Tainted White Rose

The walking dead

Sebastian and I arrived at the second class restaurant, it was empty but I heard some thumping from above.

“Do you think its Ciel and Lizzie?” I asked.

“It could be” Sebastian replied as he walked toward the vent on the ceiling.

“Damn! I can’t get it open...” Ciel said as he kept banging on the vent, suddenly he fell out but Sebastian caught him in time.

“Please excuse my tardiness” Sebastian grinned as Ciel was surprised to see him; I giggled as Sebastian put him down and helped Lizzie out.

“Are you two injured?” Lizzie asked, “Ciel protected me, so I am fine!”

“I am glad you two are safe, I was really worried” I sighed in relief.

“How is my family?” Lizzie asked.

“I tried to guide them to a safer place, but they said they wanted to rescue to the other passengers” Sebastian replied.

“That’s like my mother! As long as their together they will be fine” Lizzie exclaimed happily, “Thank you lady Ciela, thank you Sebastian”

“Not at all” Sebastian and I replied.

“Hatchoo!” Ciel sneezed.

“Young master, please wear this” Sebastian said as he took off his coat.

“I’m fine,” Ciel refused, “I’d get caught up in the tails”

“But if your body remains cold, your cough will...”

“Don’t mention that now!” Ciel whispered, cutting off Sebastian’s reasoning.

“I guess I will have to make ginger tea when we get back” I sighed.

“Well then, the lifeboats are being prepared as we speak,” Sebastian guided Lizzie and Ciel out of the room, “let’s hurry to the de...”

All of a sudden the floor above us collapsed and there was Ronald Knox and a very familiar red haired death god, oh crap its Grell. Sebastian moved us out of the way from getting attacked by the two nut heads.

“Found you~ hottie” Grell smirked as he slowly got up from the rubble.

“Grell Sutcliff!” Ciel and I shouted in surprise, great this drama queen is killing our time.

“Yes! Long time no see Sebas-chan!” Grell sang, “It must be fate for us to meet again here!”

“More like coincidence” Sebastian sighed.

“So cold!” Grell twirled around in cheer, “that side of you is lovely as always”

As soon as Grell was distracted by Ronald, we quickly made a run for it. Grell jumped in front of us and was about to slice us with his death scythe. I quickly jumped on Sebastian’s broad shoulders and lifted myself off with my hands to flip past Sebastian and kick Grell’s face. Grell went flying to the wall, as I landed safely on the ground.

“I don’t think so hun” I glared at the smoke, where Grell had fallen. I was waiting for him to make a move. Grell sprinted towards Sebastian with his death scythe and kept swinging that thing around. Sebastian grabbed Ciel and Lizzie in his arms and kept dodging his attacks.

“We need to hurry on, so could you please open the way?” Sebastian requested.

“And if I say no?” Grell raised an eyebrow.

“I will have to use force” Sebastian answered as he glared his demonic glare at Grell, I lunged toward him but Ronald stopped me, he swished his dagger around while I kept dodging him.

“Sorry babe, but I can’t let you interfere even if you are above us” Ronald sarcastically apologized.

“Geez you are such a bother” I groaned as I kept dodging his attacks, I really needed to use my powers but I couldn’t in front of Lizzie, she will freak out. As Sebastian kept dodging Grell’s attacks, Grell sliced the window and the water flooded inside.

“He broke the barrier!” I shouted, the force of the water hit me hard and I was smashed into the wall.

“Young master! Lady Ciela!” Sebastian shouted.

“Forget about me! Get Ciel and Lizzie!” I ordered, I forced my way through the water and managed to stay by Lizzie, we both collapsed on the other end of the room while Ciel was on the other end. I slowly got up and I saw Lizzie collapse beside me, I noticed that my sword was not with me anymore, it was on the other end of the room.

“Lizzie! Ciela!” Ciel shouted, his eyes were full of fear. I could tell he was hurt; it seemed his leg was sprained.

“Lizzie, Ciela get up! GET UP!” Ciel shouted, Lizzie and I slowly got up we groaned in pain. Lizzie looked back and saw the walking corpses coming near us.

“Crap! My sword!” I shouted, Ciel tried to shoot them back as much as he could, but soon enough they were gun. The corpses itched in closer toward us; I could see the fear in Sebastian’s eyes and in Ciel’s. I held Lizzie’s hand tightly and we both smiled at Ciel.

“Lizzie, I am about to do something that could scare you, but please forever be my friend” I whispered.

“I am always your friend, and you are always mine” Lizzie whispered back. The corpses fully surrounded us, I could hear Ciel shout our name, I closed my eyes and smiled softly.

“Ready...one... two... three!” I whispered. In a flash movement, Lizzie grabbed the sword from the decoration on the wall, and I made two water whips on each hand, both Lizzie and I sliced a corpse’s head.

“Lizzie!” I called as I tossed her another sword from the rack, she smirked and grabbed the sword and continued to slice heads, I did the same. We watched our backs and kept attacking each and every one of them. Lizzie stabbed the corpses behind Ciel while I killed the ones that were beside him.

“Lizzie you got them?” I asked as I kept killing them off with my whip.

“Ya I got them!” Lizzie replied back. Both Lizzie and I stood in front of Ciel, water surrounded my hand and the glowing spear got bigger and brighter which formed into a very big silver trident with my family crest embedded at the middle.

“I am the daughter of the leader of the British knights!” Lizzie shouted at the corpses.

“I am the head of the Blue household! The Queen’s sword and shield!” I shouted at them as well.

“I WON’T LET ANY OF YOU HURT THE ONES I LOVE!!” Lizzie and I shouted angrily as we lunged at them and smashed their heads. In one swipe I killed ten corpses, thanks to this beautiful baby I have in my hands no one will get even close to Ciel. Lizzie and I finished all the corpses off, we were about to go for Grell until Sebastian stopped the both of us by grabbing our weapons.

“Sebastian?” we called in confusion.

“My ladies, No further” Sebastian said softly. He then bowed before us and put his hand on his chest.

“To have forced two ladies to go through so much trouble, I have failed as a butler,” Sebastian apologized, my eyes softened, “I am deeply sorry”

“It’s fine” I replied softly, I looked at Lizzie and she looked back at me. Sebastian got up and pulled his gloves on tighter.

“I’ll take it from here...” Sebastian said.

“Wait Sebastian!” Ciel called, “We have no time to worry about these guys, Ryan holds the key to everything in this case!”

“Wait a sec, you mean if we put the screws on that guy, we can learn about these walking corpses?” Grell asked. Ronald pulled him closer to him and they both looked at the book, they whispered some things but I couldn’t make it out.

“I see, indeed we have no time to waste” Grell exclaimed as the two death gods jumped up on the ceiling whole above.

“It’s too bad, but we’ll have to leave it at this for now, Sebas-chan!” Grell smiled.

“I’ll wrap you in red roses next time for sure! Bye Love!” Grell winked at Sebastian and they both disappeared.

“We should hurry as... ugh!” Ciel groaned in pain.

“Young master!” Sebastian exclaimed, I ran towards him and soon enough my trident disappeared into water, I examined his leg and my eyes softened.

“It seems you have sprained your ankle,” I said, “it’s quite swollen”

“Oh no!” Lizzie turned around and bent down she gestured him to come on her back, “I’ll carry you on my back!”

“What!?” Ciel shrieked.

“Lady Elizabeth, I’ll take care of that” Sebastian smiled softly.

“Ok,” Lizzie nodded as Sebastian picked Ciel up carefully.

“Smile! Rose!” Snake called, we turned around Ciel called his name.

“ Lady Ciela!” Francis called as he ran in with Snake.

“I am glad you’re all okay says Emily!” Snake exclaimed.

“I am glad you’re okay!” I ran towards Francis and hugged him tight, he twirled me around.

“I will always come back, no matter what” Francis said as he brushed his fingers through my wet ponytail.

“Awww ~ how cute!” Lizzie giggled.

“Uh huh.... sure...” Sebastian mumbled under his breath.

“Anyways, where’s Ryan?” Ciel asked.

“I’m sorry but he managed to get away says Oscar” Snake replied.

“In any case we should meet up with Marquis for the time being, we should get Lady Elizabeth back to her family” Francis smiled.

“Ciela!” Lizzie called, I turned my head to face her and she put her finger on her lips.

“Your fighting secret is safe with me” Lizzie smiled.

“Thanks Lizzie” I smiled back.

. . . .

We arrived at the first class deck where everyone was hurrying to get on the life boat, I was carried here by Francis, and he refused to put me down.

“Brother!” Lizzie shouted as she ran towards Edward.

“Lizzie!” Edward exclaimed as he hugged her little sister tightly, “I am glad you’re okay!”

I’m sorry, I’ve been completely useless” Ciel apologized.

“I’ll say,” Edward replied, “Well whatever, we’ll save the lecture for later, you two hurry up in to the boats...”

“Edward, I have a favour to ask you” I requested, I looked up and Francis and he seemed confused too, “instead of me put Francis on”

“Same here, instead of me put Snake on” Ciel said.

“What!?” Lizzie, Snake and Francis exclaimed in shock.

“Please Edward, even though I am a lady let him on, Ciel and I have some work to do” I replied softly, I could feel Francis’s grip on me get tighter.

“I see, I’ll take them” Edward sighed.

“If Ciel and Ciela are staying I’m also...” Lizzie was cut off when she was put to sleep by Sebastian who hit her behind the neck, my eyes softened.

“Pardon me but, it would take too much time to make Lady Elizabeth understand, so I had to be a little rough” Sebastian said softly.

“I’ll take any punishment afterwards” Sebastian said as he handed Elizabeth to Edward.

“No... I should be thankful, I can’t pull that kind of move with her” Edward sighed, he looked toward me with his soft eyes, I could tell he was worried about me too.

“Francis please put me down,” I requested, Francis slowly put me down and I walked toward Edward, “The ship has tilted heavily and there isn’t much time until it sinks, please escape quickly and get as far away from the ship possible”

“Don’t worry we will” Edward smiled at me, I smiled back. I walked back towards Francis his lilac eyes were gazing into my blue eyes I sighed.

“Francis, you must understand that I am a Countess who will die protecting the queen and her people,” I rested my gloved hand on his cheek, “I lost my sister, but I will not stand and merely watch other people die”

“I understand,” Francis rested his hand on top of mine and he brought it to his lips, “I will wait for you, but please be careful”

“I am a guardian for nothing you know” I whispered as I smiled.

“I know, I’ll let you shine” Francis smiled and walked toward the escape boat.

“Let’s go Sebastian” Ciel and I said, as we were about to walked off until Edward left his last remarks.

“Ciel you don’t have to come back!” Edward shouted, this made Ciel’s eyes widen, “I’ll be fine not having to give you my cute little sister as a bride”

“I’ll be sure to make it back then!” Ciel replied while smiling back at him, “By the way, I won’t let you have Lady Ciela as your bride! There is no way a sister like friend of mine is gonna marry you!”

I smiled, that’s my little brother.

“I will definitely make her mine! You will see!” Edward shouted back.

. . . .

As we ran through the first class halls, we arrived at the first class passenger lounge. The room was full of bloody dead corpses and rubble walls; it seems there was a lot of horror in this room. From the distance, Sebastian, Ciel and I could see a group of men putting down a device in the middle of the stairs and there was a very familiar face, I scowled.

“Viscount of Druitt?” I called. Viscount turned around and cocked his head in confusion.

“Who are you guys?” Viscount asked. I gave a quick glance at Ciel and Sebastian they nodded.

“The complete flames in our chest shall not be extinguished by anyone!” I shouted.

“We are the phoenix!” Sebastian, Ciel and I shouted as we did the embarrassing pose.

“I see you are comrades, welcome!” Viscount greeted.

“May I ask what that device is?” Sebastian asked.

“This is a device that is worth more than our lives!” Viscount exclaimed.

“Are you going to activate this device?” Ciel asked, I am guessing he got the idea that the device was the only thing that could control the corpses.

“Not yet, the cast is still incomplete” Viscount exclaimed.

“The cast?” I asked, until Ryan’s voice rang out from the other side of the room, I noticed that Grell and Ronald were beside him.

“Bastard!” Ryan cursed, “why did you take the device!?”

“Welcome Ryan I was waiting for you!” Viscount greeted and he spread his arms in glee, “tonight the empire you built will collapse like Pompeii! And in its place my new realm will be born!”

“What!?” Ryan gasped.

“With this device I will create a new empire!” Viscount exclaimed as he gestured toward the device, “And I will call it the Aurora Empire and I shall be its ruler!”

“Eh?” Sebastian, Ciel and I just gaped at him; really he wasted his time on this useless crap just to make his own empire? What a messed up Viscount, honestly why was he even a Viscount this makes no sense at all.

“Can we kill him?” Sebastian asked giving us a glance.

“Not yet, let’s wait for more” I said as Ciel and I shook our heads.

“I’ll paint him red right away!” Grell was about to jump off the ramp until Ronald grabbed a hold of Grell.

“Don’t you care about the device?” Viscount snickered as he tilted the glass of wine towards the device, “I can win against you all with his one glass of wine!”

In a flash moment, all the windows shattered and the walking corpses crashed through teh windows and tried to itch in closer toward us.

“What! There is so many of them!” Ciel exclaimed.

“Viscount, please activate it!” I begged.

“No! I am not a Viscount anymore!” Viscount smiled, “with those little golden lips you have, I will only activate it if you call me “Caesar”

“Okay this guy is really going on my nerves!” I shouted angrily.

“Yeah, let’s kill him now” Ciel nodded.

“Please wait, although I understand Lady Ciela’s and your feelings” Sebastian glared at Viscount, I could see he wanted to rip his head off for flirting with me. I can’t blame the guy, he is my fiancé. The corpses launched towards us, I took out my silver sword out from its sheath and started cutting off their heads.

“He is really irritating me!” I said sternly as I continued to slice off some more heads.

“I understand what you’re going through!” Sebastian replied as he too kicked off some more heads.

“Hey you!” Grell screamed in irritation, “Make that thing work already!”

“Fine, its time to found my new empire!” Viscount smiled, “Come on everybody, show me the dance of the phoenix!”

“LET’S KILL HIM!!!” All of us shouted in irritation.

“Guhehehe” Undertaker chuckled, “Are you sure you don’t want to know how the device works?”

“Undertaker? Why are you here?” I asked while killing off some more corpses.

“Who knows” Undertaker shrugged; seriously that guy goes on my nerves sometimes.

“the complete flame in our chests...”

“Shall not be extinguished by anyone...”

“We are the new incarnation of...”

“The Phoenix!” All of us shouted as we did the pose.

“Well done everyone! Now I shall show you how this device truly works!” Viscount exclaimed as he pushed the button.....And...... Nothing happened.

“huh?” Viscount’s face went pale and everyone just sighed and I just slapped my palm on my face, “NO!!!!!”

“What does this mean!?” Ciel asked while Undertaker was rolling on the floor laughing.

“Ryan! The device you built isn’t working!” Viscount panicked.

“So it wasn’t you who built it!?” Ciel scolded.

“How could I build something like this?” Viscount replied with an innocent face.

“BASTARD! YOU FOOLED ME!?” Ryan shouted angrily.

“What a useless farce!” Grell said as he jumped off the ramp, and cut through the corpses on the ground, quickly making his way to the Viscount.

“Wait Sempai!” Ronald panicked, “We mustn’t kill people!”

Grell swung the death scythe at Viscount and in a swift movement undertaker blocked his attack while viscount fainted in shock.

“What!?” All of us gasped.

“Hehe.... it’s been a while since i have laughed so much” Undertaker snickered, “To lose such an amusing man would be losing the whole world to me”

“Don’t you agree? Death god?”

“Impossible! The death scythe’s blade can’t cut it?” I gasped. Undertaker pushed Grell back which made him fly into the air; Undertaker took off his hat and revealed his cape which had tons of wooden bladed inside. He flung the wooden blades at Grell which shattered the glass around me, I jumped off the railing and protected myself from the shattering glass, all of us were astonished.

“How sad it would be, should laughter disappear” Undertaker smiled as the glass shards fell on the ground like ice crystals, he pulled his long grey hair back which revealed his yellowish green eyes.

“A death god!” I gasped, as I saw his yellowish green eyes glimmer.

“You’ve been hiding yourself well, since you kept your eyed hidden,” Sebastian glared at Undertaker, “I never noticed”

“Same here! Those yellowish green eyes, there is no mistaking it...” Grell adjusted his red framed glasses, “A death god”

“So, you finally brought yourself out of the spotlight” I groaned as I got up from the floor, my black stockings were ripped from the glass shards, “your skills are still strong despite the fact you were my sister’s combat teacher”

“He he, how nostalgic it’s been a very long time since I have been even called a Death god or even a teacher” Undertaker grinned, “Princess, it seems you have inherited your sister’s fighting skills”

“What’s the meaning of this Undertaker!?” Ryan asked as he ran down the stairs toward the grey haired death god, “didn’t you tell me that we could control the corpses as long as we have this device?”

“You see, I thought it was funny, since you were trying to bring the dead back to life in all seriousness,” Undertaker shrugged, “you were the perfect person for my purpose”

“Also, you couldn’t perform the resurrection of human beings with the kind of medicine you possess,” Undertaker continued, “in my book, from the moment you relied on my skills, that can’t be called medicine anymore. The guy who would use a treatment he doesn’t even understand on his patients is no longer a doctor, you see”

“No way!” Ryan screamed as he huddled into a ball, reality just hit him.

“You were a good boy who honestly believed in my story” Undertaker ruffled Ryan’s hair.

“So in other words you were the mastermind behind the society!” Ciel said.

“That’s a secret!” Undertaker smirked as he put his finger on his lips.

“Well, to answer your question it is true that i was the one who made these moving corpses” undertaker said.

“Why? Why would you do something so inhumane like this?” I asked.

“Well I guess it was probably just my curiosity towards humans” Undertaker answered as he walked toward me and rested his hand on my head, “Princess, did you ever want your sister to come back no matter how she was?”

“I.....” I bit my lip and clenched my fists, I wanted to speak but my mouth was dry.

“You see, these corpses are nor dead or living,” Undertaker turned around and returned to the centre of the stairs, “I can tamper with their records but I can’t create a soul, so I call them Bizarre dolls”

“How perverse can you be?” Ciel gritted his teeth.

“He he... that you can’t understand this beauty just means you’re still too young Earl” Undertaker giggled.

“To do this.... This is just wrong!” I screamed at Undertaker, “You are playing with dead bodies like they are toys!”

“She is right, the more he says the more I know I can’t let this pass” Grell glared at him.

“I know right, a death god distorting the way of “death is totally impossible” Ronald added.

“He can be anything for all I care, the quickest way is to tie him up and hand him over to the bosses!” Grell said.

“EVEN MORE THAN THIS BEING AGAINST THE RULES, THE CRIME OF HURTING A MAIDEN’S FACE IS JUST TOO FAR! NO MATTER HOW HOT AND HANDSOME YOU MIGHT BE I AM NOT FORGIVING YOUR ASS!” Grell shouted angrily as he lunged towards Undertaker, Ronald got his back until Sebastian kicked him in the face, I ran towards Ciel and stayed by his side, god knows what Undertaker could try to pull.

“What the hell Sebas-chan!” Grell scolded.

“I’d be in trouble if I let you guys haul him off” Sebastian said as he tightened his white gloves.

“We also have a duty to present the truth before the Queen” Ciel announced.

“Therefore, we can’t let him get away!” I added.

“So you see, we’ll be the ones to take him into custody” Sebastian cracked his knuckles.

“This is a problem between death gods!” Grell glared at Sebastian.

“I also have my job as a butler!” Sebastian glared back at Grell.

“Please stay away outsiders!” both of them said at the same time, Undertaker looked quite amused. At the same time, all three lunged at Undertaker fighting to see who would defeat him first.

“This is pretty intense” I said.

“Seems to be but Sebastian can’t lose” Ciel scowled. Undertaker managed to get the glasses off of Ronald, and it was flying in the air. I couldn’t let him get it back; I quickly made a bow and arrow out of water and aimed at the glasses. Ronald was about to reach for them until I shot the arrow and I pinned the glasses to the other side of the wall.

“What the!?” Ronald shouted, Grell glared at me and whined, “What the hell!?”

“Who said I couldn’t participate?” I teased.

“Great we have a water guardian to worry about too!” Ronald whined.

“By the way, I advise that the both of you look behind you” I winked, Grell and Ronald slowly looked behind to see a big white cobra hissing at them, it’s bright blue eyes glared at the death gods.

“WHY IS THIER A FRICKIN HUGE SNAKE!” The two death gods screamed.

“Now, now don’t be mean to Snowy, it has feelings you know,” I giggled, I regained my composure and stared at my snake and smirked, “now”

In instant the snake attacked Undertaker and Grell did as well, but surprisingly his death scythe could not cut what undertaker was holding. Grell’s and Ronald’s eyes widened as Undertaker slashed the weapon on their bodies, the two death gods collapsed on the floor covered in blood.

“It is weird how people say that Death Scythes can cut anything” Undertaker smirked, as he revealed his huge death scythe.

“I see... the “it can cut anything” catchphrase is false when multiple death scythes are involved” Sebastian noted.

“They should have taken the death scythe when you retired!” Ronald groaned.

“It was with me for such a long time so it was hard for me to part with it,” Undertaker shrugged, “I went through some trouble to take it with me you know”

“Sebastian you are wrong,” I said softly as the water cobra vanished and its water collected on my palm. I walked toward them as the water and blue aura began to form into something as big as Undertaker’s death scythe. As soon as I smashed the glowing pole on the ground, water and blue aura dispersed to reveal a big silver trident with a dark blue sapphire in the middle.

“A death scythe can’t cut another death scythe but a water guardian’s trident can” I announced, slowly my black ebony hair turned silvery white and it collapsed from the pony tail, I smiled.

“It seems you have stepped up Princess, very impressive” Undertaker smirked, “Like the pitiful rabbit in a hunting game, I will hunt you Princess”

“Very well, I can’t refuse my sister’s former teacher’s request can I?” I replied with a grin. Undertaker lunged at me and swung his death scythe aimlessly; I kept dodging it and blocking his swings with my trident. I pushed him back with my trident and managed to kick him in the gut; Undertaker went flying but soon regained his composure.

“My, your sister has taught you well” Undertaker complimented, “but not good enough!”

He lunged at me at full speed and our weapons clashed together, I winced as our weapons met, his strength was greater than mine. I swiped my leg under him and he jumped over it, I slid under it and swung the trident at his back, he quickly turned around and blocked it with his death scythe, I managed to make a very tiny crack in his blade, we both jumped back.

“I guess that myth was actually true” Undertaker panted.

“Thanks to her, I can get you from behind” Sebastian said as he zipped behind his back, he kicked him up in the air, but Undertaker flipped into the air.

“You make very interesting stuff, Butler” Undertaker smiled as he flipped behind Ciel and grabbed the young Earl, “So will I”

“CIEL!!!!” I screamed as I flash-stepped in between Undertaker and Ciel, I pushed Ciel out of his grasp and threw my trident on the ground, Undertaker grabbed my waist and our foreheads gently touched each other, Undertaker smiled.

“I can finally put you in one of my specially made coffins Princess, you can join your sister,” undertaker smiled, “you are truly a worthy treasure, which I wish to keep...”

Sebastian grabbed my dress and threw me back towards Ciel, Undertaker smirked, “I knew you’d come at me”

I managed to grab Ciel in my arms, and I noticed that my silvery white hair returned back to my usual black hair. I pulled Ciel close into my chest while Sebastian turned around and tried to reach for my stretched hand, our fingers touched but the gap between us became larger and larger, tears formed in my eyes and I could see the fear in his red maroon eyes.

“Ciela” Sebastian mouthed my name; the tears in my eyes began to run down my cheeks. No...No... Please Undertaker.... please don’t kill him, PLEASE! But, my prayers didn’t come true... Undertaker stabbed his dark blade into Sebastian’s body, and his blood splattered everywhere, he even coughed blood. I watched as his body was painted red, I remembered when he made me his fiancée, I remember how he told me he would always be by my side and protect me till the end. Was he really going to leave me here alone? Was he really going to leave me like my sister did?

“SEBASTIAN!!!!” I screamed his name, as tears trembled down my bloody cheek, “PLEASE SEBASTIAN! DON’T LEAVE ME!”

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