I saw you guys run off so I followed you two” Lizzie replied.

“Lizzie,” I sighed, “It’s too dangerous for you to be here, so please go back to your mother”

“Lady Ciela is right and as your fiancé I advise you to the same” Ciel hushed, Ciel pulled my hand and we ran off leaving poor Lizzie alone. I know her very well and no matter how hard you try, she will always follow you. Finally Ciel and I reached the bottom Freight storage, I held the lantern while he looked around... it was quiet... too quiet. All of a sudden a sound was made and we turned around in an instant.

“Who is it!?” Ciel shouted, I turned my lantern toward the sound and saw poor Snake covering his eyes from the light.

“S...snake!” Ciel exclaimed.

“T...Too bright says Wordsworth!” Snake closed his eyes.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, seriously things like this will give me heart attacks, its worse than Sebastian’s surprise attacks.

“The food was really good, so I thought I’d share it with everyone, says Dan” Snake pouted.

“The cake was even better than the food!” Lizzie exclaimed, Ciel nodded until he realized that she followed us.

“Lizzie I told you to go back!” Ciel and I scolded.

“Come on, don’t leave me!” Lizzie whined.

“It’s dangerous for you” I reminded Elizabeth, she made her usual cute pout.

“I got a big piece for you, Ciel,” Elizabeth reasoned, “It’s the cake with strawberries you like so much”

Elizabeth pushed the plate in Ciel’s face, “see!”

But, there was no cake there, Snake, Ciel and I saw another living corpse behind her eat the cake from the plate, he then aimed for Elizabeth.

“Lizzie!” Ciel and I shouted. Ciel quickly grabbed Lizzie out of the way and both of them fell on the ground. I acted fast and side kicked his neck to dislocate it, his body went flying and hit the wall. Soon enough, the corpse slowly got back up again, I gulped slowly. I really wanted to use my powers but I couldn’t in front of Elizabeth, she will start over reacting.

“There is another revived corpse!? There were more?!” I exclaimed as I got ready to hit him again.

“That coffin,” Ciel pointed to the fallen coffin at the side, it had the Aurora society’s emblem, “Ryan brought another revived corpse?”

“Snake!” Ciel turned to face him, “Lady Ciela and I will do something about him so please take care of Lizzie!?”

Snake didn’t reply to Ciel but simply pointed, I followed his finger and my eyes widened to find similar coffins all lined up against the wall.

“There are more of them...” I gulped, there was no way I could kill all of them without using my powers, and I clenched my fists.

“Could.... all of these be...” Ciel stuttered, but was cut off by the screams and wails the corpses made inside their coffins.

“I think they are Ciel” I slowly replied as all of the corpses inside started to rip their way out of their coffins. Their bodies started coming closer and closer toward us, Snake grabbed my wrist and Ciel did the same to Lizzie and we ran across the storage room, but they kept following us.

“we’re cornered!” Lizzie exclaimed. Ciel shot two shots into one of the corpse’s head and they collapsed on the ground, now actually dead. I noticed some boxes being stacked, I had to put them into safety, they are my friends... my really close friends and I would never want them to get hurt.

“Snake!” I called, “Take Ciel and Lizzie to the top of the luggage! I will take care of them”

Snake nodded and helped Lizzie climb the luggage while Ciel kept shooting at them.

“Ciel let him do it” I said, “you protect her while I will protect both of you”

“No! I can’t do that!” Ciel shot back.

“CIEL DO IT!!!” I screamed, he jumped a bit while I raised my head down, “I want to protect you please.....”

“Fine....” Ciel agreed and climbed up the ropes. I grabbed my hair and quickly tied it up into a high ponytail and picked up my left side of the dress and drew out my long, shiny silver word. I cut the whole lower part of my dress which was shortened to a length above the knee.

“You guys verse me now!” I shouted as I lunged forward towards the group and cut as many heads as I could, blood splattered everywhere and I made sure they didn’t make one step towards Ciel and Lizzie. I killed at least a quarter of them, but they still kept coming.

“Guess you want to play with me huh?” I smirked as I jumped on their heads and kept slicing them off.

“Please cover your eyes Lizzie!” I shouted, I was so going to regret this but it will make it much easier for me, “this is going to be A LOT more gruesome”

Lizzie nodded and closed he eyes, Ciel hugged her tight, “I’ll definitely protect you no matter what happens!”

“How admirable, young master” Sebastian’s voice rang out, and he somehow pulled me from the living corpses and brought me to the stairs with him.

“Sebastian!” I gasped.

“I will always protect them and especially you” Sebastian whispered while he tightened his grip on my waist, I blushed.

“That’s how an English Gentleman is supposed to be,” Sebastian threw a batch of silverware at their heads, “you protect Lady Elizabeth while I protect Lady Ciela”

Ciel gave us a very confused look, while Lizzie’s eyes were happy that I was safe with Sebastian.

“Sebastian!” Ciel ordered, “Don’t stand about, and clean them up already!”

“As you wish,” Sebastian then lunged towards them and started to destroy their heads, Ciel pulled Elizabeth her into his chest to ensure she wouldn’t see such a sight. I dropped to my knees as I saw Sebastian having fun killing all those bodies in a very merciless way, it scared me since it reminded me of how that demon and my sister fought, it gave me shivers. The splattering crimson red... the smile he had on his face... this was a dancing demon. Suddenly, that picture.... of how she killed my sister and how he killed the people around him... made me tremble even more... how her innocent body was covered in blood.... how her smile was gone from her face... her beautiful eyes filled with cheer was filled with death... My hair swirled around, blue aura and water formed around me, my tears fell on the ground.

“NO!!!!!!” I screamed. Sebastian looked back at me and his eyes widened Ciel and Snake did the same too. I stood up and my blue eyes were glowing, as my powers surrounded me, I could see Sebastian gulp.

“all of you....” I said softly but soon enough I shouted at them, “ALL OF YOU GO ON YOUR KNEES AND BOW NOW!!!”

In one swift movement my powers surrounded each and every one of them and forced them to go on their knees and bow, I walked toward them and as I passed Sebastian he bent down and bowed.

“Princess, seems you are angry” Sebastian softly spoke.

“I am not angry, I am just disheartened to see them be killed the same way my sister did,” I replied back as tears continued to stream down my cheeks, “she died protecting me, and I will protect you guys”

I raised my hand in hesitation, I didn’t want to kill them this way at all, but I had to protect them. I was about to close my open hand until a similar voice rang out from the stairs, I turned around.

“You don’t need to push yourself that much, Ciela” Francis spoke as he walked toward me, I could tell Sebastian was scowling at him.

“Francis...” I said softly, his gloved hand cupped my blood stained cheek and wiped away my tears.

“You know, your sister didn’t want you to ever force yourself and do something like this,” Francis pulled me and hugged me, I hugged him back, “let me”

I dug my face deep into his chest, I could feel his lilac eyes glow, we both raised our hands and his raised hand intertwined with mine

“I shall do the dirty work for her, she is my precious and I will not allow any of you to cause her anymore pain” Francis growled, he closed my hand and I heard the blood splatter. I lifted my head and turned around to see no more corpses left; I sighed and looked at my hands.

“I am forever weak...” I sighed as I closed my eyes, I felt my silver sword being placed on my hand, and I opened them and saw Sebastian place it.

“No,” Sebastian spoke softly, “you have grown much stronger, I can tell”

“That thing is right” Francis said again, I saw the two glare at each other, “your powers are slowly maturing”

“Young master, we’re done” Sebastian called as he smiled toward Ciel; he looked like a little kid who was done happily playing in the playground... geez that demon. Sebastian walked over to the luggage and took out his bloody gloves, Ciel scowled at it.

“Don’t touch me with those hands, they’re filthy” Ciel said.

“Yes, you’re right I will change them immediately” Sebastian noted, he quickly replaced his gloved and helped everyone down, Lizzie ran towards me.

“Ciela!” she hugged me and I bent down and hugged her back.

“Thank god you guys are safe, please never risk your life like that” I scolded.

“Don’t worry I won’t!” she assured as she continued to hug me tight, Francis chuckled.

“Who are you?” Lizzie asked Francis who was standing beside me.

“I am Francis Blanc, Duke of France” Francis introduced himself, “It is my pleasure to meet the Marquis Middford’s daughter”

“Wow, I have never seen a duke before!” Lizzie cheered. Francis let go of my hand and brushed his fingers through my pony tail, Sebastian glared at him.

“Anyways....” Ciel coughed, “Why are there so many of them on this ship?”

“I think...” Sebastian shot another batch of silverware towards a corner, where Ryan was hiding, “It would be good to ask him, Ryan Stoker”

“eeek!” Ryan shrieked in surprise, he was getting scared of Sebastian, that’s normal.

“I-it’s not like that! That was an incomplete salvation...” Ryan stuttered as Sebastian walked toward him, “I didn’t plan on reviving them in this unhealthy state...”

“Please listen to me!” Ryan jerked in pain as Sebastian pulled his arm back, “I’m in a hurry and... Ow!”

“No need to be hasty, there is plenty of time until we reach New York, so we will listen to your story leisurely” Sebastian smiled.

“Wait a second!” Ryan shouted, “There is more of them!”

“What?” All of us gasped.

“There are two freight storages in this ship and there we have ten times as many samples as there were here!” Ryan explained.

“TEN TIMES AS MANY!” Ciel shouted in shock, this was not good not only did he put us in danger but everyone in this ship!

“Oh no....” I gasped. I clenched my fists but Francis patted my shoulder, I turned around and looked into his beautiful Lilac eyes, those same eyes that I always adored to look into ever since I was a young child. For some reason, I felt safe and calm when I looked into Francis’s eyes the same way I feel when I look into Sebastian’s. Have I really got over Francis four years ago? Or have I just longed for him?

“Well this turned into something unpleasant, young master” Sebastian noted.

“I don’t think unpleasant really fits this situation” Francis said flatly.

“If only just one monster is a hassle, imagine killing ten times this!” Ciel shouted.

“All those innocent lives, they are in danger!” I exclaimed.

“Most likely, this ship is infested by a horde of them at this time” Sebastian pointed out.

“What are we going to do?” Lizzie asked.

“Sebastian, go ahead and take my aunt and the others to a safe place” Ciel ordered, he turned around to face me, “I think it’s better if you go too Lady Ciela”

“But, Ciel...”

“Don’t worry about us; I have a gun so we will be okay for a while” Ciel assured.

“Okay, Francis can you please stay with Ciel and Lizzie?” I asked, Francis didn’t want to leave my side but he smiled.

“Don’t worry I got them” Francis assured, I smiled in thanks.

“Ciela, one problem” Lizzie warned.

“What?” I asked and she pointed to my dress.

“My mother is going to kill you if she sees that” Lizzie said.

“Don’t worry I’ll do something about it” I smiled.

“Come back as soon as you’re sure they are safe!” Ciel said.

“Don’t worry we got it!” I smiled, Sebastian picked me up bridal style and ran up the stairs, he glanced a smirk at Francis, and he just clenched his fists. We ran up the stairs and as soon as we reached the top, no one was around. Sebastian let me down and I quickly let blue aura surround me, in an instant my blood stained, ripped dress was changed into my usual black and white dress which was up to the knee. I made sure the chain around my hip was tight and secure.

“Ready princess?” Sebastian asked while picking me up again in bridal style.

“Yup” I replied, he quickly ran towards the dining hall where all of the people were, I prayed that Lizzie’s family was alright.

“Princess, how are you familiar with the Air guardian?” Sebastian asked.

“Well, our families are close friends with each other, in fact that is the same with the families of the Earth Guardians and the fire guardians too,” I replied, “All guardians of the four elements have always had communication with each other, but I’m closer with him”

“I am guessing you have known him since you were very young” Sebastian noted.

“Ya, I have known him since I was very young, after all he was very close with me” I said, it made Sebastian scrunch his nose.

“Close... how close?” Sebastian asked.

“Well.... he is a very close friend of mine and that is all....” I said softly biting my lip a bit.

“You sound hesitant” Sebastian knew that there was more.

“No, it’s true we are only very close friends” I said. We finally reached the dining hall and I could see Marchioness stab her sword into the corpse’s heart, but it failed.

“Marchioness!” Sebastian and I called, at that moment Sebastian threw me in the air and I quickly took out my silver sword from its sheath and sliced two corpse’s heads off. I then landed safely on the ground.

“Are you injured?” Sebastian asked.

“Butler! Countess!” Marchioness called. All three of us were back to back, and was prepared to give them another blow.

“What are they?” Lady Frances asked.

“I don’t really know, but the only way to defeat them is to smash their heads or cut them off” Sebastian said. All three of us killed a corpse at the same time.

“Apparently what you said is true,” Lady Frances ruffled my hair, “In consideration of the butler’s advice I will excuse your slovenly face and hairstyle”

“Face?” I whispered.

“Thank you” Sebastian smiled.

“I never thought such a beautiful Countess as yourself was such a knight at heart,” Lady Frances smiled, “you are really a good match for my son!”

“Well, it is normal for the Blue family” I laughed nervously, that was very awkward.

“Frances, are you all right?” Marquis and Edward ran in the room, Edward blushed as he saw me right away. They both ran toward us.

“Butler! What happened to Lizzie!?” Edward asked.

“She is with young master, they are both safe” Sebastian assured.

“They are with my very close friend of mine, so please don’t worry” I added.

“If they are together, we have nothing to worry about” Marquis said as he smiled.

“I know he will protect her at all costs” I smiled.

“I was ordered by the two and the Countess to escort all of you to a safe...”

“Impossible,” Marquis replied, “The members of the Midford household have protected England for generations and as knights we would never abandon our people in danger!”

“We are English knights, we protect the weak,” Edward said as he drew out his sword, he looked at me, “and I will protect the Countess”

“No need, Edward I can completely protect myself... and that is happening in three... two...one” I pushed Edward aside and sliced the corpse’s head, the body fell on the floor and Edward was surprised.

“I guess I was wrong” Edward noted softly.

“Please go to his side, we will be fine” Lady Frances ordered.

“As you wish... please be safe” Sebastian bowed, he quickly picked me up bridal style and we left the cabin.

“Well that was a waste of time” Sebastian sighed.

“At least we know they will be safe, otherwise Ciel will kill you” I scolded.

“That is true, Princess... but I rather protect you than protect Ciel, honestly he is a pain sometimes” Sebastian replied, as he gently kissed me. It was weird how he could kiss me and run while holding me at the same time.

“Stop it, people will look” I blushed as I put my finger between us.

“Let them look, most of them are dead anyways” Sebastian replied while kissing me again. All of a sudden there was a big crash and the boat trembled furiously for a while.

“What was that shock just now!” I gasped.

“Impossible!” Sebastian exclaimed while jumping onto the top deck, he let me down and I ran to the ramp, I gasped.

“The boat crashed into that ice berg!” I shouted as I pointed toward the big ice glacier.

“Sebastian, hurry to the wheelhouse!” I ordered, Sebastian nodded and he sprinted to the room. This was bad, the boat was going to sink soon, there was no way we could survive after this big of a blow. I am guessing that the captain got attacked and the whole crew. Sebastian ran out.

“What happened?” I asked.

“It seems that there are several damages on the boat, I will have to look at them” Sebastian said as he started to take off his jacket, his waistcoat and basically everything except his pants and his shirt.

“I will go down with you, I could fix some damages” I said while unhooking the chain around my waist. As soon as my sword hit the floor, Sebastian ran towards me, grabbed me by the waist and he jumped into the water with me. We floated to the surface, and I got up on my hands and knees and climbed on the surface of the water, good thing we water guardians and stand on water.

“I will check the surface while you check under” I ordered.

“Certainly” Sebastian dove back into the water and swam around; I sprinted and circled the boat. I formed a big blanket made with water and surrounded the bottom part of the boat, this should hold some flooding for a while. I jumped from the surface of the water and arrived at the third class deck. As soon as I jumped on Sebastian climbed out of the water, I squeezed the water out of my hair, I turned around and my eyes widened. Sebastian’s shirt was see through and I could see a very muscular body under, and dang those were amazing abs, I blushed madly.

“You seem amused?” Sebastian asked while taking his waistcoat from the ramp.

“I-I’m not...” I turned around and raised my arm, all the water on me was collected and it formed a water ball on my hand, I threw at a walking corpse who was approaching us, the corpse fell of the boat.

“You are denying it” Sebastian wrapped his arms around my waist, my back rested against his chest, he picked me up and we arrived at the wheel room again. I quickly grabbed my sword and ran into the wheel room with him.

“What did you find Sebastian?” I asked while clipping on my chain.

“At a glance it seems that in this state, three to four divisions have been flooded already,” Sebastian brushed his wet black hair back, “however, your water blanket seems to have stopped the flooding from getting any worse”

“However, the access water is still inside so that will bring the boat down, but a ship can only handle a mass of water as heavy as the vessel itself” I said, while kicking another corpse into the wall, it’s head splattered into the wall.

“Which means the boat will sink in one hour max” Sebastian said.

“We have to get everyone off the boat as soon as possible!” I exclaimed, I walked toward Sebastian as he hurried to get ready.

“We must hurry to their side” Sebastian said as he quickly put on his coat, he walked closer and picked me up, he smiled as I looked into his maroon red eyes.

“I will protect you with my life” Sebastian spoke as we ran through the corridors.

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